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  1. It looks like the BTN tailgate will be there. Any ideas for signs? They’re encouraging them so I may have to make one.
  2. I don’t remember the last time IU didn’t give the other team every opportunity to win with this crap. Getting a penalty on first down to give the other team 1st and 15 or 20 doesn’t mean anything if you give up 30 yards the next play.
  3. PU fans love talking up their SOS then using it as an excuse for things like this. As much as everyone hates playing cupcakes early it’s nice to have a chance to get a win and get guys ready. Getting up early against a Ball St or EIU may have given Plummer a chance to get his first game out of the way. It didn’t matter for IU last week with Ramsey, but I think it could next week against UCONN. I think he plays most of the snaps next week.
  4. Completely agree except I’d throw in UK losing. IU and PU both had very poor showings. There really isn’t any way to spin either game into anything else.
  5. Same to you! I wish ours would chase a ball but she just wants to run with/chase other dogs. The local dog park has been amazing.
  6. It’s horrible for PU fans that Brohm had his players build a big lead only for Hazel to have his team blow it. I think the decision was made based on the idea that Brohm fixed everything without considering the possibility that things were so bad almost anyone could have fixed them.
  7. I’m not comparing what each coach inherited. I really think Brohm will be solid, but I will absolutely laugh at how much he is paid. I’m assuming PU fans laugh at the recent numbers that showed how much IU baskets has spent recruiting. That doesn’t mean they think Crean left a great reputation with high school coaches. The punt recovery off off the helmet was a fluke, but Moore made a bad decision on the other. I didn’t see how the incomplete/interception could have been overturned no matter how it was originally called.
  8. I’m streaming on an iPad so I’ve had to work more on getting the game on than normal Have Sampson or Ellis had the ball outside of Ellis’s return?
  9. Bonnie wanted to give a game day bump.
  10. I saw on twitter that the excuse was the altitude. Does anyone one have numbers on coaches salary vs wins? Brohm looks like an absolute genius. I had a a PU fan tell me IU had a high school coach last year. I explained that Allen hadn’t actually been a high school coach in a few years. He still said he was a high school coach. Oops.
  11. I completely agree. I get the concept of icing the kicker, but giving a practice shot is an advantage for the kicker.
  12. I’m in the same boat as you two. I’m sure I’ll bet just to do it, but I certainly don’t need to. I have a math/stats background but I’ve never studied betting systems that closely. I usually just see a line or 2 that sticks out.
  13. I just saw a book will open down south at the boat. Who will take advantage of the new kind of “gaming fun” as I saw it called? Of those that will, will anyone try to strategically beat books with some type of system?
  14. I’m not sure, but if t probably depends what you’re listening on. I think you can on the iPhone podcast app. I usually just use the forward 30s button.
  15. I’ve been listening to some of their stuff lately and it’s all been really good.
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