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  1. Always thought Maryland was the dark horse here...
  2. A little late here, but truly disappointed with Vic. I think that I would’ve been less upset if he chose not to go to Orlando at all, given the circumstances. I still have lots of love for him, however, if he moves on in free agency... his legacy will leave a sour taste in a lot of Hoosier/Pacer fan’s mouths. Again, lots of love for Vic, but I’m disappointed.
  3. BTN is announcing their All Decade teams starting today, and thus far, Yogi has made the 3rd team.... along with Craft and J. Johnson from PU. Any predictions for our Hoosiers, other than obviously Oladipo?
  4. A friend and I were talking, and can see him returning for a second season. I don’t remember where I saw the comparison, but someone thought that he reminded him of Morant. They’re both explosive athletes who can fly. If he’s anything close to Morant, we’d be happy.
  5. I like the potential here.
  6. Absolutely agree here. Also thought that Race looked comfortable taking the outside shot last season, albeit a poor percentage.... but that can improve with reps. I really think Hunter can be a versatile threat.
  7. Truth be told, Archie had to have told Smith he’ll be playing more at the 4 next year, right?! Down the stretch I liked Hunter at the 3.... he played both ways really well. While some of you say that Jerome isn’t as good as Smith was defensively, those adjusted numbers don’t speak that narrative. Hunter played terrific down the stretch, and I’d bet dollars to donuts that Arch told him that he’d be playing from the post. I could definitely see Al getting some time at the 3 now, but look for him to play a lot. I think Al plays more than anyone not named TJD. He can rake 1-3, and can see us playi
  8. I like Al... he’s not a superstar, but he has a nice stroke. I thought Justin would be back, but this opens the gates for Hunter and should provide Geronimo an opportunity to grow quickly.
  9. I’m definitely not setting my hopes to high... however, I agree that it would take even larger strides from guys like Al, Race, Rob and Jerome. We kind of know what we have in Brunk(heart and hustle) and Smith(athleticism and defense)... both great traits, btw. I just think that they’re both near their respective ceilings. If we can get contributions from a Leal or Galloway on occasion, that would be wonderful. I personally love the potential that Geronimo brings and will not discard his capabilities, but with a senior Smith and sophomore Hunter, I don’t see substantial time at the 3. He could
  10. I’ll go with “What’s more of the same from the NCAA?” for $1,000 Alex.
  11. I thought this was more of the same from the Bowen case? If so, the new coach isn’t at fault, but he should’ve known going into it...
  12. I wouldn’t mind, but I think a one year grad transfer is more likely. I say that because I believe CAM is wanting to add one, if not two more players to that 21 class. If the right circumstance presented itself, then absolutely.
  13. How are we losing to BYU???
  14. I considered that spot, but then some on here would say that I’m not being realistic.
  15. I like us competing for the conference championship, next year. We’ve turned a major corner in the Archie Miller tenure. We’re getting old with Archie’s recruits. We have more depth than any other team in the B1G, by a wide margin. If we finish worse than 5th in B1G, Archie should reevaluate his profession.
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