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  1. Washington's offense must be bad since they scored like 7 points against Montana and haven't scored yet tonight against UM
  2. I would like to see Spiegel from New Pal get a chance to play
  3. That is not you that had there shirts off and waving their shirts
  4. I liked that they let the backups actually play instead of just running the clock out. I knew from watching Tuttle's film he had a great arm and they didn't utilize it that much lady year. Where did Poindexter come from because I don't remember his name before.
  5. It is more important to get this offense going than worry about showing to much.
  6. Maybe the players let up when they saw the fans give up on the game. I was surprised so many came back after half time but the stands are pretty empty now.
  7. Well we did that last week when we said that take away the two pick 6's it was a closet game
  8. I am still not real pleased with the offense. It seems like we are to conservative and don't really try to stretch the field out. To me it doesn't appear we try to use the middle of the field in the passing game. I was hoping we would keep.tne foot on their necks and not let up but once again we go conservative do we don't run up the score. This offense needs to get going and just running the ball is not going to get us in a groove.
  9. Reds lose 6-4 to the Cardinals. I thought the Cardinals bullpen has been horrible but the lady two series against the Reds they have looked good. I still don't understand the mind set if today's players. Down two runs in the 9th so you need base runners. Two straight LH hitters had all of the third base line to put a bunt down but neither even tried to bunt. A solution homer does you know good and to me that is being a selfish player.
  10. Looks like the bullpen had blown another game with Sims giving up a two run homer with two outs in the 8th. Why not put your best out there in late game situations and not a guy with a 5.45 era.
  11. Very disappointed in the defense the lady two possessions. Need to keep the foot down on the pedal and not slow up.
  12. Do they call the ball a potato skin instead of a pig skin in Idaho
  13. Well if UT can't beat the bottom of the SEC what will they do against the top teams.
  14. Can't people wait to party for another hour and a half. It is Saturday so people don't have to get up way so stay in the stadium. Also I thought it is 35-7
  15. Reds 6th inning was not good. Castillo got the first two outs bit then gave up two runs to tie the game. The first hit was a swing by t that went about 30 feet. The fourth run scored on a blooper that fell in between 3 guys. Naquin and Better collided and Naquin is out of the game. You thought the Reds was in good shape being up 4-0 after 3 innings with Castillo pitching
  16. The third time that the Indians have been no hitter this year. What is crazy that Pleasac has been the Indians starter in all 3 games.
  17. Was watching the Iowa and ISU game and they had a trivia question. Name the two power 5 teams without a first round pick in the draft since 2000. The answer is Iowa St and IU and they said the last first round pick IU had was Thomas Lewis in 1994
  18. Reds with a big win and a big hit in the 9th by the rookie SS in Berrios. Got great pitching with just one mistake all night.
  19. Reds up 1-0 after 3 and Mahle is pitching a good game but he won't Makita part the 5th or 6th inning. After 3 innings his pitch count is at 62 where Lester pitch count is at 33.
  20. I am 7 miles where the west bound closes and it goes to ,1 lane each way. I was stuck for 4 hours one time. There is no way of turningearound because there are hundreds of semi's stuck with mr
  21. Was hoping to get home from work to see the second half of the game. I have been stuck on I70 since 9:15. There had berm construction the whole summer but this has to be a wreck
  22. Just read an article talking about Brach and his season. I'm his first 20 outings he had an era of 2.25 but in his last 16 his era is 14.30. They have a reliever in AAA that has went 20 straight appearances without giving up a run and for the year in 49 innings his era is 0.49. Why not give him a chance over a guy like. Brach
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