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  1. How about UK? Everyone knows/ claims they pay their players and we haven’t heard one peep about them. What up?
  2. Some people don’t like change and continue to live in the past, outdated.
  3. Didn’t Luke transfer to Blackford for athletics reasons?
  4. Uh oh, I just flew into Washington state yesterday and am on PCT. Flew out of Kansas City at 600 am and landed in Seattle at 745 am.
  5. Does any university really worry about that?
  6. And two years before transferring out.
  7. You are taking their comments too seriously. The current state of the basketball program has a lot of question marks right now and the season can't get here fast enough. Peoples opinions are like rectums, everyone has one and they don't all smell the same.
  8. Scott, is your definition of a troll someone that doesn't share your opinion? You are the one that seems to be bashing individual posters and calling them out. EVERYBODY knows that you don't like the rivals site, yet you have to tell every poster that doesn't share your opinion to go back to the rivals board.
  9. That's some high price hookers for Louisville.
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