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  1. Without Vic, the Pacers had the worst roster in the playoffs this season. I don’t know what you expected.
  2. How effectively can Archie sell Watford on immediately starting at the 3 when he’s only ever started started a three guard lineup?
  3. Kid just needs to transfer. His dad is still talking **** about Archie on Twitter.
  4. His dad gave an interview, said they realize he’s not going to get drafted this year and he just wants to go through the process. Also said that one of Devonte’s main goals is to help IU get back to the tournament next year, so they’re saying the right things at least.
  5. The Human Cheat Code declares for the draft!!! Lol
  6. Ty Jerome declaring for the draft with a statement saying “I will be forgoing my senior season.” ESPN projecting him as the 30th pick? Don’t get me wrong, the kid was a nice college guard, but I don’t see him making it in the NBA at all.
  7. Nets and Magic looking great in the playoffs today... Wouldn’t have believed that two years ago.
  8. Since Ohio State has two scholarships open, it could hypothetically add a pair of players to its team. However, Holtmann said the team will not add two players who are eligible to play the 2019-20 season due to a lack of space in the rotation. The Buckeyes have had two players transfer in the past year – LeDee and Micah Potter – and both stemmed largely from a lack of on-court opportunity in the position they hoped to play. “You might add a guy who's going to sit out or whatever, but nine or 10 that think they're going to play,” Holtmann said. “Because what happens when you get into the guts of the Big Ten season, you're talking about eight to nine, sometimes 10-man rotation, but usually eight to nine in a lot of cases. So why would you have 13 guys on your roster that all expect to play and think to play? It's foolish. It creates a team dynamic that's not always healthy.” Someone’s been reading your posts@5fouls
  9. The Lakers organization is an absolute embarrassment. Buss/Magic/Pelinka ran that team into the ground, and then Lebron just blew everything up. I can’t believe how big of a mistake he made going to LA... Honestly might ruin his legacy to a certain extent.
  10. You’re right. I’m revising my expectations down to 3 wins for next season.
  11. Seriously impressive, I always thought Bryant had a future in the league. As a side note, I had no idea that Vic shot 60% from the field his junior year. That is insane.
  12. At this point, I think the ceiling for next year is 20 wins and sneaking into the tournament, so I’ll be very pleasantly surprised if that happens.
  13. This is a pretty tone deaf post from the program... Might as well be captioned “Thanks suckers!”
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