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  1. Grant Gelon & Other Former IU players news UPDATES !!

    I heard Larry Richardson is a bricklayer
  2. Romeo Langford

    You mean with one of these?
  3. UL post game thread

    Priller has not missed a shot yet this year 😎
  4. At What Point......

    You posted yesterday a list of definitions--which I thought was spot on, btw. My turn today, and the word is "capitulate "- to give in, give up, concede. I will never lower my standards so I can feel better when IU basketball hits a lower bar than what I expect. Realistic or not, I expect the program to return to elite status. Lowering our standards make us Purdue. Who wants that?
  5. At What Point......

    Had Landon Turner not had the horrific accident and had Kitchell not hurt his back, I think that the teams immediately after the Zeke championship team could have contended for championships
  6. 2017 MLB discussion

    Anyone else on here hear the Darth Vader music whenever the Yankees are brought up?
  7. Romeo Langford

    Who is Tom Ostrom?
  8. UL post game thread

    I wonder if Crean watched the game today and said " Damn I really screwed this up". And before the bitching comes about the past is the past, and don't pile on Crean.... this team, and all of it's flaws, is the result of the way the previous regime "built " the program. We can wish away, but the fact of the matter is that we are not going to produce what CAM wants us to be until we are at least a year or two removed from the "Crean" version of basketball.
  9. Game Day Thread - IU v. Louisville

    Maybe time for a timeout?
  10. Around the B1G/NCAA

    Michigan with a great win for the B1G over UCLA
  11. Game Day Thread - IU v. Louisville

    We have to stay close while Davis and Morgan sit. If we are within 5 at half I think we can beat these guys
  12. Game Day Thread - IU v. Louisville

    Is that Ollie from Hoosiers?
  13. Game Day Thread - IU v. Louisville

    That's 2 fouls on Morgan
  14. Game Day Thread - IU v. Louisville

    Davis with 2 early blocks.
  15. Around the B1G/NCAA

    And...an appropriate use of the "overrated " chant