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  1. Finally others see what I hav seen for a long time. He should just start his own forum where he is the only poster since no one knows anything about sports but him
  2. Baton Rouge is considered one of the worst places to live in the US. It has some of the highest crime rate in the country. Also the state of Louisiana is always ranked as one of the worst states in the country.
  3. The question is it the best player or the most valuable which is not always the same ayer.
  4. Haven't looked at it do have no idea.
  5. Where did the Rangers find all of this money. must be nice to be a fan of a baseball team that actually spends money and tries to win.
  6. Just throw it out there and we know those rumors will start
  7. Pacers lose again 100-98. I guess a new stat called clutch games which means the game is a 5 or less point lead at the 5 minute mark. The Pacers has played the most of these games this year with 10. They are 1-9 in these games and now has lost 5 games leading by double figures in the second half. To me this shows the Pacers don't have a player who can just take over late in the game. We don't have anyone who you just give the ball to and say go get a bucket or get someone a good shot. It seems like we just have to score by our half court offense. We are more but lime a good college team but it doesn't work in the NBA. Sabonis had a great game 16 points, 25 rebounds and 10 assist. Towns almost had a triple double for Minnesota as well. 32 pts, 9 Rebs. And 9 turnovers
  8. I agree that Purdue doesn't move the needle nationally and that is why you don't see Purdue getting the marquee matchup. Even when IU is not supposed to be good they still sy the top teams lime Duke and UNC.
  9. I don't think they have played well so far this year and aren't the normal FSU team
  10. To me the difference in this years Syracuse team and the zone is that they don't have the length they usually do.
  11. 8 of those were in the one drive in the 4th for 65 yards. Also the more you run the less time Brady and their offense is off the field.
  12. You turn the ball over the more you throw the ball. If we ran more we probably don't turn the ball over 5 times. Our turnovers were two INT a strip sack and a WR fumble after a pass.
  13. It sure did and when TB new they wasn't running they just teed off on Wentz. You keep running the ball and the best runners get better the more carries they get. Go look at Derrick Henry's ypc in each quarter. It goes from 3.6 in the first to over 5 in the 4th.
  14. No doubt he would be the best on the roster and would take him. What I am saying he got benched for poor play at Oklahoma where he is surrounded by great players. At IU he wouldn't be surrounded by great players
  15. Didn't shoot it down but is skeptical of his play. We got the QB from Notre Dame one year and thought he would be a savior since he went to ND.
  16. Wanted them to get Williams a lot more playing time
  17. Should look at where each possession started because I bet we had worse field position. Also we are here 4 pick 6's so that gives us the ball right back and that can be part of the TOP. Also that is 28 points right there that goes against our points given up.
  18. Probably would do what the Pacers do since I bet have no quality big guys coming off the bench. I would bring in JG in for Race and then bring Race in to give TJD to rest a few minutes.
  19. Both Indy pro teams played the defending champions at home and both lost. Pacers loss to the Bucs 118-100 and the Colts lost 38-41 to the Bucs. Nothing says mediocrity like these two teams, Colts 6-6 and Pacers 9-13
  20. I will admit when I am wrong but it hasn't happened yet 😃
  21. When you said he is not ungodly talented and not impressed with what you see means. To me that says that he is not that athletic which is what I put as measurables
  22. Yes, you did when you talked about Brady's not having a great arm
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