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  1. I’m in 3 leagues this year and am 0-3 after week 1. Looking for a bounce back this week.
  2. I have Ronald Jones in another league. He gave me -.6. A 0 would have been nice.
  3. I believe we’re in the orange lot. Anyone else tailgating today? The wind is a little strong but otherwise it’s about perfect.
  4. That’s where these are from. Mine had these, wheat, Dragonfly, and Campside pale ale.
  5. Considering the score I’m weirdly not too upset about the defense. They gave up a TD on a big play and 2 from “normal” play. Assuming a competent offense shows up it’s 21-10 or 14.
  6. Penix looks a little (lot?) rusty which isn’t surprising. Im not throwing in the towel on this one.
  7. Any word on if they’ll have names on them?
  8. This is the perfect time to get 3 co-SIDs.
  9. Why did the BT pick this for the week 0 game? I just can’t find the energy to care.
  10. Chris Mack suspended 6 games. UL never stops entertaining. https://twitter.com/whas11/status/1431301059524366344?s=21
  11. We have a 4:00 check in so the only real option is going somewhere else. I may end up calling ahead to see if there’s any place that can change a tv. One tv shouldn’t be an issue in a touristy place but you never know.
  12. I recently found out we will be on vacation for the Cincinnati game. We talked about stopping on the way to catch it somewhere. Anyone know of a good place to watch in the Gatlinburg, TN area?
  13. You have the same method as us. We learned the hard way that a pop up tent over the edge of a tv can make it fall over no matter how stable the table is. Im always looking for outdoor entertainment ideas. It’s hard to justify any real money Indiana where it only makes sense for a few months.
  14. How do you do your tv setup? Anything outside? We go through this for the Kentucky Derby every year. This year we actually had a TV fall. Iowa is growing on my list of disliked teams. Getting Craig hurt. The allegations of racism made it grow, and Barta put them firmly on the disliked list.
  15. Here’s our older dog meeting a chicken on our house. Fun fact: we don’t have chickens.
  16. Mile was also adamant about warning people against using the standard wire grill brushes. They can be dangerous when the wires come off. A safer option is to use a ball of foil. He posted it about every summer and he’s absolutely correct.
  17. My father in law really showed me how great a homegrown tomato is in the summer. The ones you get in restaurant just aren’t the same. Sometimes when we do BLTs I have some tomato slices with whatever seasoning I have.
  18. Anyone see an IU recruit or commit? I don’t follow much high school much anymore, but it was nice to see Carmel beat Trinity. Indiana>Kentucky
  19. Posted in the wrong thread. Counting down the days to 9/4 and planning my home tailgate.
  20. Sounds like a successful trip. I didn’t expect to win so that was a nice surprise. It sounds like “fun” was one of the words that kept coming up. The players seemed to have fun playing. The fans seemed to have fun on the trip. The style of play sounds like it was fun to watch.
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