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  1. Romeo Langford Poll

    Lol the funny thing is I also think I would be almost relieved if he went to Kansas... If he ends up at Vandy I’ll be pissed.
  2. Ohio State Pregame Thread

    Definitely have both been really bad at times, and neither have been a consistent option for us at the point. I would say their lows have been probably equally bad, but Green’s highs have been much higher than Newkirk’s highs. And over the past month, there’s really no comparison as to who’s played better.
  3. Ohio State Pregame Thread

    You should go tell Archie that he needs to stop starting Green over Newkirk because Newkirk is so much better, lol. Also funny that you claim you don’t feel the need to trash a kid, then proceed to trash Green. But I get it, always sucks to be wrong.
  4. Ohio State Pregame Thread

    Haha sorry, your love for your boy Newkirk hasn’t panned out. Newkirk hasn’t shown any bursts of greatness for the past month. Green has been inconsistent, but he’s been much, much better than Newkirk. I’m sure Josh appreciates your unwavering support for him though.
  5. 2018 options

    I think he meant that the staff would take an undergrad transfer from another team, even though he would have to sit out a year, if our staff rated him high enough.
  6. Ohio State Pregame Thread

    No way Archie starts Newkirk in this one. Watching Archie’s reaction after the Nebraska game, Newkirk should be thanking his lucky stars he’s still alive to see this senior night.
  7. Around the B1G/NCAA

    Most fans refuse to believe their favorite team would ever break the rules. I’m sure even UK, Duke, and Kansas fans are telling each other they have nothing to be worried about right now.
  8. 2018 options

    Seems like it would only be Green or Moore, right? Morgan might go pro, but no way he transfers. Davis made it sound like he was coming back for sure in his recent interview. I thought Green was gone for sure before he started to figure things out, but he still hasn’t been able to find much consistency. And Moore just hasn’t really got any opportunity to play.
  9. Neb. Post Game

    Unfortunately I’m starting to think we might have a “Good Troy/Bad Troy” situation on our hands with Green. Not sure if we’re ever going to be able to count on him to be consistent.
  10. Neb. Post Game

    Did Archie give Miles the “Crean Special” blow by handshake? The broadcast cut to the handshake line when there was still time left on the clock and Archie was already out of the frame. If that was the case, good.
  11. Neb. Post Game

    Team obviously still isn’t ready to beat a good team, especially on the road. 4 game win streak against the conference bottom feeders a little bit of fool’s gold. Credit to Nebraska, they’re better than I thought they were — totally locked us up on defense. But man, it was tough to watch those jackasses on the bench celebrate as we threw the game away. Miles is and always has been a punk. Still have a chance to beat OSU to finish out the season, I’m sure Archie will be up their asses and have them ready to go.
  12. Romeo Langford

    And you are presuming he is innocent... Look, I know you like to go around and around arguing about what constitutes “proof” and “evidence.” But I can tell you with great confidence that circumstantial evidence is admissible in a court of law, and people have been convicted of all sorts of crimes based on circumstantial evidence. But we’re on an internet message board, not in a trial court — the burden of proof is much lower here. I’m taking the bar exam next Tuesday, trust me on this one.
  13. Romeo Langford

    Exactly the same, except for the fact that Archie hasn’t landed any 5 stars, and it would be slightly less suspicious if he did considering that IU is a much more prominent program than Vandy. Regardless, no, I wouldn’t be that shocked if it came out that Archie bent the rules when he pulled Phinisee and Anderson out from under Porkchop’s nose out of nowhere. Especially considering his connection to Sean. By and large, it appears to me that that’s the way college basketball recruiting works.
  14. Romeo Langford

    I don’t see the distinction. Not assuming guilt based on circumstantial evidence is giving them the benefit of the doubt.