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  1. It is culture and Purdue has had only two coaches since 1981. they know what they want out of their program and recruit to that culture. Last night proves you don't have to have a roster full of one and done players win in this tournament. There were not many 5 star players on the teams that own last night.
  2. But Archie has nothing to do with the past so he deserves time to build his roster and culture.
  3. What last night's games prove is that you don't need a lot of 5 star top 25 players to win in the tournament. How many 5 star players played on teams that own last night so you are right is about culture and roster management.
  4. Yet UK and Duke has won only one championship apiece while Villanova has had two since the one and done has taken place.
  5. I would love to see Davis average around 25 mpg and Brunk around 15 mpg C- Davis/brunk PF- TJD/Race SF- Hunter/Anderson SG- Romeo ? or Green/Franklin PG- RP/Durham
  6. In 1987 my sophomore year we won our first sectional since 1958 and the hole next week we did not really go to class but it was a huge party for most of the week. Saying that it probably did not help us because we lost our first game of the regional.
  7. Just like a 16 seed that wins in the play in game and it is considered a tournament win but loses in the first round. To me that play in game win does not really feel like a tournament win to me.
  8. Here are two players stats from the big ten champion and a team in the sweet 16 Eifert 5.6 points and 5.1 rebounds Eastern 7.4 points and 5.4 rebounds. I would bet that Brunk could average this or even more and is the kind of play like Eifert that make plays that does not show up in the box score.
  9. Like who because I have not seen our name mentioned for many of the grad transfers out there right now.
  10. I would bet you probably have not watched much of Brunk and Butler because he can rebound. He also ahs a very good low post game with an up and under move. He also is not a stiff and has some good athletic ability as well.
  11. In how many minutes a game. Do I think he would average 15/10 no but I think he could come in and average 7/5 off the bench. I think to many look at only star ratings and athletic ability when looking at players and not how players fit as a team. Does Purdue starting lineup look like a team that should win the big ten and have a good chance of going to the final 4. Soe of our fans would flip out if we started walkon like Eifert who was not highly rated or averages big point.
  12. Brunk can rebound especially on the offensive end so I don't know what you were watching.
  13. I think we are recruiting some guards Morton and Leal for the 2020 class and maybe will like them better than what we can get at this late stage of this class.
  14. I mainly just stating when bringing in players just don't look a just the next year.
  15. I don't see them as comparable players at all except both being tall white guys
  16. I would say that would be more true if Brunk was just here a year but he would have two years left and he would be a good replacement for Davis once he leaves.
  17. I saw him in person 3 games when he was in high school and one this year when he was at Butler and everything you sad about him is true.
  18. 3-2-1-1=7 unless you have a bye in the sectional which you would have 6 games
  19. Did not say he ever had a real bad year but also was not as dominate as what we see out of Duke or UK right now. We have had a 3 or 4 year period 73-76 and 92-93 where we were contenders for a championship but we also had some years where we were not expected to be contenders as well.
  20. To me if he was sure he was leaving it would have already been announced. Not saying he is not leaving but if he has already made up his mind we would have already heard it.
  21. Not really because right now a team have to win two less games today than they did in a one class system. Now you have to win 2 or games to win the sectional and pretty much had to win 3 games in one class. The regionals today and in the past you had to win 2 games. The Semi St you have to win 1 today instead of 2 in the past. to win the championship you have to win 1 game instead of 2. So if you go to two class system the format would not change that much.
  22. I know it is not happening and just stating that going to two is not nay better than having 4 classes
  23. I thought. he might go to OSU since Holtmann recruited him to Butler. I also thought he would be the starting center this year at Butler and I am surprised he is transferring.
  24. I heard that on JMV last night but I thought he recanted that remark. I think IU is one of his top 3 but where did you see he is definitely coming to IU. I like him as a back up to Davis and he has a pretty good offensive game with this back to the basket. He plays with energy and he has some nasty in his game which is what this program needs.
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