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  1. So Very Sad....

    Sorry to butt into this conversation and not sorry to add this to the conversation. When you have groups like the ACLU and others trying to take God and religion out of schools or virtually everything, how do you expect morals to be a priority in a kid's' life? As the Bible says, we reap what we sow. Most everything discussed in this thread can be traced back to America pulling away from any moral compass provided by religion
  2. Worst National Anthem ever?

    Didn't Bill Murray sing a gawdawful version at Wrigley a few years ago?
  3. Ohio State Pregame Thread

    Hope that they can win for the outgoing kids. Is Hartman going to give another Senior speech? Already gave one last year. Interested to hear what Priller has to say as well.
  4. Crean Debated Leaving Year Prior to Ouster

    Lots of love on here for Crean. Here's what I remember: - A style of play that required uber skilled offensive players to overcome poor defensive play, high turnover rates, and overall low basketball IQ. - A recruiting strategy(?) that placed no value on what it means to be offered a scholarship by a historical program. Instead, quantity over quality. - A good man whose positive qualities were often overshadowed by his hyperness and quirks. - A hit and miss ability to develop players. For every Vic or Watford there was Holloway, Perea or JBJ. Mixed bag, if you ask me. Last visuals of a team he coached was of a team that turned the ball over at an extraordinarily high rate and who guarded at an extraordinarily low rate. I think he should stay behind a microphone.
  5. Peter Jurkin on Tom Crean

    So, you were okay with "Creaning"?
  6. OT--or not

    10 years ago today....Kelvins Sampson was fired! A day that lived in infamy
  7. Olympics

    US Men's curling beats Canada for the 2nd time this Olympics (had never beaten them before), and will play Sweden for Gold medal. Only once in Olympic history has US won a medal for curling--Bronze in 2006!
  8. Crean Debated Leaving Year Prior to Ouster

    Certainly the mess Bliss left at Baylor, with a player murdering a teammate was worse as well
  9. Crean Debated Leaving Year Prior to Ouster

    IIRC, he is still getting a nice check from IU that he would have lost had he walked away....can't see that happening.
  10. Neb. Post Game

    One key item missing from this chart, imo. Newkirk is a Senior and Green a Sophomore. All other things being equal, those two extra years of experience should translate in better decision making and valuing possessions more. I give Green the benefit of the doubt as a second year player who is still learning.
  11. Nebraska Game Thread

    As positive as the last few games have been, we won't stand a chance against the top seeds making this many turnovers
  12. Nebraska Game Thread

    Thanks. She's currently second
  13. Nebraska Game Thread

    Green looks lost out there
  14. Nebraska Game Thread

    Can we call a timeout to coincide with Lindsey Vonn's downhill run?
  15. Nebraska Pregame Thread

    Mile, I am sure you are enjoying the Dakich spawn give his Senior speech