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  1. Good first drive for a TD 7-7. It seems like we can come out and have good opening drives but nothing after that. Hopefully that changes today.
  2. Unless they lose in the Big Ten Championship
  3. The only thing we will win today. Game is over 7-0 Purdue
  4. Yes UM and OSU has great players everywhere but they are great because of the OL. Until we can upgrade up front on both sides we won't be able to compete
  5. Probably meany winning a championship in his final season or he has Sam Gilbert helping
  6. Looks like Florida is looking at Louisiana's Billy Napier as their next coach
  7. Should have watched college basketball since the MSU game was very good.
  8. MSU beats UCONN 64-60. MSU down 1 with 30 seconds left got a huge beak. UCONN got a clean block but the outside official made a bad foul call
  9. It is not the signing him I think is a problem but the amount.
  10. Why I'm the world would anyone give Mel Tucker a 10 year 95 million contact. He is is 16-14 overall and 11-7 at MSU. People complaining about Allen's contact would really hate this one.
  11. On the DD show today he had Seth Greenberg on. DD said he had talked to some people who said that 3 big ten teams are having team chemistry problems due to the NIL. Don't know if any validity to it but I was worried that the NIL could cause problems within your team.
  12. Only could listen to the last 3 minutes and OT if the Pacers game. The thing that bothered me was you could tell there was a lot of Laker fans in attendance. After all the Lakers baskets you could here the roar of the crowd.
  13. He has struggled with all the weapons that Oklahoma has so how would he do here.
  14. Listen to Don Fisher on Indiana Sports Beat and talked about his first game as a announcer. It was 1973 and the first game was against Citadel and IU committed 33 turnovers. Some think that RMK teams always played near perfect basketball.
  15. My question is the team still limited to signing just 25 players in this recruiting class. W have had a lot of transfers and had like 36 players going through senior day. I know some will be back but it would seem like we could add to the recruiting class
  16. Scoring is down compared to the 80's and 90's
  17. Probably because he had two fouls
  18. Stewart because he got the team off to a great start.
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