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  1. milehiiu

    Zach McRoberts / Scholarship

    So..... we can mark you down for Mary Ann. And not for Ginger. LOL
  2. milehiiu

    The Off-Topic Thread

    Hilarious. Thanks to MM for the contri. One last thing from the Semi-driver. After a pig.... don't hit a horse head on, if you can avoid it. Longer legs than a deer. And the body is sure to come over the hood, and perhaps into the windshield depending on the speed you are going.
  3. Another ruse employed by many colleges at the time. Have a "booster" friend who owned a new car dealership.... direct a player to drive a car (either his or someone else) to the dealership at the start of school, and drop it off for "repairs". Provide the player with a "loaner" car, until the "repair" work was getting finished. Of course, it took all school year for the "repair" work to get completed. Actually this one was used over and over again by Coach Pitino, who's "girlfriend" at the time...was the daughter of the owner of several car dealerships.
  4. Then there is always Bruce Pearl who while at Iowa, recorded phone calls which proved Illinois players were getting benefits. Instead of nailing Illinois, the NCAA extended an already existing prohibition. All the while I was reading Illinois fanboards, with posters who were students at the time who claimed seeing Illini players driving not just new Blazers, but expensive cars all over campus at the time. The NCAA was ineffective back then. And they will continue to be ineffective now....... UNCHEAT. "Wheels for Heels."
  5. milehiiu

    Best Job In The B1G

    Well, the story goes like this. The night before the official announcement..... Jeffries told his parents he was going to Duke.... only to surprise them the next morning.... by telling them he changed his mind... and would be announcing for IU.
  6. milehiiu

    The Off-Topic Thread

    Getting back to the driver who drove us back to Denver.... and in relationship to your comment about the body shop man's favorite animals. This driver had been a long haul driver for 27 years. And he recounted story after story of hitting animals on the highway over that span of years. Told us we were lucky that we were in a high profile truck, as he has seen many deer hit by cars that have gone into the windshield. Driving a semi, he said there was only one animal that he feared hitting the most..... a pig ! Because, they are smaller, and compact. And can roll a car or semi when hit head on.
  7. milehiiu

    Best Job In The B1G

    The vitriol hurled IU's way after Gordon left Illinois in the dust for IU was epic. I am sure, many long time Illini fans have yet to get over it. And BAM learned a harsh lesson.... understand you are dealing with teenagers who can change their mind in a flash, or over night ( the Jeffries rule )... and the lesson is : always have a back up plan. Which BAM never had at the time. Let us not forget how the Illinois fans treated the Gordon family in the stands, when IU went to visit.
  8. milehiiu

    The Off-Topic Thread

    Have had several interactions with deer over the years. Could not agree with you more. The one that stands out the most..... After spending a day in the mountains fishing with my brother-in-law, several years ago.... we headed back to Denver in his four wheel truck. It was just getting dusk. And he asked me to watch out for deer as we headed over Vail pass on I-70. Just as I bent over to get him a cup of coffee, a deer jumped out in front of the truck. I never saw the deer. We were going 80, which was probably a good thing. The deer was there, and then gone in a flash. We felt nothing but wondered what happened to the deer. It was there, and gone in a flash. We continued on for perhaps a half mile or so, until the truck started to over steam. Stopped. Got out. And there was nothing left of the front end of the truck. Had to leave it on the side of the road. After about an hour trying to get someone to stop and give us a ride to a phone (before cell phones).. a trucker stopped and drove us into Dillon, Colorado. We spent an hour trying to get in touch with the local State Patrol office. To no avail. So the trucker drove us back to Denver. Next day.... the State Patrol calls my brother-in-law, telling him they are going to arrest him for leaving the scene of an accident ! He told them the story, but they were not convinced. Then they called my wife... and she gave them hell.... telling them what really went on.... and they stopped the warrant for arrest, after talking to her.
  9. milehiiu

    Best Job In The B1G

    Hey, CP. It's great seeing a post from you. Don't be a stranger. Would love seeing more posts from you going forward.
  10. milehiiu

    NBA Thread

    As many of you know, I am not a fan of the NBA. Many of you are, and that's ok by me. Having said that, I don't frequent this thread, much, it at all. So my apologies for linking this video if it has already been posted. I recently ran across this video, and thought some of you NBA fans would find it interested. I can say, I did. And in a good way. Had no idea about his school. 12 Items LeBron James Owns That Cost More Than Your Life...
  11. Unless I missed it. I am surprised no one has said anything about the FBI wiretapping a D-1 BB HC. What's up with that ?
  12. And yet the book keeper for Fast Model admitted that she covered up the the $2.500 payment, by posting the money went to UIC to upgrade it's software requirements, rather than to Steve for his BB camp. Thinking that this would cover up what the $2.500 was truly intended for (to help Steve's BB camp). Instead of making matters better, she made them worse. Steve conceded he was guilty of not reporting the money to UIC. However, the money was not for the purpose the book keeper reported on the books. And as I stated above, instead of keeping the money, Steve donated it to charity. So.... I have to ask, before we start labeling anyone as being shady, who's the shady character here ? Steve who got money, knowing it was for his BB camp, and failed to report it ? Or the book keeper who tried to cover up the real reason for the contribution ? I will concede that Steve , at the time may not have been aware that he was breaking the rules. But, I don't see an intent to break the rules as we have seen with so many other coaches in recent months and years. Including our own Kelvin Sampson.
  13. I'll report. And let Hoosier Sports Nation decide. First of all this is a report from a site calling itself HoopDirt.com Second of all. This is a story that is at least two years old. Third of all. Steve told investigators, that the $2,500 came to him to help him with the BB camps he personally runs. While he makes $400,000/year... that is no where in the ball park of what we recently saw Matt Painter getting, nor his recent increase. Fourth of all. Steve when admitted to the investigators that he failed to report the $2,500 to UIC, he subsequently gave the $2,500 to charity. And lastly... and it has nothing to do with this egregious report...... whether you like De'Ron Davis or not.... De'Ron would not be a Hoosier today, if it were not for Steve.
  14. milehiiu

    Zach McRoberts / Scholarship

    My apologies to TDH for aiding and abetting the hijacking of his thread. The passengers set sail that fateful day..... for a three hour tour.... a three hour tour.
  15. milehiiu

    Zach McRoberts / Scholarship

    Ginger Or Mary Ann? The Debate Rages On