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  1. Also most of the in game announcers already work for CBS and the only ones that don't are Reggie, Webber and Grant Hill.
  2. To me if Carsen Edwards comes back they will still finish in the top 6 of the conference but if he doesn't then they could finish in the bottom 4.
  3. You don't need anymore game announcers now than you did before it is still the same format. The first round you have 8 sites so you need 8 game crew announcers just like it was when it was just on CBS. Also why the need for a 3 man crew because to me you only need two.
  4. My thing is if it is not broken why try to fix it and make it worse. The one change I do like was that the games on 4 channels and not just one now. Before if the game you were watching was a blowout you could not just go to another game like you can now.
  5. You are the first one I have heard that thinks that Smith does a good job because I was reading somewhere that was totally ripping Smith and Barley. I guess we will just agree to disagree on this subject. I can't stand listening to Webber and Reggie when they do pro games let along the college game.
  6. At least during the first couple of rounds where there are game son the whole time I di not have to watch the halftime or post game shows but the latter rounds I just cant stand watching them. to me they are to fake because you know they are just saying what they have written in front of them. I want analyst that knows the college game and can tell that they know what they are talking about.
  7. I just am talking about CBS production and not the tournament itself that is not as good. I want college basketball analysts doing college basketball. Give me Nantz and Kellogg doing the games. Give me Gumbel and Davis and maybe another guy for the studio show who does college basketball all year. I just don't like all the glitz that they try to do with the clips they show when the game is coming on as well as the player introduction. For one shining moment it use to be the song with the highlight clips. Now you can barely here the song because they play the announcers clip with the highlight.
  8. To me the game is the entertainment and those guys does not enhance my entertainment one bit
  9. I still just can't stand the broadcast especially the studio shows for CBS during the tournament. I just don't like having the NBA guys do most of the show because they have not followed the sport all year. I just don't know why they feel like this helps sell their product because they might lose viewership over it. Also I know they want the younger fans to watch but the show they put on pre game I just don't like as well. The players introduction where they show the clips of the players and all the graphics on the floor with the lights turned out does nothing for me. Just do the national anthem and then do the players introduction. Lastly I also hate what they have done to One Shining Moment because I have always stayed up to watch it because to me that is official end of the season. It use to be great but how they do it now is just not as good, I have always loved the tournament and to me how they use to do everything was perfect and never understand why people think they need to fix something that doesn't need fixing.
  10. MSU's Jaren Jackson declared for the draft
  11. Sometimes it works the other way as well because Phil Jackson rarely won the award and in football Bill Bielcheck doesn't win all the time.
  12. I think Maryland should be very good but with Jackson leaving not as good as first thought.
  13. To me the coach of the year should be the on who took the team above where they were suppose to finish.
  14. Are you saying he will announce earlier than expected or just saying it is only 3 weeks away when he is suppose to announce.
  15. Kind of joking because the closer to the time an announcement is suppose to be made the more you see people with info coming out.
  16. Figured that but it is to bad for the big ten. It just seems like PSU and teams like them just can't put everything together and with Carr leaving it will leave a big hole in their lineup.
  17. The cryptic messages are now starting.
  18. To me Pritchard should win the executive of the year and McMillian should be one of the leading candidate for coach of the year.
  19. I have always said that KU is our main competition for Romeo and not Vandy. I guess it depends on what Newman and Vick does. If they both stay and with you guys already have two 5 star guards Romeo might not want to go there.
  20. I read it as it meant that Romeo's final 3 was not what the mother and fathers final 3 were.
  21. So much on the theory that his parents are wanting IU with the sentence about their final 3 did not make the list
  22. What is bad is that I have as many correct picks as the top guy but having my two teams in the championship lose so early hurts badly. I went from leading down to 16th in the last week.
  23. http://www.espn.com/mens-college-basketball/story/_/id/22979516/xavier-musketeers-promote-long-assistant-travis-steele-head-coach Travis Steele named Xavier's new coach
  24. Having watch this kid twice I just wouldn't put hi in the category of the players that have been mentioned. I just don't see where a shoe company would be knocking down doors to sign him.
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