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  1. Good news they missed. Bad news TJD on the line with 5 left.
  2. Need a stop. Call a TO when they come out.
  3. Iso Race for the tunraround 3.
  4. How long since we have scored? Offense not even getting a good shot.
  5. Our offense has gone stagnant.
  6. First 5 minutes of 2d half will be key. Hoping to see TJD come out and salt this one away. He should be well rested.
  7. Galloway having great all around game.
  8. Great team defense after poor start.
  9. Ivey, Galloway, Leal, and Lander all played on same AAU team.
  10. Obviously the refs got mixed up on who has bought them off. That's what I really hate refs that when bought don't stay bought.
  11. 2 on TJD. Won't see him for awhile.
  12. More worried about it. All reports I've heard are that he's very much a Hoosier and in sync with the program. If X and Phin leave, he has a spot next year as at least a #2 PG which in CMW's system means he gets a lot of PT. But Little committing would give us at least 3 PGs in 2023-24 even assuming that H-S has left.
  13. He is well along in the process. It's not all that early as the signing period is late this year.
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