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  1. The best players will play. That's the one thing I am fairly certain about with CMW. Once that's established, then some kids will have a decision to make. And, honestly, that's the way it should be.
  2. No it did not. That we are even in the conversation with kids like this is a huge change. I don't see us landing them until we are a perennial top 15 team. They just have too many other options that give the next level exposure they are looking for. This and the Iowa game probably closed the door.
  3. The more tools available to treat/prevent this virus the better.
  4. I'm with you on everything you said. I have never trusted the covid numbers, especially when it comes to the death numbers/ percentages. No one has tried to account for the people who had covid and didn't know it or those who had it and were never tested. Early on, testing was difficult to get and all of those people were never counted. Including the entire population of people who have had covid would drastically change the percentages. The most concerning thing about the current vaccines is that the drug companies were given immunity from inability. They were also probably given some assurance that we would not pursue other alternatives. That's a red flag to me. Once again, I'm not anti vaccine. My wife has received it and I support her completely in making her decision. I am, however anti mandate. Personally, I don't like being manipulated by misinformation or misleading statistics. Nor do I like scare or public shaming tactics designed to control and drive behavior. Just be honest with me, give me accurate information and I will make the choice that I believe is best for me. I am not dismissing the seriousness of covid and for a large portion of the population the vaccine may be the best option currently available. I am not vaccinated and am still gathering information to determine the risk/ benefit for me. At this point, my level of confidence that I am getting that information from "official" sources is pretty low.
  5. Ivermectin is not an unproven or dangerous drug. It's been in use to treat a number of viral infections for over forty years with very minimal side effects. The guy who discovered it received the Nobel award for it. What I would like to see, based on what I have learned, is a proper srudy done to determine it's effectiveness. That we seem unwilling to do that causes me to question motivations. I'm not anti vaccine. I am pro alternatives, but the powers that be don't seem interested in looking for any. Also important to note is that Imervectin is off patent, so there is not a lot of money to be made from producing it. Bret Weinstein's Darkhorse podcast #80 talks at length about it starting at about the 28:20 minute mark.
  6. There is good information about this treatment on Bret Weinstein as Darkhorse podcast #87. It's long and covers a lot surrounding covid. He does these with his wife Heather Heying. They are both evolutionary biologists. He claims there is evidence that I reject in can be used to prevent infection and not just as a treatment after the fact. He suggests that part of the problem getting it approved is that the emergency use of the current vaccines was conditional on no other treatment being available.
  7. Let me add the memorial at Oklahoma City. Those chairs on the hillside representing where the victims died, especially the small chairs for the children, was very moving. The fact that it was a domestic attack only made it worse.
  8. Thanks for the link. A lot more in that article than I remembered from the documentary. As an amateur photographer, it was interesting from that point of view also.
  9. My wife and I and her sister and husband were supposed to go to the Noblesville amphitheater that night to see Jimmy Buffet. I remember my wife and her sister discussing whether or not the show would still be on. I told her no way would anyone want to go to a concert that night. Of course it was cancelled. I think the gravity of what happened took a while to sink in for some people.
  10. I watched a documentary about the "falling man" a few years ago. I think he was finally identified as as member of the wait staff at the Windows on the World restaurant. Heartbreaking story.
  11. I often think how awful it is to go to work on a normal day and not to come home. The book "102 Minutes" is the best account of that day I have read. It's chilling in the descriptions of the people trapped in the towers and those who worked their way down to get out. The lack of cooperation between the police and fire department as well as the design issues is discussed. A very sad day all the way around.
  12. Agree with coach. Didn't see this coming at all. This didn't look like a team, for all the off season talk, that believed they could compete and win today. How they respond will tell us everything about this team. I still believe the talent is there to compete and win our share of games. This can't feel good to the players and their pride should rise to the top next week.
  13. I spent a little time on an Iowa board a few days ago. They are very confident that they will win. Not much respect for anyone other than Penix. They completely dismiss our secondary and think that theirs will negate Penix. We need to make a statement with game. Do that and everyone will start to pay attention.
  14. There is a great two part interview with Miller at https://doctorindy.com/audio-downloads/. He has been around so long that he feels like family and it feels as bad to lose him. The interview covers racing, his time at the Indystar covering the local sports teams, as well as stories about Slick Leonard and Bob Knight. If you remember any of the old Indianapolis Star / News reporters you'll probably enjoy the interview. If you only knew of Robin from racing, you'll be surprised by the number of local sports people who were in his circle. I knew this was coming, but it hurts just the same.
  15. I have a grandson in the Navy stationed in San Diego. He hates everything about California and can't wait until he is reassigned elsewhere. The covid restrictions have taken away what little free time benefits he might have had. The real shame to me is what we have taken away from young people in the name of protecting old people. I will gladly take the risk to let them enjoy their youth.
  16. I was a teacher many, many years ago. Had a student make an accusation, eight grade, against me. Back then, 1971, the teachers word meant something. I left the profession after three years, but the possible implications of that still bother me. Today they are almost impossible to defend against. I hope you are doing well.
  17. Could be the snowball effect. The more really good players you get, the more you are likely to get. We are getting serious attention from kids who would have simply laughed at us not too long ago. I like it.
  18. I'm impressed! Talk about a high roller. That's golf royalty.
  19. What is going on lately. It feels like so many have been lost. With each one it always feels like something that mattered to me has been lost and the community is a little less. RIP.
  20. Do they ever? Exploration for profit seems to be a staple of the corporate playbook.
  21. The safety improvements in the cars have been phenomenal since those days. 1964 and 1973 were the two worst worst races I remember. The most exciting thing I have seen at the speedway in recent years was watching the Moto-GP bikes go through the turns at north end of the road course. They seemed to defy the laws of physics. They reached 210 mph at the end of the front straight, just sitting on a two wheeled rocket ship. Who needs seatbelts.
  22. You are correct. The authors name is Art and not Alan. At my age, I should not rely solely on memory for important details. The author's level of research and detail was really impressive to me. He also did a great job of handing the fallout and investigation after the accident. One other thing that stood out for was what a different breed of human being race car drivers are.
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