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  1. What about if/when Donovan gets fired in OKC? It doesn’t look to be happening imminently, but most NBA coaches only have so much of a shelf life. I could see them moving on in 2021/2022.
  2. I’m pretty confident Beilein would be much better with this roster. He’s clearly twice the coach Archie is as far as X’s and O’s. But I do wonder how his NBA flameout/the “thugs” incident will affect his coaching career going forward. I could see that potentially causing this team to tune him out like they regularly do to Archie. Also have to take into account his age and health issues... Had to have open heart surgery just a few years back. Either way, 99% chance it won’t happen anyway.
  3. Already been speculation that he could reunite with Luke Yaklich at Texas.
  4. I say it’s Penn State. I don’t see this team miraculously figuring out how to win a game on the road against any of these three teams, who all play much tougher than IU. Have to beat Penn State to put ourselves in position to get to 19 wins.
  5. I don’t think focusing on the primary metric used to seed the tournament is generalizing. And you’re making some pretty big assumptions here to guarantee IU makes the tournament. I think it’s probably more likely than not that 19 regular season wins would get IU in, but it’s far from guaranteed. And I’d also say it’s far from guaranteed that IU gets to 19 regular season wins at this point. The bottom line is IU isn’t a lock to make the tourney at this point any way you slice it, nor should they be.
  6. There are 32 auto bids. Not including a conference tournament champion from each conference, there are 10 Big Ten teams, 6 Big East teams, 6 SEC teams, 5 PAC 12 teams, 4 Big 12 teams, 3 ACC teams, 3 A10 teams, 2 WCC teams, 2 AAC teams, 1 Mountain West team, and 1 SoCon team that are ahead of IU in the NET. That’s 75 teams right there, and that’s before factoring in today’s loss. I get that you have an issue with the NET, and I don’t disagree with you entirely. But based on the ranking system that’s used to select the tournament field, IU is in very real danger of missing the tournament at this point. The problem is, there are arguments for and against every team that finishes in the bottom half of a power conference with less than 20 total wins, not to mention mid-major teams that are getting more opportunities in recent years. When you can’t hit those very meager benchmarks, no team “deserves” to make the tournament much more than any other team. You’re totally at the mercy of the metrics and the selection committee.
  7. I’m seeing 18-13 and having to play our way into the tournament in the BTT again. Hopefully we can avoid playing on the first day of the tournament, as a win over Nebraska/Northwestern and a 19-14 finish may not be enough.
  8. So, 9 players get more than 10 minutes in a 25-point blowout. What’s the over/under on “dramatic changes” speeches for the rest of the season? I’ll put it at 1.5.
  9. Archie’s the one who’s chosen to make Brunk the focal point of this team.
  10. He needs to be, if only because that will eliminate the “Crean guys” excuse for next season.
  11. And yes, I spent the last 10 minutes of this game looking this up instead of watching the game, haha.
  12. Eh, probably more common than we think. In the last three seasons, Illinois has lost 21/90 by double digits, OSU has lost 17/94.
  13. Plus four more 9-point losses, haha. So really, over a quarter of the games over the last three seasons haven’t been competitive.
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