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  1. Belmont nonconference strength of schedule was in the 80's vs IU in the 190s. So in games Belmont could choose they scheduled a tougher schedule than IU.
  2. I just want all the people on here who are trying to convince themselves that we deserve a spot to look at our record. If this record belonged to anyone else we would be making fun of them. It was a bad season where the team did not meet expectations. Injuries played a role for sure but we were not a good team. I do not think our coaching at any point was elite. Without the so called crean players that so many people have b#$%"!# about we get blown out of the water these last 5 games. Romeo had a good season for a freshman but he was far from the hype. I still cant believe all the people that think we have a chance. Smh
  3. Anyone think we can beat msu 3 times? That would be really challenging and would be the game that probably punches our dance card not matter what.
  4. Race and forester might as well be lebron after he tried to trade his entire team. I do not get it.
  5. May make you mad but I wish we had guys who had the same feelings. It just seems that since our beat down that Crean put on them in mackey that Painter gets his team to buy in to the rivalry and feel the hate. I miss the old days where both teams got it and fought to win. IU players have not shown that fire for a while now.
  6. Zero changes from Minnesota, just Purdue didnt make their threes and IU was at home. Archie keeps saying things and not following through. I have no issues with the process of making changes and getting your players in for your system but call a spade a spade. If he would just come out and say I am playing the hand I was dealt I would have more respect.
  7. He played decent defense tonight but it was mostly on Eastern who is not a scoring threat. I get it and you have made it clear you are a romeo fan but what has he done to better IU? If our coaching staff keeps telling him to defer that is their mistake. You miss 100% of the shots you never take. IU as a team sucks on offense, so why wouldn't we tell Romeo to take over?
  8. That would require us to set an off ball screen, which through almost 2 years of Archie doesnt seem to be part of what he runs. The officiating did not cost us this game. Running zero offense did. Multiple plays romeo (and others) just stood after he made a pass, zero running, no screens, just standing still and watching. I do not see an offense that runs sets for guys. I said before this game that I wanted to see romeo take over and try to score 40+ and it did not happen. Carsen Edward's may have had a horrible game but I at least seemed to feel like he was trying to will his team to victory. I have not seen that attitude or effort from Romeo a single time this season. Ugly game all the way around for both teams. Ugly season for IU. Morgan played his ass of and he seems to every game but I think playing out of position so much has worn him down. He had a bad turn over down the stretch but that kid plays hard all the time and I have never questioned his effort. Here is an honest question. Where were our major adjustments and changes? What did our coaching staff do or adjust? I get that the coaches cant make shots for the guys but what adjustments did we make.
  9. So if Justin is as big of the issue as people want to make him out to be, wouldn't the coaching staff know it? Yet he continues to play. Justin has struggled horribly minus the purdue game. He cant shoot, is timid around the rim and is getting lost on defense, yet he continues to play. Why is that? If the coach thought he was tearing the team apart he would not be playing.
  10. So please explain how issues with the APR are glass tying Archie's hands on roster management? Seriously the APR results are posted every year so there shouldnt have been any major surprise. Nothing in that says Archie can't bench a player. Nothing says that Glass isnt allowing him to run the team the way he wants. If we are losing anyways why doesn't our coach play the players that he wants? Archie is the one who keeps opening his mouth and saying things that he doesnt follow through on. I think most of us would handle the losing better if we tried anything different. Turn the freshmen loose and see what happens. What is our coach trying to do? I cant figure it out watching. Zero adjustments, same line ups and the same results. If we are looking for transfers play the guys you want to keep.
  11. Do people really believe that Archie would have taken the job if glass would have that type of power over his roster? I mean seriously this board has gotten ridiculous. Archie had the power when he took this job. People are crazy if they think roster management and turnover werent discussed. There is no way archie was coming to IU if the AD said you cant manage your roster as you see fit. Also if glass is overstepping his bounds force his hand to fire you and get the buyout, it goes both ways. I am tired of everyone blaming this season on Creans players and the fact that it isnt Archie's roster. Same kids were here last year and these issues were not the same. Also archie did rerecruit Justin Smith, Al Durham and the other sophomores. He also recruited Fitzner. The majority of the roster belongs to him. I wish anything tied to Crean was gone, just so that narrative was dead because it is getting old. When a Crean player produces Archie gets all the credit but when they dont Crean gets all the blame. Although Edward Smith may be doing stupid things on Twitter they are not the reason we keep losing games. Is it helping no, but it is not causing our team to fall apart. Every single player on this team is a part of the issue. Maybe the truth will come out after the season maybe it wont. And the biggest issue imho is that so many people keep giving Romeo a pass. He stands around as much as anyone, jobs back on defense and does not seem to care about winning or losing. I would love to see him take over a game and drop 40 like so many keep saying he is capable of. Just do it already we are all tired of waiting to see it. Is it Archie telling him not to? Surely with all our offensive issues Archie has told romeo just to step up and be the man. Why has it not happened? Come on coach make the adjustment, make a call and put the ball in his hands and let him be the man. Hell even better let him do it against Purdue who completely shut him down last time. I am tired of all the finger pointing and blame that is going around. We just arent a good team this year, Romeo may have decent numbers for a freshman but has had little impact on improving our program, Archie has not done a good job as the head coach this year, Morgan has not had the senior season we had hoped for, injuries have hurt us no doubt about it but I think these issues would have still happened to some extent.
  12. Every single person/player involved with this team is a part of the problem. In regards to Romeo it may or may not have anything to do with his actions. If the jealousy is because of him, that does make him a part of the problem. It's like a 3 car pile up. Just because the front car was stopped and did nothing wrong they are still a part of the accident. While some people will be a bigger part of the problem, every member of the team is a part of it.
  13. Smith may not be playing well but a lot of his teammates like him, the same cannot be said for other players on our roster. I am not trying to bash Romeo and I do not want it to come off that way but jealousy is an issue with this team. Romeo came in and was treated like royalty from day one by the entire fan base. How many people went to his announcement? He was stated to be our best player before he ever put on the candy stripe pants let alone played a game. It is what it is. Do I think smith has not met or exceeded expectations that we as fans had for him yes. Do I think romeo has not met or exceeded expectations that we as fans had for him yes. Do I think our team has not met or exceeded expectations that we as fans had for them yes. The big thing I am seeing though is that smith and the team are getting blasted and romeo is not (at least not as much). I do not know romeo, I have not met him and I probably never will (Like just about everyone else on here). I cannot tell you how he is as a person or how he acts towards his teammates. But I can tell you that while he may not be the entire problem that this team has, he is deffinetly a part of the problem like every other player and coach that is a part of the team this year.
  14. I do not know anyone who is directly associated with the basketball team but I do have a friend who is a female athlete. She crosses paths with the team and has told me some things that some of you may or may not believe. A cancer doesn't just exist in the locker room and I do not believe that it has as much to do with basketball as it does personalities. Our team has 3 clicks that do not get along. Our issue isnt on the court or in practice it is the fact that there are people who dont want to be around each other, let alone play as a team. If you watch the games pay attention to certain players who do not talk and will not share the ball with each other. Justin does not like or get along with romeo. I think everyone has noticed this and keeps putting the blame on justin. We dont know what archie told justin when he convinced him to stay at iu. We dont know what archie told romeo to get him to iu. They both want to be the man and are struggling to coexist. If that was our only issue it would be one thing but it goes deeper. Those wanting a leader to step up won't get it because the clicks.
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