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  1. Purdue lost three 1,000 point scorers and got better last season. IU brought in a top 10 recruiting class and didn’t really improve at all. They’re going to get the benefit of the doubt until proven otherwise.
  2. 10th might be a little low, but Rothstein knows the Big Ten much more than most national analysts.
  3. That might be the most I’ve ever agreed with a Crimson Quarry article... Although they've always had a Crean apologist bent over there, so it makes sense that they have a more skeptical point of view. But I also don’t see how there’s any argument that Allen is more accomplished or has had any more success than Archie, although that may not be saying much.
  4. Clippers should be #1 by a landslide.
  5. Again, it goes both ways. Would you “have no clue” whether Archie was cut out to be the coach at IU if he had contended in the Big Ten in his first two years? Of course not — you’d be pretty positive he’s the guy, just like we all would. In the same vein, people aren’t wrong to question whether he’s the guy after two bad years. Like I said, of course it’s too early to make a final conclusion. I know all the explanations for why his tenure’s been underwhelming so far. But the fact of the matter is, the early returns just haven’t been great. Next season will go a long way toward determining his future at IU.
  6. This statement always cracks me up. If Archie had come in, won the Big Ten, and went on a tournament run within his first two years, the entire fanbase would be crowing about how he’s the next legendary coach at IU. But because he’s come in and had two bad years, everyone wants to say “we don’t have a clue one way or the other.” It’s still too early to draw a final conclusion, but two years is more than enough time to “get a clue.”
  7. Eh, I think that’s a little overblown. I’m definitely not a big Westbrook fan, and you obviously can’t win a title with him as your best player, but he’s still an elite scorer/playmaker. And yeah, Jimmy is a tool, but he came to the Sixers halfway through the season and they came pretty close to knocking off the champs in the second round. They’re probably the two most competitive players in the game, so I think they’d respect each other. If I was building a team, I definitely wouldn’t choose to build it around Butler and Westbrook, but now that the Heat have already signed Butler, I think it makes sense. Who else are the Heat going to get to pair with Butler that will give them a chance to advance in the playoffs?
  8. We went 95-16 (.856) at home over the last six seasons we had the big heads, and we’ve gone 27-12 (.692) at home since we got rid of them. It wasn’t the big heads that were entertaining the crowd.
  9. So I was debating this with some friends today. Does trading for Westbrook (at the right price of course) make sense for the Heat? My friends acted like I was crazy for thinking so. I get it... 4 years $170M left on his contract, shot terribly last year (.428/.290/.656... gross), etc., etc. But the way I look at it, why not? The Heat have already pushed all their chips in on winning now by signing Butler to his own massive contract, which will hurt the value of their first round picks. They don’t have their 2021 or 2023 draft picks, depending on their draft position. They’re pretty much capped out for the next three seasons. Why not trade Dragic, Winslow, some other scrub, and a protected first rounder for Westbrook? (Depending on the market, they might even be able to get a better deal than that). Westbrook is still a top 15-20 player at worst for the next two seasons, and I think they’re a top 4 team in the East with him and Butler. Sure, they won’t win a title, but they’ll be fighting just to make the playoffs over the entire course of Butler’s contract with the roster as it currently stands. I think it makes sense.
  10. Yes, because getting rid of the big heads in the student section is much more important than winning 🤦🏻‍♂️
  11. The league appears to be wide open. It’ll be pretty underwhelming if we can’t manage to finish with a winning record in conference play next season.
  12. Would’ve been nice if the Hoosiers could’ve worked on his shot as well...
  13. The interesting thing to me about the Sixers now is just how huge their starting lineup will be. They’re going to start Simmons (6’10), Richardson (6’6), Harris (6’9), Horford (6’10), and Embiid (7’0). That is just an absolutely massive lineup. The lack of shooting and depth will be a problem, but they will be pretty scary on defense.
  14. Translation: “I am getting absolutely destroyed by facts and logic, so ‘agree to disagree’ is the only response I can come up with.”
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