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  1. My question would be why Micheal Lewis. I know a few guys succeeded going straight from being an assistant to be a HC at a major program but not many
  2. Upset alert St Mary's is up 22-19 against Gonzaga
  3. I really don't listen to country but like Faith Hills version better
  4. Well when Carrie Underwood sings on Sunday night football I think she is singing to me.
  5. Some of those guys in commercials make good money especially ones that is reoccurring
  6. Holman threw something at Crean. Bassett has been arrested a few times after college
  7. I have 3 cars and life insurance through them
  8. How do you know I haven't asked her out but got turned down
  9. Already have insurance through State farm
  10. I could ask Jennifer Aniston out all I want but will never have a date with her
  11. After you make that phone call and gets turned down then what do you do
  12. I use to think the same thing but whatever have done the last 21 years isn't working. So if there is an opening what route do you go. Knowing there is little chance to get an elite established coach.
  13. Yesterday on his show DD said one of his players was pretty much a pimp. I wondered which player he was referring to.
  14. Man, Ticket is the most accurate kicker in NFL history but has missed two today and one last week
  15. Only 1 game out if 5 the place and 2 games out if 3rd place
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