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  1. BeerBQ

    Ball State Pregame Thread

    Sounds like it's going to be a big test for the run defense. Based on that Athon link, they have a good QB and RB that are back from injuries but not much else.
  2. BeerBQ

    Virginia Postgame Thread

    I was there for the whole thing, too. I just wore normal socks with cheap rain boots and pants over the top. I just have a cheap rain suit so I doubled up the pants and didn't have much trouble. Conditions were awful. I'm surprised there weren't more fumbles. Not sure if everyone knows, but it had rained all day, most of the night before, and a lot of Friday. Everything was completely soaked.
  3. BeerBQ

    Big Ten Football

    Sorry, the bad loss not being unexpected.
  4. BeerBQ

    Armaan Franklin Commits to IU

    I think Sheehey was similar. A lot of people questioned signing him but he turned into a solid player.
  5. BeerBQ

    Armaan Franklin Commits to IU

    I think Purdue has used all of the standard excuses already: -IU had to have paid him -It was probably playing time. Our guards are loaded and IU has MAC quality guards. -Who cares. PU owns IU and their dusty banners. (Our Big Ten championships from the 40s are relevant though.)
  6. BeerBQ

    Gest out ...ACL

    I'm guessing we will see him Saturday. There may be/have been a plan to red shirt him.
  7. BeerBQ

    Virginia Pregame Thread

    Always good to see a detailed breakdown of a team I don't usually see much of. I like reading they have a thin front. That should help Ramsey build some confidence in his arm and a run heavy plan should help with this round of who's the top RB.
  8. BeerBQ

    FIU Game Thread

    Reese Taylor is a weapon. Someone else can define his position. HS QB, came in as S, has lined up as WR.
  9. BeerBQ

    FIU Game Thread

    35-21 IU Run defense could be better. Not sure why Penix came in, but he's been solid.
  10. BeerBQ

    Big Ten Football

    I cheer for Indiana teams outside of Purdue. Eventually ND fans get to be a little much though.
  11. BeerBQ

    FIU Game Thread

    I sat right behind at a home game while he was being recruited. By my estimation we were about the same weight at that time. He was a foot taller.
  12. BeerBQ

    FIU Game Thread

    Disclaimer: I missed the first few minutes until coverage started Offense was solid. Not sure on time management to end the half though. Defense gave up some big run plays. That ended up hurting.
  13. BeerBQ

    FIU Game Thread

    I don't get it either but I got a free trial with Hulu live that has it.
  14. BeerBQ

    FIU Game Thread

    Any predictions on score/breakout performances? I'll go with 35-21 IU. A QB (Penix or Ramsey) shows who deserves to start the rest of the way.