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  1. It took $5million for ESPN to get rid of Jemele Hill. I doubt it would take anywhere that much to dump the Dak.
  2. Sam is and always has been an asset to Hoosier Sports Nation. Much like The Daily Hoosier and so many others have and are. We are fortunate, that they have chosen HSN to share with us. I know many of you feel the same as do I about what I consider to be very special members of our board.
  3. IU went into that Minnesota game, undefeated at 8-0. Even though IU lost. It was a season to remember. Edit to add : IU played home games at the 17th Street Stadium, when I was a student. Later it was renamed... Memorial Stadium.
  4. Two and a half men. With Sheen. Local channel runs it weekly after the news. When nothing else of interest is on.... I always tune in. Can't say how many times I have watched it. Still enjoyable for me.
  5. Not only is Palm a PU grad. He currently resides in Shererville, Indiana. A bastion of anti IU basketball for decades.
  6. 1967 was a great year for IUFB. I was a student at IU at the time. Went to every home game.
  7. Hoping to put an end to this. Just to say that Sam has been a friend of Hoosier Sports Nation for many years now. And a well respected AAU coach with connections to IUBB, the state of Indiana. As well as Illinois. He does not have to share with us. However, we are honored when he does. We once had a member... Birdman was his user name. Who also was connected, as an AAU coach. At one time. Who later became, the HC at Crispus Attucks. I would say of Coach SS, as I did of Birdman. When he speaks...... it is best to listen.
  8. I report. You decide : BREAKING: Maurice Washington not currently with Nebraska football team
  9. IndianaUniversity Concussion Protocol PDF
  10. Well, in fact. I frowned upon the designated running plays that were called for Penix, prior to his having to leave the game. And posted as much on HSN. Just did not make sense to me, considering his previous injuries. I don't mind Penix getting out of trouble when necessary, as much as calling for designated running plays.
  11. Today. Oct 21. In coach's Oct 21 P.C. Sorry for any confusion.
  12. Speculation on the interweb that he is in concussion protocol. Coach said he would be a game time decision (imagine that, ha ,ha). But pressed on the question, as to whether Michael would be practicing this week.... Coach said he would have a better idea, later on Monday.
  13. Tom Allen - Nebraska Week - 10/21/19
  14. WR Nick Westbrook - Nebraska Week - 10/21/19 QB Peyton Ramsey - Nebraska Week - 10/21/19
  15. I just found this : Dan Dakich suspended from ESPN's The Fan for not adhering to "journalistic principles"
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