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  1. I didn't see this interview. But I just watched an interview of CAM with Fischer. CAM said the team and coaches have a weekly zoom meeting. At one of the sessions CAM did have Cuban speak to the team. Some good natured ribbing about Fisch making Cuban a billionaire and when could he expect the check.
  2. As a Cubs fan I think the DH would be good. DH would be a good spot for Kyle Schwarber.
  3. Thanks for the article HE. So we have 2 guys projected in the first round that's good. I was a little surprised they had Lander as high as they did (17), but he's good. I think the analysis in the article of each player's strengths and weaknesses was good.
  4. I SEE what you did. You're so sneaky.
  5. CAM has it going in his recruiting. This year looks to be his best class, yet.
  6. I wish Justin the best of luck. He put in a lot of good minutes the last 3 years. He had some great games. One hates to lose a player like this after 3 years when he intends to play 4. It just doesn't go well with the get old and stay old philosophy CAM has taken up. But I just can't help but thinking like many of you that Justin just never bought completely into CAM.
  7. Glad to hear from you HTD! You ask a good question. Everything seems to be up in the air. IMHO we won't see much, if any, college football or basketball in 2020.
  8. If Eastern (and Smith for that matter) can develop a reliable 3-ball, he certainly have a chance to make the NBA ( 3 & D). They both would be able to play overseas or in the G league. But that's a big "if". I don't know where he could go that would be a better fit than Purdue.
  9. With the new rules it will be harder for coaches to get away with these things. Under Bylaw the HC is responsible for all staff who report to him/her directly or indirectly unless he/she can rebut the presumption.
  10. I read this book several years it go. I would highly recommend it to all Hoosier fans. I would also highly recommend Getting Open.
  11. You certainly could be correct, but you've made some assumptions that may not be true about this recruit. Furthermore, even given your assumption that he's a OAD and doesn't need to find anything more about IU is faulty. As IUP said he was at IU for only the game. He would need more information to make a good decision even if he's only planning on being here only one year.
  12. The 2 articles from TDH sited in this thread note that he was setting up an official. It doesn't really look like he's waiting on another offer. Also, thought I read somewhere (not in any of the articles cited in this thread) that he is interested in the quality of the education. I don't think the school he is going to is a basketball factory. I don't think it would be unusual for a top 25 recruit to make more than one visit.
  13. RTZ is correct. AM and IU have been talking about a date for an official since that time which was expected to be after the season. Unfortunately the Pandemic has changed those plans.
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