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  1. 2017 MLB discussion

    Ahhh...what irony
  2. Romeo Langford

    Any word on his visit to Chapel Hill over the weekend. I am sure that the atmosphere was much more positive given that UNC took the NCAA to the woodshed.
  3. Login

  4. Login

    Nothing on my phone that is a login icon but when I tapped the blank area in the right hand corner the login page did appear
  5. 2017 MLB discussion

    What a great play by Altuve!
  6. 2017 MLB discussion

    Verlander bringing back memories of Jack Morris with the Twins in 1991
  7. Login

    Can the site develop a login on the homepage?
  8. 2017 MLB discussion

    The Cubs are going to have a difficult time in the first couple of games. They have to be spent after the Nats series and will be starting their 3rd-4th starter against the Dodgers who have had a nice rest since eliminating Arizona and have their rotation in order for this series. As much as many want to see a Cubs' repeat, I think it will be the Dodgers in 5
  9. Iconic songs that make you think about life

    Especially in this day and age.
  10. UNC Goes Before NCAA Today

    So, how does the whole APR thing fit into this new world? How can the NCAA hold the Academic Progress Report over the head of any program when this sham is allowed? Going forward, I don't see how there can be any academic standards that the NCAA can use as a means of monitoring any school
  11. Sears closing all of their stores in.....

    Well, the stock is up 10% today, so somebody likes what Sears is doing.
  12. IU Home game attendance ??

    Well, that Wyoming game might be one occasion where Hail to the Victors was appropriate. The band at basketball games always makes the atmosphere more juiced. Agree completely that the Marching 100 needs to ramp up their game. Thanks for the kind words. Love the new site.
  13. IU Home game attendance ??

    Well, I've attended games vs Michigan where there were a lot of Wolverine fans, and I can tell you that hearing Hail to the Victors got old real quick. As usual, a few knucklehead UM fans became pretty obnoxious. Hope IU can do enough on the field to keep that noise to a minimum
  14. Clifton Moore- A game changer?

    Gotcha. I misinterpreted what you meant
  15. Clifton Moore- A game changer?

    Always skeptical about propping a freshman until he proves it consistently against D-1 talent. As far as the comparison to OG- OG as a freshman was able to come in and play well when the focus was on other players. As a Sophomore, when expectations were much higher, we didn't get to see much of a sample size of whether he could play up to the hype. Point being, let the kid settle in and be himself before making comparisons to others