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  1. Don't seem like he he has been in the majors that long
  2. I don't think so because you have to be in the majors 6 years before being able to reach free agency
  3. Saw that a 32 year old OL coach at W. Carolina died after a bout with Covid
  4. If Naquin leaves then there would two openings in the outfield Got down to Hilton Head a few hours ago and saw we have swept the Marlins. Good come back from the Cubs series
  5. I remember the late 70's and early 80's when it seemed like it was always the Dodgers playing the Y lees in the series
  6. Sounds like our fan base and probably all fans
  7. Last night on the Reds radio broadcast they talked about Jim Maloney. In 1965 he pitched a 10 innings and gave up no hits but lost my be no hitter and the game in the 11th. A couple months later he did get a no hitter which was on 10 innings ad well. In that game he walked 10 and threw 187 pitches and I would bet that will never happen again.
  8. You would think but it probably depends how the Reds finish
  9. I am a huge sports fan so yes I have a skin in the game. I just want things to get back to normal and the best way of that to happen is if everyone would have gotten vaccinated. I see your same complaints over and over again but no matter how loud you complain it is not going to change anything.
  10. Has nothing to do with close contact but actual kids getting the virus. There has been a huge uptick in cases that involved kids in the US. Also most of the new cases involve the unvaccinated.
  11. Heard that Schenadoah up here in Henry county had closed the school for two weeks. All sports activities had been cancelled for those two weeks as well. Again if people had done what they should have done we probably wouldn't be having these discussions
  12. If Happ could play the Reds every time then he would be an all star
  13. It is sad that the Reds can't beat a minor league team. The Reds are way to inconsistent to ever put a huge run together. They have gone from 8 down to 2 down and then back up to 8 back to 3 and back up to 8 back to 4 and now back to 9.
  14. Mahle has to be the most frustrating pitcher to follow. Last game he pitched 7 shutout innings and today has given up 5 runs in the second inning.
  15. Not starting out well for the Reds against the lowly Cubs down 3-0 in the second inning. Mahle is getting hit hard so far giving up 2 home runs.
  16. Jerry Myers will probably make his pick 10 minutes before the announcement.
  17. Finally someone listened to me and now how about Doolittle and Shago. Very disappointing effort by the Reds tonight by losing to the Cubs 2-1. I know Hendricks is a good pitcher but the Reds usually hit him around quite often. He leads all pitchers on hits allowed and have given up 25 homers but we could only score 1 tonight. Guiteriez pitched pretty well only giving up two runs. Both came after he thought he had struck out a batter but it was called a ball. On the next pitch he gave up a hit that scored a run. I thought the Reds needed to go at least 6-1 this week with 7 games against the Cubs and Marlins.
  18. I think it is time for Hembree to be let go. Came in up 12-0 in the 8th and gives up 5 runs
  19. I remember Jose Rio going 8.2 innings in the deciding game 4 of the World Series. I am still upset that they took him out of that game.
  20. All the babying had led to more injuries. The Reds starters rarely go past 6 innings so to me that is not going deep into games
  21. Having 9 relievers is stupid and waste of roster spots. Also I assume Senzel will be up soon because Winker probably will have to go to the DL. There have been a couple of times lately they haven't been able to pinch hit or do a double switch because their roster management. I remember the days of a 10 man pitching staff with 5 starters and 5 relievers. If you allowed starters to go more than 5 innings there wouldn't be a need for 9 relievers.
  22. Don't live around there but could people be moving to smaller towns near Evansville. I know places like Anderson band Muncie had lost players to smaller schools in the country. Even my school Knightstown had gotten players who use to go to New Castle.
  23. I just going by how top recruits thinks today and has nothing to do with these two games.
  24. I just can't get with adding USC or any west coast team. I know football is king but you have 25 other sports to worry about as. well. I know I am d school but conferences should be a regional thing that sets up rivalries. I don't like it with 14 teams because in football you can go 4 years without playing certain teams in your conference.
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