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  1. Yogi is #1 for me - primarily because he was a mainstay on both of IU’s B1G championship teams during that timeframe. Cody is #2 - his commitment was, in my opinion, the biggest in quite some time for IU. That recruitment put us back on the map and lead to several others coming to Bloomington(Yogi specifically). Loved the entire 2013 class, and can’t remember another class where each of them ended up in the NBA. Bryant, Morgan and OG were all great players at IU. Lots of love for Crean’s first two classes as well. Those guys were grinders. VJ3, Jordy and Watford gave us some great moments and were warriors. I felt like we could’ve made some more noise had VJ3 not went down at the end of the season. His leadership was missed during that tournament run, and who knows, maybe we knock off the eventual champs… again. Noah and Romeo were extraordinary talents that could’ve benefited from an additional season, but who am I kidding? They did what was best for them, and I can’t blame them. Vic and Troy were two of the most athletic young me that I recall wearing the candy stripes, and Vic is near the top for me. I felt like Vic hurt his image to some by leaving the Pacers. I don’t really care about that, but others apparently do. He was the guy, then decided to make a business decision. I don’t blame him though. The Pacers have had some great teams, but never have been the type of organization to take that last step to add(spend) the last piece. Sorry, but definitely Yogi and Cody. 😂
  2. First of all, great news - and welcome, Malik! As for guys leaving, or getting “creaned” - I don’t see anyone being forced out. We’ll need some of these guys to be contributors in a year or two. I’m also confident that Leal is perfectly content being the 12th or 13th scholarship player on our roster. He’s living out his childhood dream, and will be ready when his number called. If TJD does in fact stay in the draft, I can imagine that he and Woody have already talked and used it to Woody’s benefit as far as recruiting is concerned. Not saying that’s the case, but I feel strongly about the fact that Woody already knows what TJD’s future holds in regards to playing basketball at Indiana University. I’m excited for what’s to come!
  3. Agree here. LD kind of reminds me of a Bo Ryan type of big. People might forget that he’s on the roster, then out of nowhere, he puts together formidable junior and senior seasons. Maybe not, but he does intrigue me.
  4. I’m not sure about TJD, either way, I can find the good. I don’t know if he’ll get drafted or not… hope he does, but someone pointed out previously that he has fallen out of the mock draft boards. That being said, I think Han improve that by coming back and winning with IU. I wish nothing but the best for our guys. I’ll also add that if he does come back and IUBB does win, and make a deep tourney run… recruiting will get easier from that perspective as well.
  5. Wouldn’t be surprised if one or more follow their former coach.
  6. Kidding aside, I felt like he was walking on eggshells a lot. He definitely had his moments where he forgot that there were other players on the team. However, he had stretches where he looked like a guy with the highest ceiling. Hopefully he gets plenty of run next season and isn’t in a position where if he makes a mistake, he gets pulled right away. I think he’s got a good chance to take a massive step, or he’ll likely move on.
  7. Enjoy! Click the link.. nice little dig at UK losing to Saint Peter’s. Fifteen 🤣
  8. And let’s be honest, nowadays, freshman that aren’t immediate impact players aren’t likely going to be around by the time they’re juniors… or at least kids that aren’t from Indiana @IU.
  9. What’s up with the Davis kid from U of L? Someone sent me a text earlier saying to keep an eye out for him… just saw where he entered the portal on Twitter.
  10. Not sure how many keep up with the former kids, and even though Cliff was only here a season or two… I try to follow him and the others who’ve moved on. Looks like he’s on the move again. I can’t help but think, this is going to be a revolving door. Players, coaches etc… it’s going to be just as crazy as we all thought that it could be.
  11. He would be a welcomed addition, no doubt about it. I’m still curious as to why White would want the Georgia job? I’d consider this a lateral move, if not a slight step down. Anyway, hopefully Malik decides to join JHS in Bloomington.
  12. I really don’t see any way that Rob or Landers returns. When you consider XJ, Bates, Schifino, Gunn and most likely an infusion of transfers… just don’t see it in the cards.
  13. Hopefully Trayce and Race return. I don’t see the upside in Durr, or at least anything more than what he currently contributes. I think Duncomb might go, although I’d really like to see what he has. JG will be back, and I’m most confident in his return.
  14. I’ll preface by saying that I’ve watched many videos of workouts, practice and of course games, but…. Am I alone in thinking that his shot is silky smooth, and that he could mend our shooting woes? I know that he was out of control a lot, earlier in the season, but his past 3 or 4 appearances have been solid. He hasn’t forced anything offensively and has been great on the defensive end. I think his composure has really come a long way and his future is very bright. I’d just like to see him on the floor more. Hopefully we’ll get to see a little more of him tonight.
  15. You know, it’s a shame that we didn’t and/or couldn’t take advantage of having TJD and Race here over the past few years. I wish that I could be optimistic moving forward, but it’s difficult… I suppose that I’ll continue watching from afar.
  16. I just don’t understand how little we value the basketball? Seriously, we followed up another decent first half(still had silly turnovers) with a complete dud on the back end. XJ gets visibly frustrated, and Woody left him out there again… just let him cool off a couple of minutes and sub him back in. TJD has to get the ball a lot more down the stretch. What did he put up, two or three shots over the last 7-8 minutes? Very frustrating loss against a beatable team. Also, the trend of guys having career numbers against us continues…
  17. All good. Just aggravating watching them throw away a good opportunity. I don’t think that I’d be so frustrated if they weren’t up by as much as they were. If IU were to lose by five in Madison, and I didn’t watch the game… I’d chalk it up as another L on the road. It was how they lost that has everyone so fired up.
  18. That’s it though… he’s incredibly inconsistent, and two years older than Lander. He has decent athleticism, but buckles when needed. I don’t see it in him.
  19. I know that I can’t speak for everyone here, but Xavier and Rob are hurting this team’s growth. Meanwhile, Kristian Lander is not seeing any minutes unless injury or foul trouble occurs. Personally, I think Lander is a better option moving forward. I believe we’ve seen X and Rob's ceiling, and it’s abysmal. There was absolutely no way XJ should’ve been out there the last few minutes. He and Rob look lost whenever they get slowed down and have to run the offense in a half court set. Honestly, I trust Woody and have no idea why Lander doesn’t see much floor time. Perhaps it’s a practice thing. But I don’t think he’s going to gain any confidence without getting consistent minutes. Maybe X is better coming off the bench, and Rob used sparingly? I don’t know, but that second half should make our staff sick to their stomachs… it did me. Just an awful overall performance.
  20. That first half was hard to watch. If Syracuse shoots like that again in the second half, I hope Woody plays the walk-on kids. We looked sloppy offensively and were abysmal on the defensive end. I don’t care if we lose… that’s going to happen, but how we lose is another story.
  21. While Woody had a pretty successful tenure in the league, he wasn’t all that successful as a head coach, and I believe that got him a little fired up for this challenge. Couple that with being an IU alum and being fired up about what this program had turned into… never know, college might’ve been his cup of tea all along..
  22. I wasn’t able to watch the game last night, but heard Lander, Leal and Logan didn’t see time. I thought I saw where Lander was in a boot, but haven’t heard why. I wouldn’t expect Logan to see much time yet, but was kind of surprised Leal didn’t play. Does anyone know if he’s injured? I hope he can help with our shooting woes. I know that we aren’t going to see 13 guys seeing significant minutes, but I figured the coaching staff would like to see the underclassmen get some minutes against less than stellar competition. I suppose we need our top of the rotation guys to put themselves in a position where that could actually happen. 🤷🏻‍♂️
  23. Glad to be back! Looking forward to seeing IU get back to where they belong!
  24. Hey, it’s been awhile since I’ve checked in. I had an extended bout with Covid, but I’m on the upswing now. Hopeful for some good news tomorrow! This kid is a player, and will make an excellent addition to the program. P.S. - You’d think that with the NCAA allowing kids to get paid now, the NBA minor league won’t be as prevalent. Unless of course the kids just struggle academically.
  25. I don’t know much about him, but this just popped up on my timeline.
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