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  1. Me and my wife Tammy. 6 years ago
  2. What's wrong with Iowa State? They a better cow school than PU?
  3. The right direction, 10th in the BIG last year is the right direction?
  4. Watching PU the last 10 years is more like watching the IU of old more so than the product IU has put on the court. You can’t really blame the kids for not wanting to play at IU.
  5. You have a sense of humor? Who knew?
  6. Wasn't this the case with Tom Pritchard?
  7. No mention of IU in this article. https://247sports.com/Article/College-Basketball-Recruiting-Hunter-Sallis-trending-Kentucky-JD-Davison-to-Alabama-Memphis-staying-hot-on-trail-152471047/
  8. Me too. They don't have them in Iowa.
  9. You’d drink also if you saw the coeds they had to chose from.
  10. Dang, I thought KL shared the same birthday as me.
  11. I see 3-5 before the crossover game.
  12. Sounds like a good G-League candidate.
  13. Terrific, I just drove through the entire state of South Dakota and will be going back through in the next few days.
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