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  1. I would say Washington and Johnson are the only sure fire players leaving UK
  2. The A10 is fine league especially when Archie was winning it with Butler for one year and Xavier, Temple. I just don't get fans like you who are always looking for the next best thing and will never be happy. I told you guys on the rivals site two years ago that just making a change was not going to make a huge difference because we would not get an elite coach. There is no more of a chance that Beard would succeed than the chance that Archie will. Please do us all of a favor and go back to your rival buddies so all of you guys can just complain your hearts away. I would love to be able to make trades when it comes to posters on IU message boards. Lets say we trade all the negative people on this site to rivals for their few posters who can see positive things. I know a lot on here is tired of reading the constant bashing you a few others spew on here and I am sure you get tired of people actually seeing positive things.
  3. Please tell us what Beard has accomplished that Archie hadn't before he got to IU. Another thing I would bet that beard would not even listen to IU since he is such good friends with RMK.
  4. yes and also Bennett is still a young coach and has time to do well in the tournament. it took John Wooden 14 years to win his first title at UCLA
  5. I am pretty sure the guys that have responded to you are no the younger generation of fans since I am 48 years old have e seen 3 national championships. I just think some of our fans are not realizing that college basketball ahs totally changed to when we were more of a dominate program. Recruiting is way more national now and with AAU ball these kids are getting recruited by everyone in the country. Also with about every game on national tv kids are not worried as much about leaving their state or region because their parents can still watch them play. Including myself I think one thing that hurts this fan base is living on our past and tradition. I would love to have the regulars season that UVA has had over the last 5 years where they have won the ACC 3 of the last 5 years and getting a #1 seed twice. he has now gotten to the elite 8 twice so yes I would take that here.
  6. We have no idea what goes behind the scenes like how his work ethic is or how hard he works. Does he come into the gym on his own and work on his game or does he just do the bare minimum to stay on the team.
  7. Well that team won the big ten so the regular season was not a disappointment. What I am saying I would rather win the big ten and lose early than maybe finishing 6th but make a run to the sweet 16 or elite 8
  8. I agree we need a shooter and I don't think this is the last roster move
  9. Not surprised at all but I really thought Moore could turn into a good rotation player. Well there is the opening for Brunk if he wants to come here.
  10. Maybe you have seen more but I have been to hundreds or thousands of basketball games in person as well as watching 2 or 3 games a day on TV in my lifetime. I have not seen anything lucky from this run because they blew pout their first two opponents and had UT down 18 in the second half. Just because they are hitting a lot of 3's does not make them lucky but just good shooters. if you are 77 years old I would hope you would be mature enough to not resort to the childish name calling.
  11. I hate Purdue as much as you but I can see over that hatred and don't have to resort to childish behavior since I am 48 years old.
  12. How is Beard a bigger splash than Archie because Archie has made it as far as Bear has in the tournament. You just fit in better at the rivals with the rest of the eyores
  13. Did not say that we shouldn't want tournament success but I never say in a certain year it is championship or bust because a lot of things can happen. I would just rather enjoy 4 months of great basketball and maybe have to go through one disappointing day in March than struggling through regular seasons and maybe making a descent run.
  14. I was talking the previous year because Archie's first year because most had IU finishing 9th or 10th in his first year.
  15. So with that requirement Archie greatly over performed as well because most people last year picked us around 10th and we finished 6th last year.
  16. To me our expectations should be like Painters said in an interview and that is to compete for the conference championship every year. Right there should be are goal every year because the tournament is such a random thing so to expect great runs every year is not realistic. If your goal is to win the conference then the tournament run will take care of itself because you will get high seeds in the tournament. By the way I am the old generation of fan and have seen 3 national championships. even rMK said the goal is to win the big ten first and foremost.
  17. It was a great win for the Reds but did not like the way that Bell handled the pitching staff yesterday.
  18. Drama queen alert because no one said he has met expectations but saying it takes time to build a program with the right culture. It has been shown many times that even the great coaches start off slow sometimes so it is the best to be patient. Would you want to be the idiot who fired Bill Beilicheck in Cleveland because he did not turn it around quick enough.
  19. No matter how much I dislike PU and hope they lose every game, this team is fun to watch. They play the right way and they have built their program the way I like a program to be built and the culture they have built. Most of the players seems like good kid sand I don't dislike them except for Haarms.
  20. Go back to your rival friends because no one over here is buying what you are selling.
  21. Been saying that for along time but gets ripped for it but it is time for this fan base to look in the mirror and see it is part of the problem. I am not saying this message board or the majority of the fan base but the vocal minority which gets most of the attention. I am not on twitter or facebook but I have heard it is terrible especially after losses ripping players and coaches and those people probably love hurting the program. I have left the rivals site but you go over there and it is embarrassing that we have actual so called fans can think the way those guys think. That site is the bottom of the barrel of this fan base and it is a cesspool.
  22. I was just going by what Matt Painter said during an interview on the radio where he said his main goal every year is to win the big ten.
  23. Another thing is that Purdue's main goal going into every season is t win the big ten and nothing about the tournament. They know if you build a program to win your conference it will alow you to get better seeds and that allows you a chance to do something in the tournament. All our fans care about is the destination and that is the NCAA tournament and not the conference and to me that is not the best way of looking at your program.
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