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  1. Notre Dame vs. Indiana - Five Things To Know
  2. OT... Evansville Aces

    University of Evansville Aces plane crash, the 40th anniversary
  3. RIP. Sam Gee.

    Played for Branch, in the 1950's. Team mate of Archie Dees. Growing up, I remember watching Sam. He was a good player. Sam Gee was basketball star
  4. Thanks Kev. I am glad you are enjoying it. Yeah, we've got some great members that really add to topics such as this.
  5. Romeo Langford

    This is why, I love HSN's members so much.
  6. Romeo Langford

    Got me to thinking again, about the real value of a one and done.
  7. Romeo Langford

    NS on Romeo Langford, Part II: Is defending the state’s top player even possible? NS on Romeo Langford, Part III: Why he should go anywhere but Indiana University
  8. Romeo could very well be to Archie, what Cody was to Crean. Only problem is.... Crean had more time to recruit Cody, than Miller has with Romeo. Still think that should Archie lay an egg on Saturday (which I doubt will happen), that, that will hurt him in terms of how fans perceive what kind of coach his is.
  9. At What Point......

    Thank you sir. We go way back... and I am pleased that you are part of our newest board.
  10. At What Point......

    I am positive that you are not talking about me. Though I admit to being one who does not watch, nor care much for the NBA. I never said that either OG or Cody were not ready for the NBA. Although I had doubts about Thomas. My only gripe with them is that they left early. Knowing what they could have offered, had they stayed. Just wanted to make that clear. Everyone has the right to move on.... I just don't like it.
  11. Actually he did. And he gets one more opportunity to build upon what he already did. My post was more in reference to what this game means in terms of the fan bases thoughts in terms of the future, rather than just a win or loss on Saturday. For some, perception is reality. And Archie has another opportunity, win or lose , to help cement the perception in the fan base that he is a good coach. I guess, part of this was set off by me, today.... when I read somewhere (don't recall where) when some one posted that Archie is nothing more than a mid major coach. Oh, I do agree with you.... despite the talent.... Archie IMHO was responsible for getting us within striking distance of two superior teams.
  12. At What Point......

    To me, being consistent as one of the top teams in the country, means that national championships will be a part of that consistency. Not exclusive of that consistency
  13. For those saying the game Saturday is a must win game... I don't see it that way, at all. For me.... it is something much more significant than a win or loss game. For me it is a career defining game for Coach Miller. Much in the same way that the Sweet 16 game against Syracuse was for Coach Crean. Hear me out on this. Coach Crean was vilified for years.... and basically defined by IU fans as a coach who couldn't figure it out. He had no clue in the game how to break Syracuse's vaunted zone defense. Despite the fact that he had plenty of time to prepare his team for that game. And IMHO, IU fans were right to be critical of him for his failure to prepare. And that legacy never really left him. Now... it's Coach Miller's time for a defining career type game, IMHO. He's got a whole week to prepare for Notre Dame. And I honestly don't feel he has to win this game. But he must send a message, unlike Coach Crean, that he (Archie) knows how to prepare his team for a big game. After all, I think we all agree that Coach Miller is working with much less talent, than Coach Crean had against Syracuse. And I have every reason to believe, win or lose, that Archie will set in motion and in the mind's of IU fans that he was the right choice. In summary. As far as I am concerned..... Coach Miller does not have to win this game. Oh yeah, that would be nice. However, more importantly, he has to prove to IU fans that he is the right coach for IU for years to come. Something that Coach Crean, even after eight years, failed to to.
  14. Well. Cody's available at the present.