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  1. Well the students that are at IU right now have not seen many great wins so let the kids have fun. I have no problem seeing anyone storming the court because these games are suppose to be for the students and if they want to storm the court there is nothing wrong with it.
  2. Watching UT and UK and they had an interesting note that the highest ranked recruit on UT team was ranked 127th in their class. their two best players Williams was 192nd and Schofeld was 251 so it shows that recruiting rankings are not always the best barometer at looking at teams.
  3. If you are talking about Smith he is a sophomore but Green did well an dis a junior. Just makes you wonder why these two could have not played like this most of the year because f they did we would not been in the position we are in right now.
  4. My dad has had 2 sisters die from it and now has another sister in the nursing home with and it is terrible to see.
  5. That was who I was thinking of but whoever it was he was actually up and cheering for IU. I noticed when Brooks was at the UK and he was sitting right behind their bench and never got up for anything.
  6. Yes I am but I went to see my great nephew last basketball game and my daughter also was in town and have not seen here for awhile. I took here out for lunch since I have not seen her in awhile. What upset me was that they had tv's in there but had it on ESPN and not Fox.
  7. It was definitely not Brooks because his hair is not like Smith's but I thought it looked like that sophomore from Southern Indiana
  8. I thought you would be upset since this puts Purdue in first place by themselves.
  9. If we could have played like this during that first 7 game losing steak we would have had at least 3 more wins and we would be in the tournament for sure. It is sure nice to see this team come back from that terrible stretch and improve their play and win these last two games.
  10. I have ripped them all year so it is only fair to come on here to ring their praise so I am here to say that Smith and Green played great today. I had to miss the first half but could not believe that Smith came out on fire like he did. Green hit some huge shots that kept us in the game late in the second half.
  11. I have nothing against the university but Purdue is our biggest rivals and hated their program forever.
  12. I agree I do and probably will until we got a better present to talk about
  13. Last time I saw he speak on TV you could tell something was not right.
  14. Well I would understand not going at all but if you re there why leave early when the game is going into 2 ot.
  15. Purdue's last 3 games OSU-home at Minnesota at Northwestern
  16. If he is suspended for 3 games then we know why
  17. Remember a couple of football recruits announcing on national TV and when they announced their choice their mothers went nuts. One was when the mother wanted LSU but the player picked Alabama and the other one was when the recruit picked Arkansas over the choice that the mother want and she would not sign the LOI for a long time. Hopefully this is not the case when KB chooses whoever he chooses.
  18. Since we play 20 conference games then you can't finish 8-10
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