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  1. I bit. For anyone interested someone started it saying Allen should be a top priority. Most agreed he was a good coach but weren’t sold on him at UT. The biggest objections were: not wanting a defensive coach, his buyout being too high, him not having enough consistency, and not being high profile enough.
  2. In the last 2:00 Phinisee, Durham, and Franklin went 12-14 from the line. That was huge. If you do the math (I did) that puts the team at 9-21 (43%) for the first 38 minutes.
  3. What candidates were there? I haven’t heard much about the process other than the standard we got our guy lines.
  4. I think it has to be addressed with an extension. Any coach with less than 4 years on their contract that isn’t getting great results will have the same issue.
  5. Can’t go wrong there, especially with their tenderloins. For anyone down around Louisville I found a location there.
  6. Looks like Mike Hart is going to UM so there is a new spot to fill. Any ideas who it will be? I have no clue.
  7. I noticed that, too. I’m not sure if it means much but it can’t be bad. This team talked a lot about being close and they’re showing it with how many guys are coming back. I still expect some transfers but I’m surprised none have come out and so many guys were quick to return.
  8. Good comeback for Purdue. I have admit it was tough seeing them get some of those breaks on the road after what happened in sconsin. Had IU defended the same on that last ob play it would have been called a foul no question.
  9. Great game from Leal. That was encouraging to see. Get back to 5 on 5, keep this energy, and good things will come.
  10. Probably not the right thread but you’re right. To be on track this response is brought to you by Three Floyd’s Sir Robert The Bruce.
  11. What happens if they’re fully healthy?
  12. Terrible. Can’t complain about any disrespect from the CFP or B1G if you get thumped by a 4-5 SEC team.
  13. Haven’t had 10w-40 but I’ll have to look for it. I judge ba stouts on New Holland Dragon’s Milk. It’s well priced, easily available, and tasty.
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