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  1. Great observation. Also how many times did we see players, from many teams step out of bounds, attempting three point shots... because the line was moved out. And left less room on the base line ?
  2. That's what I am hearing as well. Things change over time. Let's sit back and wait as to what shakes out in the long run. In the meantime. Stay safe Hoosier Sports Nation.
  3. And watching vintage games. It struck me how many guys hit over 70% of their free throw. It was like a given back then. And there was one game where one of our guys was averaging 90% for the season. And when they talked about it. He missed. LOL
  4. Despite cancelling classes days ago. And closing up. Our local high school. Cherry Creek is still planning on conducting graduation ceremonies in May. And planning to live stream the ceremony on their sports channel. Senior Information Cherry Creek What's going on with your local high schools ?
  5. And I think that Jaybob and Natural Hoosier were still around, when Hoosier Sports Nation contacted Indiana University. In order to get tickets to a game for our mascot. Ayden Billingsley and his family. I know CC remembers. When IU told us they could not honor our request. Only somehow have Coach Crean hear about it, and give the Billingsley's some of his personal tickets. This is what HSN does. We truly are family. Thinking of our mascot.... daily.
  6. Very much enjoyed reading your share. Thanks.
  7. That's yet another nice Colorado drive. From Denver to Estes Park. Where the Stanley Hotel was the inspiration of "The Shining" If you decide to go. Book room 217. LOL Ghosts of The Stanley Hotel and a Night In Room 217
  8. Oh yeah. We've got many fantastic drives in the state of Colorado. Just to name a few. Some that you mentioned : Driving the Highest Paved Road in North America (Mt Evans) Trail Ridge Road (12,183 feet) Highest Continuous Highway in United States in RMNP The Drive up Pike's Peak, Colorado By the way. On a clear day... as it was yesterday. I can see Mount Evans to the North, and Pikes Peak, 70 miles to the South from where I live South of Denver.
  9. Fantastic add. Thanks for that. Back in the day when late night tv was entertaining and worth watching. David Letterman. From Indianapolis. Broad Ripple. Wanted to get into Indiana University. But his grades were not good enough. I remember it, 'cause he is the same age as me. And I got into IU. How in the heck did that happen ? LOL In the end, though he wound up going to Ball State..... he's made tons more money than me, in his lifetime. Oh well. Kind of shows you, at times grades don't matter. But I digress. Fun to see a young Bob Knight.
  10. Another blast from the past : 60 Minutes - Bob Knight with Dan Rather (9 March 1980)
  11. That's good to know. Go Geico. Wonder how many people know what Geico stands for. Government Employees Insurance Company. I'm so old that I remember when they went by that, rather than Geico.
  12. True. A sad story. Brought tears to my eyes. He told her to quit. But they needed the money. And she loved to drive. And he has no idea where her body is.
  13. Thank you Steve. Great to hear from you. Prayers in this time of trouble to you and your wife.
  14. Excellent tips. Here in Colorado, during the winter, we never allow our car to go under half a tank. And I do keep a spare 5 gallon gas can which I switch out as well. Unabashed plug for Discount Tires, where I buy my tires. They check air pressure on the spot, as customers, any time we drive to their store by us. But it would be the same at any store, since we are in their computer. Also. AAA is not that expensive for an annual membership. And they will come to you to replace a flat tire.... or replace a dead battery. Both of which they have done for us over the years. Also. Will tow a car for you. Upgrade the membership. And the distance is unlimited.... say if you are stranded on the road far from home.
  15. Doing all we can in the mile household to stay safe. YOU do the same. AND happy birthday ! Interestingly enough. Had a relative tell me that rather than washing my hands and guessing how long I should take.... to say sing the happy birthday song, twice. Prayers to you and yours.
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