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  1. I believe his brother is playing college ball somewhere in Missouri was the reason for the move
  2. Other coaches will use this as negative recruiting against Underwood & the illini.
  3. I am going to go out on the limb here and predict that Geronimo is getting significant minutes by mid season.
  4. I have had both and prefer Hulu Live. We share with another family so it cuts the price in half. The wife prefers YTTV because it has the Oprah channel where as HL does not.
  5. BDB


    Have you not seen people's driving skills? There is a lot of stupid behind the wheel out there.
  6. BDB

    Monroe incident

    I live in Iowa. Love the Latte’s.
  7. BDB

    Monroe incident

    Purdy and his gal friend cleaned up nicely for the video with their lawyer. The first video of them was pretty pathetic looking. Especially the gal friend gripping her Busch Latte.
  8. They made Corvette's back then? j/k
  9. I miss the uptempo offense but do not miss the out of control turnovers
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