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  1. UL post game thread

    This team is just bad.
  2. Hoosiers In the NBA

    Vic's dagger 3 with about a minute left was electric.
  3. Hoosiers In the NBA

    Pacers for real!? They end Cleveland's 13 game winning streak led by Vic's 33/8/5 night.
  4. Around the B1G/NCAA

    We're 4th in B1G (tied with 7 other teams)! I thought Nebraska was the worst team in B1G and Minny in top 3. Guess it will be wild.
  5. OT Be Thankful

    btown, sorry for your loss. As you say sometimes we're so busy with life we forget to really live. Like the others I've missed your posts. I hope we will hear more from you in the future.
  6. Yes, you are correct.
  7. This a must win because this is one of the few teams in B10 that we can beat at home at this time. We're just not very good right now. Hopefully things will pick-up.
  8. Around the B1G/NCAA

    Yes, the basketball opener was an 83-58 blow out. Has Wisky been exposed? Has Tony Bennett been spotted in Madison looking for a home?
  9. Yes, he could be deposed by the defendant in pre-trial proceedings. A deposition is sworn testimony of a witness (or party) taken out of court with both lawyers present. The scope of the questions do have limits but often they can be wide ranging. Pitino is questioning whether the procedural promises of the university in firing him were properly met. His attorneys will argue that this limits the scope of his deposition. The university attorneys will no doubt be interested in a more wide ranging scope.
  10. Duke game MVP

    When they showed the replay, it looked like actually a Duke player held him back.
  11. IU/Duke Game thread

    I think we took 2 steps forward offensively in the 2d half. DD is a man. He schooled Carter in the 2d half. Unfortunately he missed too many free throws, but if he can play without fouling (just 1 in 2d half), IU will be really tough offensively. I think we are probably now elite (top 25) offensively. DD still has a problem getting tired. Defensively it was hard to tell if we have progressed against Duke. They're just a very good offensive team. Allen just made some great shots even guarded closely by RoJo. You can't double team him or even shade over to him with their other weapons. I think Allen has matured. He just went about his business and didn't get chippy. I think being the senior leader of this team has helped him. He knows he can't lead his team and be the cause of a lot of drama. RoJo was a man last night offensively and defensively. He didn't hit the three, but he did go to the basket successfully often.
  12. I was disappointed. This team had a rash of injuries and a very tough schedule, but they still should have made a bowl game. We lost to a very beatable Maryland team, and although Purdue was a much improved team this year, the Bucket game was a disappointing performance. Purdue has a top 25 defense, but their offense sucks. They just ran all over our defense. Our offense racked up almost 500 yards but couldn't win. Ouch!
  13. Let's talk guards....

    I love Al he's a 6'4" PG. He can use either hand, shoot from deep, shoot midrange, go to the hoop, find the open man, makes good quick decisions, can defend, and doesn't turn it over. The only negative I see is that he is not a great creator. He's OK but not great or elite. Did I mention that he's 6'4"?
  14. Duke is the best offense in the country. We're a terrible D1 defense (in the 200's). If we can stop their initial offense and/or Duke is cold, we have to worry about their offensive rebounding which is the best in the country. In fact their OR % is the only thing that is really elite about their offense at this time. I just don't think our defense is at a point that we can stay in the game enough to win it. Our offense is very good. We're not too far from elite. If Davis can stay out of foul trouble, the offense will improve significantly.
  15. Eastern Michigan Game Thread

    We'll have to play a lot better than we did Friday to beat Duke this Wednesday. Our defense hasn't shown that it can contain a team like Duke.