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  1. I remember when Kyle was in the HR derby and Baez and Contreras were "coaching him up". It was hilarious. He lost to his present teammate, Bryce Harper, in the finals.
  2. You're right. I went to Reds v. Brew Crew in Cincy game a few Fridays ago and Green was on the mound. He had good stuff. His fast ball was 97-99 MPH and off speed pitches 87-89 MPH. He didn't give up much, but he gave up a 3 run HR after 2 straight singles and a solo home run. In fact all the runs scored in the game were on HRs. Several situations late in game when in the "old days" a bunt would have been laid down and wasn't. Votto pinch hit with runners on the corners and down 5-4 with 2 outs in bottom of 9th, but he could only produce a long fly ball to the center field warning track. I liked the ball park. We got good seats on the 3d base line about 12 rows behind Brew Crew dugout.
  3. In that case the Irish would be making a big mistake by not joining B1G or SEC. The $26 million not anything close to what they would get in either conference.
  4. Can the Lakers really want Kyrie? He seems mess up any team he's on.
  5. Just for you and Scott the B1G network is going to put on a new show called "Old School Big Ten" or "When the Big Ten was really only 10 teams".
  6. Has anyone seen any estimates of the amount to each school of B1G contract if ND joins?
  7. We are down to the big 3 conferences. PAC and Big12 are done. ACC just hanging on by a thread. It's a war out there.
  8. Drinking and partying. A lot of people in my day went to IU for that.
  9. This guy could make it big in NIL money. DQ, baby! Dairy Queen and looks like he's could put down lots of chili dogs at one sitting.
  10. Buckner played 2 years of football at IU as a safety and punt and kick-off returner. He was 2d team B1G at safety his sophomore year. Quinn's father was a backup on IU's 1945 undefeated team. Quinn was Chicago area player of the year in both football and basketball as well as an AA in HS in both sports. He was drafted by the Washington Redskins, but he told them he would be playing basketball. Guess that turned out OK. He had his own "walk-in" song. "The Mighty Quinn" by Dylan which the IU band played early and often. "Come all without, come all within. You'll not see nothing like the Mighty Quinn."
  11. My guess is that it is one of those "exempt" tournaments.
  12. The mental is to the physical as 2 is to 1.
  13. Well again, Woody's wife has cleaned up his vocabulary after he played for CRMK for all those years!
  14. In many of the preseason games you can use the 25/20/20/15 split and tighten it up for the big preseason games and conference games.
  15. I think JHS and X will be one of the toughest defensive guard tandems IU has had since Wilkerson and Buckner. Your post does get into the issue of depth. We have always talked about depth, but it never panned out. This coming year we will be really deep. So one would wonder how CMW will use that and how much of an impact it will have.
  16. "It's so nice to be insane because no one expects you to explain." But Andy Katz apparently agrees with you as he has IU at #7 for next season.
  17. btownqb posted Jon Rothstein's tweet that 17 of the 20 starters on the final 4 teams had played with their them the previous year. It is likely that this will be so for at least 4 of IU's 5 starters. Furthermore, IU will be a very experienced team next year. X, Race, and Kopp all have four years of college ball under their belt already. TJD has 3 years and Leal, Galloway, and Geronimo have 2. I haven't done any checking but this has to be one of the most experienced teams IU has had in a long time. IMO this is a very favorable factor for IU next year, and a major reason for us to feel good about our chances of winning B1G and doing well in the NCAAT.
  18. #12 in 247 composite though 247 only has him at #25.
  19. Like the stuff about having the capability to be a knock-down 3 point shooter.
  20. Do you mean there is actually someone on this board who roots for the Bahhhhston? Horrors!
  21. Rutgers up 5-0 in top of 2d with 0 out and man on 2d for them. Bed time for me!
  22. We beat Washington in the 1st game back in 2013, but we lost to eventual NC UConn in the championship.
  23. We were a very good defensive team last year which is supported by our 24th overall ranking in Kenpom. I think we have an excellent chance to be an elite defense this year and wind up in the top 10 in Kenpom
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