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  1. Just saw the highlight on the news. WC scored with 50 seconds to go to cut it to 6 and then got the onside kick and went down for the winning TD
  2. Reds wins 3-1 vs the Dodgers. Castillo pitched 6.1 of shutout ball. Reds were 1 out from having to shutouts in a row.
  3. Brody has made great strides in the Reds minor league pitching. I wonder if the fact that he worked with Bauer before being hired by the Reds was why he got the job.
  4. Going to be a tough 3 games against LA with facing Buehler, Scherzer and Kershaw
  5. I will be down there on 10/3 for HH as well with my.best friend
  6. Reds win Reds win Reds win Won 1-0 on a sac fly in the 7th 1 run, 11 hits, 9 pitchers combined between the teams
  7. Got a huge surprise today when my son called and told me he got us tickets for the IU and OSU game
  8. Reds found another way to lose tonight. Bottom of the 9th with one out they hit a routine fly ball to LF near the line but out LF Schtick over ran the ball to allow a double. This is what happens when you have infielders saying the OF especially in the 9th inning. With runners on 1st and 2nd and one out they hit a grounder to Votto. He knocked the ball down and hot the runner out at first but the runner scored from second.
  9. With UC going to the big 12 that might be enough to keep him at UC
  10. On Bozich podcast he had picked IU 7th on the conference.
  11. After listening to a lot of post games with David Bell I realize that a corpse has more of a pulse and more personality. I don't think he could motivate a hooker to bed.
  12. Reds lose 7-5 to the 52-91 Pirates. You should just pitch all LH pitchers against the Reds. Look at the stats tonight should do that. LH starter 5 innings 0 runs. RH reliever 1 inning 4 runs. LH reliever 2 innings 0 runs. RH reliever 1 inning 1 run. Should thank the Pirates manager for taking out their starter after 5 scoreless innings.
  13. What a horrible start for the Reds. Down 3-0 to the Pirates in the 3rd. Once again they can't hit a LH starter. Bell keeps putting all RH hitters in the lineup which means your 5-7 hitters tonight all are hitting under .200(Suarez, Aquino, Deshields.
  14. Reds are 9-1 against the Pirates this year do they need to go 7-2 or 8-1 in these games. How they are hitting right now I have a hard time seeing them putting a big stretch together.
  15. To me Reich is better suited to be a QB coach because he does well getting the QB to play well. I just don't like his game management and I think he over thinks things. He goes for it on 4th down to much and it cost us some points.
  16. I only got to watch the first half of the Colts because I had to work yesterday. I have not really been a fan of Reich because he doesn't try to throw the ball down field. The Colts longest play was 24 yards and Seattle had 5 plays longer than that. I also thinks he should give up the play calling and worry about being a HC.
  17. If Elway had played for the Colts they probably have never had never moved to Indy
  18. Does anyone want to win the second wild card
  19. Will look good having a sold out crowd. Also hope is is a great weather weekend on Bloomington.
  20. Colts defense can't allow a WR get deep with 40 seconds left in the half on a 2nd and 21
  21. Wilson is 12-1 in games in the eastern time zone
  22. UM beats UW 31-10 and only passed for 44 yards. They had 343 rushing yards after riding for 335 lady week. In two weeks their QB's have thrown 26 passes.
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