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  1. Like putting the fox in charge of the hen house.
  2. Making the tournament is fine, but there also needs to be improvement in offense and development of players that is sustainable. I expect to see improved defense, but that alone won't be enough.
  3. You saved me some time coach as I don't need to read the preseason mags or internet reviews of the B1G in basketball. So there is good news and bad news for the Illini. The good news is that everyone is back. The bad news is that everyone is back.
  4. If IU finishes 8th in the B1G, CAM will be swirling around the drain. Right now 2020 recruiting has not produced anything of note except more expectations. 2021 is a deep and talented class in the state, but if CAM hasn't got a contract extension, there's no guarantee that he'll be around to coach them very long. Don't get me wrong I like CAM and he's got potential, but the results as far as record are negligible at best. I don't like changing coaches frequently, but I need to see results before I'm going to fall in love.
  5. He's a lefty and has a baby hook inside.
  6. HTD has always been down on Roberts big time. Apparently he won't be satisfied until the Dodgers get another ring.
  7. 29.9, 14.7, and 2.8. What a stat line! George was a man among boys even in college.
  8. He can shoot from anywhere. He has a mid range game that he uses when he couldn't get the 3. I saw one step-back 3. He also had some touch near the basket. I think he will need to improve his handles and add some bulk and strength. But he has good D1 potential.
  9. He's supposed to have an MRI today. It sounds like only a strain. In 2017 he had a tear. Cubs still in first by 1 as Brew Crew lost again.
  10. Chatwood just isn't a starter. Quintana and Darvish really suck. Alzolay has been able to go 4 with excellent results, but in both outings he got into trouble in his 5th inning and got pulled. Hendricks is supposed to be back after All-Star break.
  11. LDD, you need to do some fact checking on your posts. The UL administration recently has been corrupt which is a very mild assessment. In July of 2016 the President of the University, James Ramsey, and the board of Trustees were fired by the Governor of Kentucky in regard to Ramsey and others pillaging the UL endowment fund. They made questionable investments and received excessive compensation from the fund. In other words, they were dipping into the till. The UL athletic director, Mark Jurich, was fired for his mismanagement of the the basketball program among other things. He's the guy who oversaw the program while UL ran a strip club brothel for recruits out of a campus dorm and off campus sites. Then, they paid players. And of course, Pitino let these things happen and got fired, also. Don't forget his little Italian restaurant tryst. Then, there's Bobby Petrino. No thanks, I don't want any of that.
  12. Yes. He got the save. He got two easy outs, but then lost a little steam and gave up a double and a walk. Freeman hit one sharply down the RF line, but Rizzo was playing him perfectly. Kimbrell forgot to cover first, and Rizzo made a head first slide to tag the base and barely beat Freeman. He's obviously not at full power.
  13. Unfortunately it makes it seem better not to report violations, and your team will likely not be any worse off.
  14. With the spring let down in recruiting this doesn't sound like a good thing to me.
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