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  1. Correct the team is back on the court playing again. Be interesting to see how they progress this year. Idk if we will ever be “back” to what our standards have been, right or wrong.
  2. I think it’s hard to say we are much improved or nothing has improved after 1 game. As I posted earlier, I think we played much more under control. I love having another ball handler in Lander. And our freshman’s shooting will probably find a level point better than 13% from 3. But to brass cannons point, some of the same issues we saw last year(or 3) are what I picked out watching some of the game too early on. Same tendencies, but I guess that’s Archie’s offense and it got better as it went on. Also the Big ten is stacked. I don’t think is being negative or not watchin the game, but imo we
  3. I think Geronimo is more raw than I had hoped. Not surprised, but from what some people have said. Impressed by trey. He was hustling. 8 turnovers total was good to see. I feel like this team played less erratic than previous years. Maybe the Devonte effect. Overall about what I expected. A lot to like, but a lot to get better at. Shooting and FT still a sore spot.
  4. Doesn’t even seem like it should be starting yet. This year has been so messed up. Plus the football team being good helps lol.
  5. Good take here too. Living in Ohio I hate hate hate OSU....but He makes a point.
  6. Realistically given the schedules left and who has to play if we beat Maryland Wisconsin Purdue and (presumably Iowa). We are sitting at 8-1 with our only loss to the probable big ten champ at their place. We are for sure top 10, probably in the top 8. Ny6 for sure. Wisconsin scares me given our history, which shouldn’t effect the game, but still it’s in my mind. Florida will have 2 losses if they lose to bama. Osu beats nw. A&M has auburn and LSU left, which should be wins but ya never know. Oklahoma ain’t gonna lose again unless it’s in b12 champ. If we win out I see us around 6-8 range
  7. I recently just finished the back wall of my basement and the closed in the top areas above. Basement was completely unfinished and house was built new in 2018 and this was the last thing I did in there after the playroom and 1/2 bath. Still have some trim and baseboard to lay but making a lot of progress from a cement wall. Did all walls and pretty much everything but running electrical myself. And floors too. Feeling very accomplished lol. Had to get the deer hung up too. Was making me sad seeing them covered in plastic.
  8. Let’s say FSU throws 5-6 million a year at him to go to there. With his Florida ties would it worry me? Maybe a little bit, but gun to my head can’t see him leaving if we could match the money. He wears my butt out watching him. Idk how he keeps all the energy.
  9. Really love watching the atmosphere and team dynamics of this team. You can tell the #leo isn’t just a hashtag.
  10. Lol at the MSU linebacker talking crap to Scott...
  11. I wouldn’t go that far, but he does hit the hole faster ( IMO) and it’s made a difference when he’s been in.
  12. Trying to run out the clock is keeping this game closer than it needs to be..
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