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  1. A little crow never hurt any one, Scott.
  2. 10 games in a row at Wrigley: Brewers (4); Cards (3); and White Sox (3). A good home stand will go a long way in putting this thing away early.
  3. We could play a basketball and football doubleheader.
  4. Don't shoot the messenger (me), but the Cubs didn't sign him because of payroll limits from ownership.
  5. I don't need a reason to hate the Cards!
  6. Short term memory is the first thing to go. You're officially a "geezer", Scott.
  7. OK. Cubs not playing today, and I think I'm having withdrawal symptoms. The Cubs v. Cards on this week-end in St. Louis. Can the Cubs put another nail in the coffin of a Cards team that is struggling and has several holes due to COVID-19? Or can the Cards put it together at home and bring the Cubs down to earth? As mentioned above the Cubs starters have been historically dominant. The Cubs starters were seen as questionable pre-season. Will they come back to earth? The hitting has been erratic. Bryant has sucked and is still below the Mendoza line. Rizzo, Schwarber, and Baez having their moments but not hitting at the level that they can. Cubs getting a lot from bottom of line-up. The BP is still pretty hopeless. It's only 12 games, but that's 20% of the regular season schedule. Brewers and Reds only middling teams so far. Cards are sinking fast. They have injuries and COVID victims to important players, and they will have to play a lot of games in a few days just to catch up schedule wise.
  8. Cubs win 6-1 on good starting pitching as Darvish held KC to 1 in 7 IP. BTW, Colin Rea out of ISU pitched the 9th for the Cubs. He struck out 2. The lead off hitter got on on an error.
  9. My best friend is an Indians fan, and he claims that the Reds and White Sox were glorified minor league teams. I told him he is wrong. Will talk to him tonight, and see what he thinks now!
  10. Moses Abraham. We were really hard up!
  11. S6, Cubs don't have closers they have openers! I think if the Cubs had a reliable closer, they would be fine. They haven't had a reliable closer for at least 2 years.
  12. Half correct. He had a 1.44 ERA in '17, but has been only mediocre since in the 4+ category.
  13. Also Arizona one of hottest spots in world now for COVID-19.
  14. Yes, but the MLB rosters are double the size of NBA rosters.
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