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  1. For some reason I thought here in Indy we got the game on tape delay but I am not positive. I was only 13 years old at the time and that has been a long time ago so my memory is fading.
  2. The other day on the other board you said he was going to Vandy all along so now you are changing your tune again.
  3. Nothing will change unless the NBA changes their rules because the NCAA can't make kids stay in school. I wish they would go to the MLB rule and let the kids go to the NBA or if they go to college they have to stay 3 years before entering the draft. Also I like the idea and it was one of my solutions as well is to get the shoe companies out of the summer basketball world and have the NCAA take that over. also if they can get rid of individual schools getting shoe contracts and just have one company do all of the NCAA.
  4. Wes Miller a former UNC player is doing well at UNC-Greensboro could be a possible replacement.
  5. Great game and a total surprise to win that game. I have re watched this game many times and it never gets old.
  6. I really hope this is true and I have a hard time seeing how the visit could go totally wrong.
  7. I was at my house with my then wife watching the game but I got divorced 5 years later. What makes me think how long ago that is that my daughter was 5 and my son was 2, now she is 20 and my son is 18.
  8. I am just wondering how any one could find this kind of info out. To me if people are trying to find this kind of info out it seems creepy to me.
  9. shocking news: Ayton from Arizona is declaring for the draft.
  10. Just don't see having a new coach at UL would have any influence on Romeo because nothing will change with their possible sanctions. also Romeo dropped them because eof the Sanctions and not because of the coaching situation.
  11. I think they have it going to the bonus after 5 fouls in a quarter. At the end of each quarter the team fouls go back to 0.
  12. Bamba from UT has declared for the draft
  13. I thought I read somewhere that he only lasted in Europe a few weeks and came back
  14. Trae Young Declared for the draft
  15. Remember that Texas tech coach was the coach at Arkansas Little Rock when they beat Purdue a couple of years ago in the tournament.
  16. I can't see Happ leaving early for the draft because he can't shoot outside 3 feet from the basket.
  17. You don't think he will even go through the process to get evaluated.
  18. Just like we did in 2002 where we beat a 12, 13 and a 11 just to get to the final four but we did have to beat a #1 Duke to get there.
  19. remember this is the same coach and team that lost to Albany by 50 points a couple of months ago.
  20. I assume you did not like watching the Princeton style of offense where they worked for a good shot on every possession. Also there are a lot of different ways of playing basketball and you play the way that best helps you win the game. Like I said were you old enough to see Syracuse in the 80's and 90's because they were an up tempo offense and they did not play zone defenses back then. Watch the 87 championship game you would see them playing man to man defense and had multiple offensive threats.
  21. Well that has worked pretty well for him since he is like 3rd on the all time wins list. He might be like that now but in the late 80's and 90's they did not play this style but he adapted which is what good coaches do.
  22. You play to win the game and if you have to do it that way then I am fine with it.
  23. Not me because I have Purdue going to the elite 8 but was wanting Butler to win. I did not get to see the game because I m moving this weekend but got to listen to some of it while I was in the car.
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