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  1. Got some chicken on now. Legs are Caribbean jerk and thighs are carne asada marinade. Finished with some green onions.
  2. How do you like that system? I’ve been intrigued but haven’t got one.
  3. Is that the wok that fits in the removable center part of the grate?
  4. I’m guessing he’d be able to move up at UK. Ostrom has been with Archie for a while and likely won’t change until he moves on. I thought I saw that Payne is an associate head coach or something like that.
  5. I heard him talk about that flare up and he didn’t seem concerned about it. If he does go, Jamal Meeks is also coaching now. He sounds like a guy that could connect with kids.
  6. He’s buried in Ft Wayne and they have a festival named after him every fall.
  7. I was referring to the talent disparity between southern Indiana and Indy/northern Indiana. I completely understand what you mean otherwise.
  8. Why? I’m genuinely curious. He was an entertaining interview and seemed to truly care about IU. I will admit he had some typical “lawyer” responses, though.
  9. The Hoosier Hysterics did an interview with trustee Patrick Shoulders that I haven’t seen mentioned here. He is a part of a well known entity so I think it would be of interest to a lot of members. I didn’t know much about him and thought it was very interesting.
  10. If Allen can do that for PU in southern Indiana and McCulley/Sales do it in Indy/Northern Indiana then I’ll take it.
  11. How’d you watch The Good Place? I’ve watched the first 3 seasons but haven’t seen the fourth available.
  12. Thank you for the info! Next time I see one I won’t just take a picture.
  13. Anyone know what this guy is? I saw it on one of my tomato plants. The next day every leaf was gone.
  14. Looks like a great meal. Chicken leg quarters are one of my favorite ways to cook chicken.
  15. Some very cool views in that video. The knobs are the closest things we have to mountains in Southern Indiana.
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