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  1. Glad Frank read my post about running the damn ball. Maybe if we did that in the third quarter maybe we would still be in the lead.
  2. If they lose this game it will be the third double lead they have blown
  3. Colts have fallen apart. Less chance of turning the ball over when you run the damn ball
  4. When they know you are going to pass they will just tee off on the QB. When you think Frank has turned the corner then he does some bone headed things.
  5. I guess Frank forgot he has the best RB in the league and possible MVP in Taylor. Having 8 carries through 3 quarters is plain ridiculous.
  6. You still have to stay with the running game. Can't have 13 runs and 40 passes
  7. It is obvious who the NFL wants to win this game. That last DPI was ridiculous. If that was a PI then it should have been called on the int
  8. Why have they totally gone away from the run. Also looked like a DPI on the interception
  9. Huge fumble in the red zone. Could of went up 17
  10. Another case of the NFL protecting Brady. That was not a late hit or targeting
  11. It took less than 5 minutes in the season to see there was a problem. After Penix threw the pick 6 at Iowa the season started to derail.
  12. What was wrong with TJD tonight with missed only 5 rebounds. LOL!
  13. I heard un the press conference Woodson said TJD had a great game but reminded him that he scored 48 at Illinois
  14. 8-15 from 3 14-19 free throws. If we can shoot like that from both we should be in good shape. We have to get better at from the bench if Woodson is going the whole sale changes.
  15. TJD first with 40+ points for IU since Allan Henderson in 1994. If I remember correctly we lost that game to MSU
  16. He is pretty good and came in averaging 20
  17. Why it is basketball and has the same court length and width. The pace isn't any faster than it was as back then. Watched a lot of games from the 80's and a lot of games they only subbed because of foul trouble
  18. These kids are supposed to be far superior athletes so should to play more minutes. Once again bring the bench in and they make a run.
  19. Why can't kids today play the whole half like they us to
  20. XJ just gives us some of that dog mentality that has been missing. Need to keep the rotation to 6 this half.
  21. How was that not a travel or double dribble
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