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  1. Checking wind direction can be tricky at times. Just when you think you know which way the wind is blowing..... it changes direction, and is headed the other way.
  2. Yes. I thought that was strange too.
  3. Expect an updated announcement date, any day now.
  4. Alex announced tonight (April 22) that the average daily earnings by Ken Jennings was $ 34, 000. And that James daily earnings exceeds $71,000. Note: James exceeded his daily average earning on Monday ( April 22). I forget the exact amount. But I believe it was $80k plus.
  5. The story hit the local news here in Denver, tonight, April 22.
  6. TCU basketball linked to FBI corruption case, Christian Dawkins | Fort Worth Star-Telegram
  7. Pertinent to the discussion. Old or not. Not all members spend all day on HSN. I am sure some might have missed it. I, for one, have been off the board for the better part of the day. Thought I would thank a member for sharing. Sure there was value to those who may have missed it.13th and Jackson saw value in posting it . Why stop the free flow of information ? All I did was thank a member for sharing information . What's wrong with that ?
  8. Thanks for bringing this thread back to life.
  9. Great story. Thanks for sharing.
  10. Take it FWIW. Bobby Knight broke the curse, when he returned to campus a few days ago.
  11. Did you have any interactions with this guy, while you were employed by the Boston Celtics ?
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