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  1. That happens every game against the mighty pack line
  2. It’s Friday morning, I figured they read it in iTLR and roamed to other boards claiming they are hearing information.
  3. Hopefully, Archie takes a look the grad transfer's available this year. A few PG's on the list already. https://www.espn.com/mens-college-basketball/story/_/id/28167956/college-basketball-transfer-rankings-2020-21-2021-22
  4. A majority of the teams across college basketball have their names on the back if their jersey's.
  5. If I am remembering this correctly, there were a couple of big boosters that were in the Crean corner along with the ridiculous extension that Fred gave him.
  6. They were 12-2 in football. That’s all that matters.
  7. Watching ISU/ TCU currently. How did Desmond Bane end up at TCU. Boy, he is exactly what this IU team needs.
  8. This is my thoughts as well.
  9. I hope Scott isn’t reading this while driving home or he will get in a wreck.
  10. Consider yourself lucky. TJD & Brunk showed up in the 2nd half, that was it. The team is paying like the 12 out of 13 streak last year.
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