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  1. McHoop

    Penn St. Post game

    I've come to the conclusion that Justin Smith is pretty much Hanner Perea, 2.0..................................... I think Hanner might have a higher basketball IQ though........ McHoop
  2. McHoop

    ACC/Big Ten Challenge

    BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! McHoop
  3. It's clear to me where step-dad doesn't want him going. Personally, I think step-dad needs to step off. It ain't his decision. McHoop
  4. McHoop

    Armaan Franklin Commits to IU

    Louise was a very nice lady. And generous too. She would occasionally reach out to me and other family members, offering the "McCracken" seats at home games. Branch was my great-uncle from my dads side of the family. McHoop
  5. Clearly, IU doesn't enjoy the mojo it did when BK was in his glory days, but we all know how he would have handled this..... McHoop
  6. Personally, I wouldn't blame CAM for "feathering his nest" and actively recruiting any remaining players who would fill the same role. It gets to a point where this cuts both ways. McHoop
  7. Last time I checked, TJD was still 100% IU on the 247 CB. Granted, that is far from gospel but as of this a.m., still 100%. It shows a definite trend. McHoop
  8. McHoop

    Romeo Langford

    What do I win? McHoop
  9. McHoop

    Romeo Langford

    I heard something about it being Angelo Pizzo....... Have no idea if it's true. McHoop
  10. McHoop

    Romeo Langford

    Someone on Rivals was willing to bet $200 with someone late last week that he was going to Vandy and not IU.... McHoop
  11. McHoop

    Romeo Langford

    This bolsters very favorable information recently received about a purported conversation between East and a HC staff member; the gist of which, didn't pertain to East .... McHoop
  12. McHoop

    Romeo Langford

    No but the ultimate source(s) is possibly mutual. McHoop
  13. McHoop

    Romeo Langford

    No-brainer.....based upon the presented evidence.... McHoop
  14. McHoop

    Romeo Langford

    This is pretty much the same information that was shared with me last week. McHoop
  15. McHoop

    Romeo Langford

    Yeah, my bad. I missread the post. McHoop