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  1. I know it’s a bit early, but I’m sure I’m not the only one looking at this game. Illinois starts their season 8/27 at home against Wyoming. What’s on the tailgate menu for everyone?
  2. I’ve only hear the official program stance of nod decision has been made and if one had we wouldn’t say anyway.
  3. We got tickets for the FanFest, as well. It should be a good time.
  4. That’s a pretty wild scene. My wife’s office isn’t far from the area that was blocked off. It will be interesting to see what it was.
  5. Sounds like the area has been cleared. Pretty crazy way to start the day. That’s when I’m glad I can work from home and my building is out of town so I can avoid that area.
  6. Sounds like this is more of a ‘home’ and home since I’m sure the other game will be played in Rupp.
  7. I came here to post this. Seems like a quick turnaround from announcing the top 10 to committing. Everything looks like Sparty to me, too.
  8. We’re supporting local musicians today. We’re at a musical festival featuring local bands that supports a historical society. As a bonus, Everett Dean was involved in property the festival benefits. Regardless of what you like or where you’re from, there is probably a place that has local music you’d enjoy.
  9. “Well, sh*t, he can shoot the three-ball.” Mike Woodson (probably).
  10. He probably didn’t get what he expected for that (alleged) playbook.
  11. Is the next move UNC, UVA, FSU, and Clemson to the SEC? If it happens that means they got out of the ACC contract and the rest of the conference is up for grabs.
  12. Tevin Coleman was solid and Rondale Moore was pretty good. I think Ian Thomas was ok as a TE to keep. I’m sure Bell will be good, too.
  13. Not sure where this fits. I predict USC to the east and UCLA to the west. No other division changes.
  14. if it was any other coach and school this would be a much bigger story. It sounds like Amaker expected an hour offer and may have even gotten one from someone at Duke. When K found out he shut it down and made sure they hired someone that would let him maintain some control and influence. There has to be a ton of pressure on Scheyer.
  15. I’ll second McCulley to WR is likely. I think the tight lid is by design. I heard an interview where Allen mentioned not wanting anyone to know what to expect. With some questions around who will start at QB, 2 new coordinators, and an opener against a conference team I kind of like it.
  16. You should check out the show Scrubs if you haven’t. They use a few Colin Hay songs.
  17. Bone in chicken leg quarters are one of our favorites. we get the 10 lb bags for about $8.
  18. Falls City is still going strong in Louisville.
  19. I ended up doing some grilling. I did a beef tongue barbacoa, smoked queso, and some shotgun shells. It all turned out solid but I have some things to improve on.
  20. Why would PU turn down a commit from a top 100 in state kid?
  21. I certainly hope you’re right.
  22. I’m pretty sure the only rules around NIL were that it can’t be contingent on someone playing for a certain school and the school itself can’t be involved. This violates both. There are 2 rules and they couldn’t follow either.
  23. I like where TK is. Staying in contention and out of trouble.
  24. You really can’t go wrong with either.
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