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  1. slojoe

    Romeo Langford

    Somehow I just feel that this kid is not planning on just "a substantial NBA career".
  2. Hey, there's a first time for everything!
  3. How'd you know?
  4. slojoe

    Keion Brooks Jr.

    No fair getting me so excited so early in the morning.
  5. You ask four questions all of which merit lengthy answers. But I will make a start on the first and fourth. As a team we are trying to get back to the days when we were a national power year-in-and-year-out. After a disappointing 16-15 season, we have 5 new players. The most important being Romeo Langford from you neck of the woods in New Albany. He fills the most important thing missing in a guard who can score in many ways. He's also a McDonald's AA, Indiana Mr. Basketball, and the 4th best career leading scorer in boys Indiana basketball history. Our main returnee is Juan Morgan who put up good numbers last year, and he is a candidate for all B1G first team and conference POY. There's more, but I will let others fill you in. As for Bloomington, it's like the Hotel California, you can check out, but you never leave.
  6. I prefer the award going only to a senior. First, reason is tradition. Second, is the whether the voters see it as a career award, I like to view it that way.
  7. slojoe

    IU Baseball

    IU went up 8-0 on Nebraska after 41/2 innings and hung on to win 8-6.
  8. slojoe

    IU Baseball

    Finally, a W! Need to get back to winning ways.
  9. slojoe

    IU Baseball

    Yes, RPI king in baseball. We have slipped to #33 having been in the mid-twenties.
  10. slojoe

    "Who do you wish......"?

    See Getting Open: The Unknown Story of Bill Garrett and the Integration of College Basketball by Tom Graham and Rachel Graham Cody. Tom Graham is a lawyer and IU grad, and Rachel is his daughter. Some of the book can be found on-line. According to the authors there was a tension between Robertson and McCracken. Aside from the racial difference McCracken was a country boy and Robertson from the big city. Garrett was from Shelbyville a more rural area. McCracken had just "lost" Wilt Chamberlin, a big city guy, to Kansas, and he was wary (perhaps unnecessarily) of the same thing happening with Robertson. In fact he had also "lost" Clyde Lovellette from Terre Haute to Kansas, and he led the Jayhawks to the 1952 NCAA title. This story is in Getting Open, also. McCracken was disappointed with the performance of Hallie Bryant at IU. At any rate the book is a good read for Indiana High School basketball in late 40's and 50's as well as IU basketball for the same period. The book also deals with race and basketball for the same period in Indiana and at IU.
  11. slojoe

    IU Baseball

    Hoosiers fall at Nebraska 5-2. Ugh! Nebraska not very good.
  12. slojoe

    "Who do you wish......"?

    I recall CRK saying the same thing.
  13. slojoe

    Expectations for Next Year

    I think 77.31 more likely.