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  1. Can't believe Purdue hasn't won on the road against a top 15 team since 2012
  2. That is the way you get you best shooters an open look. You bring them off a double screen and you get a wide open 3
  3. The offense in this OSU game is brutal at times
  4. For us to consistently compete in the big ten Curry is the type of recruit we have to start getting.
  5. NCAA announces dates for preliminary March Madness rounds (espn.com) Dates for this years tournament. It is Friday-Monday for the first/second round instead of Thursday-Sunday. Also the first four will be played on Thursday the day before the 1st round. Don't know why they changed the format that has worked for years.
  6. I know he has been at Oklahoma St., Miami and Fla. St. plus the Wizards
  7. The sound of it he probably is not to interested in what goes along with big time programs.
  8. I think baseball is a sport kids can identify with and think someday they could play in the MLB. Most of us knew by the time we were 12 that we had no shot at making it big in football or basketball. I was thinking how you know I think that things were better when we were young. I think it has to do when you are a kid you looked up to players because they were older than you and hope to be them someday. Even when you are very young you looked up to the high school players who played basketball or football. Today we are way older than the players so we don't look at them the same and probab
  9. You mean the travel they called on him a couple of minutes ago
  10. When you say Gunn and one other what do you mean by that. Is there another guy that is about ready to commit?
  11. Another thing to remember is there is an extra at large bid this years since the Ivy League is not playing this year.
  12. I really like AJ and what he is doing trying to bring all the IU players back together
  13. He had said AJ and Recker was what hurt IU ore than anything else. Talked about how neither was interested in defense and and wasn't team players.
  14. HOF pitcher Don Sutton has passed away.
  15. Big Ten reprimands Penn State interim coach Jim Ferry for postgame comments, fines school $10K (espn.com) PSU gets reprimanded for comments about officials
  16. That is the picture that AJ has in the background when he is doing his podcast
  17. I actually thought what he said about IU sounded pretty good
  18. I am thinking about going to McDonald's to see if I can get one of those
  19. I think they have played better on the road and besides the two you gave I thought they played that way at UI.
  20. Basketball Recruiting - Isaac McKneely remains focused on eight finalists (rivals.com) Saw this new article about McKneely
  21. I still watch every minute of every game and hope we win every game. Saying that I am not confident that Archie will turn this around.
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