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  1. The more I hear about this young man the more I like him. Think we stole a real good one here.
  2. Hitting the 3! Old news. Defense is really good. We can run and have a post threat. We got guys that can take it to the hoop. Just need to hit 3's to really make it tough to defend us in the half court game.
  3. Our defense was very good. We shut down their RB as he got 84 on 23 for 3.7. Except for the pick 6 our offense was better than theirs which isn't saying much. Their QB not much.
  4. Yeah and the Cubs got absolutely nothing for him! Waived him.
  5. Opponent's QB has to be very patient against Iowa defense. Their DB's sit back and wait for even the littlest mistake and pounce. They have lots of interceptions.
  6. PSU lost Clifford and two defensive starters in the game. Will have to see what happens with them. The East is stacked. It's very possible that a two or three way tie could happen with teams having 2 losses. Besides it's a hypothetical.
  7. Interesting scenario with Iowa beating PSU. Say the Hoosiers win out on the season and tie with OSU for the East title. Do we get the title shot no matter what because B1G screwed us last year and changed the rules in the middle of the season?
  8. Good thing we're not playing TCU!
  9. That we can't run with good running backs says something about the OL, but we've played v. 3 very good defensive teams. But Penix was able to overcome that last year by throwing quickly, He hasn't been able to do so effectively this year. The comment about wasting a season on a great defense was accurate. Now for the easy part of our schedule: 3 of next 4 are #7, #9, and #11! Still I think there is hope for this team. Fortunately I think CTA is one of the few coaches who can keep this team together.
  10. You had fun?! How drunk were you?
  11. This guy fits in perfectly with what we need from the 1-under position. That he can take the dump and dunk it is really important in this system.
  12. The good news is it's the Pirates.
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