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  1. Not a question. But rather a shout out, I would like to pass along. For picking IU over the likes of Michigan, Michigan State, Ohio State, and most importantly, Purdue. Thanks Rashawn !
  2. So funny. We have a "Pizza King", close to my house. Not a chain. His name is Frank. Mentioned him in my first post in this thread. Where they don't look at you as if you are crazy, if you ask them to cut your pizza into squares. Frank is my "Pizza King". Frank "The Pizza King" Englewood, Colorado
  3. Have friends who winter in Orlando. My wife visits annually. I stay home with the dogs. This year, my wife spent the day at Epot. For the flower and garden show. I am sure you know. But for others. The NBA experience is located in Disney Springs. Enjoy your next trip to Disney.
  4. Been following Tim Tracker, and his wife Jen, and their dog, Bandit, for years now. They have been producing "stuff", mostly Disney and Universal for well over a decade now. But they do go all over the country as well. And Japan. Mostly theme park related. But do go off topic once in a while. Production quality is great. Side note. A few years back they were told that they would not be able to have kids. Not long ago, they announced that Jen was pregnant. It's a boy ! Due this winter/early Spring. And they have been taking us along that path as well. Thanks for the link, Proud.
  5. Their menu looks great. Can understand, just by reading the menu, why you feel the way you do about that place.
  6. If you ever make it back to Colorado, and are able to make it out to Ouray, again. It is beautiful. As is most of Colorado. Check out the Ouray hot springs. We have relatives that live close by. They are horse people. Sounds as if you got a chance to see many parts of Colorado. There is so much more. Even South Park. LOL
  7. FYI's Game. August 31. Opponent. Ball State. Venue. Lucas Oil Stadium. Indianapolis, Indiana. TIckets. $40 to $ 70. Time. Noon. TV. CBSSN.
  8. I remember. Seemed like every pizza joint in Gary had Anchovies on their menu. We.... always passed. LOL
  9. Best part of Wyoming to sight wild horses, is around Yellowstone. Were you able to make it to Bent's Fort in SW Colorado ? Four corners is neat as well. One foot can be placed in four different states.
  10. I grew up in NW Indiana. Where ii was thin crust. Always cut in squares. Have even driven back to NW Indiana in the past. To frequent the places I grew up, serving thin crust, cut into square. Most of the thin crust pizza placed here in Denver, look at me like I am crazy, if I ask to cut it into squares. However, there is a place in Englewood, Colorado, not far from my house. Been in business for 50 years. When I ask to have thin crust (all they sell), cut into squares, say : "squares it is, it tastes better that way". Introduced to Chicago Deep dish years later. I love that as well. Lou Malnati. Then I got to Colorado. And was introduced to my favorite of all. Colorado Mountain Pie. Served with honey. To pour on your crust. As a desert. Beau Jo's Colorado Mountain Pie Pizza
  11. Wyoming is cool. Driving through Wyoming. At times. I have seen more animals than people. Everything from wild horses to wild turkeys. Wide open spaces. Make sure you have a full tank of gas before heading out to anywhere.
  12. Have used an extension ladder in my younger days. Not an option for me now. Stihl makes a great product.
  13. Sounds like the performance can be great, given the price. I gave up on gas mix years ago. Then went to electric. However, got tired of dragging electric cords all over the yard. Then. I went to battery power. Love it. Have a edge trimmer and blower. The blower I use all year round. Blow off my side walk, and patios, even in the winter when the snow is light ( Keep in mind we have a dry climate, which results in a dry snow.) Not sure that would work in higher humidity climes. Beauty is when I am done, no cord to wrap up. Just pop the battery out and recharge for the next use. All my units are Ryobi. So... based on your post, Rico. I went to You Tube. To see if Ryobi has a tree trimmer. And I found this. Ryobi 18 Volt Cordless Pole Saw Review! (P4361) #landscaping #cutting #trees #pruning
  14. Decent price. I have a manual limb trimmer. Pull rope for smaller limbs. And saw on the end for larger limbs. And as I get older. It becomes more difficult for me to use. How far ( high ) does yours extend ? And how big of a limb will it trim ? Curious to learn how it performs. I just might have to invest into one of these.
  15. Name your favorite states. I'll give you mine. 1. Colorado ( duh !) 2. Alaska 3 . Hawaii HSN. You can list more or less.
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