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  1. Riverrat

    The laugh at Purdue Thread...

    Did Painter strike a nerve with his team when he called them out in the post game a couple weeks ago? I forget exactly what he said but it was something along the lines of this isnt high school anymore. It was only Rutgers but they beat them like a drum.
  2. Riverrat

    Nebraska Postgame Thread

    Hate to say it but does anyone else realize that we praised archie last year for not adjusting. It was understood that he needed to establish his system even if it wasn't his guys. Now this year he still is not adjusting to fully support the talent that he has. Shooters two years in a row seem to have taken a step back. Several players keep passing up on open shots to the point that defenders dont even worry about covering them outside of 15', etc... While I do think it is far to early to say if Archie will be the right guy there are deffinetly some red flags as to his willingness to adapt to the players he has. Nebraska is a good team, they have shown that throughout the season and the advanced metrics support that they are not a bad loss. Is there over reaction right now, absolutely. Was there over reaction to the fact that we were squeaking out wins to other teams earlier in the year, absolutely. Are we as good as we want to be no. Are we as bad as we are making ourselves out to be today, no.
  3. Riverrat

    Michigan Pregame Thread

    Two weeks ago no way I would have said we stood a chance in this game with how michigan was playing. After watching them these past couple games they do not look like the team that blew out Villanova, North Carolina and Purdue. While Michigan is still the best team in the big ten imo, they have gone from looking unbeatable to beatable. I do think this will tell us a ton about who we are. Not only does Mochigan not turn the ball over they dont put people on the free throw line. Can we win a game where we dont take a lot of free throws? Can we win a half court game? Can we win on the road against a quality team? How will the defense handle a team that likes to shoot the three?
  4. Riverrat

    Around the B1G/NCAA

    Guy isnt coming to IU. We were never players in his recruitment and the kid loves where he is at. I am not a direct friend of his family but do know people that are and the kid loves his current school/coach. There is nothing wrong with it and it's not a knock on our school/team/coach but not every kid from Indiana dreams of playing for Indiana. We can't get them all. Things might have been different if we had a different coaching staff but we can only speculate.
  5. Riverrat

    Thoughts on Big Ten so far

    Do you really think those are 2 good teams? Cincy has some potential but creighton isnt what I would call a good team. Cincy will most likely be a tourney team, so that is a good win I overlooked. Creighton will not make the tournament. There are alot of games/teams that I havent seen so I am sure my order is different than someone's who has watched other teams/games.
  6. 1 - michigan (they have looked like the best team by far) 2 - michigan state (talented and they havent played cupcakes every game) 3 - Wisconsin (kind of reminds me of a typical Wisconsin team) 4 - Iowa (havent seen more than highlights but they have beaten some decent teams) 5 - Ohio state (havent beaten anyone yet but have looked good doing it 6 - purdue (they have looked better than I thought they would. Havent beaten anyone but havent lost to anyone they shouldnt either) 7 - IU (would be mich higher if healthy but we just havent looked good the past couple games. Even with the injuries we should have been on cruise control the past 2 games and we werent) 8 - Minnesota (probably should be higher but I havent seen them play at all) 9 - Nebraska (havent looked as good as the media wanted them to be preseason) 10 - northwestern (how quickly they have faded from their first tourney appearance) 11 - Maryland (honestly havent seen them play but the schedule thus far is embarrassing) 12 - Penn state 13 - Rutgers 14 - Illinois This is based on what I have watched so far this season. Some teams have looked way better than I thought they would and others havent. Gonna be a fun conference season if we can get healthy, big is solid from teams 3-10.
  7. Maybe and this is a big maybe, we will be surprised like last year. No one gave us a chance and most of us were prepared to get destroyed leading in. I know that I am going to be watching to see how Romeo does against players that are on his level. Will his defense look ahead of what is expected, will he get his shot when and where he wants it, or will he look like a freshman?
  8. Riverrat

    IU UC Davis Game Thread

    Biggest issue I am seeing is our defense has taken a huge step back. Is it because guys are tired or is it that the pieces we have available dont understand the system? We have struggled against 2 really really bad teams in a row. I get that we are short handed but I would put money on our lowest rated player that is playing being head and shoulders higher than these teams top players ratings. We played 8 players tonight and that is the type of rotation most on here keep saying we need to play. So of the players that arent available, who do we need the most?
  9. Riverrat

    IU UC Davis Game Thread

    Glad this is a home game.
  10. Riverrat

    UT Arlington Pregame Thread

    I know we are no TAMU Chorpus Chritie but hopefully we can dig deep and rebound after a tough road game. 🤔 Hopefully we use this game for what it should be. Experiment with line ups, get young players game experience and get out as healthy as we came in. I do not care if we cover the spread, just win the game. I would prefer with our current health issues that if we get up big we are smart and get our key players off the court. As good as the Marquette game was we had several starters on the court in garbage minutes. Put the walk ons in and dont risk anyone we need, our depth is gone and we cannot afford another injury.
  11. Riverrat

    Smellermakers lose first game !

    HTD didnt you predict they would lose on Friday?🤐
  12. Riverrat

    Real time rpi

    Anyone here ever go on the real time rpi website? I always find it interesting to track scores and records vs their projections. So far this season for IU they have been a little off on projected scores but have predicted the winner correctly. I hope for our sake that doesn't hold true because they show us having a horrible re ord come big ten play. Figured I would share the link since I have never seen anyone on here mention this site. http://realtimerpi.com/rpi_186_Men.html
  13. Riverrat

    Gavitt Tipoff Games

    B1G is crushing these higher profile games. Looks like a couple teams will be better than most people thought.
  14. Riverrat

    Prediction : pee yew loses firrst. game on

    Boilers will have their hands full at some point in Charleston. I think they lose before florida state.
  15. Riverrat

    Comical Archie Miller Analysis

    We havent had a coach last that long 💩😜