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  1. The common thing I’ve seen it to cook before you peel, but to be honest that’s just an extra step I don’t want to deal with.
  2. Completely agree on Romeo. Lots of things that were out of his control went wrong for him at IU. He played through more than he had to and really seems to like IU.
  3. I’ll be doing some cooking for the race this weekend. Anyone ever done beef tongue? The last few years we’ve gone in on a quarter beef and got the tongues. The plan is to trim it (mostly of the ‘tongues’ exterior), smoke it to get some bark and cooler, then braise and shred it for something like barbacoa. It will be a small group so I like to test out some things for bigger cookouts. Any suggestions?
  4. I’ll be pulling for Tony Kansan this year. I’ve been interested in the race for a while, but the last 2 years I’ve know someone involved with a team. That makes it much more exciting.
  5. It’s always weird to me when they talk about IU “tanking the careers of 5 stars” like it is the whole program and not 1 person. Even here last season most people were willing to admit PU should have had a really good team. They can’t fathom anything positive happening for IU.
  6. Was it Jaylin Lucas? I think he’s the Fr RB that had some hype. I heard an interview with Allen where he said he didn’t want any film out there before week 1. I know it’s all out there after 1 quarter but no reason to give more before the first quarter that counts.
  7. I love watching TOH when it’s on. My wife…not so much. I’m pretty sure my dad still has the coffee mug with the plain house that has color added when you put a hot drink in it. Last time I checked there were a bunch of episodes of The New Yankee Workshop on YouTube.
  8. I don’t go there much, but man is that place crazy.
  9. I think we ate at a pottery cafe type place. Does the one you’re talking about by the outlets have a number in the name? I think we stopped there at one point.
  10. The whole Old Forge area is really cool. We did the tasting there last fall and ate at a smaller restaurant in the area.
  11. Sometimes you can get just a flat or point and they aren’t too big. I’ve also had some luck smoking chuck roast like a brisket. They also make great burnt ends.
  12. Thanks. I vaguely remember that now. I don’t think I’d call it a black eye on IU.
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