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  1. Unlike year’s past, I think they improve on both. They’re not a great shooting team, but they’re better.
  2. Hope we get him, but not counting on it. Hate to sound like a negative Nancy, but I feel like a bridesmaid here.
  3. The crystal ball and paid walls are a joke. Just about everything you need to know on recruits, you can get via Twitter. I still believe in several posters here, because kids just aren’t conclusive like adults. Our thought process is much different.
  4. You did, I recall... I just hope your gut says IU for the two out of state kids that we’re going after. I still think that Miller and Aminu would be a great haul along with Duncomb.
  5. Football school. Kidding aside, I wish Trey the best. This is just another reason not to get too hyped about young kids who are getting ready to make big impactful life decisions. While it’s always fun to speculate, TK seemed different than a lot of kids who are recruited by power five schools. He seems like the type of kid that uses basketball as a steppingstone, instead of his endgame. Similar to that Kansas City Chiefs lineman, that opted out and decided to join the medical field to fight this pandemic. Side note: Rondale Moore is from southern Indiana and is P
  6. Haha... I’m just here to remind everyone that we are now a football school, and there’s no need to worry anymore. 😉
  7. Oh, c’mon guys... really? This is as fake as It gets. What a spectacle this has become. Seriously.
  8. Admittedly not connected to the family or inner circle, but I’ve heard through the AAU vine it’s been Indiana for a hot minute. I’ve learned that anything is possible and tend to worry less about 18/19 year olds making decisions on where they’ll choose to play ball in college... my anxiety levels stay a little lower by keeping my distance in these situations. Again, we’re a football school now, so let’s just see how things unfold and get ready to move up in the AP rankings next week! 😜
  9. Guys, you’re wasting your time worrying about this... WE ARE A FOOTBALL SCHOOL NOW!!! 😜
  10. After that call, I felt as if it needed its own thread. Wow, what a game! For the record, I would’ve accepted that decision had it not went our way. I thought it was clearly the right call.
  11. Always thought Maryland was the dark horse here...
  12. A little late here, but truly disappointed with Vic. I think that I would’ve been less upset if he chose not to go to Orlando at all, given the circumstances. I still have lots of love for him, however, if he moves on in free agency... his legacy will leave a sour taste in a lot of Hoosier/Pacer fan’s mouths. Again, lots of love for Vic, but I’m disappointed.
  13. BTN is announcing their All Decade teams starting today, and thus far, Yogi has made the 3rd team.... along with Craft and J. Johnson from PU. Any predictions for our Hoosiers, other than obviously Oladipo?
  14. A friend and I were talking, and can see him returning for a second season. I don’t remember where I saw the comparison, but someone thought that he reminded him of Morant. They’re both explosive athletes who can fly. If he’s anything close to Morant, we’d be happy.
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