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  1. Good to have a non conference schedule like this and not have to worry about sos at the end of the year. We better come out and play otherwise we’re gonna get embarrassed and go into conference with 4-5 losses.
  2. I don’t know if the old QB from Oregon has anything left in his legs to try to play college basketball…but I’m sure there’s some sort of deal in place for Dexter if he chooses us. 😉
  3. I will admit I laughed way too hard at “James Blackmon couldn’t guard a chair”
  4. I just hope with how transfers are a kid like Gunn sees a means to an end, and doesn’t get discouraged and jump ship from playing time as a freshman. I think he’s gonna be really really good. Very smooth. But he will need a year and we have some depth in front of him. I like having a stable of good recruits on the bench tho. Practices are about to be really good. A little perspective and patience can go a long way in life.
  5. That’s awesome. Add the 30 in that he missed point blank and it would have been much bigger gap. I kid. Kinda… lol
  6. I mean it’s uncontrollable now anyway. What do they even do? They have made it a business for players now. Whether we agree or disagree on it being good or bad, besides the ncaa tournament as the thing connecting these teams and setting down some rules it’s a joke of an organization anymore with no consistency across anychain besides do what they can to make more money.
  7. I agree for sure. That’s kind of what I alluded to. We all want him to be that shooter he isn’t, so he let us down in thy regards even if it was a realistic expectation or not. We all want him to be hulls, zeisloft, Blackmon shooting ability. And I just don’t see it happening.
  8. I don’t think we get McNeil. However, if Kopp was shooting how we all “think” he should we wouldn’t even be looking. He didn’t do that last year and it hurt us severely. He didn’t hold up on his end in the shooting department. We bring on another non shooter who is great on defense that’s good defense travels, but still missing a sniper. Not sold on Kopp at all. Maybe he will be better next year, but I don’t expect to see a much different player in year 5 of college.
  9. The power of the NLI. Has anyone seen any specific numbers for any of our players? Just curious.
  10. If McNeil goes to Ohio state I’m gonna be a little mad about it. He has the shooting we need and have been missing. Dexter may be a great defender, but our missing element is shooting. Maybe we will get better at that over the summer. We need to, can’t be worse. Plus F the buckeyes…
  11. No but you do have more posts then 90 percent of people here so saying it’s pathetic someone from another team goes to another board is a bit hypocritical. Better than JHS Romeo or Gordon who was the best player I’ve seen at IU…
  12. My thought process is more I hope JHS is good enough to start as a freshman. And if he isn’t, we won’t be as good as I expect as a team. Don’t need him to be Eric Gordon, but come in and average 8 pts with a good floor game and defense would be more than we got from any of our other guards sans X last year. Maybe someone has a big jump this off-season which would be great, and have a lot of competition. I guess I just am not as high on some of the returning players ability to make that jump.
  13. He committed to msu then decommitted and went to Memphis.
  14. Kopps shooting numbers for last season were on par with his career averages. He is what he is. He averaged less in less volume of shots and 7 mins Less a game. I was expecting to see the Miller kopp of the previous 2 years, but I guess I didn’t watch NW games close enough because he averaged 25mpg last year and 31 for the previous 2. Averaged 7 points less last year. I had the thought he could come in be a 40+ percent three point shooter, give us 12 points a game. But his on ball defense is average at best and can’t stay in front of smaller players, and gets beat back door 2 times a game by ball watching. Good leader, I like his attitude, love his baselines and corner 3 game. That’s about it. Everything else he does is not what I would expect a starting or even 15+minute player at IU to get. If our expectation is for him suddenly “have it click” I think we are expecting something that isn’t there.
  15. As opposed to every Purdue season that is squandered as well? Ya tough choice there 🤔
  16. Knoxville is amazing. Compared to the toilet of west lafayette for sure.
  17. So is there any actual off-season news besides a pissing match where one person has never been wrong and the other person has an unpopular opinion they are allowed to have? I think we can agree that no matter what is said, you will NEVER agree on this… Good grief. I’m ready for any type of season at this point…
  18. All I’m saying is if you all had a family member who was killed by a driver speeding (I’ve had 2) one in a car and 1 on a sidewalk who was 7 years old and your little brother and he was hit by a driver going 50 in a 25, you may look at it a little bit more serious than just a “ whoops bad decision”.In this situation thank goodness nobody was hurt. Take out the basketball aspect and if that’s your family member who was potentially put it harms way, it’s serious to you then. Imagine your son or daughter is driving home and that car turns just a little bit the wrong way and hits them. There always potential for things to go wrong anytime you’re in a car, but definitely shows a severe lack of good decision making and disregard for anyone but himself. We’ve all made bad decisions, but just because he ain’t perfect and neither are we doesn’t mean it’s okay either. In terms of being on the team I’ll leave that up to coach obviously, but I hope he learns his lesson regardless if he’s on the team or not and learns it isn’t all about X. If this was on somebody else’s team ya’ll would be all over him more than you are. My only post on the subject.
  19. Should we change the topic to Purdue off-season? Good lord. 3 pages full of Purdues off season. I’ll count this thread as one ill not be looking at for a while.
  20. I think that’s our best case scenario as well if people come back/progress to their potential.
  21. I hope Geronimo comes back. I went to the open practice in Dayton so I get it literally means nothing in the context of a practice but small things still stuck out to me. He was doing every stretch, every high knee, every lunge like it actually mattered. He went through drills and worked up a sweat and it looked like he cared and was focused on getting better. Same with leal and Galloway. Then you had Race half assing the warm ups, missing shots and laughing about it, and seemed like he was disinterested being there. He missed 4 straight free throws and laughed. They you saw how he played in the games, which mirrored his practice. Maybe he was in a funk idk, I honestly thought he was sick, but I’m burnt out on him if it means Geronimo leaving. We know what we have in Race, and he was a big part of our team, but I’d rather have my eggs in the Geronimo basket with the hope he can sure up his dribble, work on his shot, and then get meaningful reps if I had a choice, which I don’t obviously.
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