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  1. Saw a 24 year old college basketball coach in Georgia died from the virus
  2. I disagree because it seems like we upgraded the cupcake part of the schedule. Most of these teams are from descent conferences and have been good teams in the past. N. Kentucky and Marshall are pretty good teams.
  3. Tonight was must win for the Reds and Bell played it like is was spring training game. He too Guitirez out after 5 innings and 1 run, 2 hits and 85 pitches. Also this is the 5th straight series they have lost and ate 5-10 in those games. Those 5 series was against the Brewers, Marlins, Cardinals, Tigers and Cubs. This was supposed to be the start of an easy end the year schedule. Their hitting has went into the toilet the lady month. If your pitchers give up 1 run on 2 hits through 9 innings you shod win that game. For some reason tonight's starter for the Cubs Mills dominate the Reds. He is the definition of an average pitcher but the Refs just have trouble with his 85 mph fast ball and his 65 mph curve.
  4. What David Bell did tonight is a fireable offense. In what work do you bring in Brad Beach in a tie game in the bottom of the 10th and a 6.30 eta. . You all ready have a runner on second so you need a quality pitcher to come in. HBell already missed manager the bullpen in the 8th and 9th innings. Cessa came in and had an easy right inning so he shod came back in the month. Instead he brought Givens in and he had an easy inning it he shod have been saved for the tenth
  5. But he doesn't hit very well against many other teams
  6. I think it is time for the Reds to stop pitching to Ian Happ. He had now hit ,83 career Homer and 23 are against the Reds. He is like s .230 hitter nut is hitting over .300 against the Reds
  7. Looking at the schedule I am going with 23-8 while starting 13-1 with the only loss Syracuse
  8. I am putting my name in for the opening if there is one. Actually I want to be the GM
  9. I think we get Clowney for the 22 class and Fears and Glenn for the 23 class.
  10. I could enjoy the season better if I knew the Reds had a competent manager
  11. You manage the game and he had one at bat all night with a runner in scoring position. That was after the first two were out then gave up a single and a double so he wasn't having long innings. It is late in the season and you have to win games so put your best out there in ever circumstance.
  12. Reds get a much needed win beating the Cubs 4-3. Even with the win David Bell makes another bone headed decision in my opinion. Reds scored 2 runs in the 8th to go up 4-1 but for some reason he takes out Wade Miley. Please explain to me why be would you take a pitcher with this stat line. 7IP, 1run, 5 hits, 0BB, 8K's 101 pitches. You manage the game and not a computer print out made by geeks who probably never played the game. They brought in Lorenzen who lost yesterday's game in the 8th. Today he gave up 2 solo homers and the Cubs cut the lead to 4-3. The Cubs manager also mad a confusing move as well. In the bottom of the 5th he allowed his pitcher to hit with two outs. They still took him out of the game in the top of the 6th. He had pitched well except for the first inning where he gave up two solo homers. If you planned to take him out why not pinch hit for him. Lastly I don't know how much more of this stupid analytics I can take in sports. To me all they are doing is hurting the sport and making it harder to watch the games.
  13. I hope we come ready to play or we could be like Washington and lose to Montana.
  14. Last thing on the Reds and this game but once again the small fundemental things kills the Reds. With the bases loaded 3-1 and one out the Cubs pitcher threw a wild pitch and Castellanos scored but the other two runners did not advanced. Scrouck came up with two outs and doubled down the left field line but only scored one. If those runners moved up both would have scored. The Reds just can't do the little things that wins games and a lot of that has to do with them having no speed. It is just not about stealing bases but going first to third or scoring on a double. There base running has been horrible all year. They also have trouble scoring tums for f they don't hot homers and have trouble getting runners in from third with less than two outs.
  15. Reds are on full collapse mode now. We had the s cond easiest schedule the last 6 weeks of the season but we can't even beat the bar teams now. We have played the Marlins, Cardinals,Tigers and the Cubs who all has worse records than us and we have lost 8 out of 10
  16. Looks like the Cubs manager had totally out managed Bell. They start a LH so Bell started all RH hitters but once they brought in RH relievers Bell brought in their LH hitters and all we got on the bench is more LH hitters. Now to close the game the Cubs is bring in a LH to face all of our LH hitters.
  17. On que Lorenzen gave up the go ahead run in the 8th. Managers need to stop trying to event the wheel and let guys pitch longer. The more pitchers you bring in the better chance you will find one that doesn't have it for that day.
  18. Why did Bell take Cessa out after 1 easy inning. He only three 12 pitches and got them out 1,2,3
  19. Sonny Gray is now on a role. After the first 3 batters got on and was down 3-0 Gray has gotten 15 out of the 16 batters out.
  20. If the Reds don't make the playoffs and Costellanos opts out I would blow up the roster and the management including Bell.
  21. One again Reds are struggling against a LH starter. Bell over thinks and put all RH hitters in the lineup but that is taking some of your better hitters out of the game. When you play Aquino (.180), Suarez (.175), Cabrera (.240 overall but.000 with the Reds) that makes for some easy outs. Today no Votto, Naquin it Bar Hardy which has been some of your better hitters.
  22. Great start for the Reds with Cubs up 3-0 after 3 batters. Why did the Reds sign Cabrera because he miss played a ground ball to 1st base that should have been an out. He still hasn't gotten a hit in 9 AB's. Can't believe this Cubs stat but their starter today Justin Steele is the first Cubs since 2014 to win a game that was a Cubs draft pick.
  23. Especially only giving up 1 run. I don't think John McGraw is in my day
  24. The 6th pitcher in 4.2 innings
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