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  1. I don’t think Hummel fits in here. He actually seems like a likable guy. That whole Baby Boiler group all did. Kramer fits. IU needs a player that everyone else loves to hate. I think Sheehey was the last one.
  2. I don’t mind the 5 fouls/10 minutes part, but the rest seems like too much.
  3. Another name that may be if interest came up. Derek Smits is leaving Valpo. Could be worth looking into for Archie.
  4. Then does total body of work matter? IU knew the B10 schedule would pull up the overall SOS, and it did. I also agree that Belmont’s schedule doesn’t seem that tough. And at at the end of the day, they said it came down to total number of wins.
  5. Hard to believe when they talked about Belmont getting in because of their 2 Q1 wins. Does the quadrant system matter? IU had 0 losses in the 2nd half of it. I guess I took that as bad losses but not turds.
  6. Big ten shot itself in the foot with 20 game schedule. Committee seems more interested in total wins than sos Archie needs to line up the cupcakes next year
  7. Maybe the refs will get a break then. Then and UK were pretty much all in on the refs being paid off in their conference tournament.
  8. Seems like it’s all just trying to soften the blow now.
  9. I tried to address this in an earlier post, but probably failed. Recruits want support regardless of the decision. They don’t realize fans if any school are fans of the school. IU fans won’t necessarily be unsupportive if it’s UK, but we likely won’t follow his career very closely for another school.
  10. Will you post some thoughts after? I’m interested in what the crowd is like. I don’t think there are many UK fans that far north and with it looking like UK I wouldn’t be surprised if other fans stay home. I think a lot of recruits get this mind set that everyone that has followed their recruitment will be happy for them and follow them no matter what. The reality is as soon as you say no to a school everyone moves on. You become a name most fans recognize and may or may not actually watch.
  11. I admit I’m probably putting too much into one tweet, but I think it ends up UK.
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