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  1. Jerry Lundergaard

    The Off-Topic Thread

  2. Jerry Lundergaard

    The Off-Topic Thread

    No...but have had dealings with this guy
  3. Jerry Lundergaard

    Challenge to HSN. Give me words that....

    Lode and load But and butt
  4. "That was getting ready to be a major move for us because that was our first move [to Indiana]. We knew we were going into some different territory there. We had no idea what we were getting into. None of us did." https://www.cbssports.com/college-basketball/news/tom-crean-q-a-georgias-new-coach-says-brother-in-law-jim-harbaugh-not-a-guy-you-ever-want-to-cha I find the above quote from this interview to be telling...
  5. Jerry Lundergaard

    Weight loss motivational thread

    Some might say that sitting in front of one's computer, posting on a message board all day is counterproductive to this thread....
  6. Jerry Lundergaard

    The Off-Topic Thread

    -Any man in a Speedo -People driving with their dog in their lap - the "Gig" Economy -3 state California
  7. https://www.cbssports.com/college-football/news/purdue-football-will-attempt-to-blow-out-your-eardrums-with-its-new-touchdown-train-horn/ Of course, this assumes that they can score touchdowns....
  8. That's two in two years. I know that the kid last year never played, but still. What logical reason would there be for a kid at this level to play for a low mid-major?
  9. Jerry Lundergaard

    A day with De'Ron Davis

    http://www.news-sentinel.com/sports/2018/06/13/indiana-center-deron-davis-facing-slow-process-this-summer-in-returning-to-the-basketball-court/ "Slow process"--CAM
  10. Jerry Lundergaard

    Challenge to HSN. Give me words that....

    To add to-- -Fill and Phil (Mickelson) -Tarry and Terry (Bradshaw) -Pall and Paul (George) -Hairy and Harry (Carey) -Messy and (Lionel) Messi -and of course, Night and (Bob) Knight
  11. Jerry Lundergaard

    Trendon Watford

    Mike Ditka was a HOF tight end and a pretty good coach as well. As far as Hardaway. He wasn't just any old AAU coach. His team had several very highly ranked players and the hope was/is that Penny would bring them along. These are 5 star kids and would be players that I could see Watford wanting to play with
  12. Jerry Lundergaard

    Challenge to HSN. Give me words that....

    Lye and lie Reign and rain Foul(s) and fowls... can't believe you didn't come up with that one 😀
  13. Jerry Lundergaard

    Rising Suicide Rates

    I have touched previously on some of the challenges my wife faces.... She was widowed at age 20 when her husband took his life. Left behind a 1 and a 3 year old that I adopted when we married. The husband had had a tragic automobile accident that left him with ongoing and probably lifelong health problems. he was unable to hold a steady job, got hooked on the pain medication, and became reclusive. Ended up barricading himself in the bathroom and shooting himself.... I have a 15 year old granddaughter who has recently come out as gay. She has lost friends due to this, has had friend's parents tell her to her face that she was no longer welcome in their homes. My son married her mother, so technically she is a step-granddaughter, but to us there is no differentiation --we love her unconditionally. Unfortunately, her biological father has not accepted this and is a major part of the problem. They were at our house last weekend, and evidently granddaughter posted things on social media that caused alarm amongst her few remaining friends to the point that the authorities were notified, and my son and daughter in law have been on high alert for warning signs of any further possible danger. Granddaughter has been in counselling, with a limited impact. Tried various meds, none which seem to be effective. Has the love and support of her mom and step-dad, an older sister, us as well as other grandparents. Still....she felt that things were bad enough that she has contemplated taking her life, more than once. I think that loss of hope is the commonality between these two situations. I think that when a person sees no possibilities for a brighter future, when they feel that their lives are only going to be pain and suffering, that many give up. They cocoon themselves and shun outside help, and their problems self-perpetuate and continue to grow. Isolationism becomes more comforting than taking a step outside themselves, for fear of further failure, shunning or whatever. I said this in the mental health thread, and firmly believe this. If you have not heard from a family member, friend, co-worker, or anyone you care about for awhile, check in on them. Let them know you are thinking of them. Spend some time with them...LISTEN to them. Put your arms around them and give them a hug. Remind them that they have value. Encourage them to seek help...go with them to seek help if need be. Ignoring the person because it may put you out or make you uncomfortable being with them just further reinforces the belief that the person already has of themselves... that they lack worth, and that there is no hope that things will change for them. Meds, guns, social media , etc., are all parts of the problem. However, imo the real issue is the lack of human connectivity that comes when we forget that everyone needs to be loved, valued and encouraged . Reprioritizing life, realizing that work can wait, that the phone can be put down, the earbuds taken off...so that you can be approachable and welcoming, and leaving the judgement out of the picture... can help those who have lost hope to maybe find their way.
  14. Jerry Lundergaard

    Keion Brooks Jr.

    This does not sound like a comment that would come from a kid who is a problem in the locker room. After just getting cut from this team Keion had enough class to congratulate and encourage his friend. For all the posts in this thread questioning KBJ's character, surprised that more on here haven't acknowledged that those opinions have yet to be substantiated, yet examples like this Tweet suggest that his purported issues may well be overblown
  15. Jerry Lundergaard

    Brandon Newman

    Well, Damezi might be the first step to break up the PU connection