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  1. Congrats to Anthony! Well deserved. Can not wait to see him in the candy stripes next season.
  2. Good win. The guys played hard. Brunk gets the game ball. He really brought it in the 2nd half. Good to see RP looking like he’s rounding into form at just the right time. Good team effort. Need all of it and then some against Wisconsin. Going to be a tough one...but I’m still of the mindset we need it to secure our spot.
  3. Absolutely that’s my thoughts exactly. We need both home wins. Wisconsin is a bad matchup for us. Senior day or not, I’m not super confident but it’s a MUST win. Win both it’s hard to keep us out win both plus 1 in the BTT we will definitely be in. I hope I’m wrong and they wipe the floor with Wisconsin...
  4. I’m firmly in this camp too plus we are 10th in the conference. I’m not overly confident they give us 10 bids...20 wins and it’s hard to keep us out. 1 win in the BTT would even make me feel that much better.
  5. The refs may have blown calls but IU still had a chance with TJD at the line and couldn’t covert. We also had a 9 min drought. You cannot go 9 minutes without scoring and miss your free throws at the end and expect to win. The B1G refs suck but that’s every game. You have to overcome that and take advantage of opportunities. These scoring droughts are killing us. Archie makes some bad subs at times and it seems to contribute to these scoring problems. Good effort today. Gotta win two at home now.
  6. It’s really pathetic we can’t beat a Purdue team that’s this bad.
  7. Haven’t been able to watch doesn’t look like I’m missing much. Appears more of the same on the road. Help needs to come soon in the form of a perimeter shooter or we will be looking at more of the same for next season. Hope the second half gets better...
  8. Was shocked to see this come up in my email...big news!!! Huge get for Archie. Hope he can reclassify. We could use him next season.
  9. This will be a tough one. We have to show up and play a full 40 minutes. Scoring droughts and defensive lapses will kill us. PSU is a good, tough minded team. I like how they play. Let’s hope the team that played with effort and toughness last night shows up at the Hall on Sunday. That team can play with anyone.
  10. Good win. Gotta keep it moving forward to Sunday. Huge home game against PSU. Need to win out at home. PSU and Wiscy will be tough home games (not because Wiscy is good but because we always play so bad against them). Keep feeding TJD. It’s not a hard concept.
  11. Not a hard concept get TJD the ball...good win tonight but Minny is a bad team. Need to play well in all of the remaining games.
  12. Bad call by the refs there. Al tripped over his own feet.
  13. 2 bad possessions. Gotta go inside here.
  14. My feelings EXACTLY. I just want to watch a team that plays with effort and heart. The team I saw the day BK came home against PU was not a team that I want to watch play basketball. That team failed to show up on a historic day at AH. I guess if the admin is causing this you could bring in any coach you want and nothing will change. I haven’t been impressed with Archie. I really thought he would be the guy. I’m sure he will get another year but I don’t see how anything changes. Hope I’m wrong...
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