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  1. My wife and I actually cheered when James nailed the final Jeopardy question. Closing in on $2 million. Jeopardy! James Holzhauer Day 26 Final Jeopardy 5/23/19
  2. No. You are correct. Strictly my own interpretation of his comment. I promise to do better in the future, and ditch the phrase, and use to one you correctly reminded me of. Our great friend had a fine article earlier this month on this very topic. Indiana Basketball: A Lot of Messages in Archie Miller’s Wave of 2020 Offers – The Daily Hoosier
  3. I am milehiiu. AND I endorse this post.
  4. All the best for Coach Lewis. And then there is this : Pac-12 puts restrictions on nonconference basketball scheduling
  5. Good point PJ. Though I would have used a different term than you. LOL. Hey give little Keets a big hug from me.
  6. I believe. Too much talent in Indiana and surrounds for IU not be able to shine as before. All it's going to take is winning seasons. And that is up to Coach Miller. He actually did it at a lesser school than IU. No reason to believe he can't do it at IU.
  7. Most of my great HSN friends can't relate. And I am sure young Mr.Leal has no idea. However, on this Memorial Day Weekend, my fellow Viet Nam vets know..... Time Has Come Today Anthony. The ball is now on your side of the court. Don't commit an error.
  8. I agree with you. Only so much a coach can do. And Coach Miller has lived up to his word. Unlike Coach Sampson. Gotta be a time when Indiana kids desire IU so much that they think of no other place to play. In that respect, it's all up to Coach Miller. Gotta not only get into the NCAAT. But win it all. Just like Knight, who had kids falling all over themselves to play for him. To the point where Knight took summers off to fish. A big mistake, IMHO.
  9. Yep. So let's flip the script. Hey, Anthony..... what are YOU waiting on ? Get it over, with. We all know you WANT to be a Hoosier. IU fans will love you for it. Commit now !
  10. Kelvin Sampson promised IU fans at his first Midnight Madness that he would not ever cheat again. He failed in that. Archie Miller, upon becoming IU's head coach, promised IU fans that he would lock up the state of Indiana. No problem, going out of state once in a while, as far as I am concerned. But Archie needs to live up to his promise, unlike Sampson. No better place to live up to your promise, Coach Miller, than locking up a B-town kid. Right under your nose.
  11. Good to hear from you WW. Need to hear more from you going forward.
  12. Thanks Dave. Your words are much appreciated.
  13. I am not aware of any. Though I have seen Iowa Championship games broadcast ironically on Chicago Sports channel on NBC Sports. Here are sports channels available on either Roku or Hulu : Live Stream Sports Online | Hulu + Live TV Sports Channels | Roku Channel Store | Roku
  14. Can't argue with you there. CC started it. We are all just followers. Not sure of your schedule. However, checking the board several times daily tells me all I need to know. CC has created a great board. Otherwise, you would have no need to check in several times daily, much less any time at all. Again.... I do appreciate your being a member. Always good to hear from you, Coach..
  15. Well. At least James won again on Jeopardy. Closing in on $ 2 million. Not sure what I am more anxious for. IU's next baseball game . Or James on Jeopardy. Oh heck... I love them both ! GO HOOSIERS !
  16. Bags are full for Iowa. With one out, in the seventh. And I have to leave for Jeopardy,
  17. Iowa ties the score in the top of the seventh. Only one out. With two on. Ughh !
  18. IU goes down in the sixth. With a paper thin, one run lead
  19. Double play puts an end to an IU threat in the sixth. Still one out to go with the lead.
  20. Bottom of the sixth. Hoosiers lead 1-0. Zero outs.
  21. Funny thing I saw in the past few days. A video on You Tube. Of teenagers trying to figure out how to use a rotary phone. Keep in mind that I grew up when we had party lines. And my parents were excited when we went from a five party line to just two, and then eventually one. As far as the 70's... I recall dial up for the internet. (14) 17 year olds dial a rotary phone.
  22. Come on people. You just knew I would chime in with this : Denver Beer Week
  23. Nothing wrong with either of those. Heaven knows we need help with our APR. And helping regulars become all they can be in practice, is not a bad thing either. Coach... just between you and me. I love all that you bring to our board.
  24. Base salary is $400,000. He's got commitments to hit before making $2 MILL. No different than any other new B1G HC.
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