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  1. Rubs are pretty fun and easy to mess around with. Salt, pepper, onion, and garlic (SPOG) is great on steaks. From there you can add sugars, other spices, or even things like coffee. I like to start from a recipe and tweak it as I choose.
  2. Have you ever tried pulled pork? It’s not terribly difficult, cost efficient, and really good.
  3. What’s the big smoker? The biggest I have is a 22.5” WSM. Nothing crazy but it can hold plenty for me.
  4. I have something similar but a different brand. Mine has a few probes so I can track grill temp and a few meats. Also, most stock thermometers in grills aren’t great. Some can be calibrated but not all. I cooked around 300f (per my thermometer) for a few hours on a new smoker. I think the thermometer on it maxed out around 235.
  5. Port a Pit chicken is great. I’ve done a few different types of recipes that are similar. On the grill I hold some of the liquid to baste. To keep it consistent with Nelson’s you can cook the chicken in halves.
  6. Sounding like he will go 14th to Boston. Not a bad situation.
  7. It just seems like Michigan to Illinois is a big drop. I hadn’t followed close, but I thought he’d end up at a bigger place. This is one story that PU and IU coaches will probably use recruiting. You pick the big time football school and you may get recruited over and tossed to the side. Not sure on PU, but IU is in a pretty good place right now at QB so they may not have even reached out this time.
  8. Just saw Brandon Peters to Illinois. I didn’t follow this much but it seems surprising.
  9. This whole thing seems a little anticlimactic. At the very beginning they talked about how there could be up to 100 schools/coaches involved and that hall of famers would be implicated. Now that the NCAA is finished we are looking at 6 schools. My ‘Predict the Six’ TCU USC Creighton LSU Arizona KU/UL - this one is tough since they were both mentioned a lot. I’d pick UL if I had to since the worst KU wiretaps weren’t permissible in court.
  10. Post here if you’d like to find out: https://www.reddit.com/r/whatisthisthing/ They are insane with identifying random things. It’s also interesting to read through occasionally.
  11. I’ve done something similar. We get pork chops and season them with something simple like salt, pepper, onion powder, and garlic powder and sear them a little. Then we put them in a foil pan with BBQ sauce and cover. They always turn out great. To tie in the Tabasco thread you could probably add whatever hot sauce you prefer.
  12. I started reading about this stuff a few months ago. There are some hot peppers that aren’t as hot as Pepper X (still very hot though) that we’re developed by the same guy. People just make hot peppers hotter which is crazy to me.
  13. This deserves a second. I need to do a better job of it myself. I also use a pair of Lodge cast iron gloves that work pretty well.
  14. I have one of the smaller Blackstones and love it. How do you do green tomatoes on your griddle?
  15. I’ll be following but I doubt I’ll be able to watch much due to the game times. I enjoy watching the USMNT and USWNT, especially in the World Cup.
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