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  1. slojoe

    AP top 25 out on 10/22

    We're #11 in the RPI.
  2. slojoe

    Butler Pregame Thread

    Never sell Butler short. Especially against IU.
  3. IU #19 and Purdue #21 in RPI. Some consolation?
  4. slojoe

    Phinisee's Finish

    Probably not especially as he got to play with Blueitt after his first trip the the finals. That's a really talented pair for any Indiana HS class level. But the year before Blueitt Yogi pretty much carried that team to the finals but lost.
  5. slojoe

    Phinisee's Finish

    Yes, I mentioned a talented line-up.
  6. slojoe

    Phinisee's Finish

    So if we don't count HS, then you're down to comparing 9 games at the beginning of the season of their freshmen year with some of the games v. creampuffs. That's less reliable than including HS.
  7. slojoe

    Phinisee's Finish

  8. slojoe

    Phinisee's Finish

    I didn't read the article or the stats, but it would not change my mind. The context is important. Yogi came into a situation where IU was #1 preseason to start along with 4 other players that had established their roles and there was already a lot of scoring there. A much different situation for RP. Yogi was a McDonald's AA and in top 2 or 3 at PG(though his class not a real good one for PGs). He had led a small but well-coached and talented line up to multiple state finals and won 1 or 2. RP had HS accomplishments not to be sneezed at, but not in Yogi's league. Now I'm not saying that rankings, press clippings, etc. are always right or the measure of the player, but they must be considered especially when the stats may not tell the whole tale.
  9. slojoe

    Phinisee's Finish

    I'm not seeing that he might be an NBA player. Yogi was much better at this point in his career though he improved greatly after that.
  10. slojoe

    Penn St. Post game

    I thought you said you'd stopped drinking! Here are the stats: This season: FG% ..443 3% .200 (3 taken per game) FT% .784 Last season: .465 31.9 (2.5 taken per game) .696
  11. slojoe

    Penn St. Post game

    We won! My main criticism is that many of our TO's were live balls in the back court that often led to easy buckets for PSU.
  12. slojoe

    Penn St. Post game

    His defense. He got backdoored by Watkins, and another guy got an easy shot on him.
  13. I haven't seen PSU play this year, but most of you probably remember 6'9" man-child Mike Watkins. He averaged 12.1 PPG, 8.9 RPG, and 2.3 BPG last year before going out late last season with an injury. He has had a number of legal problems, and he has only played the last two games with 21 minutes v. Va. Tech and 11 minutes v. Md. He's a very good defender, and he could be the wild card in this game. It appears he is just getting back into game shape.
  14. slojoe

    Northwestern Postgame Thread

    I would start DD only when the other team has a banger starting.
  15. slojoe

    Around the B1G/NCAA

    A pretty narrow criteria!