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  1. I wonder what Irving thinks about being the third highest paid player there. Being the head case he is.
  2. Imagine a team like the nuggets or jazz or a top 5 east team needing a rental who have cap space. 2nd round pick for 2 months and potential to win a championship with a good scorer I think would be it.
  3. Rockets may be able to turn Gordon or Oladipo to a contender for more pics. They are neither in long term plans now. Rental for a good team could return assets. Sucks for Vic but he wasn’t coming back to Indiana anyway.
  4. Nice to see how many returning starters we have compared to some other teams. Get Penix back healthy and two top 12 games to start the year. Chance to see what we’re made of early. Osu replacing a lot and at Bloomington looks doable if we play to our potential and defense stays the course with a new DC.
  5. I think it’s important to realize we could have 0 wins or 6 wins in the big ten and the difference between that is -7, -9, -7 , +2, +8, +8...and in every one of those games in the last 5 mins it was a one- two possession game either way...big ten is tough and we’re probably not as good or bad as we think on each side. We have the talent to be upper half. We also had the bad stretches to be bottom half. And the fact 10 teams should make tournament in field of 64. We need to get to .500 in league play at the end of the season.
  6. You can tell they both have been coached very well and have a helluva work ethic.
  7. Yeah, as I said Galloway needs to see the court. But leal got some minutes tonight that he earned. Galloway was 0-4 from 3. They all looked ugly and he passed up another 3-4 open ones that if leal was in would have been at least 1-2 makes. Not a knock on Trey because I love watching him play and him and leal have a very high basketball iq and make winning plays. His dunk and assists and rebounds were great. But when a team runs a zone like that against us we can’t afford to have someone on the perimeter that cannot make a 3. That leads to a worse shot later on in the clock. Love Trey, his int
  8. I’m very much in the more leal and hunter club right now. I feel leal deserves some of treys minutes. Until Trey fixes that knuckleball 3 he is a liability on offense, even with his all around game being a positive. They were playing off him so much and it was clogging up that side of the floor inside. I still want Trey playing, but leal deserves the minutes he(leal) got tonight. He’s been a different player the last 3 games. Much more confident and defense so much better too. And he’s our best player on the team at feeding the post.
  9. I’m liking “inside” Hunter the last couple games.
  10. How many steps that dude gonna take every time he drives...
  11. Confident Rob is so much more fun to watch!!
  12. Really the missed FT are my only complaint so far...weird
  13. The refs said no...Davis got hammered at the end of regulation. They called that stuff all night against them and choked on their whistle there because wit was the end of the game. He should of made it but still..crock of crap
  14. That’s how quick it swings...a terrible terrible no call turns into that...unreal. Although not unexpected
  15. Even for Wisconsin this is bad..like I expect them to get some calls..but my lord...
  16. Wisconsin has fouls to give.....Indiana...does not...well no crap
  17. NO FING WAY! No Fwing way! Omg. I need to stop. I’m throw this phone through the tv... cmon refs!! I already snapped a remote watching the ole piss game Saturday I can’t break another one!!
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