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  1. I guess In your mind that Joe Montana is overrated as well. All he did was win and complete passes but did not have an elite arm. I guess going by your reasoning guys like Jeff George is an elite QB since he has all the measurables.
  2. How about TD passes, yards, winning, completions
  3. If it was do easy to win then everyone would do the same thing. The Colts of the 2000's had the best regular season record but just got to two Super Bowls.
  4. Nobody said he was the most talented but you said he is overrated and that is what people find absurd. Just because he is not the most athletic doesn't mean he wasn't the best QB. Larry Bird was not the most talented but he is still one of the best players of all time. Younger generation just looks at measurements when evaluating talent and not intangibles.
  5. Tampa Bay's last 3 years before Brady. 5-11 5-11 7-9 Brady first year 11-5 and won the Super Bowl that is all that needs to be said
  6. Tell the other guy to stop trying to tell everyone how wrong they are in every thread
  7. He drove them into scoring position is what I said
  8. No doubt and posted that when they got the ball with 3:29 to go
  9. Don't you know who you are dealing with because he is the football genius.
  10. So you are basing him being overrated by 1 game LOL!. He came up big when needed today
  11. You play to win the game and Brady has done it better than any player
  12. I keep forgetting that you are the expert football guy on here and everything you say is golden LOL! Explain to me how Brady is the most overrated player because that is just plain dumb.
  13. That's coming from.a Colts fan who hates Brady bit he is the GOAT
  14. Brady is by far the best of all time and no way near overrated. Saying Brady is overrated is the dumbest thing I have heard on here and that is saying something
  15. I'll take an overrated 4 Super Bowl winning QB
  16. Not saying they are mathematically out of it but don't see them making it. They probably need to be 10-7 so that is only one more loss. Games against the Pats, Cardinals and Raiders, Texans and Jags. It will be hard to go 4-1 in those games
  17. Good enough to win 4 Super Bowls. Also threw more INT's and lower completion percentages because they threw down field. Back then it was not the dink and dunk we see today.
  18. Should be 9-3 in first place but are 6-6 and probably out of the playoffs
  19. That was 3 that the refs swallowed their whistles for TB. One was on third down and not close to a PI. Instead of a FG they got first and goal at the one.
  20. Third double digit lead blown by the Colts. Ravens 22-3 Titans 14-0 Bucs 24-14 They would have won this game if Frank didn't forget he has the best RB in the League
  21. Why was that not a DPI because the defender had his right arm around Doyle's waist
  22. That last possession is a firable offense for the Colts d coordinator
  23. Colts defense played soft and now TB is in FG range
  24. 3:29 and Tom Brady with the ball, wonder what will happen
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