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  1. Posted in chat. Here as well. Tom Crean hired by ESPN
  2. Thanks for the contribution. Not surprised at all. I know a lot of recruits don't keep up on stuff like this.
  3. You raise a good point. Not going to discredit it. However, I can say that I, personally have dealt with IU's compliance department on a few occasions. And can attest to the fact that when I did, they have been on top of things. Won't mention all of the times. With the exception of one time.... when Yogi's mom was breaking an NCAA rule. By the time I got in touch with compliance, they had told me they had already talked to her. Based on my experiences, I have no doubt that IU's compliance department has been on top of things.
  4. IU Contacted B1G Over Controversial Calls

    One of three calls that did not go IU's way. Had they gone IU's way.... IU posts a W .
  5. Romeo Langford

    UNC "Insider" , to me : The timing could not have been any better. Friday, was spent meeting with academic advisers. Saturday, the football game. Sunday was "breakfast with Roy". Romeo's dad loves Roy's laid back approach to practice.
  6. Just my own opinion. If your school's compliance department has been on the job..... there should not be a reason for an internal investigation at this time. They should have been on top of things, long before now.
  7. UL could have saved themselves a lot of aggravation and face saving, had they fired Pitino, after "Hookergate". Rick Pitino: Louisville officially fires HOF coach | SI.com
  8. If 28 different schools are conducting internal reviews, then I ask.... what does that tell you ?
  9. I did not realize I was doing that. Thank you for pointing that out. It's my bad. And I will be looking not to do it again.
  10. .... within the last week. I reported this last week to my fellow mods that De'Ron Davis was seen on campus in a boot. Walking with a limp. And then on Saturday, by a well respected source reported to me, that he saw Collin Hartman, at Cook Hall in a boot as well. It has now become public that Collin was seen in a boot. However, when I asked my well respected source about De'Ron, who saw Collin in a boot at Cook Hall, he said he did not see De'Ron on Saturday. So, he could not confirm if De'Ron was still in a boot. In De'Ron's case, it was not one, but two reporting to me about the boot. And I thank them both for that. Though I kept this intel to just my fellow mods. But since it has come out that Collin has been seen in a boot, I felt I owed it to HSN.03 members to come out with the news. And in both cases, we don't know the reason for the boots. Just sightings. Hopefully, just precautionary, as has gone on with other IU players in the past.
  11. UNC Goes Before NCAA Today

    Hope you had a great time in Northern Michigan. Though not at the top, I have spent a considerable amount of time in Northern Michigan. Traverse City, Northport and Sutton's Bay. Beautiful country.
  12. Illinois

    Brad Underwood is one of three Oklahoma State head coaches, caught up in the time frame the the New York Grand Jury is investigating. Not saying he is guilty or not. Just stating the facts. We'll let the Grand Jury decide. Report: Oklahoma State received a subpoena from New York grand jury
  13. Illinois

    Illinois message boards: Illini basketball message boards & forums
  14. UNC Goes Before NCAA Today

    That's a really good question. I just find it hard to understand the logic of the NCAA who, have in the past 10 years, penalized 15 schools because of academic malfeasance, and let UNC go free. Just does not make sense to me. Plus... welcome to Hoosier Sports Nation !
  15. Darius Garland

    And other one real life example in addition to Jeffries, when dealing with young men. Moses Abraham told IU players he would be committing to IU after his visit. But only had to tell his mother first. Two days later, Moses committed to Georgetown. Learned this lesson from my own son, when he was this age, what they say and actually do, can be two different things. And those can change from day to day.