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  1. Hoosiers In the NBA

    Now Vic goes cold. Not looking good for the Pacers.
  2. Hoosiers In the NBA

    Why aren’t PG and Melo taking it to the rim? Indy isn’t that big inside and they’re settling for a bunch of terrible jumpers.
  3. Hoosiers In the NBA

    PG wilting back in Banker’s Life. Vic looks like the better player right now, although he’s not having a crazy game so far either. Sabonas also looks good. Active on the glass and just had a nice post-up score.
  4. Romeo Langford

    Don’t give the writer of that article what he wants, guys. Typical hot take bullshit a newspaper publishes solely to get people riled up and clicking through their site. We shouldn’t even open up the link.
  5. I’m sure McDonald’s would give Festus Ezeli the day off if he asked.
  6. At What Point......

    This will be my last post on this topic because I don’t want to derail the thread anymore. But of the players that made first and second team all-Big 10 last year, only one player left early for the NBA, and only one player was drafted. That player was Caleb Swanigan. Miles Bridges made the second team and also would’ve been drafted in the first round, but decided to stay for another year. Making an all-conference first or second team, or being the best player on a college team, has no bearing on whether a player will get drafted. I was being literal when I said there’s no way Juwan will be in the conversation for the draft after this season.
  7. At What Point......

    I see what you’re saying, but I feel like this just isn’t a realistic scenario. If he misses the tournament 7/10 years, it’s very unlikely that he wins a national championship in one of the other three years. I would be surprised if there’s ever been a coach that has had a 10 year stretch like that at one school, it’s just not really how college basketball works. My point was, it will be hard to look back in 10 years and say Archie was the “right guy” unless he’s won a national championship. But, even if he’s not able to get over the hump and win one, I think two or three Final Fours in those 10 years would also do it.
  8. At What Point......

    A national championship.
  9. At What Point......

    College stats don’t mean much to pro scouts if a player doesn’t have the traits to succeed at the NBA level. Just look at OG, who hardly produced anything stat-wise in college and is now thriving as a rookie first round pick. The big trait I think Juwan is lacking is NBA-level athleticism. I can’t speak for others, but of the players you listed, the only one who I personally thought made a mistake by leaving early was Bryant, and that was only because I thought one more year under Archie could boost his draft stock into the first round. All of those players had the level of athleticism required to make it in the NBA, and it showed in where they ended up getting drafted. If Juwan left after this season, there is absolutely no chance he would be drafted. I think he knows this, just like RoJo did last year. And as shown by his play this season, the fact that RoJo declared after last year was a total joke. Although Juwan is a much better college player than RoJo, the scouts won’t tell him he’s an NBA prospect if he decides to test the waters after this season.
  10. At What Point......

    Maybe, but Draymond is a pretty big outlier to begin with. I also think Draymond is more athletic and has a longer wingspan than Juwan, and his shooting is a big part of his ability to be effective in the NBA. It’s not impossible, but I wouldn’t bet on Juwan playing in the NBA. He can be a great college player though.
  11. Trayce Jackson-Davis

    TJD, Forrester, Thompson, Moore, Smith, and Davis could be a handful in the paint in 2019.
  12. At What Point......

    Duke doesn’t have any academic standards for their basketball players anymore.
  13. Holt had abdominal surgery and is redshirting this season. He’ll be back for his last season of eligibility next season. We could really use him this year, he’s by far the best player that left IU during Crean’s tenure.
  14. At What Point......

    Love the way he’s playing for us right now, but there is no way Juwan will go pro after this season. His game won’t translate to the NBA.
  15. At What Point......

    I think he has to make the tournament next year, and then get a top 4-5 seed in Year 3. If we don’t make the tournament next year, he’ll have to have a pretty darn good season in Year 3 to keep his seat cool. Unless things go really poorly, which I don’t expect, he’ll have 4 years to prove himself at a minimum.