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  1. We all know how that ends. Mike Davis & Tom Crean part 3
  2. Why not just start with a lifetime contract? It seems to be working well for UK.
  3. Where is this $10mil coming from? That is not the IU way and that is a fact.
  4. I live in Ames and this seems to be what everyone is saying, but they want him gone. Maybe Archie will go to ISU?
  5. I live in Iowa and most of my friends are Hawkeyes, I will be drinking heavily. May have to pull out some green for this one.
  6. Good and bad. The later the season, the better Izzo’s teams get.
  7. Give Crean a few years and he will have Georgia competing. LOL
  8. IU potently with a chance to play Gonzaga in the 2nd round to keep them from going undefeated.
  9. Is that because of his leg condition or has that always been the case?
  10. He would be someone for TJD to bang against in practice. It would be good for both of them.
  11. Fact. I am still craving cherry skoal, even-though I have a headache after reading the last page of this thread.
  12. For some reason I have a craving for some cherry skoal.
  13. Read that he wants to make a decision this weekend. He has calls set up to Miami, NC State, illanoys & Kentucky. No mention if IU would get one or not
  14. In southern Minnesota today and have not seen anybody ice fishing on the lakes I’ve been by.
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