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  1. Not message boards but your point of view on this topic but I am done with you
  2. This is about the NFL and how the players not getting vaccinated can hurt their team
  3. One of the trivia questions on the Reds broadcast last night was what was the longest game the Reds played. It was 21 inning game and they lost 1-0. SF pit her Gaylord Perry pitched 16 innings of shut out ball. The Cowboy mentioned how today the managers would be crucified allowing a pitcher to go that long. It is funny Perry pitched 20+ seasons in the majors despite pit hing that many innings
  4. It doesn't matter because he doesn't like me and I really don't care for him and his point of views
  5. If you don't like it maybe try another country to live in and see what it is like when you truly have no rights. China is now limiting how long kids can play video games because they are monitoring everything people do there.
  6. If you have watch or read the news more and more companies are making it mandatory for employees to he vaccinated to work for them. Also more and more colleges are making it mandatory for students and employees to be vaccinated. Like it or not this is the situation we are in and not getting vaccinated is truly unacceptable. I work for Quest Diagnostics and I go into hospitals and medical facilities and the hospitals are not allowing unvaccinated workers to come in. We had a guy refused to get vaccinated do they had to change routes around do he wouldn't have to go into hospitals. To me that is ridiculous because others shouldn't have to pick up his slack.
  7. Last night India and Stephenson both had 3 AB's before the Cardinals 8th and 9th place hitters hot their first AB. The first two innings took and hour and 20 minutes.
  8. I just did and many others have said it and your point of view on this topic to me is idiotic.
  9. It is when you know the rules set up by the NFL. Knowing being unvaccinated will cause you miss more time and still not getting it is selfish. I also have heard plenty of commentators on the radio in Indy saying the same thing as I have said.
  10. Haven't read the story but Ballard talked about consequences for the unvaccinated players. Don't know what the consequences will be but I am glad he is standing up to the players. In the roster cuts I would keep players who have been vaccinated if it is close between two players. I will be totally pissed if the Colts miss the playoffs because of some selfish players who are not good teammates who did not get vaccinated.
  11. Is the Cardinals ongoing to challenge every Homer the Reds hit. They over turned a two run Homer from Suarez and now the Costellanos Homer. I think he had a crack at the end.of his bay which had been discussed I'm previous games.
  12. You know what I meant, I just threw out those records. They are 71-63 but have losyn6 out 6 out of 8. Everytime they seem to have everything going and get 13 or 13 games over ..500 they go into a slump.
  13. I hate listening not David Bell's post game interviews. He is do monotone and boring to listen to and you couldn't tell if he has a pulse. Give me a Pinnella or Davey Johnson who wouldn't tolerate how this team is playing. If I was manager they would probably be having to use the bleep button every few words.
  14. Reds offense is atrocious right now and nobody is hitting at all. Today the best hitter was your starting pitcher who was 1-1 with a two run double They either ate red hot or ice CD and there is no on between with.tjid team. They can have a good two week down where they might go 11-3 and look really good. Then the next two weeks they will go 5-9.
  15. Another bad start for the Reds down 2-0 in second. The 4th straight game they have given up a run in the first inning. I see no way this team makes the playoffs.
  16. He just lived there a couple of years for a job. He was from Knightstown and we went to school together.
  17. I had a friend who use to live in New Point and we played that golf course a lot
  18. My prediction Iowa 23 IU 20 My prediction for the season 8-4 losses to Iowa, OSU, PSU, and will lose a game we don't expect. I could also see us at 7-5
  19. I got my two shots in April and they were 3 weeks apart. If these guys d code to get vaccinated now they wouldn't be able to get the second one until after the season starts.
  20. Every team just needs to pitch LH pitchers against the Reds the rest of the year. The Refs is 2-5 the last 7 games and the problem had mainly been the hitting. The Reds offense is so inconsistent with them either being red hot or just non existent. The last 3 games they have scored 1 run in each game and have been outscored 11-3. Of those 11 runs the Reds gave up 9 have been scored in the first inning.
  21. Once again the Reds are struggling against a struggling LH starter. Lester and his 5.22 ERA had given up 1 hit which was a homer. Reds down 2-1 going to the 5th.
  22. Reds could struggle in this series against the Cardinals. They are terrible against LH starters and they will face two I'm this series.
  23. He was on his way to a practice for summer basketball
  24. Had a basketball player at Knightstown a few years ago killed in a car wreck. He was a year behind my son and helped coach a team he was on when they were in elementary.
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