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  1. Top five point guards in Indiana history
  2. Bobby Hull. And Stan Mikita. Two all time favorites of mine. Yeah, Red Wings on the not favorite team list. Your dad being a south-sider, I am going to assume his least favorite team was the Cubs. And what a trip to the Chicago Stadium to watch the Blackhawks it was. Weird, scary, and exhilarating. After dark. All at the same time.
  3. Despite what I posted earlier, Jagger will be performing at Red Rocks, in Denver, this August. Thanks 6, for the report. Start me up. Jagger to undergo heart surgery. - The Animal House - Hoosier Sports Nation | Indiana Basketball and Sports Forum Red Rocks Amphitheater drone footage (must see)
  4. Good list. PU, because we are IU. Kentucky, for the same reason. Grew up in NWI as a Blackhawk fan, who went to their games. But would include the Red Wings, because of at the time I was a Blackhawk fan. Great rivalry, though. And Steelers.... because they were well, the Steelers.
  5. The Cardinals had a great coach in the 1980's. Making the NCAA most every year from when he started in the 1970's into the 1990's, and early 2000's. Including two NCAA championships in the 1980's. Denny Crum
  6. Currently, the Nuggets are strong up front. According to the article, sounds like the Nuggets have no problem with giving Bol time to work on his medical condition.
  7. ... he's worth over $1 billion. And still performing : Paul McCartney Live Full Concert
  8. College or pro. Any sport. OK to have more than one (or two or three or more ) .
  9. Well. Not this upcoming season. However, there is this the following season : Maui Jim Maui Invitational Announces 2020 Field - Maui Jim Maui Invitational
  10. Nothing most of us are not aware of. However, put into story form : Indiana Basketball: Crystal Ball picks have Hoosiers favorites for 2020 guard
  11. Not one to frequent this thread, much. However, I am curious as to all you fans of the NBA feel about this pick : Nuggets Land High-Upside Center Bol Bol At No. 44, Continuing Opportunistic Draft Strategy I'll be back to check.
  12. Well. That's something !
  13. You've got it. Was just looking at some recipes this weekend. Want it a little more zesty ? Just add some horseradish. Here's just one recipe I found this weekend : Zesty Alabama White Sauce
  14. milehiiu


    I am afraid more rain is on it's way to the Midwest. My wife spent the weekend with friends in North Platte, Nebraska. Rained on I-80, most of the way there. Today, Sunday, a drive that normally takes 3 hours, took 6 hours due to driving rain and darkness, most of the way back to Denver.
  15. milehiiu


    And it has been snowing all weekend long in the Colorado high country. Opened later than normal, approx 17 days ago. Trail Ridge Road is closed to traffic once again. One to five feet of snow, just this weekend. Trail Ridge Road Once Again Closed Due To Snow – CBS Denver
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