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  1. Jerry Lundergaard

    The Off-Topic Thread

    Fish out of water = my wife and I spending the afternoon in Haight-Asbury
  2. Jerry Lundergaard

    The Off-Topic Thread

    Urban's wife works for the university. If she did not divulge what Courtney Smith told her, then she is in violation of Title IX.
  3. Jerry Lundergaard

    Trayce Jackson-Davis

    My last comment on this, and then I am done 😄 Thanks to those who have "liked " or " thanked " me for my posts... although I am inclined to believe that you are "liking " my comments because of the hope that I am moving on 😝 Last post I will make. I could, you could, anyone could.. . come on here and make claims that they "know things"" without divulging how they got the information. If they are proven to be correct, they can puff out their chests and say, " told ya so." I have connections. I'm important. If it turns out that they are wrong, then there's always that "well, they're 17-18 year old kids and they are prone to changing their minds quickly." Either decision. CYA is accomplished. Supposed "insider" really knew what was going on, or they thought they did, and just so happened to be duped by an overly clever teenager. Seems to me to be a no lose proposition. Right, and you are viewed as a savant, beloved by most because you bring inside information to the board. Wrong , and meh, those darn kids. Sources! I don't need no frickin sources. I can post away and be the guy, regardless of whether I am legitimate or not. And... as the word at the bottom of my phone asks...I am Done!😛
  4. Jerry Lundergaard

    Trayce Jackson-Davis

    Well , y'all have had your opportunity to speak your piece. Do I stand by my post-absolutely. Might I have an axe to grind-that goes back a long way with Mile. Maybe I do. Maybe I don't view him with the same reverence most on here do. I am a black/white kind of guy. I work in a profession where being completely open and honest with my clients has led me to be extremely successful over the last 30 years. I don't believe in hiding behind curtains for fear of being proven wrong. Put it out there fully...if you are proven wrong, deal with it. Protecting sources... LOL! There is one professional journalist that posts regularly here, he may need to " protect his sources." The rest of us are a bunch of IU basketball fans. Some people seem to think they need to boost their egos by claiming that they have information. Maybe they do-- just put it out there. My God. No one here is so important that they risk ruin by saying something that turns out wrong. So what! Someone decides not to clue you in because you divulged " confidential " information. The whole idea that posters on here are above reproach because they have "sources to protect " is laughable. Glad y'all are of one mind on this. Lets me know that this board really is like many of the others. Have a dissenting opinion and might as well look elsewhere
  5. Jerry Lundergaard

    DJ Carton Commits to Ohio State

    Guess the concern that Holtman was at Peach Jam during the OV was a bit overblown
  6. Jerry Lundergaard

    Trayce Jackson-Davis

    This is not going to be received well in this board,I am sure of that. You put this stuff out here like you are connected, but you put a bunch of contingencies on your posts so you can protect yourself if you are proven wrong. I have zero connections to IU recruiting, and have admitted as such. Even so, I could post a bunch of malarkey with the asterisk of "my source doesn't want to divulge himself." That " information " is useless. Why even bother posting this if you aren't willing to substantiate what you purport to know? The substance of the text really is impertinent. Rather, the way you position yourself as being a source of inside information really gets old when you aren't willing to provide verifiable sources
  7. Jerry Lundergaard

    Trayce Jackson-Davis

    So they had an of game. Could be worse. At least they weren't wailing away on a ref! 😜
  8. Jerry Lundergaard

    Tom Crean/Kevin Wilson Revelations

    While Crean may not have personally "slung" anything at the university, IIRC, the Harbaugh family came out with some pretty harsh statements after Tom was let go, and he didn't act at all to quiet them. One of the criticisms of Crean was that he was a better p.r. man than coach, and if he could let someone else do the mud slinging for him, it appears that he was only happy to step aside and let them. I agree, he brought the program out of an abyss. I also agree that his style of basketball was not conducive to consistent, winning teams. Glad he took the job. Glad he's gone. Leave it at that.
  9. Jerry Lundergaard

    DJ Carton Commits to Ohio State

    As much as I want to write off OSU, it might be that Holtmann has already spent significant time with DJ and he has complete trust in his assistants to handle part of the visit. Put another way, we have a lot of faith in Ed Schilling. If CAM put him in charge of an OV, would we be comfortable with that?
  10. Jerry Lundergaard

    Fred Glass evaluation....

    https://www.cbssports.com/college-football/news/best-in-college-sports-ohio-state-beats-out-alabama-to-take-home-the-2017-18-award/ Even though this says college football, it really pertains to the entire athletic department. As rated by CBS Sports, the IU athletic department came in ranked 68th and only two other B1G programs ranked lower--Illinois and Rutgers. Obviously, this ranking puts a huge amount of emphasis on Football and Men's Basketball, and we got zero points in both categories last year. I see that improving for hoops with the momentum CAM is building but wonder about football, especially in the division we're in. Glass continues to pound the "28 teams, one school" mantra, which is all well and good, but if the two bellcow programs don't show vast improvement, and we remain one of the worst conference athletic departments, I can't imagine his job security remains intact. This may not be the best place for this topic, but I thought it would garner more attention/discussion than if I had put it elsewhere. Mods, if you want to move this, feel free.
  11. Jerry Lundergaard

    Brandon Newman

    http://www.news-sentinel.com/sports/2018/07/12/tom-davis-high-school-basketball-in-indiana-as-it-was-has-left-and-it-isnt-coming-back/ Not sure if this the appropriate place for this, but it does refer to Newman's coach, and it also talks about how being an Indiana All Star is not the end all, be all for kids today. I believe both topics were touched on in this thread. I tend to agree that the highest level kids have their sights set on so much more than just being Mr. Basketball or All State. Kids at the highest level want to know how they compare to the best in the country, and possibly the world, vs comparing themselves to another in state player.
  12. Jerry Lundergaard

    Keion Brooks Jr.

    Unfortunately, there are probably more of these kind of folks here in Indiana... all wearing Purdue gear 😙
  13. Jerry Lundergaard

    Brandon Newman

    As well, this can become a bargaining chip. "I have an offer from school A" can be communicated to other schools without ever divulging that said offer has strings attached. I could see kids and their families using that strategy in hopes of getting more offers.
  14. Jerry Lundergaard

    Freedom of Information Act does not apply

    Pot stirrer 😜
  15. Jerry Lundergaard

    Freedom of Information Act does not apply

    Love the passion as well, HTD! I wonder, with the legalization of sports betting becoming inevitable in so many states, whether there will be an effect on schools and announcing their schedules earlier.