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  1. milehiiu

    Around the B1G/NCAA

    I don't normally pull for Syracuse. But when I do, it is against an undefeated #14 Buffalo team. Game about to start on ESPN.
  2. milehiiu

    Keion Brooks Jr.

    Yes. And yes, sadly he has passed.
  3. milehiiu

    Terry Hutchens

    As I read our board along with other IU fan boards.... one thing strikes me. People ,Terry most likely never knew, nor was he ever aware of .... all to a person.... have nothing but kind things to say about him. Rare in this day and age, I dare to say. Just know Terry. IU fans from all over love you, and are pulling for you.
  4. They very may well have been correct. As it turns out, Juwan just may be a top 5 player on the national scene. Today's honor, not with standing.
  5. milehiiu

    Central Arkansas Pregame Thread

    The renowned Baum Gallery at the University of Central Arkansas. Local artists. Baum Gallery — Art
  6. National Player of the Week = NBA Resume Builder.
  7. milehiiu

    Central Arkansas Pregame Thread

    There are other streaming services out there that will pull IU games. Keep in mind, this is Hulu LIve, not the basic Hulu. I opted for Hulu Live, because for just $9.99 over the base price, they have an unlimited device option. Total comes to about $50.00/month. Watch IU anywhere in or outside of the house. Or on a smart phone or pad or lap top away from home. One really neat thing during the football season, is that they offer the alternate games, while Xfinity here in Colorado does not.... which means I can view IUFB when Xfinity is covering a non IU game. Love it for watching movies at night in the summer, on one of my patios. The unlimited option on Hulu Live, also allows one to view movies, tv shows, and other sporting events on your phone anywhere you go. Make sure you have the strongest internet connection you can get. I do. And there is no lag time at all. And picture quality is better than cable HD.
  8. milehiiu

    Terry Hutchens

    For those into twitter. You can send a tweet of support to : IndySportsHutch
  9. milehiiu

    Terry Hutchens

    Never one to release a story based on rumor. Terry first introduced me to internet news about good old IU, when he was at the Indy Star. At least 15 or more years ago. Since leaving the Star, he has had several ups and downs, professionally. Mostly downs, until lately. Ran John Decker's Hoosier Nation on the old Scout network for a while. Wasn't able to generate much of a following. Then, spent some time at B-town Banners, before finally landing on his feet for the Indiana Media Group/CNHI papers. All through the process has written several books about IU. I can't recall a time when he has ever said anything nasty about IU. Just straight out reporting. Many prayers to a legitimate good guy.
  10. milehiiu

    Around the B1G/NCAA

    It's not just the Sun Times throwing shade Underwood's way. Even in a field of hot-tempered coaches, Underwood's sideline explosions stand out.
  11. milehiiu

    Central Arkansas Pregame Thread

    Popular at other schools as well. An ASU tradition. Donate your clothes to charity and go on an "Undie Run"
  12. milehiiu

    Central Arkansas Pregame Thread

    Can't speak for other countries. All I know is that HULU brings me content related to IU, when other channels don't.
  13. milehiiu

    Central Arkansas Pregame Thread

    Not so fast, my friend. I am surprised that your wife did not know that prior to the 1900's, Nebraska was known as the "Bug Eaters". True. Nebraska Bugeaters football team
  14. milehiiu

    Around the B1G/NCAA

    Thanks so much for that link. In terms of Underwood. I think it is only a matter of time. Less time than it took for Groce, and especially Weber. The "Angry guy" is burying himself a deep hole among the "Orange Nation".... based on what I have been reading. Ton's of transfers last season. And it's looking like more to come this season as well.