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  1. We got the ball with over 4 minutes to go so it was not over if we go 3 and out
  2. Might be but I would be more worried about the win
  3. Why is Taylor not in on this drive to run the clock out
  4. They said his butt was inbounds which it was not
  5. Colts recovered two fumbles inside their 30 and had to settle for two FG's
  6. Can't you say that about Maryland and Rutgers since they will play pretty much the same schedule.
  7. I would bet that the average yards per completion was a lot higher than it is today.
  8. Right now is the first time all year that the Colts have the ball with the lead.
  9. I loved it on the 70's as well because coaches was aggressive and not scared to take chances. Like I said I miss the days with guys like Bradshaw and Staubach throwing deep a lot.
  10. I am so tired of seeing 3 and 4 yard passes
  11. To me a lot of teams in the NFL is to vanilla on offense. I missed the days of seeing guys like Bradshaw and Staubach throwing deep passed on a regular base. Instead today teams are to afraid to make mistakes they just dink and dunk
  12. Colts are an awful football team. Brissett can't throw down the field yet the Colts are allowing ate the underneath routes to be wife open
  13. The start of the season has probably ended any chance of getting Caden Curry. I just hope some of the other top recruits don't start looking elsewhere.
  14. 58-6 combined score of our big ten games
  15. Georgia had given up 1 TD this year and a total of 23 points
  16. Probably s good time for a bye week to get some guys healthy and get the focused
  17. November 9th can't get here soon enough
  18. Sometimes the decisions our QBs make is just atrocious
  19. I know it won't happen in the season but since he had been here the quality of the OL play has went way down.
  20. Last year Hendershot had the drops and this year it is Ryflogle.
  21. So should our OL coach be on the hot seat, I would would say yes
  22. Down 21 why so conservative. Nothing to lose by going deep. If it is intercepted it is no worse than a punt
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