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  1. Would love to become a football school. However, in addition to basketball.... ahead of football.... I considered IU a swimming school. Though we dipped after Doc's death... IU is now coming back. And then.... how many soccer NC's have the Yeagley's brought home to bloomington ? By the way.... a major investment just completed to IU's soccer field..... home to the little 500. So many things to love about IU. Never forget.
  2. Appreciate the link/story. Not sure we are a football school.....yet. So follow me in the way back machine when we were : 1940-1959 - Indiana University Sports Memorabilia
  3. No breath wash ? Come on, man !
  4. Is that what's know as..... passing it forward ? LOL
  5. Hopefully it turned out good for you. mrflynn.... get in there twice a year. Or other times if you suspect a problem. At the beginning of the pandemic.... my dentist... who I mentioned above got his degree from IU.... closed his office.... except for emergencies. I am pleased that this thread has served as a reminder for you and perhaps others to check in with your dentists.
  6. I once dropped a Tray at the local Golden Corral. The cleanup was immediate. Reminds me of the talk of Trey to PU this past week.
  7. Stay safe, my man. And continue to do things that are important during this pandemic. Seeking 6... looking to making his name Seeking 7. Oh yeah.
  8. Shoveled snow yesterday. And before covid.... not the American Legion. Would spend time with our great American Vets at the VA hospital... moved from Denver to Aurora, Colorado. The historic Eisenhower Suite on the 8th floor of Building 500 at the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Center Campus in Aurora, Colorado. This was the hospital room where President Dwight D. Eisenhower stayed following a heart attack in the fall of 1955. The hospital room and adjoining meeting room and nurses' station have been refurbished to reflect the time period by the Colorado State Historical Societ
  9. The heck with item four..... I am all in on item five. LOL
  10. Continue on with the question...... however..... next question. What floss is your favorite to use ?
  11. Our dentist, here in Colorado... who ironically was a God Son of one of my uncle's back in Merriville, Indiana. Went to Andrean High School. And got his degree in dentistry.... from IU.....Indiana University School of Dentistry Insists on flossing daily. I have to admit.... I only floss when food gets caught in my teeth. On the other hand. Mrs. mile flosses as least once a day.. and always comes home with honors after her regularly scheduled visit to our dentist.
  12. As well you should.. Sam has been tuned in for years. Don't know Sam would want the job. But feel he should be a moderator on Hoosier Sports Nation.
  13. Too close for comfort. So many have lost homes in Colorado due to the wild fires. Prayers to you and your wife to stay safe. Pandemic and wild fires in Colorado. Too much.
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