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  1. As a moderator for 10 years now..... I find many of these definitions..... hilarious. And others..... very true. Urban Dictionary: Moderator
  2. Ohio State Pregame Thread

    Agreed. May be the best screener on the team. One minute.
  3. Romeo Langford Poll

    I do appreciate your kind words. So glad I could make you proud. I am always willing to learn.
  4. 2018, 2019, 2020 Recruiting

    Thanks for sharing. Can't say where Archie is either. Because I just don't know. However, I will share with you and HSN 3.0.... that CAM is getting very concerned with the inroads others seem to be making with TJ-D. Once thought to be an IU lock..... is no longer considered that. And Archie is doing his best to shore that recruitment back up again.
  5. Sampson was/is a very good coach. Even going to agree with you that Sampson was the one to give questionable players and their behavior the benefit of the doubt. However, Sampson was much too lenient, in that respect. Let's recall the tournament in Chicago. Where Sampson allowed a group of his players to stay back, and join the team later. Only problem was.... they did not come back when they were supposed to... and never got in touch with IU or Sampson as to their where a bouts. When they eventually returned to B-town.... Dakich asked Sampson what he intended to do about them. And Sampson told Dakich : "I'm just glad they came back." Subsequent to their return, they were tested for drugs, which they all failed. And so.... a series of suspensions happened as a result. One after the other... not all at one time, which is what should have happened. And lastly. Not picking on you. As time tends to erode memories. But... after Crean was hired. And when he went to an academic meeting.... he was informed that his team had gathered 19 F''s (not 13) for that semester..... and also that many of them never even attended class after coming back from Chicago.
  6. Alonzo Trier ineligible?

    Hard for me to believe it as well.
  7. Watched one of their games the other night. I believe Houston currently sits at 21-5. I wish IU were sitting at 21-5.
  8. Alonzo Trier ineligible?

    Trace elements of a substance Alonzo unknowingly injected in 2016 !!
  9. Phinisee

    IU-bound McCutcheon basketball star Robert Phinisee modest to the core
  10. Ohio State Pregame Thread

    You sound like Coach Crean. LOL. I once called into his radio show to ask him about starting all his Seniors on Senior night. And he shot that idea down in nothing flat.... saying he would always play the guys that gave him the best chance to win. Having said that... guys like Roy Williams and others have no issue with at least starting Seniors on Senior night to thank them for four years of hard work.
  11. Romeo Langford

    This emoticon for the old fart part : And this emoticon for the BS part : We got rules. LOL
  12. OT--or not

    And some radio host became "interim" HC. My how time flies.
  13. Crean Debated Leaving Year Prior to Ouster

    Rumors floating around this week, the UGA is very interested in Crean.
  14. Ohio State Pregame Thread

    Then.... at least Priller would be open. How great would it be if "The Thriller" got the first two points of the game ?
  15. The Sectional Pairings

    Sounds like "The Pit" at the University of New Mexico. You enter on ground level, and then go down, once inside.