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  1. Hmmm... I actually don’t know about this. What could Noah Vonleh do that TJD can’t? I’ve never really thought it about before, but they’re basically the same player. And I’d say that TJD has been much better all around than Vonleh was, especially this year. It’s interesting that Vonleh was a lottery pick in 2014 and TJD won’t even get drafted in 2021. I think that says something about how much the league has changed in seven years.
  2. Love it. I think Drew might be the best realistic option.
  3. The announcers scratching their heads as we walk the ball up the court in the second half while we’re getting our ass kicked is becoming an every game thing, lol.
  4. Two two-point FGs for Lander!!!! We’re improving!
  5. Give up three offensive rebounds and then get dunked on by Livers. Game.
  6. We are just so pathetic. Worse now than we were in Archie’s first season.
  7. No, it’s really just a bad team. TJD is literally the only player on the entire roster that would start for any of the top 5 teams in the conference. The talent level is just not there to compete in the Big Ten.
  8. We’re not even playing particularly poorly, but Michigan controlled the entire half. It’s funny to hear announcers always trying to prop IU up as a “solid team.” We’re just bad. Not enough talent.
  9. I was also at the forefront of the anti-Crean movement. We were wrong. To be fair, we thought we could upgrade... But we ended up downgrading, by a lot.
  10. Two more wins in the regular season and one in the BTT makes us an absolute lock. Two more wins in the regular season alone most likely gets us in, and one more win in the regular season with another win in the BTT gives us a shot. There have been multiple instances of conferences getting more than eight teams into the dance in the past decade, and they were getting ready to put ten Big Ten teams in last year. And the Selection Committee looks prepared to give even more benefit of the doubt to Power 5 conferences this year. If we finish 14-13 or 14-14, I don’t think there’s going to be
  11. Yeah, that’s including the BTT... I think getting two more wins, no matter where they come, at least gives us a chance. 14-14 (8-11 in conference, 1-1 in BTT), it’s a coin flip... Beat UM, we’re probably in. Beat Purdue, it’s 50/50. Beat MSU, NIT would probably be more likely. 14-13 (9-10 in conference, 0-1 in BTT) should probably get it done. We’d be over .500 and have wins against two of Michigan/MSU on the road/Purdue on the road to end the season, even with our traditional BTT flame out. 14-15 (7-12 in conference, 2-1 in BTT) would be wacky... Who knows for sure, but I gu
  12. I’ve gone back and forth, but the more I think about it, 14 seems like the magic number to make the tournament, and maybe to save Archie’s job for another year. Anything less than 14 wins on Selection Sunday, and I don’t really see how we make the field, or how Archie survives.
  13. I’d much have rather have partiers/druggies who are tough and competitive than the soft nice guys we’ve had for the past 5 years.
  14. Nah, they’re still IU guys — Crean’s brand will never outweigh the school’s. Unfortunately Archie can’t hold a candle to Crean in terms of player development. But I think recruits and the general public (at least younger people) think a lot more about those players than the undefeated season when they think of IU.
  15. I’d say it’s the players Crean put in the NBA that are having success. Vic being an all-star, Zeller being a solid role player, Bryant and OG getting nice second contracts, Yogi and Morgan getting a shot. In retrospect, we never should’ve fired the guy...
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