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  1. I am actually surprised it took this long because I thought he would have left after last season.
  2. Here is the way I see it unfolding #1 Clemson vs #4 Alabama #2 Oklahoma vs #3 Georgia
  3. How can a fan demand that a team do that. Easy to say it but you have no idea what you are talking about. You can say it all day long but it does not mean it won't happen. Again it might be time for you to find another hobby since this one is making you a little off.
  4. Like I said that was a comment from Taylor and not he coach who said that to Peegs. The coach can not comment publicly to any media about a recruit until they sign.
  5. Again we have all done that but there is nothing we can do to change anything. We just changed coaches that everyone wanted to happen. To me there is nothing else that can be done and we can't make kids come to IU unless you want our boosters to cheat to get them.
  6. Tell us what we should do to get those top 10 results. We made a coaching change that everyone wanted. We have made great improvements on the facilities and have put a lot of money into the program.
  7. Well I have been a fan for a lot longer than that and won't let missing one recruit to ruin my day or my love for IU basketball. Also maybe if it bothers you so much maybe it is time for you to take a break. I remember you having a nervous breakdown last month with all the recruiting ups and downs. If you worry so much on where some 18 year old kids are going to school then you might have a problem. I remember RMK even missing on a lot of big recruits so it happens all the time.
  8. What were you right on since he has not committed anywhere. Also if you are really an IU fan why would you gloat if a top player picks another team.
  9. I doubt that sense the coach can't comment on a recruit until they are signed. I think an article mentioned that Taylor has been told that he will be given a chance at QB
  10. Saw that the Vandy staff was at the game tonight to see Romeo
  11. Probably had to do with Davis not rebounding since he had only one rebound and that shouldn't happen when you are 6'10
  12. We shot 5-21 against Duke so why would you want to take more 3's when we can't shoot from the outside. Go inside then kick it out because it is easier to hit 3's when you are stepping into your shot.
  13. Don't really like to talk transfers during the year but was surprised that Jones came back this year.
  14. Why post something like this. it will take Archie two or three years to have his own team. To me he will need to have some blunt discussions with some players at the end of the year. I am very disappointed in the sophomore guards and those guys will have to decide if they want to buy into Archie's system or look elsewhere.
  15. Hate to say this but if Haas plays like this all season then PU can win the big ten and be a final four contender. Won't say they will go just because it is Purdue and usually chokes in the tournament.
  16. I think it will be pretty close game but I think we will lose this one UM 74 IU 69
  17. Hope you have a great time at your old high school. Still love going to high school games and hope you see a great game. Also where is your hometown.
  18. I am pretty sure that where I went to high school plays them this year so I will probably go watch the game.
  19. Not trying to be snarky but he complains any time someone bashes PG. If he knows people are doing this then why bother reading them if he does not like it. HH is snarky to anyone who does not agree with him on this topic so why to I get ridiculed when I post what I did.
  20. Then don't because nobody is making you read these post.
  21. Cambridge City is about 20 miles from where I live and you have to realize he is not playing top competition. It reminds me back in the 90's when a 7 foot skinny kid from Mount Vernon committed to IU in Brian Gilpin and never ended up at IU but went to Columbia.
  22. I think it was on this site that a topic about this idiot Shimbo who is on Kent Sterling show every week. He wanted Allen to be fired last week and now is on there and doing it again and think we need to hire Sumlin or Bielma. he keeps saying we have a high school coach who does not know what he is doing. I guess he has never heard of the many coaches that have been mentioned on here who has not had HC coaching experience and have done well.
  23. Just letting you know that nobody will care what the score of the UL and UM game was. I never said you shouldn't post about the IU women's team but the first post was not real relevant.
  24. What a classy young man and represents what is best about Indiana University.
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