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  1. Well last year Duke came back from those games that were played in Portland for Nike and we were their first game after and they struggled a little bit. I also remember the 2002-03 team playing in Alaska and our first game back was at UNC and we killed them so I don't know if their any correlation from long travel and playing bad the next game.
  2. I don't question your fandom but don't question my fandom as well because that is how I feel. With so much player movement in college and pro I just find it hard to root for an individual instead of the team. When it comes to IU players I tend to maybe follow those players who stayed 4 years over a guy that stayed 1 or 2 years and that is just the way I am. McGinnis and IT might be the best players but I would never put them over guys like Alford or Cheaney or any of the other great players who stayed 4 years.
  3. Can't believe I forgot the Pacers played last night
  4. I realize that because he was the only coach I ever knew at IU and I use to idolize him. I just got tired of having to defend him to my non IU fan friends because of his behavior. Once he left and was no longer the coach at IU I did not care how he did at TT because I am not a fan of TT but IU and would never buy anything with TT on it.
  5. Yes I did because to me you support the team and not the individual and it is the same way when IU players turn pro. If those players don't play for my team in the pros I really don't follow them that closely.
  6. I would say it is a very slim shot at best but could change if Brohm leaves PU
  7. The people who still support him are RMK fans and not IU fans and probably bought all of those TT shirts and hats after he got the job there.
  8. Well if you were around in the 70's you could have said the same thing about UW in both basketball and football because they were the laughing stock of the big ten with NW. For the OT they stop playing actually football because they start you in scoring position and it takes really no work to score in OT.
  9. I don't mind OT but how the college game does it sucks
  10. Yes because the basketball product we saw on the court in the 80's was far superior to what we see today. College football is way better today than it was in the 80's but I feel like you can still win by running the ball and playing great defense.
  11. The only thing that matters to me is W/L. I guess I am just tired of all the spread and passing the ball 50 times a game and really don't enjoy watching games with no defense. Back in the early 80's I really enjoyed seeing teams like the Chargers(Foust) and Dolphins (Marino) pass the ball all around the field because nobody was doing it at the time. Now everyone is doing it and it is get old and stale to me and rather see a game where teams actually can stop someone and not have scores of 59-56 or like LSU and TX A&M 74-72 in 7ot's
  12. I would take what Iowa and UW have done for the past 30 years here at IU
  13. I have said many times that we have to pattern our program like Iowa and UW and build around a big offensive line who runs the ball. We also need to build a great defense and have a ball control offense. We don't have the playmakers on offense to run the spread because you need to have guys who can make people miss and we don't have that. The spread offense totally kills your defense and you have to try to out score people and IU is not good enough to do that. It works for teams like Oklahoma but their defense is terrible and they have to beat teams 59-56 which we can't do.
  14. Iowa and UW has done very well without the spread offense
  15. On the first possession we went right down the field scoring easily. On the second one we got two big runs and on the next play had a 15 yard screen pass to Wilkens and he fumbled around mid field.
  16. After the first two possessions our offense looked great until Wilkens fumble
  17. Wjsh we could get two of the 3 and find someone dumb enough to take Homer's salaries off of our hands
  18. Great come back win for the colts. Did not really play well but was able to pull one out
  19. It is running rampant over there and this was on the football board> everyone is freaking out calling for Allen to be fired and then you some of these idiots spouting off about Archie as well.
  20. No thank you because I am done with uptempo and spread offense
  21. Kingsbury overall record at TT is 36-40 and I don't want any more offensive guys who run the up tempo spread offense.
  22. There has been two games where he did not get off the bench at all
  23. I use to think IU had the smartest fan base in the country in college basketball but the new generation of fan has totally ruined that notion. Archie’s team may be as poorly coached as Allen’s. Sloppy. Boneheaded passes. Never practice free throws. Considering IU’s tradition in basketball, his performance and results may be even more disappointing. IU is a hype machine when it comes to it’s coaching. Don’t tell me our improvement or what we are “gonna do,” show me. It starts by not getting your ass handed to you last year and losing to the likes of Rutgers, ISU and IPFW. Or, a gamecwe din’t show up (well, make that 3 games in a row) and play like a bunch of knuckleheads. Fred Glass better start packing his bags because after the s*** show in basketball coming up, they will be at his door with pitchforks.
  24. I have watched Villanova twice and both times there McDonald's All American point has hardly played His name is Quinerly and I looked it up and he is averaging 3.8 points a game and has played a total of 26 minutes in 6 games. I have seen some talked about how Romeo has not been as dominate as they thought he would be because of his ranking and this shows that just because you are an all American does not guarantee success.
  25. Hopefully that is the case and not us trying one last ditch effort to get TJD like Roy Williams did for Cody.
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