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  1. BeerBQ

    Indiana HS hoops

    Did that NE 8 replace the NHC?
  2. BeerBQ

    Indiana HS hoops

    Is there any place online that has standings? My high school had a surprise coaching change and I'm curious how it is working out.
  3. BeerBQ

    Indiana HS hoops

    Did New Haven move to the SAC? I know there was a big change up after I'd moved away from the area.
  4. BeerBQ

    Indiana HS hoops

    Thanks for the heads up! What time is the game? I'd like to check that out. I know there's been some discussion on how much competition he has, but 39 ppg is impressive.
  5. BeerBQ

    Keion Brooks Jr.

    Is there anything to the family talking about how they don't like IU fans criticizing players?
  6. BeerBQ

    Keion Brooks Jr.

    A quick search didn't bring anything. I checked other IU boards, MSU, UK, PU, and Twitter. I just scanned thread names but didn't even see him mentioned.
  7. BeerBQ

    Keion Brooks Jr.

    Any source on this or just a feeling? I thought I'd seen it was down to IU and MSU.
  8. BeerBQ

    Players you like, but shouldn't

    Along with Hummel I'd add Jajuan Johnson and Etwaun Moore. As good as they were I hated that I couldn't find a reason to actually dislike them. Cardinal and Kris Kramer fit, too. They're just the guys everyone hates, but you know you'd love to have them on your team.
  9. I happened to look at a thread over there that I thought was amusing. It was from last January but was brought back for some reason. Opinions there have changed a lot in a year. They thought Painter was on track to be the next great B10 coach after Izzo. Now there's a lot of talk about replacing him. Someone mentioned Ill and OSU as the B10 teams in the best position as far as coaching and recruiting.
  10. BeerBQ

    New OC possibilities

    That agrees with the post I made as you were probably typing this.
  11. BeerBQ

    New OC possibilities

    Looks like it won't be Canada. That is a little disappointing. Assuming this article is correct, I expect an underwhelming hire. Link to article: https://pittsburghsportsnow.com/2019/01/10/pat-narduzzi-matt-canada-have-discussed-pitt-return/
  12. BeerBQ

    David Bell

    How good should he be next year? I think a lot of PU fans forget that very few players come in and have the type of impact that Moore did.
  13. BeerBQ

    Around the B1G/NCAA

    I heard somewhere that coaching at some schools (I think IU and UK were mentioned) takes a special person. They compared it to dating a girl with no other friends or hobbies. You are it. There are no breaks or down time. A lot of the buzz from football games is around what basketball recruits are there.
  14. BeerBQ

    Around the B1G/NCAA

    I do enjoy some hating. The older I get the more I realize I just don't like many teams. NCAA (all sports) 1. Purdue 2. UK 3. Sconsin 4. UL 5. MSU 6. PSU 7. Duke Honorable Mention: Butler, Norte Dame, ISU. I cheer for them some because they're in Indiana, but any amount of success for them gets old. NFL 1. Patriots 2. Packers