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  1. Not me because I have Purdue going to the elite 8 but was wanting Butler to win. I did not get to see the game because I m moving this weekend but got to listen to some of it while I was in the car.
  2. I live about 15 miles from Morristown so I will be rooting for them.
  3. and I thought Romeo was a Vandy lock according to their fans.
  4. The pack line defense is the defense that also only gave up 53 points a game
  5. He has not looked good at all and I am not very impressed with how he looks on the court. Makes me wonder how good the teams up north are because South Bend Riley is undefeated but they look horrible today. they are down 18 going into the fourth quarter.
  6. What is unbelievable is that UVA gives up 53 points a game for the season and gave up 53 points in the second half last night.
  7. And they are in trouble in the FBI investigation.
  8. Rather be in your shoes than mine even though I am in first place but have a lot less possible points left.
  9. You don't go out and get a guy because of one game but go after a guy who has had consistent success at a lower level. I never thought it was a good hire for USC to go after the FLA Gulf coast coach after one good run in the tournament.
  10. Well it is the last game of the night and with MSU playing the game before most of them has left. It looked like most of the arenas was pretty full today.
  11. Agree with this because today's top teams are a lot weaker than the top teams back in the 80's and 90's. The bottom teams are probably better today but I just don't see elite teams today.
  12. I have had a very good first round with getting 25 right so far with 3 games to go and two of the 3 tams I have winning is in the lead. My only problem is my champion Arizona is out.
  13. Well we are in the same boat because I had Arizona winning it all. Right now I have got 25 right with 3 games to go so it has been a good first round for me. Looks like I will miss the Clemson game but I picked Fla. St and Syracuse to win and both are up right now.
  14. Even though I hope Purdue to lose evry game they play I do hate to see this happen to a kid like Haas.
  15. Maybe it is due to the PU fans mentality of the wow is me attitude thinking something will always go wrong. In today's Indy star there was a big article about this very thing and it came through. Maybe you guys should try to have confident good things will happen instead of always looking at the negative.
  16. How about Woodson even though he did come back that season
  17. It seemed like when teams realized not to double off the shooters it hurt PU offense and now without Haas all together it will be easier to guard the perimeter.
  18. I like seeing myself tied for the top spot but I know it is short lived because of my stupidity of picking Arizona to win it all.
  19. Arizona just does not utilize Ayton like they should because he has been dominate late. It appears to me that Trier and Alkins don't like each other because I have noticed they don't pass to each other very often.
  20. I am dead if that happens. This is the reason I don't really like entering contest because I like seeing the upsets like this one but I find myself wanting Arizona to make a run.
  21. finished the afternoon session 8-0 but I already know I will miss one tomorrow since I had UCLA winning against Florida
  22. I am more worried about looking smart and make people think I really think I know what I am talking about LOL!
  23. I liked him as a person so I hope he gets another chance and Pitt would be a good place for him.
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