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  1. No, that's not what was said. I find the fans embarrassing - not the university. Not all fans, mostly the type on message boards
  2. Funny. Nobody said we shouldn't offer. Nobody said it would be embarrassing for him to decline. Every message on here gets twisted and no one ever has an honest conversation.
  3. No, I'm only conceding that we can't say anything for certain in 5 or 10 years
  4. Extremely unlikely, but wilder things have happened.
  5. IU will not make an offer. It simply isn't in the cards. Brad Stevens has been reached out to by IU in the past, has connections there now, and a deep understanding of where the two parties lie. Open and shut he will not become our next coach. You and others keep saying you know it probably won't happen, but anything could! You're just playing along with the fantasy. This "godfather offer" scenario you've worked up is just an extension of that fantasy. It's reasonable to hope for the best, although this kind of thing does make our fanbase look ridiculous and spoiled. As
  6. That is true, but despite Vogel's success and the good pub he got during those runs he was still never considered in the upper echelon of coaches. Stevens has it made it there and rightfully so. He did not coach a great playoffs last year, but he is still in that elite group. He is very coveted
  7. Haha fair enough. It's not that I'm upset, but you can't just go around calling people boilers. I don't know why this board and others let that boiler troll guy post here. He only comes out when he has something to rub in our faces. Just ban that dude, why indulge that garbage
  8. You keep editing your posts. It's a weird thing to do. Boilers literally disgust me. It's pathetic of me,but it's true. Sports are absolutely not serious business, but hating Purdue fans is something I cannot kick. It is long engrained, it's a part of my being. My name is sixseis because I want a 6th a title for IU. That's not a light accusation
  9. I'm a troll for not nutting myself over the least realistic hire we could possibly make. The same hire this fanbase has been frothing about for years through multiple coaching changes. The guy who everyone views as an insane slam dunk (they're right), but who also has been a slam dunk in the pros and might be fired? No. I'm a fan. I'm just not dumb. Stevens is a top 10 most respected coach in the league, top 5 for many. He is not an option. He will coach the Celtics for a long time
  10. So it's within 2 years now. Ok. Seat is very hot! No, he would not be. And also, they still have a very good chance of doing that. Which is why his seat is not even remotely lukewarm.
  11. Brad Stevens is NOT on the hot seat in Boston. You guys out of your minds? That's nothing but a story for clicks in a mildly disappointing season. He is no longer considered just the darling of the NBA, but he would be hired on the spot by about 25 teams. Boston is not sick of him; Boston has not even internally once had a conversation about letting him go. It's a no.
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