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  1. One more tip. Spray water on the leaves.... and then sprinkle Seven on them. It stays on the leaves better that way.
  2. If planted next to each other. Keep an eye on your tomato plants. Daily. Buy some Seven ahead of time. To dust over them. In fact.... not a problem to dust tomato plants with Seven any time during the growing season to help keep them healthy. GardenTech Sevin Dust Insect Killer
  3. Neat. Unique way to attend services. I suggest your pastor look into zoom. Quality is superb. And can converse both before and after services. In the end. I was just happy that you are able to attend.
  4. Justin. Are you attending church, physically ? Or viewing via Zoom ? As the mile family does. Our pastor has said he is not comfortable, yet in having members attend church. Just curious. As I know some churches have opened up for Sunday services.
  5. Excellent. Looks as good as a professional job.... if not better. Did you pick up the rocks yourself. Or have them delivered ?
  6. Courtesy of ITH : Statement from IU Athletic Director Fred Glass - Inside the Hall
  7. That I will be linking the the Race Relations thread in "The Animal House" Thanks Alex : Statement from IU Athletic Director Fred Glass - Inside the Hall | Indiana Hoosiers Basketball News, Recruiting and Analysis
  8. Oh yeah. Coach Allen's comments were heart felt. And then to have Eric Gordon tweet about him. Even though they both played different sports at IU said it all about what a great person Chis was.
  9. Pepper Leaf Curl - What Causes Leaves To Curl On Pepper Plants
  10. As I have been saying all along. Don't put your faith in the death counts. Have already posted that Colorado admits they lumped every death due to the virus. Then were forced to reduce the numbers.
  11. ^^^ tdhoosier. With out quoting you. Thanks for that post, first off. And let me say... that this thread has turned into one of my all time favorite threads. All kinds of opinions. Yet. No one really attacking others. Though they may not agree with them. Love our talks in the BB threads. However.... this IS the Animal House. Thanks again to all for conducting yourselves in a civil manner. HSN... we will get through this.
  12. I've said it before on Hoosier Sports Nation. Interesting, no matter where we live... how connected we are as IU fans. So sad that you lost someone you had multiple interactions with. Very nice tribute you have given to Chris. Thanks for that. You and Eric Gordon as well. And it is a shame that a good guy should lose his life this way.
  13. Yes. I liked it. Thanks
  14. One of the many things I love about Hoosier Sports Nation. Is the many things I have learned over the years... on a wide amount of topics. Gotta admit. Until this thread. I had no idea who Luke Combs was. Thanks for introducing me to him, btown. Luke Combs - Without You (Unreleased Original)
  15. Yeah. I know. Never take anyone for granted. However.
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