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  1. Neb. Post Game

    Were these guys actually members of the team?
  2. Neb. Post Game

    This could give announcers all kinds of problems: "The Cornjerks' Jurkin picks and pops for two."
  3. Neb. Post Game

    I think "Cornjerkers" or perhaps just "Cornjerks" is a great name for them. Good Job, Rico!
  4. Neb. Post Game

    "Cornjerkers" reallly. Did you just make that up or is that what they really call them? What a bunch of losers.
  5. Neb. Post Game

    When crunch time came, we folded. Our PG's,Green and Newkirk, made 9 errors. I thought CAM was going to have a stroke. Our passing was terrible. We gave Nebraska a lot of fast break opportunities off the bad passes. We let them get 19 offensive rebounds.
  6. Around the B1G/NCAA

    I think that the NCAA should have ordered him to remove it as part of the penalty.
  7. Nebraska Pregame Thread

    Or Mile2 for short. Even further shortened M2.
  8. The Sectional Pairings

    I'm going to date myself but I remembering going to a FW sectional where the bracket was 16 teams or very close. Then they divided the FW Sectional into 2 different sectionals.
  9. Around the B1G/NCAA

    I think they will still be a top 25 team when we play them. So I don't think it will make much difference.
  10. Romeo Langford

    I think one big difference between the Darius Garland and the Romeo Garland recruitments is that Darius and his dad were very close and involved with Drew Bryce long before Darius committed to Vanderbilt. Darius's dad Winston, who played in the NBA and was a Gary basketball star, was a head college and high school coach in the Region when Darius was young. Bryce was very helpful to Winston in supporting his coaching career. Of course, Darius also came to know him, also. Drew doesn't have that kind of relationship with Romeo.
  11. FBI/NCAA news...

    Bruiser Flint was an assistant for J. Calipari a UMASS from 89-96 and became HC at UMASS after CP left. Ed Schilling was also an assistant for JP at UMASS when they went to the FF, and he coached for him in the NBA. He also has significant involvement with Adidas in the past. I'm not saying there's anything there as these guys seem clean to me. But there are all kinds of these kinds of ties in CBB.
  12. Illinios Post Game

    Yeah! The first one was Black's after a steal. The BTN crew said not GT, but the replay clearly showed that Black blocked the ball after it hit the backboard. The second one the Ilini player may or may not have blocked the ball on the way up but he hit the backboard which shook the backboard violently back and forth while the ball was on the rim.
  13. Illinios Post Game

    Too many TO's. But we found a way to win and keep the Illini out of striking distance at the end of the game. One thing about the Illini is that the put the pressure on at both ends of the floor no matter the score. These guys could be really tough next year if able to shore up some of their weaknesses. BTN discussed the NCAA chances of the top 6 B1G teams. They assumed PSU would be the 6th place team, but this is not a solid assumption.
  14. An Illinois Pregame Thread

    Nice stats. If we stay at the same level of play we have recently, we win. If not, could be a nail biter.