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  1. I guess it depends on who the players are that will miss the game.
  2. I watched some of it and thought they were up by 20+ points but didn't see the end.
  3. So why wouldn't they cancel the game if you have cases of covid on your team.
  4. Because he was not good in his stints as HC
  5. Not about the history of IU basketball since he wasn't around to se it. He comes on here putting a damper on this big win and telling us about the next coach needs to understand IU. Nobody is saying last nights win means that we turned it around but it would be nice to have one day to rejoice in a win.
  6. You sure sound like DD when you called him Little Archie
  7. I take Keith Smart if it is a former IU player
  8. I know what IU basketball is all about by watching it for 45 years so sign me up. It cracks me up some 23 year old trying to tell us what IU basketball is all about and he hasn't seen anything good from IU basketball.
  9. Maybe it would be better if you stayed away. Most people are here win or lose and don't just come to put a damper on a big win
  10. So our defense gets blamed when a team hits their shots but don't get any credit when teams miss.
  11. So where were you after the Purdue game and this whole week. Everyone on here was very upset and questioning Archie. Just think we could enjoy a win and not have a negative tone.
  12. Can't even enjoy a win without negativity
  13. I didn't lose my taste the first time but did the second time. I went to the doctor today because I am still having some problems with breathing and my chest is aching.
  14. He wasn't going to be fired after this year no matter what
  15. We could go undefeated if we have every other game cancelled
  16. We have to put a string of games to together where we play like this.
  17. I hope you feel alright and from a person who has had it twice just hang in there
  18. Well if we lose we know who to blame
  19. Some stats FG% 26-53 49.1% 3pt% 8-17 47.1% FT% 21-35 60% Assists 15 TO's 8
  20. Maybe having that week off and the MSU being cancelled was a blessing
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