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  1. milehiiu

    Trayce Jackson-Davis

    Trayce Jackson-Davis Talks College Recent Visits with Drew Davis
  2. milehiiu

    Anthony Leal

    Anthony Leal, Bloomington South, Shooting Guard Archie, as you look to locking up the borders, don't sleep on this kid in your neighborhood.
  3. milehiiu

    Trayce Jackson-Davis

    ESPN and Bruins Nation Agree: Win or Bust for Alford - Bruins Nation
  4. milehiiu

    The Off-Topic Thread

    Not willing to kick a man when he is down. We knew Mr. Kravitz (an IU grad ) well in Colorado, before he moved back to Indiana to take a job with the Indy Star. He was certainly a controversial character when he worked his trade for Colorado's first and at that time, oldest newspaper... The Rocky Mountain News. He and Woody Paige who then worked for the Denver Post certainly made the newspaper sports sections, must reads every day.... the likes of which we have never seen since Bob left for the Indy Star. And I will leave it at that.
  5. Who hoo. IU at 20 ! I'm buying my Rose Bowl tickets today. Oh, wait. Wrong sport.
  6. milehiiu

    IU in the National Statistical Rankings

    I feel it is safe to say, that many IU fans, including myself, did not envision these types of positive stats.. Especially knowing we would be missing two of our running backs, early on. TDH thanks for taking the time to compile these stats, and sharing them with us. As always, job well done.
  7. The 2018 ACC/B1G Challenge matchups are set Which B1G team got the worst draw ?
  8. milehiiu

    Cast Iron Skillets

    Leather. I have used Ramsey's method. Mostly in the winter when the temps are cold outside. I take the steak out of the fridge, and season it simply with salt and pepper, and let it come to room temperature before cooking. I augment Ramsey's style with two sprigs of rosemary, and one to two jalapenos sliced into rings. Place the rosemary on top of the steak, and baste with a combination of butter and the jalapenos.
  9. milehiiu

    Cast Iron Skillets

    To season a cast iron skillet. Three easy steps: 1) Wash thoroughly and dry. 2) Coat with a thin layer of vegetable oil. 3) Bake in an oven on middle rack at 350 degrees for 1 hour.
  10. milehiiu

    I cut the cable. Now I need help.

    Comcast and the B1G Ten Network came to terms on Aug. 21. However, here in Colorado, as before, in order to watch the B1G Ten Network, you have to cough up an additional $10.00 for the Sports/Entertainment package. Plus, we have never had an alternative B1G Ten Network channel with Comcast. And the Indiana/Ball State game was not available in Colorado on Comcast. So, if I had gone back to Comcast for the Sports Channel, I would not have been able to see last Saturday's game. Conversely, Hulu Live TV has all B1G Ten Channels. Not only was I able to view IU's game, but every one of the 8 other games broadcast by the B1G Ten Channel. Additionally, for no extra charge I can DVR games on Hulu.
  11. No, literally, cut the cable leading to my house, when I was tilling the vegetable garden, this morning. I've tilled that garden for years, and years. And that cable has been there for years and years as well. First time I have cut the cable. LOL. Guy will be here tomorrow to fix. However, since Comcast (Xfinity) dropped the Big Ten Network from the channel lineup in Colorado.... I have been researching streaming services that offer the Big Ten Channel. I don't intend to cut the cable, yet. Hoping that Comcast, Xfinity or whatever they call themselves, reconnects the Big Ten Channel. I've got till the football season, to make a decision. And that is where I am requesting your input. I have looked at a lot of streaming services. So far, two stand out for me. YouTubeTV, and DirectTVNOW. Both offer the Big Ten Network. YouTubeTV, is less expensive. DirectTVNOW offers several packages. But the BTN is offered only on the higher tiers. I also like DirectTVNOW, because you can set it up anywhere in the house or even outside, to multiple tv's , and they do offer a greater channel list than YouTubeTV. Direct is more costly that YouTube.... but less than what I am currently paying for cable. So pricing, for me is not an issue. So here is my question : Do any of you fine people utilize either of these two streaming services ? How do you like them ? Or are there others out there (I know there are) that you use.... keeping in mind, what I choose must offer the BTN , that you can recommend to me to checking them out ? Thanks for any and all help. GO HOOSIERS !
  12. milehiiu

    Fake news at its best..Watch

    More fake news from previous storms : Today Show Canoe while people are walking by Most absurd video of media's hurricane hype: Dramatic CNN reporter while people are just walking by.
  13. milehiiu

    College Football (Not Big Ten)

    Agreed. They are saying this is the first time Nebraska started the season 0-2, since 1957. Hard to believe. I can understand dropping a game to an old rival, Colorado. But dropping a game to Troy.... what's with that. In the meantime, our no name Hoosiers are half way to being bowl eligible !
  14. milehiiu

    Ball State Game Thread

    Hi my old friend from another board. And former mod on HSN. johnsoniu. Thanks for the like !
  15. milehiiu

    Ball State Game Thread

    I am glad it was hot for the game today... as I really, really enjoyed watching views of the students in the stands.
  16. milehiiu

    Talked to OG today

    Kev. So glad to hear that you have stopped stalking De'Ron, and have moved onto others. LOL But seriously, love your willingness to share your contacts with our men, and with pictures too. Keep doing what you are doing, my man.
  17. milehiiu

    Keion Brooks Jr.

    Talking With Keion Brooks Jr. About His Recent Visit to Indiana University
  18. milehiiu

    Which Indiana HS has......

    The beauty of this thing called the World Wide Web, is that one can google a name, and the city they are from, and find out which high school they attended. Which is what I did with John Flowers, who attended Fort Wayne South High School. Several others listed here : Basketball: McDonald's All Americans from Indiana
  19. milehiiu

    Which Indiana HS has......

    Though it has not been updated for 5 years.... the Indy Star Data base, gives an insight as to where every IU player came from, up till that time. Takes time to sort through it. However, I have found it fun to sort through it. Always fun to check into where some of your favorite players played before IU. I will admit it is lacking in some cases.... like with Dan Dakich who played for Andrean. Indiana University Basketball Database2
  20. milehiiu

    DB Tiawan Mullen to IU

    My thanks to Matt Weaver for not putting this behind a paywall. Any time we can get a kid from Florida is fine with me. Florida CB Tiawan Mullen commits to Indiana
  21. milehiiu

    Trayce Jackson-Davis

    Hey goonaha. You have been with us since the inception of HSN 3.0. And though you don't post that much. I do want you to know as the Chancellor Emeritus of this tiny, yet great IU fan site, that I personally appreciate you're being a member. Having said that.... thank you.... for confirming what was passed on to me, just the other day. Take care.
  22. milehiiu

    MSU Kick Time Announced

    You make a good point about family drive times. Some people like to make it back home for Sunday church, too. Late games make it tough on families. Depending on the drive, even noon starts can be tough. Went to a Wyoming game last year, that started at noon, and did not get back to Denver till midnight. Also, one more thing. When I was a student, all games were day games. That was before Memorial had lights. I know. I know. Before most of you were born.
  23. milehiiu

    Trayce Jackson-Davis

    Funny first post. Welcome to Hoosier Sports Nation.