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  1. Why I left there two years ago
  2. That is one of the most terrifying aspect of being a parent is the day they get their drivers license.
  3. What a horrible road trip by the he Reds losing 4 out of 6. You just can't lose 2 out of 3 at Miami
  4. Unbelievable that they are being shutout by this guy. They have only 1 hit in 6 innings and that was the leadoff hitter of the be game
  5. Reds struggles against LH starters are continuing today. The guy they are facing today had an ERA going into the game today at 8.41. Reds down 2-0 in the 3rd.
  6. Looks like TY will be out for awhile
  7. What ever he wants. I think we will lose TJD, Race, Kopp, Johnson, RP, Bates so we will have a lot of openings
  8. I have the same feeling with Glenn that I had with Banks. I think we will see Glenn in candy stripes.
  9. https://www.thedailyhoosier.com/iu-basketball-recruiting-hoosiers-offer-emerging-2022-south-carolina-forward-noah-clowney/ This article from April said Rosemond had trained Clowney before taking the IU job
  10. Love listening to that broadcast team
  11. The Johnny Cueto trade was horrible as be well
  12. It is the record against the West that is a major difference.
  13. The series right before the break the Reds won 3 of 4 at the Brewers
  14. I am here in HHI and was sitting on a bench near where the beach is. Had a guy see my IU and said he was a 77 grad and is from New Jersey. We struck up a 20 minute conversation about his time at IU and our IU fandom. It is great to see other IU fans where ever you go.
  15. B without a doubt because winning championships is the only thing that matters. I couldn't care less about a players draft stock.
  16. I think the main problem with how he handled the bullpen is that he has never has a set role for each guy in the bullpen. Some days he has Lorenzen in the 8th or 9th and then this time he came in the 6th.
  17. It is the 5.2 innings from a starter that is the problem. If he goes further in games then wouldn't have to worry about ad many blown games.
  18. Well the bullpen for the Reds has collapsed once again. Was up 4-1 going to the 7th but Lorenzen had given up 4 runs and now trails 5-4. Mahle seemed to pitch well but he was taken out after 5.2 because his pitch count was already be at 105. Until he learns to be more pitch efficient he will never be a great starting pitcher
  19. Well, if I knew Clowney was from the Spartanburg area I could have looked him up. I stayed the night around Spartanburg on my way down to Hilton Head. Bi can do some recruiting while I am down here in SC.
  20. Or if he was a mid major recruit from in state it would be 100 pages
  21. 3 game series starting Tuesday for the Reds vs the Brewers. Last chance to try to get back into the division race.
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