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  1. Well said. The announcers were driving me crazy with the...Zags just look a step slow tonight. That’s what happens when you are emotionally and physically drained from the UCLA OT 🙄. How about Baylor just kicked their @ss and give them some credit where credit is due. Scott Drew’s kids executed a great game plan, and they were the superior team. I’m never overly impressed with the Zags. Always have good teams but they don’t play as tough of a schedule so usually when they run into a good team they are exposed. UCLA did a hell of a job on them and should have bounced them on Saturday night. I’m happy for Baylor and Scott Drew. Well deserved!!
  2. Baylor needs to go out and put this game away early in the second half. Can’t let them hang around...
  3. I was hoping Baylor would come out and dominate. Impressive so far...hope they can keep it rolling.
  4. Really great news on so many fronts today!!! Glad to see all the guys coming back onboard. Looking forward to hearing Franklin announce he’s coming back and to see who else jumps aboard from the portal.
  5. Great day to be a Hoosier...welcome back to coach Fife 🔴⚪️
  6. That’s not the way I took it but I hope you are right...
  7. That’s kind of how I’m feeling right now. Hopefully Dolson knows something better than we do and this will be a complete success as a hire but I just don’t see it. Unfortunately, this is exactly what I thought would happen because this is not the program it once was, and nobody wants to come here and rebuild it while leaving a perfectly good program they are currently in.
  8. Wow just wow...terrible move so disappointed this is the best we could do.
  9. Since I’m not involved in the search I would have no idea what list Dolson is going by. Pretty sure this post was self explanatory as my personal opinion to the list that Bozich posted on Twitter which was also posted and reposted here and was being talked about prior to my post. You get behind whoever you want but for me personally I do not want to hire an IU guy. I’m underwhelmed by all of those listed candidates and think if we are that far down the list of desired candidates we must have gotten a lot of No’s by now. Again I’ll preface this by saying it’s MY OPINION. I’m not in the know on any information 🙄
  10. I really hope all these IU guys being mentioned are just a courtesy. I’m not excited about any of them and think we can and should do better. But if we are that far down the list already...like others have said the hire would be underwhelming and likely not excite the fan base except maybe some of the older crowd. Now having one of them on the bench would be a great move. Michael Lewis as an Asst would definitely be great for our program.
  11. I meant it sarcastically as for real that was an awful game by Kansas...he’s not coming to IU. I’m under no illusion anyone like Bennett, Self, Beard, Few, Stevens, Donovan, Wright arent coming to IU. I’m in the ‘we are going to be underwhelmed again’ camp as we can throw as much money as we want at some of these guys...they ain’t leaving their current situation for IU but I’m guessing some may use us to get a pay upgrade. Hell at this point it appears we can’t get Matta either so we may be staring down the barrel of a former player (which I’m not in favor of) or another MM that we will be replacing in 4 more years. It’s depressing because frankly I’m tired of losing and being apathetic about basketball.
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