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  1. Reds win 7-4 and went 3-4 on the road trip. That is not good but losing the first 3 it was a good bounce back. If they hadn't given up that walk off HR in Atlanta it would have been a winning road trip.
  2. At least Hembree is not on the game
  3. Colts wins 21-18 and for a pre season game it was pretty entertaining
  4. I would like to thank the home plate umpire that helped the Reds go up 7-3. Up 4-3 with 1 on and two out and a 2_2 on Barnhart a clear 3rd strike was called a ball. Next pitch was a double and a run scored and then a homer
  5. That is going to come back to haunt them. They have to lead the league in not scoring with bases load and no outs. 4-2 and Phillies had the bases loaded and one out
  6. Arizona pitcher pitched a no hitter in his first career start
  7. It is not about criticizing his coaching that I have a problem with but when fans make it personal is what I think is going overboard.
  8. First game I got to see in summer league and thought Duarte and Jackson looks good. Also wondered why Washington didn't play more today.
  9. Sure is and don't get me wrong I loved those 90-93 teams. I was in the same high school class 1989 as Cheaney company.
  10. Those were fantastic years but without championship it is not the golden era.
  11. Reds lose 6-1 with only 3 hits. How times has changed because with that stat line it used to be a complete game but today the Phillies used 4 pitchers.
  12. Why the hell is Doolittle still on the roster and pitching in close games. Brought him down 3-1 but we have the top of the lineup coming up in the 9th. It doesn't matter now since Doolittle had given up 3 runs in the 8th and only has one out.
  13. Well at least the Reds didn't get no hit. Stephenson hit a homer to leaf off the 8th bit the Reds are down 3-1
  14. Also just heard this stat that Matt Moore had not won a game since 2018
  15. Thank you Joe Girradi for taking out a pitcher who is throwing a no hitter after 6 innings. I just don't understand today's thinking in sports today.
  16. No hitter through 5 for Moore on 64 pitches. He is just starting because of injury and their manager was hoping for 4 quality innings. Castillo only had given up 1 hit through 4.2 innings but it was a solo homer to Torreys.
  17. So far the Reds are making Matt Moore and his 6.41 era look like Cy Young. He has a no hitter through 4 innings. Reds down 1-0 going to the bottom of the 4th.
  18. I always felt we were in good shape with him. Our staff couldn't have done more to try to get his commitment.
  19. I was wondering if anyone has heard anything about when HH will be this year. It usually had been in late September but lately it has been earlier.
  20. I figured when Hembree came in that he wouldn't be able to finish the game
  21. Was pleasantly surprised with the win and scoring 79 points. Like seeing us forcing a lot of TO's as well because we haven't done that for a long time.
  22. Thanks for the link, it allowed me to follow the game when working. I had one of my.phones on the link and kept up really well.
  23. Really good win for the Reds beating the Phillies 6-1. With Zach Wheeler pitching for the Phillies I expected the exact opposite to happen. Mahle pitched great going 7 scoreless on 3 hits. Could you imagine back in the day telling someone like Nolan Ryan or Tom Seaver that they were being taken out after 7 with a 3 hit shutout
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