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  1. I haven’t read much, so I’m sure that I’m beating a dead horse here. I understand that $10 million is a lot of money to pay someone who wouldn’t be employed any longer. That being said; How long before people stop caring, and how will it take the powers that be realize that the product we put out matters to the overall earning power? Today, I caught myself not caring enough to watch. I’ve been watching since the early eighties, and now, for the majority of my life, we’ve been underwhelming. This is a problem. When our program is being compared to Nebraska Football, I take o
  2. Guys, we just got swept by Rutgers. We struggled against Penn State. Iowa is once again, an overrated/slow team that we match up well with... shall I go on? pathetic
  3. I was hoping that everyone would read the link that was attached, written by Tom Brew. The article is about spot on. Sorry if you didn’t read it, and assumed their wasn’t any new content.
  4. I know, and that’s not good news for Arch(or the boys) moving forward.
  5. There’s a lot of Indiana media and even a few national pundits questioning what’s happening with Indiana basketball. When this happens, there’s usually some smoke coming along with it. Is it time to move? I personally think he gets another year, just because it seems as if IU basketball’s success is no longer a concern to the university. If they do have a change of heart, it must be for a proven commodity. IU can no longer afford to make lateral moves. https://www.si.com/college/indiana/basketball/tom-brew-finally-time-for-indiana-to-move-on-from-archie-miller?fbclid=IwAR2C9M9xTIV0I8
  6. Anyone else believe that Bardo is the absolute worst color guy on the B1G network? I don’t like any of them if I’m being honest, but he’s especially poor.
  7. Bottom line is that Arch doesn’t hold any of these kids accountable. Leal hit 8 of his previous 15 threes before getting benched, and he seemed to really play decent defensively. I just don’t understand his thought process. If something is wrong with Leal, ok, I get it.... but just because Jerome comes back(playing well I might add) doesn’t mean you park, imo, the best shooter. Especially when Al looks lost out there for 20+ minutes a game.
  8. Same. I wasn’t even mad about it, but I just checked and it’s back on. 🤷🏻‍♂️
  9. Durham has gotta sit to start the second half. I can’t for the life of me understand why Arch doesn’t punish the upperclassmen for such boneheaded mistakes, like he does the freshmen.
  10. Archie is either terrible at coaching spacing, or our guys can’t grasp the concept.
  11. So lazy with the ball, and gets lost defensively.
  12. Sorry, I’ve been away for a bit, but I’m really uncertain. I heard that there was a possibility that they might essentially swap with Silver Creek, but nothing concrete. I’m pretty disappointed in the move myself. We always took great pride in beating the bigger schools, in all sports, when I attended. Winning records in football. Back to back final four state finishes in basketball. Also, nearly back to back state titles in baseball, winning one. To me, lowering the bar for lesser competition is irritating.
  13. The Cubs lose quite a bit after the season, but you’ll have that with six seniors. Their 8th grade class is pretty solid and should be decent in a couple of years. They’ll return a couple of kids that have got some big minutes, next season. The Dragons ended up being too much in the last period.
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