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  1. MBB Red Out - Indiana University Athletics - Official Athletics Website
  2. Vegas feels you may get your wish, as they have IU anywhere to just a 3 to 4 1/2 point dog.
  3. Pleased to hear, you listened to your coach, regardless of your dad, or friends, telling you different. As far as evidence. I just have to reflect on games last year, where Justin just seemed his head was not in the game. Or other times, his freshman year, when he seemed to be struggling with how to handle situations. Rather, than letting the game come to him, as we have seen lately. Just know this. I appreciate your being a member of Hoosier Sports Nation. Not only has his PPG gone from 6.5 to 8.2 to 12.2 so far this season. But IMHO, I think not only does he look more comfortable on the court this season, which has translated into an improved overall game.
  4. Not a direct route to Penn State. After IU, Curtis went to Oklahoma State. Then moved on to Penn State as a Grad Transfer. I watched the game the other night. Curtis played great. (Sigh)
  5. RIP Mr. P. Mr. Peanut is dead — long live Mr. Peanut Planters’ Mr. Peanut DiesWhile Saving Wesley Snipes And Matt Walsh’s Lives
  6. I wasn't trying to be confrontational. Just adding a little info. CBS did not report the suspension coming from the league. Just that the suspension was longer than first published. I kind of figured the long suspension came from the league. Which proves that the B1G 12 has bigger balls than Kansas.
  7. Left Oklahoma State under a cloud of suspicion, just as Roy Williams left Kansas. Oklahoma State subpoenaed for records of NCAA violations in college basketball probe - Chicago Tribune
  8. There were published reports, early on, and continuing, that his dad was making trips to B-town to meet with Coach Miller regarding how Archie was using him. Early conflict in the way he played on the court showed me he was conflicted. The Thinker: Hoosiers want athletic Justin Smith to analyze less, just play – The Athletic And then there were tweets where his dad openly attacked Coach Miller. Edward Smith tweet attacking Archie Miller
  9. Indiana Basketball: Hoosiers 2021 target has career night 16, 15, 11 per this article.
  10. Thanks TDH. God speed young Mr.Cronk. Too bad Iowa is not on IU's schedule next season. Or perhaps, that is why you chose Iowa. Get well and have a great season.
  11. Wednesday's special. Two links for the price of one : IU men’s basketball ready for challenge No. 11 Michigan State presents - Indiana Daily Student Michigan State basketball's Tom Izzo: Road trip is 'separation week'
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