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  1. Does UK still have a Senior Day or has Calipari made that obsolete? McHoop
  2. Unless he tweets out a "three" tomorrow..... McHoop
  3. Truly, I can't imagine any recruit not drooling over the prospect of having Rob Phinesee as your point guard. Both offensively and defensively. I'm really looking forward to seeing him progress in the next three years. McHoop
  4. Guess I missed Brook's pre-emptive verbal ahead of his press conference. An awful lot of gloom and doom here and there with more than a week left before the announcement..... McHoop
  5. He's trying very hard to allow KB his day in the sun..... McHoop
  6. Disclaimer: I know no one, have no particular insights behind the scenes, etc. That said, I personally believe that IU's chances with KB get better each day he remains uncommitted. If what has been reported is accurate, ie; parents want UK, I believe if KB wanted UK he would have committed after the visit. McHoop
  7. I think most here who played sports to any significant extent, were at some point directly involved in or witnessed a "scuffle." McHoop
  8. Just read he was hanging out at UK practices. That's all I know. McHoop
  9. He's too busy hanging onto Calipari's nut-sack right now..... McHoop
  10. Fundamentals and Justin Smith are mutually exclusive; at both ends of the floor. Fifteen percent from beyond the arch. Red light time from Archie. McHoop
  11. LaPorte County used to be in my territory back in the day. Hesston's claim to fame was/is The Hesston Bar & Grill which was known for their prime rib. That is practically the only building/business in Hesston. Otherwise, there are only scattered homes and Lalumiere in the area. The rest is bogland/wetland and some farm fields. Company I retired from used to insure Lalumiere many years ago and I handled some claims for them. This was wayyyyyyy before they became a basketball factory. McHoop
  12. Ever been to Hesston? Probably one of the more remote areas in Northern Indiana. McHoop
  13. I've come to the conclusion that Justin Smith is pretty much Hanner Perea, 2.0..................................... I think Hanner might have a higher basketball IQ though........ McHoop
  14. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! McHoop
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