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  1. I think going forward you will see less coaches staying in the business for 30-40 years. After coach K and the other longtime coaches leave I doubt we see as many coaches staying long especially in one place.
  2. Actually on wat is happening in this world I have thought this could be the end of time.
  3. I think coaches think they have to over work to be successful but I don't you do. You use to see football coaches sleeping in their offices and watch film all night. I think you can still have a balance of life and still be successful. Read stories on Mark Few on how he does not put in a lot of long hours and never sees his family. It seems like he found a great balance b between work and home life and is still successful.
  4. Academic Progress Rate Explained | NCAA.org - The Official Site of the NCAA To me it appears you get two points per player and if they stay and are eligible you get 2 points. If a player leaves and is academically eligible you lose 1 point because he transferred. Of a player leaves and are academically ineligible you lose two points Because were so close to having our APR be below the threshold losing 3 players would hurt us
  5. Don't sound like a guy looking to get back into coaching. I don't blame coaches getting out of college coaching because it seems like it is a no win situation. There is way to much pressure put on you from fans and the administration of you don't big right away. It would be tiring going all over the country trying to get 17 years old kid to come play for you.
  6. That had to do with the APR as much ad anything. Also how do you know he was told to do this and what he decided to do.
  7. Just turned it back on earlier and saw they have already scored 40 points in the second half in 12 minutes, they sometimes have trouble scoring that in the game.
  8. That is why it is a crap shoot when you are talking about firing your coach. I think to many people when we fired Crean thought we could bring in any coach in the country because we are IU. the problem is that is not the case and I bet when Duke, UNC and KU has openings will find the same thing. It seems like coaches today is not as worried about making as much money as they can and move up to the big time. there is reasons why a Mark Few stayed at Gonzaga or even a Byrd at Belmont and McKillop at Davidson stays. Those two coaches are good enough to be coaches at the top level of college
  9. I don't know because he is only down 65-30 to UVA LOL!
  10. For IU to be the best next year if TJD comes back I like to see this lineup Lander Franklin Stewart Race TJD To me it would be a good sign if Lander can develop over the summer to get to where he can start.
  11. at the half UVA 33-17 over Clemson and was ahead by as much as 24
  12. There is no way we should have beaten them in the sweet 16 in 1984 IU starters Alford Simmons Blab Dakich Giomi UNC starters Jordan Perkins B. Daugherty Smith M. Daugherty
  13. Do you actually have proof that their is things in the way of transfers. I have seen transfers come in here the last 10 or so years so it is not to hard.
  14. That is the thing I don't think offenses at any level is real entertaining to me. To me basketball wasn't meant to have 4 guys standing around the 3 point line waiting for someone to drive and kick it out for a 3. To me the best offenses used player movement, Ball movement cutting and screening. To me seeing guys over dribble at the top of the key and waiting for a ball screen is not entertaining. I actually saw to back cuts for easy layups by Minnesota today and haven't seen that very many times lately.
  15. What things with in the rules limits our coaches. Don't give me the players bills of rights because that doesn't hurt anything. That just provides 4 years of education but it doesn't guarantee you a spot on the team. We have great facilities with a new housing for players. Cook Hall is the state of the art facility and AH has been renovated. I want guys who can actually get into college and not have to do things just to get kids into IU
  16. I know Beard is a real good coach but his offense is no better than Archie's. They are down 62-55 with 26.7 seconds left in the game. Those scores seem pretty similar to ours
  17. I would think if the Pacers thought this had a chance of being a long term problem they would have not signed off on this trade
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