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  1. I can’t imagine. I don’t know how you do it.
  2. After visiting a Marquette board not only do I want Dawson to commit more, but I’d like to see Purdue crush them.
  3. It’s always fun when a recruitment is close down to the end with multiple schools feeling confident.
  4. All in Indiana: Fort Wayne Ossian Anderson Memphis/Sellersburg I’d also love a place in the Montana or Wyoming with some land.
  5. Think there’s a chance on any of them?
  6. We were a few rows in front of them and my wife saw coach talking to someone. Sadly I didn’t realize who it was. I also love that he happened to be there.
  7. Doesn’t look like it. He’s in warmups on the bench right now.
  8. I like to start with some sautéed onions, mushrooms, and peppers. Then I add eggs and scramble as they’re added. I add ham or bacon if we have any and finish with cheese. Nothing complicated but it’s pretty good.
  9. Good find! I saw that on another board and thought Chili’s was an interesting choice, too.
  10. Anyone watching that can give updates? I’m intrigued at the schools that seem to have been added.
  11. That means they also see the UK fans wishing injury and accusing a recruit of trying to upstage them by picking a different school.
  12. He’s got some more stuff on iufilmroom.com It sounds like something that will be added to throughout the year.
  13. Any word on why? Seems like odd timing.
  14. I walked into that one. There will definitely be some beer there, but BBQ is a bit trickier. Good BBQ takes time and tailgating is usually pretty quick. These noon kickoffs have been tough so the griddle has come in handy. I’m excited to have a little more time this week. Go Hoosiers!
  15. We will be there. This year we’ve made every home game. Still deciding on the menu for the tailgate.
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