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  1. HaHa These are big where I live.
  2. Be lucky to see any of the first half
  3. One could make a really good coed joke here, but I will refrain.
  4. Maybe he was sitting at a stop light and had to get the message sent? You never know.
  5. Says the guy on a recruiting forum. Strange.
  6. I was under the impression that they do.
  7. Why is it very hard to learn?
  8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3cQNkIrg-Tk&ab_channel=HankWilliams%2CJr.
  9. Great movie. Pushed the limits back then
  10. I wonder what the insurance is for something like that being driven by an 18YO and who is flipping the bill for that?
  11. Kentucky players getting some good NIL deals
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