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  1. I read the other day the guard from Rutgers was declaring but had not heard about Carr
  2. Because they get way more exposure in the college game than they will in the G league. If you play at a blue blood program then you will be on national TV every night for 5 months and the tournament. In the G league you will never be on national TV and never seen.
  3. I would bet that Carr will be gone but the other will be back.
  4. Yet the women BB is doing fine as well as the baseball team. Swimming and diving trams have done very well but to some the only sports an AD has to worry about is Men's basketball and football. Forgot to mention that the soccer team played for the national championship this year.
  5. I was wondering if recruits read these boards and IU other boards it might make you think that could be a reason they go elsewhere. With some of the comments about Romeo and how they are getting impatient with him it makes you wonder if he might think why go to IU with those lunatic fans.
  6. Glass is far from incompetent and has done a good job as AD.
  7. This should not effect your life one bit and let him decide whenever he wants because it is his life and not yours.
  8. I don't any thing about the G- league but does the players playing in it now get much endorsements because I just feel like most companies would have no need for a G- league player to do endorsements. Here in Indy we have a minor league baseball team and soccer team and really don't see players doing endorsements.
  9. Saw where Corey Sanders from Rutgers is entering the draft nd probably is hiring an agent. Just amazing that some of these kids think they are better than they are. This will really hurt Rutgers chance of getting out of last place.
  10. I doubt a grad transfer from Dartmouth would start over TJD if he is as good as they say he is.
  11. Like I said in the recruiting thread that I just don't see why a kid would take this route but everyone is different
  12. I watched him against New Albany on TV and the other day and was not to impressed with him. He was pretty much invisible during the All American game so I don't know what he was thinking. I just don't get why these kids would rather play for a low salary in front of 1,000 people instead of 20,00 people and a national audience.
  13. To me with the two KU players picking IU for Romeo makes you think KU is out of the running unless it is a smoke screen LOL!
  14. Amen, preach it brother. Also I did not see one guy pick Vandy For Montgomery and on TV it said that Vandy was in the mix for him.
  15. Funny that the two Kansas commits pick IU and why was Garland and Shittu not picking in this poll
  16. I just can't believe there has been nothing on ESPN.com about DT passing. if this was an ex player for Duke or UK it would be front page news. DT was a major contributor on a championship team and can't even get a mention nationally.
  17. Yes and they should and don't we have a banner for the men's 1979 NIT title.
  18. One of the announcers said something that some feel like that Vandy is in the lead but no one really knows anything. Also on the broadcast they talked about Vandy and what a good job Drew is doing there.
  19. I was joking because everyone is trying to find any little detail to see where Romeo is going.
  20. Justin Jackson from Maryland is declaring for the draft
  21. Romeo normally wears #1 but tonight he wore #22 Damon's IU number maybe he was telling us something LOL!
  22. My prayers to him and his family as well as his IU family. He had some of the best low post moves and would have loved for him to team Davis some of them.
  23. Duke's AD is White's father and I just don't see him hiring his son. The old saying is that you hire coaches to be fired and if White does not do well it would be hard for a father to fire his son.
  24. I will say that the next coach at Duke will be a Duke person because they will let coach K have influence on the next coach.
  25. Listen to Pete Gillian who coached Mack at Xavier on 1430am this afternoon. He said Mack has told him that he does not want to be a coaching Lifer and doesn't think Mack will coach more than 5 or 6 years more. He thought taking the money now will give him a chance to make the money and walk away in a few years.
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