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  1. I was in elementary school (mid-60's) when Norm Ellenberger was head coach of the New Haven Bulldogs HS team. I didn't have much contact with him, but on Saturday mornings we got to play in the high school gym in organized games. The only thing I remember is that he didn't allow any team or individual to press in the back court as the ball was brought up court.
  2. OSU clobbered UNC at their place 74-49. OSU outscored UNC 45-22 in 2d half. B1G wins the challenge!
  3. I think this is good news that he was cleared for full practice and has practiced once already. It can't be long before he's back.
  4. Yeah, I hear you. Tired of getting beat by these turkeys. This is our first test on the road this year. Will learn a lot more about this team after this game.
  5. BTW, I think he was #15, a tall white guy. OK this guy could play a Russian thug on TV. He had the worst tats I've ever seen. But I'm sure he's a great guy.
  6. Green was Green. His best game of his IU career. We showed the depth and ball handling to keep up with a deep, pressing team. We are a very good rebounding team both offensive and defensive. We buried a very good rebounding team tonight on the boards. We are a very good shooting team. Our defense took a quantum leap tonight. Hope this is a trend. This was CAM's best coached game of his career at IU.
  7. I hope Rob can get back to playing without risking his health. He's the kind of player we need as a general thing, and as others have pointed out above his skill set is especially needed. This team's margin for error is not very big. So getting Rob back would be a big boost. It's difficult to be very optimistic without Rob being at full speed.
  8. Minnie blasts Clemson 78-60. Challenge tied a1-1.
  9. If Rob is out, we will need to play "prevent defense" -- i.e., have one guy stay back at the center line on offense to prevent loose ball TO's from becoming baskets.
  10. Right now these two are still question marks as far as whether either can make an impact for us this year. They haven't shown much in "cupcake" month. I doubt they will have much impact the rest of the year.
  11. I agree the Saturday before Thanksgiving week would be best.
  12. Joe Namath's rule: "No Booze or women 24 hours before the game."
  13. Maybe they thought you just needed some exercise!
  14. Fran never said a word to the ref. It was his mental telepathy that got him in trouble.
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