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  1. Smart's "The Shot" heard around the World ? Indiana's Keith Smart shocks Syracuse The Wat Shot ? Christian Watford's Shot at the Buzzer to Beat No. 1 Kentucky "The Phinisee Phinish " ? Rob Phinisee buzzer beater vs Butler
  2. milehiiu

    Central Arkansas Pregame Thread

    Russ Pennell is the HC of the Central Arkansas team. He became the HC of Arizona when Lute Olson suddenly decided to retire. Spent one year as head guy at Arizona. Went 19-13, but got Arizona into the NCAAT. Next year, Pennell was replaced by Archie Miller's brother in 2009.
  3. milehiiu

    Mabor Majak

    Lost in the hoopla at HH over Garland and Langord was another visitor. Listed at 6-11. However, I am hearing he is closer to 7-0. Mabor Majak, Hamilton Southeastern , Center (BK)
  4. Been mentioned before. But, IU with 4 wins against top 50 and under teams, to date.
  5. milehiiu

    Butler Postgame Thread

    Monday morning Dec. 17, 2018..... and CBS news shows the shot !
  6. That's what I am talking about. Disrespect. Yet, I don't care. Continue to take care of business, and put up the W's, no matter how close, and let's enjoy our time in the NCAAT.... when the games and rankings really matter.
  7. Good question. IU is just one failed tip in from being 10-1. Which would put them above some two loss teams. Yet, it seems that the pollsters have yet to buy into the Hoosiers so far this year. Teams they had in pre-season top 25, are no longer there. Which convinces me more.... it's not where you start out the season.... but how you finish a season. I like IU's trajectory.
  8. And IMHO, it wasn't Romeo's fault that the play broke down, because he slipped. I don't know what was wrong with the court. But guys were slipping and sliding the entire game.
  9. milehiiu

    Anthony Leal

    Anthony Leal, Bloomington South, Shooting Guard Archie, as you look to locking up the borders, don't sleep on this kid in your neighborhood.
  10. Jay Edwards buzzer beater
  11. ^^^ Yeah. Silly me. I should have named the thread title : "What's your favorite game winning shot ? "
  12. milehiiu

    Butler Postgame Thread

    Re: That last play of the game. Yes.... it was designed to go to Romeo. However, he slipped, which caused him to be out of position to take a quality shot. Then two wondrous things happened. 1. Green had presence of mind not to follow the plan. seeing Romeo slip. But held the ball, rather than forcing it to Romeo, per the plan. 2. Rob P. seeing Romeo slip, back filled, behind Romeo who was then acting basically as a screener for Rob. Green gets the ball to Rob P. instead of Romeo. Rob P has a clear shot, as Butler's defense is hung up on Romeo. And based on ice water in his veins, gained by confidence in draining critical threes in previous games.... Rob P drains the shot for the game winner. _________________________ An example of BB IQ on the part of two players, equals a hard fought win for IU.
  13. Butch Carter. That's a name I haven't heard about in a long time ! I could not find a vid specifically of his game winner against PU. However, I did find a poor quality vid of the entire game. Fast forward to approx. 1:16:07 for Butch's game winner. Thanks for the memory. 1979 NIT Championship - Indiana vs Purdue
  14. milehiiu

    Butler Postgame Thread

    I come to HSN, not to bury Arch, but to praise him. Hear me out, please. He just engineered a four game stretch of games, winning by a total of 8 points. Where some may find that deserving of criticism, I find it praise worthy. When one considers that in each and every one of those games, Arch's team never gave in or gave up. We've had teams in the not too distant past that would have just thrown in the towel, under circumstances like that. IMHO that's leadership. And more over, not even considering the winning spirit, it sets the team up well for the tougher matchups coming once the BIG really gets underway. This team does not quit, and knows how to win. All because of Arch. Or we can go back to the Crean days, who on Saturday gave up an 18 POINT LEAD... to lose.
  15. Trayce Jackson-Davis Talks College Recent Visits with Drew Davis
  16. Thanks Collin. Always appreciate your contributions to our site.
  17. milehiiu

    Butler Postgame Thread

    Welcome to Hoosier Sports Nation, 94 !
  18. milehiiu

    Butler Postgame Thread

    McRoberts was a ghost for most of the game. Unwilling to take open shots from the three. Hey... as I told you before... see the bucket, take the shot. Anyway, he came up big on D twice today. Even Rafferty commented about how he kept the ball inbounds during the Louisville game. An offensive liability who can come up big on D at crucial times.
  19. milehiiu

    Cameron Williams.

    LB from Merrilville has been offered by IU. Has other high D-1 offers as well. Deceptively quick. Runs track as well. I like the offer.
  20. milehiiu

    Keion Brooks Jr.

    Talking With Keion Brooks Jr. About His Recent Visit to Indiana University
  21. milehiiu

    Isaiah Stewart Cuts IU

    That's what I was trying to tell you guys. Insider relaying to me.... we were not out of the woods. Not in. But not out either. Just still in contention.
  22. milehiiu

    Butler Pregame Thread

    I tend to agree with you. Nothing steps out to me as a great win.... while their two losses are to what I consider to be two non discript teams..... Dayton who stands at 5-4... and St. Louis, though 7-2, hasn't really played anybody. Yet, the game is of concern to me.... could be Butler's season if they win.
  23. milehiiu

    Luke Brown - The next Damon Bailey?

    All part of what I consider to be the two basic elements of successful free throw shooting. Mental and mechanics. In this case of the examples you have given... more mental. But also mechanics in that it was muscle memory to set up the shot.
  24. milehiiu

    Trendon Watford

    If you would go back in this epic thread (thank you, HSN members), I think you will find many, including myself that expressed a desire for this legacy recruit to come to Indiana. I will admit, after saying that, that I had really given up hope. And as I just said.... let's just sit back, and see what happens.
  25. milehiiu

    Trendon Watford

    Even though IU made his final 4......An OV to IU will tell the story if he is still seriously considering IU. IMHO. It could be just a courtesy inclusion in his final list. Let's see what happens.