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  1. I don't applaud HTD because to me what he says and it is coming from a 75 year old man is embarrassing
  2. I will stop when you stop obsessing with IU and come here after every game trying to get IU's approval for your program.
  3. To me him being here minute after they los tin the tournament is plain embarrassing for Purdue. It makes it seems like he is more worried about IU than his own team. I just don't understand that mentality and will not because I will never go to their board. After we have lost in the sweet 16 it never crossed my mind what Purdue thought of that loss and go to ther board.
  4. My old high school played Morristown this year and they did not play well that day and still beat us by 17 but we only won 6 games this year.
  5. Probably would instead of losing by 13 you probably lose by 6
  6. And Haas played in those games and you lost 2 of the 3 games
  7. Injuries re part of the game and we should no because we would probably have 7 or 8 banners without injuries.
  8. Whatever but it is still sad that Purdue fans have to come here right after a game we did not play in.
  9. To me you being here a minute after your tournament game is embarrassing on your part. Why would you come to an IU board when we were not even playing instead of going to discuss your teams usual tournament loss on your own board.
  10. because you have been the one on all the boards spouting that he was going to Vandy all along
  11. Would love to see Clemson, Syracuse, W. Virginia and Texas Tech win tomorrow.
  12. I wish I was that clever but just a bad speller.
  13. It has nothing to do with how htye play on the court but the NBA wants to be able to evaluate the players against higher competition so they don't have so many bust. also most players who are 18 years old is not mature enough off the court to handle the NBA life style so it does then some good living on their own on a college campus.
  14. If writers want a good job they need to go to college. You think all the great writers who wrote for newspapers and magazines did not have to go to college to get those jobs.
  15. So would you have taken Ward out of the lineup to play Jackson at the 5 because to me that would have been wrong to do.
  16. I loved the camera angle at AH where it was right on the floor
  17. FKIM01 why do you find that so funny because I want my college coach to do whatever helps the team win and not to help a players draft stock. I hate seeing coaches let 6'10 players play soley on the perimeter and shooting 3's because it will help them in the NBA.
  18. They would show it after every basket but today the score is on the screen the whole time as long with the clock and shot clock. On ESPN then you have the ticker on the bottom of the screen so there is not much room for the actual game to be on the screen.
  19. Another thing watching the older game is how more simplistic the telecast is compared to today. The announcers did not try to be the show back then like they do today. Also the graphics is way more simplistic and the screen is not full of graphics.
  20. A college coaches job is to win games for his team and not play players in a different psotion to help their draft status.
  21. Just saying every profession has a requirement to gain employment so why should it be any different for professional sports.
  22. Nope because I am an IU fan and have been over 40 years and I back whoever the coach is at IU. Have you got your Vandy gear on so you can root for Romeo since he has been a lock for them all the time.
  23. Not on the other board because he has been pestimistic all along on that board but that is the norm over there.
  24. So if a kid is good in science in high school should they be able to just become a doctor with out going to college and medical school.
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