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  1. Another thing that I saw mentioned often in assessments of him was that he has often "played up" and adapted his game to what the team needed. But he is considered a "true" PG who can play SG due to his size.
  2. JHS's HC at Montverde says his most immediate impact in college will be on defense. The director of his AAU program says he's a good defender on-ball, and he can guard 1-3. A Rivals scout said that he's developing a reputation as a shutdown defender.
  3. So if the starting line-up is: X, JHS, Kopp, TJD, and RT or whatever other line-up you favor is it better, worse, or about the same as the line-up from the past season and why. Don't want to hear about the bench.
  4. IU ends in 10-14 for 3 way tie for 8th. IU got the tournament bid and plays B1G champ Maryland in our opening game at 5PM 5/25.
  5. IU lost 2-1. Had bases loaded with 1 out in top of 9th, but Mathis and Pyne couldn't plate a run.
  6. Even as freshman JHS way way better than Sr. Rob.
  7. I agree with you. If Woodson goes with seniority, Kopp will start. But if not, it's wide open.
  8. JHS a CG and a very capable PG. For very short periods of time Galloway would be satisfactory as PG.
  9. I think every Hoosier wish has been granted post-season. Now that we've been anxiety ridden waiting on TJD's decision we can do the same for the opening of the season! We're so predictable.
  10. Effross having a great season for Cubs as a middle reliever (actually started a game). Now he has 1.06 ERA in 17 innings with 21 SOs. He's only had one bad outing.
  11. 30-16! Went to a baseball game and a football game broke out!
  12. Glad to hear that Jordy got this job as some predicted.
  13. IU now 8th in conference. They are 1/2 of a game ahead of NW and Nebraska who are finishing up games today. So things working out how you recently predicted btownqb.
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