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  1. If you stop babying the starters and allow them to at least go 7 if they are pitching well. That would eliminate some of the over use of the bullpen.
  2. The more baseball I see the more I see bad bullpens. I think it comes from over working them because they don't allow starters to go deeper into games. When a bullpen had to cover 3 or 4 innings a game that will put to big of a load on them. You also have to count the times the relievers get up to warm up but don't go into the game. Also I think having 9 bullpen guys on your roster puts to many pitchers who probably shouldn't be in the big leagues as well
  3. Reds lose 4-1 to the Tigers. In the bottom of the 9th the Tigers pitcher got through the inning on 4 pitches. All 3 were weak fly balls to RF and the Reds are in deep trouble.
  4. I hope we don't over look Idaho because they could do what Montana did to Washington last night
  5. Why did the Reds bring back the human batting tee in Brad Beach. He was horrible and put on the DL but brought him back up today and gave up a run in the 8th.
  6. Reds are on the verge of losing their 4th series in a row. They are down 3-0 to the Tigers in the 7th inning. They can't be losing home series to bad teams like me the Tigers
  7. I turned the Refs game on Bally Sports here in the Indy area and it says the Refs game is on but they are showing tennis.
  8. UTSA beats UI 37-30 PU wins 30-21. Question decision by OSU coach down 16-14 with 8 minutes to go. 4th and 6 at their 49 he goes for it and don't make. It led to an easy TD for PU.
  9. Clemson was shut out in the first half for the first time in 144 games
  10. Reds up 5-4 going to the bottom of the 5th but lucky they are not behind. Mahle walked in a run and the next batter hit a hard grounder that India made a great diving sy to get the runner at first. Mahle will be out of the game since he already has 105 pitches.
  11. Big inning for the Reds scoring 5 to take the lead
  12. So much for the easy Reds schedule since they are having trouble beating the bad teams. Mahle will not ever be a great lit her if he can't pit h well in your home park. He has given up 23 home runs with 18 being at home. Just gave up a 3 run homer in the third and the Reds down 3-0. He has already thrown 60 pitches and he will be out of the game by the 6th
  13. It was the first time he ever punted in a game. The punter would be way down the list of why we lost.
  14. I hope Cade Curry from CG didn't see the game today. I doubt we get home anyway but today didn't help th cause
  15. Let's see if Mahle can pit h a good game at home. He is an all star on the road with a 1.98 ERA but over 6 at home
  16. We did in Archie's first game as IU coach
  17. I asked in the game thread but is there much help on the way for the OL. What is the problem with the offense the last couple of years especially the run game. 1) OL. 2) scheme and game plan. 3) RB's. 4) all of the above
  18. I am far from a football coach but if we have problems with the OL, why do we run the stretch play out wide. To me that makes the OL have to stay will their blocks longer. It seems like we run a lot on 2nd and long as well.
  19. Not surprised with a loss but it was the way we lost and the fact we were not even competitive is the disappointing part.
  20. I don't keep track of football recruiting ad much as basketball but do we have some young promising I lineman because the starters today are bad.
  21. The defense played well enough to for this game to be competitive but the offense is just bad. I have to start looking at the OC and his play calling because the offense wasn't great last year. Penix was 13th in the big ten in completion percentage at 56 percent.
  22. I predicted us to lose but this performance is totally embarrassing. It doesn't look like we came in ready to compete and getting our butts handed to us. I thought we would beat UC at home but we better get better or that will be a loss as well.
  23. Does Penix ever step into his throws because it seems like he just flings the ball flat footed. He never looks off of his WR and just is predictable where he is throwing the ball.
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