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  1. Purdue coach Jeff Brohm creates plan for spring football
  2. Thanks. Time to add Tyra to the list ?
  3. Spicoli ! FAST TIMES AT RIDGEMONT HIGH - Best Spicoli Clips The Real Spicoli: Sean Penn Talks 'Fast Times At Ridgemont High'
  4. I was just told to scratch Tyra speculation off the list. No female. Two candidates remain. Both from the East Coast. And may hear soon. Again.... no names. Sorry.
  5. SIAP “The University of Nebraska-Lincoln is a fully committed member of the Big Ten Conference. It is an unparalleled athletic and academic alliance. We have the greatest fans in college athletics. This has been a difficult and disappointing week for the Husker family. We all look forward to the day when we can cheer on our student-athletes, on the field and in the arena.” University of Nebraska-Lincoln Chancellor Ronnie Green University of Nebraska System President Ted Carter N | Big Ten Logo
  6. Thanks for that link. I honesty believe that the man above looks out for people like her. Don't ask me why. And I don't know why. As for me. I had every childhood disease, except for mumps before I was one year old. And can't remember being sick due to my age at the time. Don't take any medications to this day. And rarely, if ever get sick to this day. I feel blessed.
  7. Have a great friend. Who lives in Arizona now. Served with me in the Army during the Viet Nam Conflict. And graduated from the University of Virginia, the same year, I graduated from IU. And said all the guys attended UVA FB games at that time, wearing a suit and tie. Does not mean a thing. Just thought I would throw that out there.
  8. Mrs. mile was placed on this medication years ago. Back then, it was always available and cheap. Since the pandemic, Mrs. mile has had to wait for renewals unlike before. So she calls ahead of time now. And the price has gone up substantially. Thank goodness for medicare. Mrs. mile does not add Zink. However I have seen reports that Zink does help as a supplement.
  9. Got to admit. My man cave is nothing like that. However, mine does include multiple tv's and three reclining chairs.
  10. Again .... no name. But my mind first went to Tyra. Even whith limited coaching experience. That was not a problem for another Indiana school. Tyra knows how to ball. Once more. I have not clue. Just was told not to be surprised if the other candidate turns out to be a lady.
  11. No name given. Just was told not to be surprised if it is a former young IU lady baller.
  12. Man Cave ! It's where I spend most of my time during this Pandemic. Probably one of the things that keeps me going. Have I said..... danged Pandemic ?
  13. Local tv did not say. When they reported a fifteen cent charge to enter. However, an inter web search revealed this : AMC to offer 15-cent tickets on first day of reopening on August 20
  14. Another Covid offer. Won't be taking upon on this offer. Though I love the place. However... for others.... Universal Orlando is offering two days free.... with the purchase of two days. Love me some Mel's Drive In. Mel's Drive-In™ | Universal Studios Florida™
  15. Bring your own popcorn !
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