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  1. No he wasn't. He was terrible the first 3 quartets of the PSU game. The Maryland game he got injured he played played poorly
  2. Like I said I never understood the hype with Penix. He had that one game against MSU where he completed like 20 straight passes. He also had the OSU and UM last year but besides those games I have not been impressed with him.
  3. Jack Tuttle time. Until we can get a good o line the offense will struggle
  4. I hadn't noticed on the sack that Penix looked like he got injured.
  5. Since I didn't see the first half but so far this half it doesn't look like our offensive game plan is much better than last year.
  6. The fans reaction to the game and saying about not coming to the game thread.
  7. Yesterday he couldn't believe I would let what I see on a message board bother me but now he is doing the same thing.
  8. Just got home and will watch the second half. I have never been on the Penix hype train and thought he was a little over rated. He can make some spectacular plays but can't always make the routine plays or have great touch on the ball.
  9. I was afraid we would see this Penix because I didn't think he played great last year except for a couple of games. I was ridiculed for picking us to lose and said we would be 8-4 or 7-5 this year.
  10. I am glad I am at my daughter's baby shower than watching this no show game.
  11. On College Game day everyone but Corso picked Iowa to win
  12. Reds lose to the Tigers at home 15-5. The Reds bullpen we grew to love came back tonight by giving up 11 runs in 5.2 innings. In the 5th the Reds were down 4-1 but India hit a two run homer to cut the leaf to one. The next two got on and we had 2nd and 3rd and one out but could not score with Bottom and Suarez striking out. The Reds have to be one of the worst teams getting runners in from 3rd with less than two outs. The next three innings the Tigers scores 11 runs. The best pitcher to ight was Max Schtick but the bad part is he is a position player. I just don't understand how these players are still on the roster, Aquino, Shogo, Hoffman, Garrett.
  13. It appears Guetirez might be hitting the wall. He had a terrible outing on Sunday and already had given up 2 runs in the s cond to the Tigers
  14. I guess my pessimism comes from watching IU football for 40+ years. I think it will be a close game but will lose this game. I guess I have to see IU football win on more games before I think they are a legit champion contender in the big ten
  15. Johnny Bench tested positive for the virus. Doctor said if he was not vaccinated he would probably be in the hospital
  16. So are you saying just move it for travel ball and the elite level or are you saying for all levels. I see your local little leagues it would hurt the quality even more if you backed up the mound and move the bases back. I also can see where you are coming from because on my little league team we had the best pitcher in the we league. At 12 he was throwing 70 with a great curve and knuckle ball and was pretty much unhittable. We lost one game all year and it was the first game of the year 1-0. I am the cause of the loss because they said I missed third base coming in for the tying run.
  17. I think he meant IU wouldn't be in his top 4 if we had another coach which is probably true
  18. Or tell that to the hundreds of guys getting Tommy John every year today. It is just not babying them that is the cause but it has prevented injuries ad well. Pitchers today just tried to throw as hard as they can for ad long as they can. If they were still taught how to pitch and get batters out without having to strike them out I think you would see less injuries.
  19. Also had plenty of guys back in the day pitched a lot of years without being babied. Seaver, Carlton, Ryan just to be a few. Also the Cowboy was talking about how babying pit hers today is not helping those pit hers at all.
  20. Just saying a lot of people besides me are calling it selfish
  21. Go to the Colts message board and you will see more people calling them selfish. Also watch Indiana Sports Beat and see Bob Kravitz and others on therecalling them selfish.
  22. I blame people who have the same viewpoints as you as to why we are still having the virus discussion.
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