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  1. slojoe

    Rutgers Pregame Thread

    Most teams have been playing a defense with the lane packed in against IU lately. We can't shoot from outside. We haven't been scoring off TOs.
  2. slojoe

    Rutgers Pregame Thread

    Help is on the way (I just couldn't resist).
  3. slojoe

    Around the B1G/NCAA

    Interesting standings in Big East which is a 10 team league. Villanova on top at 7-0 and Marquette 2d at 7-1. Then there are 3 teams at 3-4 and 5 at 3-5 (Butler one of them). Last place team is 1/2 game behind 3d place teams.
  4. slojoe

    Around the B1G/NCAA

    Purdue whacking MSU with 37-19 lead at half.
  5. Yes, as I remember it even CRK had given up on him. Then, he had a good game off the bench and things just started clicking for him which helped lead to our dominating run to the 1981 NCAA title.
  6. The reversed out of bounds call was the worst as far as I could tell. The ref that made the call was in great position. He could see the out of bounds line. It looked like one of our guys tipped it, but he didn't. The ref who made the call was in position to see that, too.
  7. Yes, I do remember him being mad about some calls. He was right, too. Maybe that is what was happening at half leaving the floor.
  8. I saw the last Watson team my freshman year on campus 70-71. Lots of talent on that team, but they were out of control and not coached well. Steve Downing, George McGinnis, Joby Wright, John Riter, and Bubbles Harris started for that team. The front line of Downing, McGinnis, and Wright was as good as any in the country.
  9. Yes, he did seem frustrated and even mad to me. Especially on his way to the locker room at half time.
  10. Of course, RP's not Duke talent. I'm talking about enough talent to just make the NCAAT. Romeo is a Duke talent, but we have only one of that type and not 3.
  11. You have a good point. But the problem in my eyes is that IU was never in the Nebraska or UM games at home. We just didn't show up.
  12. UM is an elite team with an elite defense and a very good offense. They just clubbed IU like they were baby seals. A 17-0 run to start the game and it was all over. I listened to the interview of CAM by Fish before the game. When he was asked how he was going to adjust to get out the slump, he said defense and going over some basics. Sorry, coach that isn't going to cut it if this team is going to get into NCAAT. Despite the injuries and suspension this team is just too much talent not to make the NCAAT. Right now I hope that CAM is a system and recruiting coach. I don't see much evidence of much else.
  13. slojoe

    What’d he do? Devonte Green

    My recall from the long discussions we had on this board about penalties for drinking, smoking weed, etc. was that the NCAA allowed each member to make and enforce its own rules.
  14. slojoe

    Race Thompson Cleared to Play

    We need a forest fire!
  15. slojoe

    Northwestern Postgame Thread

    I saw an interview of Rob last night. He said he had HA's and memory problems after his concussion. It sounded like the memory problems were the worst of his difficulties. He said that he and the other players had taken tests before the season to establish their "baseline". He said he had trouble getting back to his "baseline" memory.