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  1. The Covid year is a gimme. Then all the shenanigans, taking B1G of the uniforms and losing badly in the bowl game left a sour taste in my mouth. Last year was a total disaster, expectations high and the execution, was freaking terrible. If he has two more down years, his seat should be very hot. I was never a fan of the hire in the first place.
  2. That’s weird that WC was founded west of the Mississippi and there are very few if any in that area
  3. Rivals has a thread about him and they are saying coach, Drew Adams
  4. That sounds positive. Any to the good guys.
  5. I believe he is referring to Ivey.
  6. This. And it isn’t even close.
  7. It’s pretty good but not sure where they should be ranked as I have only been to games at ISU, IU, PU, Illinois and Iowa. of this group, I would put IU, PU, ISU, Illinois and then Iowa.
  8. I used to have season tickets to ISU back in the 80’s. Hilton rocks. Especially back in the day when Missouri, KU & OU would come to Ames.
  9. I know Iowa is in the middle of a heat wave right now. Dam it’s hot
  10. Question for you, can you mow your yard on Sunday’s? Is that still a no no in Pella?
  11. Haha. I live in Ames and follow Iowa State. One of the things they are bringing up is the scheduling. Texas has never had to come to Ames in November in the cold. The ISU fans are wanting this in a bad way. No more bending over backwards for Texas and ou.
  12. I agree if the youngsters are earning big minutes and even starting, that only makes IU better. They will have to earn it and that is a good thing IMO
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