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  1. Thank God the players are coming off the court and putting on masks on the bench... Lol
  2. Jamming his leg into the ground and throwing a wide open layup off the backboard wasn’t forcing it up? Lol
  3. You’d like more than that from your starting 4. But he’s still a better option than Brunk.
  4. Thompson looks basically the same as he did last year. Not much of a threat on the offensive end.
  5. I swear TJD is the sneakiest double double machine I’ve ever seen. All of a sudden he has 22-9 before I even really realize he’s dominating a game. Then again, maybe I just drink too much during the games.
  6. Freshman + TJD lineup is fun. Looks like a different game compared to the starters. Galloway looking like a beast in transition.
  7. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dayton,_Indiana Jerry Palm, expert on the Hoosier state.
  8. I didn’t listen to the radio show tonight, but found a Twitter thread that provides the highlights: After three years here, Archie definitely has the underpromise part down. Now it’s time to figure out the overdeliver part.
  9. He’ll have to overhaul his offensive system to do that, as the only time one of his team’s have ever been in the top 150 was his first season at Dayton.
  10. That may make sense logically, but I just don’t see how highlighting missed shots in an offense that has quite frankly been atrocious since Archie got here is going to be very appealing to recruits. Especially in a situation like thus, where we’re competing against a team that had the third ranked offense last year. Miller has repeated multiple times how much he loves Creighton’s offense — recruits really don’t say that about IU. And I know you say that IU runs the same offense as any other school, but I really don’t think it’s a friendly offense for shooters. IU has ranked 272nd, 297t
  11. I get where you’re coming from, but there’s no way showing recruits tape of a former player bricking a bunch of shots is an effective recruiting tactic.
  12. The fact that we’re even discussing this IU team struggling to sweep a Northwestern team that went 8-23 (3-17 in conference) last season completely destroys any argument that the IU fanbase has “unreasonable expectations” anymore.
  13. Much harder to make a schedule prediction knowing all the game are going to be played in empty stadiums... Could be a lot easier to win a game on the road and a lot harder to win a game at home. Schedule is pretty brutal — the games against Northwestern are really the only gimmes. But it’s time to put up or shut up with a pretty veteran roster, two five stars, and another Mr. Basketball. 12-8 should be the bare minimum.
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