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  1. I’m at work and can’t watch. I like to play this game of reading the game thread and then guessing the score lol I’m never even close...
  2. We need to win this game AND Msu to separate ourselves from those two in terms of NCAA tournament chances. We’re all to similar and we need a leg up. This is the first game this year that I would categorize as a “must win” for our chances.
  3. That was at the end of the game and Archie and him both knew he got lucky the foul called wasn’t on the 3 point shot attempt at half court I presume. They were both laughing. That’s my take from watching it in real time on tv. Also a kudos and good job, but wow we squeaked that out.
  4. Can he handle the ball, break a press, hit an open three, and hit a open foul shot? While at least staying in front of his man on defense and understanding rotations and how to feed the post? If so sign em up lol
  5. Yes. A loss here doesn’t kill us. It helps a ton. But wins over Rutgers, MSU, and Minny mean a lot due to them being close to us in standings. We lose osu and win those three we will be in good shape. Every game here on out is important. But losing to osu isn’t going to end out season. I’m still thing we need to get to 10 big ten wins to feel good about making the tournament. However we get them I don’t care. Obviously wanna beat Purdue and osu for me personally ( I live in Ohio and all the bandwagon osu football fans start to watch basketball when osu is good), but 10 wins I think gets us in
  6. That’s honestly one of the the ugliest, most disjointed, uninspiring, joke of an offensive halfs I’ve seen in a while. And that’s saying a lot cuz I’ve watched all our games. I’m gonna go plow the snow off the driveway and check back later...good grief..go Hoosiers!!
  7. Holmes is so impressive down low. Her post moves are a thing of beauty.
  8. We have to find a way to get 5 more wins IMO. This looks like the easiest one left.
  9. Kiss my butt..kiss his butt..happy Hanukkah
  10. I’m more in the camp of only having a few people shoot them like leal in higher volume...but missed threes and missed free throws have the same value so I’m okay with it lol.
  11. Iowa 6-11 from three. Us 7-13 from the free throw line...
  12. I think this plays into the lack of a fast break. It’s not like we don’t have athletes or ball handlers. It’s like we’re afraid of a fast break sometimes.
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