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  1. I think Mack is better at making adjustments over the season and game to game than CAM. As someone else has already explained in the B1G there is very good scouting, and other B1G teams make adjustments to counter what their opponents are doing. CAM is just not at good as making counter-adjustments and/or doesn't have the personnel to do so. Furthermore, as you mention the defense has inherent weaknesses such as the 3-ball that can be exploited if the other team has the right personnel.
  2. I don't think this is a good idea. Basically you're saying that HC is not competent to pick his own staff. If he can't do that, I don't see it likely that he can right the ship. It's also micromanaging.
  3. Chip off the old block, eh! Can he shoot the 3 ball?
  4. Used to work at summer camp. Loved this movie. Archie should play this clip as a pre-game pep talk for the team for the B1G tournament game.
  5. "Bad for Brad." We've got the first part down! Come home Brad.
  6. In post-game interview CAM said we just couldn't knock down the shots. Gee, he could've said that after every game the last FOUR years after every game. Eric Suhr comments that you can't win games if the ball doesn't go in. To bad CAM wasn't there to discover this truth.
  7. My best friend is a Purdue grad and big Purdue fan. On Thursday he told me he thought if IU won Saturday they would go to the Big Dance. Even the Purdue fans are more optimistic than us!
  8. Good luck to your son. We are expecting a full expert report from you after the game on how your son's team won.
  9. Thanks for the article, Rico. The Cubs were built on great pitching. The hitting was good, but it has never reached its potential. This year the pitching staff is not rated very high. But could change. The guy to watch is Aldozay. If the pitching isn't there the Cubs will be selling.
  10. Should've watched the whole Reds game! Much less agony that way.
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