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  1. You had two different administrations at the time to thank for two consecutive coaching failures at IU. One who had just gotten rid of an Icon, and the other who felt the need to replace Davis with a minority, despite pending sanctions from the NCAA. Personally, I can't hold the hiring of Davis as a blunder over the hiring of Sampson. Both were bad, each in their own ways. I can't hold either coach at fault for taking the job when offered. Who would not have jumped at the opportunity to coach IUBB ? And I am not talking about Tom Crean. Tom Crean was able to stop the bleeding, much to his credit. Yet, the job to bring IU all the way back to glory days, proved too much for the man. However, I DO hold the Presidents , at the time of two of the hires, culpable, for allowing the job to be offered to both undeserving individuals due to their separate individual agendas, which had little to to with winning basketball, the cause for IU's decline from glory.... which we are still trying to get out of. Thank goodness we now seem to have a President who's agenda is not driven by personal agenda's, but rather seeing what is best for IUBB in succeeding, and re-establishing the glory we once knew and appreciated.... winning basketball.... and doing it the right way.
  2. Back to you. And thanks to you and your never ending quest for knowledge about our schedules, year after year.... we tend to know our schedules.... long before they become official. Year after year, you have led the way. Never stop doing what you keep on doing. It is much appreciated.
  3. HTD. Expect IU to officially announce their 2018-19 schedule on Aug. 21.
  4. milehiiu

    Is the NonCon Schedule Improving?

    Oh, I wasn't taking exception with your stats. Rather reporting that two other reputable IU sites, incorrectly were extolling the fact that IU had one ( not two, as Brass Canon correctly pointed out) teams with an RPI of over 300 on the schedule this season. Still, I feel that is an improvement. You are a great friend. Yet relatively new to HSN. Not to know that for years, I have advocated that last years stats should not be a predicate as to evaluate a new season. Ken Pomeroy, as great as he is.... does acknowledge that his early season stats do not hold much value.... as early on.... his stats are based on the previous season. TDH... you know I respect all that you do. And appreciate all that you share on HSN. I just felt the need to make that clear. In my book you and your site have risen to the CREAM of the crop.
  5. milehiiu

    Is the NonCon Schedule Improving?

    I was reading, just yesterday, that this season's non conference schedule, has just one team with a 300 or higher RPI. To, me that is a marked improvement.
  6. milehiiu

    Trendon Watford

    ^^^ Thanks for the pic, 99. Wow, he's getting big.
  7. My bad. Made the same mistake in the Trendon thread. Have gone back and corrected. Thanks !
  8. milehiiu

    Trendon Watford

    Trendon has been quoted in multiple recent articles, that currently he is planning his vists, and will be making his decision in the Spring.
  9. milehiiu

    Trendon Watford

    Thanks for pointing that out to me. I have gone back and corrected. Bobby got on Damon early, but not as early as it would appear, based on my typo that IU got in on Trendon. LOL. Hope your son has had a great summer.
  10. Oh, the humanity. UCLA waited till 8/15 to release their non conference schedule ! LOL
  11. Among the basketball coaches that IU has fired through the years, there are two who I have never heard say a bad word about IU. There is one who hasn't said anything about being fired from IU.... most likely because it was part of his buyout. I know you know the two who have yet to say anything bad about IU. And then there is one.... well, you know who, and what he has had to say about IU over the years, since being fired by IU. And I agree with Rico. Davis has grown into being a decent coach since IU.
  12. Pretty much done. Teams started having meals at the training table, a week or so ago. Landscaping being done. Here's a picture from inside the stadium that DiPrimo posted on 8/12/18 :
  13. milehiiu

    Trendon Watford

    And then there is this. From today. 8/15/18. "There is a good chance the Hoosiers will be in Trendon's top four....rather than bottom four. " Five-Star 2019 Power Forward Trendon Watford’s Top Eight Folks. As of 8/15/18... we may not be the leader of the pack, but we are still in the lead pack. Which kind of reminds me of where we were at this point in Romeo's recruitment.
  14. milehiiu

    Trendon Watford

    TDH did a great player profile on Trendon as few days back. 2019 Recruit Profile Page: Trendon Watford | The Daily Hoosier From the same interview, and in addition to the quotes in the profile, Trendon also had this to say about IU : "(IU) is a strong place in my heart. Obviously, I've visited there so long. It's obviously good having a relationship with all the fans there." "I'm real comfortable with the area and just everybody there---everybody in Bloomington." "They know my whole family, (I've) just (been) building a strong relationship with coach Archie." In terms of visits, Watford said in the interview that one of the visits "will definitely be to IU. ---------------------------------- Once again, hearing what I heard, less than 2 weeks ago, and based on the above quotes, it is hard for me to believe that IU has fallen out of the race for Trendon. Shoddy reporting by Alabama homers. Even Zagoria recently listed IU, as still in the hunt. Unless things have changed in the last two weeks, as far as I know, while IU may not currently be at the top of Trendon's list.... IU still is ON his list.