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  1. Yes, just like subway, you go thru and tell them what you want on it. They even toast it if you want.
  2. We are going to start shrooming next weekend. I can't wait.
  3. I know there are a few Casey's in Indiana. They have excellent subs and pizza. It is the only place that I almost had to tell the gal making my sub to stop putting meat on it and they are cheap. Subway you have to pay for extra meat at a premium. If I wanted to taste bread, I would buy a loaf.
  4. This is the correct way to look at this. Also, you really can't complain about was CMW has done so far.
  5. Did he accept? I saw that it was his if wants it.
  6. I wish the mens ncaa would move to 4 Q's instead of the two halfs.
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