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  1. I always enjoy Hoopsters.
  2. Our puppy was born 1/9. I just realized he’s never seen an IU football loss. Every big play I yell and grab a toy. Both dogs love it.
  3. This is true. It’s actually a pretty nice drive. On game days sometimes you can get a good line of traffic heading that way.
  4. I skimmed both and didn’t see any major objections. It’s looks like a solid site that I’ll probably visit again. Bedford started last year as a true Fr after an injury. I don’t think any IU fans are too concerned about him. I think IU fans are generally more excited about Scott than they are. I’m in the same boat as far as basketball. It would have been nice to see IU announced. It’s been way too long.
  5. My picks: Illinois OSU Michigan St. Penn St. Iowa Michigan Northwestern
  6. I would be. What are the rules?
  7. I really liked Schitt’s Creek. It drew me in over the first few seasons.
  8. At the very least what he said had to tip off the staff to what he really thinks of IU.
  9. Speaking of Silver Creek I noticed the pizza place across the street changed names. It seems unrelated to the college choice.
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