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  1. Illinois--Doug Altenberger Iowa--Bruce "Sky" King Maryland-- Len Elmore Michigan State--Greg Kelser Michigan--Austin Hatch Minnesota--Sam Jacobson Nebraska--??? Northwester--Billy McKinney Ohio State--Clark Kellogg Penn State--John Amechi Purdue--Etwuan Moore Rutgers--Jim Valvano Wisconsin-- Frank Kaminsky
  2. Romeo Langford

    http://www.news-sentinel.com/sports/2018/04/20/justin-kenny-what-if-romeo-langford-isnt-the-most-important-2018-recruit-for-indiana/ Don't know if this is the right place for this. Interesting opinions
  3. Romeo Langford

    If someone from the local Taco Bell had the expertise they would get a feed from the high school gym onto their big sign. Win-win for them. Diffuses some of the crowd, and folks could stop in for a quick dinner while waiting on the announcement.
  4. New Tom Davis Article

    What if the tats are sleeves? No longer the t-shirt look.
  5. Off season workouts

    As long as we don't have a head coach tweeting out a bunch of nonsense about the kids' workouts, I'm all for these updates to keep us interested through the summer
  6. Romeo Langford

    If only Romeo could meet the age requirements he could announce for IU and run for office at the same time.
  7. New Tom Davis Article

    I left an organization that had a more formal dress policy for a firm that is much more like what you are describing.. I now have about a dozen suits at home collecting dust. Think I have worn a suit to work maybe a half dozen times in the last 2-3 years. Clients seem to be more relaxed as well when they see me in less "stuffy" attire.
  8. Good quotes.

    Given that the IRS website blew up yesterday, this is the theme for today: "...in this world, nothing can be said to be certain, except for death and taxes." -Benjamin Franklin
  9. Romeo Langford

    Always exceptions to the rule
  10. IU Offers Tre Mann

    Seeing the headline reminded me of Terrance Mann from Field of Dreams. And only apropos given what CAM is doing at IU--"If you build it, they will come"
  11. Romeo Langford

    As I have stated on here several times, the News Sentinel stopped publishing a hard copy paper about a year ago, and only provides on-line content now. It appears to me that they scour the web for stories that they feel are pertinent to the market and do little in the way of quality control to ensure that the content is actually worth reading. I read their on-line "paper" almost every day....it's free. Guess the old adage holds true. You get what you pay for.
  12. Early entrants

    As much grief as this kid has taken over his decision...wouldn't you want to get out of W Lafayette as soon as you could?
  13. The tip of the iceburg for Underwood ?

    Respect a poster from another fan base who comes here and joins in respectful conversation. That said, sorta lost me with the statement "Mizzou is a lower level program " as compared to the basketball power that is the Illini
  14. Around the B1G/NCAA

    1 year. Not a big vote of confidence
  15. MLB discussion

    Twins and Cleveland have escaped the cold and gone to Puerto Rico to play 2 games. With the financial difficulties the island has had recently, I hope they can afford to keep the stadium lights on for the entire games