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  1. So why does Archie not get credit when a player improves but he gets blasted if a kid doesn't improve.
  2. Baylor beats KU 77-69 and this is the first time in 8 years that KU have lost 2 straight conference games.
  3. John Lester signs a 1 year contract with the Nationals. Padres trades for another starting pitcher in Joe Musgrove of the Pirates
  4. At least Franklin was agresssive and showed confidence in his offense unlike our other guards.
  5. What I like about Franklin is he can score from all 3 levels. He can hit the 3 and he also has a good pull up jumper ad well
  6. That is the thing is everyone thinks Rutgers is having this great season but they are 3-5 in the big ten. Last year everyone though they had a great season but they were only two games ahead if us.
  7. I think he just doesn't want a lot of new threads open up. That is what I like about this board is that people just don't start a new thread on every thought. I know on game threads we only have one opened up and is easy to follow. I know other sites where on game day people will open up a thread on any thought that comes into their heads.
  8. Just saw on the news that they are moving the state finals into April. They are doing this because of all the NCAA is playing all the games in Indy
  9. I thought Davis was the coach when we recruited Stevenson
  10. Steve Pickell career record- 268-240 .528% Chris Collins career record- 115-125 .472% Archie Millers career record- 202-112 .643% Could you imagine going to the president and saying we are firing a coach with a 64% winning percentage for a guy who is around a 50% winning percentage. That is exactly what just happened at Texas football and it just doesn't make sense.
  11. I also have been watching these high school games on ESPU where it is the prep schools or those basketball factories. there are a lot of top recruits in these games and even most of them I have not come away being really impressed with their games. Like I said when I have seen players like Alford, Robinson, Henderson, Gordon, Oden, Conley i might be spoiled. These kids today just don't dominate these games like I thought top recruits should.
  12. Like right now I am watching UCONN and St. Johns game and thought man this is the type of talent we have at IU. That is not a good thing because we need to be getting the talent of the top teams. We need to get mainly guys who are at least in the top 100 and hope for some guys in the 20-30 range
  13. He should go to rivals and see how they rip posters and make it personal. I now see how bad people are on Facebook and it is not even close on here. People might disagree and people are upset with the coach but I have not seen one person making it personal towards him.
  14. I have watched a little of his games on TV this year but probably not enough to totally evaluate his game. The games I have seen he has been ok but did not dominate like I would hope a big ten player would do in high school. I guess I have been spoiled seeing a bunch of top high school players who went to IU and other big ten schools who you could tell was a big time college player. I saw Alford in high school and new he was going to be good. I have went to the HOF tournament in New Castle for years and saw some very good players who went on to the big ten. Like Glen Robinson, Michael Lewi
  15. If you think what you see on this site is bad and don't want to be here but this site is so tame compared to other media sites.
  16. I guess everyone watches for my typo's
  17. I was upset that Archie did not bring the team out to see the ceremony. I felt this would show the team what the history of IU basketball is all about.
  18. makes me feel old because I remember having to listen to some of that game on the radio. I was in college at IU East and commuted and had a late class that day.
  19. I remember bits and pieces of the 76 team but was really into the 81 and 87 years. Also since the younger group has not seen winning it would make you think they would be impatient and want to see this team win.
  20. I know I miss the days when going into the game that I thought IU would win every game and was shocked when we lost. Going into this game at Iowa I jhanve no confidence it will even be a close game and will be shocked if we win this game.
  21. I am 50 ears old and was supporting Archi until this year. I will still support Archie and the team and will watch every game. I have lost my faith that Archie will ever turn the program around. I actually think I have been trying to fool myself thinking that IU being good is not all that important. I say in the long run how is IU being great again going to change anything. In the long run IU winning championships isn't important in the big scheme of your life but it does make the seasons way more enjoyable. Actually I always use to think the opposite was that the younger crowd wa
  22. IU basketball recruiting: Class of 2022 names to know — forward Braeden Moore – The Daily Hoosier Saw this article about another 2022 recruit
  23. He is in the pros now and you go with BPA and not what system a guy fits. Urban is smart enough to build an offense around his personell
  24. I don't see anything on their resume that would say he should be the coach at IU. I don't want to make a change just for change but bring in somebody who can do better
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