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  1. Only reason to not continue is if it is replaced with another non mid major game. I don't care who it is against but if it is to have another home game against the school for the blind I say keep it. If it could bring back kentucky or start a home and home with arizona or some other decent team I say go for it.
  2. I do not disagree with you but the two situations are totally different. If Matt Painter was our coach I believe he would have been fired. That 4 year stretch was bad and in todays world most programs would have cut ties with their coach. If IU misses the tourney this year can you honestly tell me we are in a better place than we were under Crean? Can you tell me what our offense is other than hope we get to the free throw line a lot? That is not something you can count on in the tournament or on the road. Our record may end up better this year than the past two but our non conferen
  3. Difference with the painter situation vs what we are going through with archie is that painter had at least built a very solid team and won before those 4 years. Archie has not yet produced anything. Crean was up and down. I honestly think if a few players didnt get hurt creans final year he is still our coach. We fired the guy 1 year after winning the big with a team that was missing some huge pieces due to injury.
  4. I dont see anyway that beard would come to iu. He is a Texan, had the UNLV job and before he started backed out to go to Texas Tech. The guys family is in texas and he made it really clear several years back that texas is where he wants to be. You also have to factor in that the guy worked with coach knight right after he left iu. Do you think he heard anything good about iu when we all know how hostile knight was against the university for so many years? People seem to think this guy has iu ties because he worked with coach knight. He has zero ties to us and a lot of ties to where h
  5. While wins matter so does scheduling. There needs to be a balance. It doesnt matter if you have a tough schedule but beat no one just the same as it doesnt matter if you beat all cupcakes. Davis played schedules that were to tough, crean played schedules that were too easy, Miller is still TBD. We need quad 1 wins out of conference, they dont have to be top 10 teams but we need quad 1 ooc. Last year we talked a ton about our quad 1 wins but how many werent members of the big ten? Also quad 2 and 3 loses matter, that's what hurt us last year.
  6. A lot of these kids get gifts once they have signed with an agent. Sometimes it's an advance while others it is a gift for signing with an agency. I am not saying that is what happened here but it could be. Several of our past players were also driving cars they couldnt even come close to having the money for before the draft but after their decision to leave school.
  7. Edward's was measured at the combine last year just shy of 6' without shoes but had a large wingspan for his size.
  8. Pretty sure you have your recruiting cycles off. The Wat shot led to the movement signing up. Vonleh and troy were still a year plus out.
  9. He visited Virginia and fell in love with Bennett. Also he wasn't sold on our system.
  10. Purdue having a little success shouldnt impact any of us. They arent going to win it all. I will give credit where it's due, they are a good team. Painter has done a great job this year. For as much sh#t as people on here have talked about Edward's, he is a great college player playing in a system that works for him. Again, they arent hanging a banner.
  11. Belmont nonconference strength of schedule was in the 80's vs IU in the 190s. So in games Belmont could choose they scheduled a tougher schedule than IU.
  12. I just want all the people on here who are trying to convince themselves that we deserve a spot to look at our record. If this record belonged to anyone else we would be making fun of them. It was a bad season where the team did not meet expectations. Injuries played a role for sure but we were not a good team. I do not think our coaching at any point was elite. Without the so called crean players that so many people have b#$%"!# about we get blown out of the water these last 5 games. Romeo had a good season for a freshman but he was far from the hype. I still cant bel
  13. Anyone think we can beat msu 3 times? That would be really challenging and would be the game that probably punches our dance card not matter what.
  14. Race and forester might as well be lebron after he tried to trade his entire team. I do not get it.
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