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  1. I guess I can't wait for the game! I corrected it. Thanks.
  2. Although there are numerous baseball polls, IU today is #25 in the D1 poll which is the only current poll. Illini is the only other B1G team ranked, and they are #21. IU plays #9 Louisville Tuesday at 7 PM at IU where IU is 18-4. The game is being broadcast on ESPNU.
  3. IU loses 6-5 in bottom of 11th on "walk-off" fielder's choice. UM leads B1G by 1.5 games with 3 left for each team.
  4. Still tied at 5-5 at the end of 10.
  5. Game tied at 5-5 at the end of 9. UM has tried to give the game away to IU having committed 5 errors and walking 9. IU with 5 hits and no errors and UM with 11 hits and 5 errors.
  6. UM tied the game 5-5 with consecutive two out doubles in the bottom of the 7th. IU at bat in top of the 8th.
  7. IU takes the lead 5-4 with 3 in top of 7th. UM batting in bottom of 7th. If IU wins, they are very likely to win B1G regular season title. IU at home next week-end where they are 18-4 to play a not very good Rutgers. UM goes to play a 3d place Nebraska team. Next week-end the end of regular season.
  8. Tied 4-4 in top of 7th with IU threatening.
  9. Dizzy Dean would be singing "The Wabash Cannonball".
  10. Last year we couldn't defend bigs. We have to be able to do that next year to improve. If we can improve on the defensive boards, our defense will improve to the top 25.
  11. Yeah, it sounds like CAM found out he was only a bridesmaid (maybe only flower girl) and went another direction.
  12. Although the Illini are only in the middle of the pack in the B1G, they have a great RPI of about 20 which is the best in B1G. RPI is very important in baseball.
  13. I agree. LQ has carefully done his due diligence and is in a good position to make his best choice. I think either choice is a good one for him.
  14. A bad series for Hoosiers as their bats disappeared for the 1st two games. IU is second in B1G at 12-6 with UM in the lead by 2.5 games. We go to UM next weekend for 3. I think UM is a little soft, but we will see. The B1G has only 13 teams playing baseball (Wisconsin has no team). They play 8 three game series. There are no "home and homes". If a game cannot be made up on the week-end of the series, the game is not made up later. IU has managed to get in all of their games, but UM has one game v. MSU that will not be made up. The regular season title is based on the top winning percentage in B1G games. That's probably bad for UM because Sparty is a bottom feeder this year in baseball. UM has played only one team with a record over .500 in the B1G, but IU has played 3. UM goes to Nebraska, a good team, for their final series while we get Rutgers at home. Rutgers is another bottom feeder.
  15. He's "etc.", and we really can't count on him at this time. However, if he does have an impact, it is gravy.
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