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  1. milehiiu

    Where are they Now -- Bracey Wright

    In terms of selfishness.... I don't feel JBJ compares to Bracey. In terms of shooting despite the trajectory, I would rate Bracey ahead of JBJ. Of course my personal opinions. Anyone and everyone is free to disagree.
  2. milehiiu

    Where are they Now -- Bracey Wright

    I always felt that Bracey was too selfish of a player. This article kind of hints as to why Williams, in terms of unselfishness was chosen ahead of Bracey. THE WAY THE BALL BOUNCES
  3. milehiiu

    The top 3 scorers for IU this season.

    I have always loved your user name. So, glad you have found HSN 3.0. Keep in touch.
  4. milehiiu

    Need Help (kind of OT)

    Just discovered, yet another streaming source that offers the Big Ten Channel. It's called Shack TV. Right now it's available for a limited number of smart tv's. Mine are Vizio's. So right now I can't link it to my smart tv's. However : DOWNLOAD SHACK TV ON ANDROID & FIRESTICK
  5. milehiiu

    3 more bowl games?

    Bottom line.... let's get IU to a bowl. No matter where, IMHO. Can't make it or don't desire to make it to the game ? There always is tv. As far as planning goes. IU Alumni all over the nation, closer to stadiums in warm climates would have the same amount of planning as those living in the Midwest. So, I feel that is a non starter. Personally, I would much rather fly/drive where there is no chance of a snowstorm, than knowing that chance is always there, prep time or not.
  6. milehiiu

    3 more bowl games?

    ^^^ Thank you for the kind words, Andy. Much appreciated.
  7. milehiiu

    The Off-Topic Thread

    Another video. Personally, since this has been going on for so many years, and I only have seen one arrest made of people in the U.S...... IRS Scam Arrests ....... I think the more we can spread news about this scam among friends and family is the best way to combat this scam. I have alerted many of my friends to this scam. Some of which knew about it, and other who did not, but got calls after I alerted them to this scam. So.... tell all your friends and family about this, and have them spread the word. IRS Scammer wants Google Play Cards from Speedway Gas Station!
  8. milehiiu

    The Off-Topic Thread

    Here's a video where the guy scammed the IRS scammer for more than one hour : IRS Scammer wants Google Play Cards from Walmart! Timeline Included! Rare, as in this video do the IRS scammers ask for a credit card.... the charge of which can be reversed.
  9. milehiiu

    The Off-Topic Thread

    True story. We have a good friend who has a serious eye issue. Before it got to be as bad as it is now, and just before she stopped driving due to it.... the doctor issued her a handicap placard, to hang from her rear view mirror. Mind you, she looked physically fit.... but had eye issues. Legal to drive, but just barely. Anywhoo. She parks in a handicapped spot one day, and this lady starts giving her grief. And asks : "WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU !? " Without hesitation, our friend replies : "I can't see ! " The lady who was giving her grief did not know what to make of that response, and without another word, turned around and walked away. Happened a number of years ago.... however, telling the story never ceases to cause me to laugh.
  10. milehiiu

    Where are they Now -- Jordan Hulls

    Ha. Ha. I was just like the audience. I went from hating Hans..... to loving him at the end. Same night. Another surprise : Courtney Hadwin
  11. milehiiu

    Interesting article.

    It could work both ways. Think of why Romeo Langford scratched Kentucky off his list. After watching Cal's style, he wanted none of it. In this instance, perhaps the reason only four committed was because theses kids got a chance to see how theses coaches coach, up close and personal, and don't care for what they see.
  12. milehiiu

    All-Time IUBB NBA First Round Picks

    Benson's NBA start did not lack punch Welcome to the NBA, Rook !
  13. milehiiu

    2018-19 Playing Time

    Don't even have to look this one up. Not sure of the exact %. However D-1 BB players can play a certain percentage of the school's scheduled games, before losing their red shirt eligibility. In bb it is based on a percentage of scheduled games, rather than numbers of games as in FB. Not to confuse a regular red shirt with medical red shirt. Two different animals. Medical allow student athletes to qualify for a red shirt, even though playing in some games. A regular red shirt means even one minute of time disallows red shirt for that year. You are correct. And therefore, have earned the coveted milehiiu "Well Done !" of the day.
  14. milehiiu

    Need Help (kind of OT)

    I found out the hard way. If you choose Hulu. Many of the Roku devices do not support Hulu Live tv. None of mine did. So I ordered a Roku 4kHD Ultra from Roku. Did not ask to have it sent fast, in order to save an additional charge. Was told it would come in 3-7 days, and it came in two days. The phone number for Roku is :1-888-265-6650. The service people I talked to there were very knowledgeable, patient and helpful. As far as cable.... I generally call every 6 months, and ask what deals they have at the time. Always come through with some kind of deal that lowers the bill. Still.. a pain in the but. Not sure if Hulu Live tv is the total answer to cutting the cable for me. It does solve the problem of not having the Big Ten Network. My first choice was Direct TV Now. But AT&T made it impossible to access with my current browsers.
  15. milehiiu

    Need Help (kind of OT)

    Welcome back ! The answer to your question is yes. How to Watch Big Ten Network Without Cable - Your Top 7 Options My cable company dropped the Big Ten Network.... so I set out on a way to stream the Big Ten Channel : I cut the cable. Now I need help. - The Animal House - Hoosier Sports Nation | Indiana Basketball and Sports Forum Keep in mind, also that many IU games with be on networks other than the Big Ten Channel. Hulu Live tv, that I set up just a couple days ago seems to have me covered, in that I not only get the Big Ten Channel. But also CBS, NBC all the ESPN's and both of the Fox Sports Channels. Hope this helps.