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  1. Just thinking if he was going to commit this week we would see some crystal ball picks coming in.
  2. Dodgers walk off homer in the 9th 3-1
  3. What changes would you like to see from the offense. I would start Tuttle the test of the year even if Penix comes back healthy. Also I would like to see so.e of the you g WR's get some game action. There had to be some younger OL that should get a look.
  4. I also don't get why a lot are so high on OSU. I think they are good but did lose their backcourt of Walker and Washington
  5. On his show today DD bet someone that IU would go finish higher than UM.
  6. I wouldn't say he hasn't sniffed one since he was a last second shot from going to one.
  7. I was 10 the last time they went to the final 4 and now just turned 51
  8. I don't think the big ten is as deep as it has been the last couple of years.
  9. Here is my prediction Purdue. Michigan. OSU. UI. IU. MSU. Rutgers. Maryland. Iowa. Northwestern. UW. Neb. PSU. Minnesota
  10. The thing is with Embid they don't need a Sabonis or a Turner.
  11. Didn't say trade them all but just see what people will offer for them. Miley I really like but it seems like every year he struggles in September. Miley and Barnhart will make 17 million combined and I just think we could use that money more wisely
  12. SS to start because I didn't see anything from Berreo at the plate to think he is ready to be an every day player
  13. I was real positive that Clowney would pick IU but now I am not as positive with what you read.
  14. I would let both Miley and Barnhart go and use those salaries elsewhere. I also would not bring back Lorenzen because he is way to inconsistent. I would see what kind of trade packages we could get for Castillo and Gray. I think Farmer had a good enough year to keep him in the lineup somewhere.
  15. I was in line at the concessions and one guy didn't have a mask on. While I was eating or drinking I slipped it off of my mouth.
  16. You mean you don't like the play where on 4th and 7 and you throw a 3 yard slant
  17. Well the baseball season is officially over for me this year. Reds game just ended with a 6-3 win over the Pirates. Reds tied a team record with 6 guys with 60+ RBI with Castellanos leading with 100. Reds had 3 guys with 30+ home runs and would have been 4 if Winker had not gotten injury. For me the key off season news for the Reds will be what will Castellanos will decide to do. I know it is just talk but he said this has been his most enjoyable season and loves playing with this team. He also has to decide if it is best to opt out with all the uncertainty surrounding the labor agreement.
  18. Pirates has just called up one of their top prospects who is a SS and is 6'7. Don't remember many position players let alone a SS being that tall.
  19. Jets beat the Titans in OT 27-24. Titans missed a tying fg with 19 seconds left in ot
  20. If the Titans lose we would only be 1 game out
  21. Well crap, it looked like the Titans was going to lose to the be Jets but they just tied the game.
  22. I think for the most part Wentz has been more than good enough for this team. For the most part injuries has been the major problem with the team. After next week s game at the Ravens the schedule gets a little easier
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