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  1. Good question. I hadn’t considered that... would make a big difference in the sales pitch.
  2. https://iuhoosiers.com/news/2020/8/5/general-indiana-athletics-tabs-opendorse-ready-to-prepare-student-athletes-for-nil.aspx Hey guys, haven’t posted much here in a while... Got a new job right before the shutdown this spring, and with everything getting cancelled and all the uncertainty, I just haven’t been able to get that hyped about anything sports-related recently. (Not to mention the lack of activity on the recruiting front... If Kaufman doesn’t commit by the end of the week Archie is finished!!!) But a buddy of mine sent me this article and I came here to check out what everyone thought, since this has been a hot topic on here. Was surprised to see no thread about it yet. Long story short, IU’s partnering with a company that will work with student athletes on endorsements and maximizing the value of their brands... Pretty strong statement from Dolson as one of his first actions as AD. I know I’ve been critical of our “progressive” athletic department in the past, but it seems like that will pay off in this instance (literally). Have to think this will be a big selling point on the virtual recruiting trail.
  3. Yep... We really need TJD to stay for his junior year to be real contenders in ‘21. That would be a hell of a lineup.
  4. College basketball fans arguing about whose coach is dirty cracks me up... Every fanbase will defend their guy to the death while ripping other coaches for the exact same things. Hilarious exercise in rationalization and hypocrisy. Let’s all get along here guys... There’s no such thing as a “clean” Power 5 program. All these coaches know the game and how to maintain plausible deniability.
  5. I think it’s been said that Ostrom is a great recruiter but isn’t really that involved in the coaching/strategy aspect. I don’t think he’s going to leave for a head coaching job.
  6. A genius! The smartest player to ever grace Assembly Hall!
  7. With everything we’ve seen over the last three years, are we really still this concerned about the defense? Improving the offense has to be the number one goal, and Smith transferring does that.
  8. I see Durham getting the starting spot at the three with his experience. He’s no defensive stopper, but I think he’ll do just fine. And it’ll be nice to have a shooter getting major minutes at that spot again.
  9. Good point, my concern might have been misplaced. But Smith leaving opens up more minutes for those other guys regardless.
  10. Exactly where I’m at. I had a bad feeling that Archie was going insist on going with the Smith, TJD, Brunk lineup again next year... I really don’t think that would have led to much better of a season than we had this year. Smith leaving gives us the opportunity to go with more three guard lineups and will allow Hunter, Thompson, and the freshmen to get more minutes. If they develop like we hope they will, that significantly raises the team’s ceiling. And it’s better for their development beyond next season as well.
  11. Later ✌️. Honestly think this has the potential to raise the team’s ceiling next season... Goodbye to the clogged toilet three-big lineup. Think this means we probably go with a three guard lineup of Lander, Phinisee, Durham, TJD, and Brunk. IU is going to sink or swim with “Archie’s guys.” More minutes for Hunter, Thompson, and the freshmen. I’m optimistic they’ll step up.
  12. Figure this was as good a place as any to put this. Happy to hear this. Hopefully the guys can get in the gym in June and get started on that development we’ve been discussing.
  13. Outside of the one highlight video you can find on the internet? No. I don’t pay that much attention until they’re offered by “someone good.” And as far as a potential visit goes, it’s never a bad idea to have a back-up plan for your back-up plan in case of emergency.
  14. Interesting breakdown. Would be interested to see if that’s the case in other years as well. Regardless, it’s still the case that TJD didn’t have offers from any of those schools, and Mohammed has three “next tier” offers from UL, Maryland, and IU. It just amuses me that the same person (not you) arguing that IU should stay away from Mohammed because “no one good has offered him” is hyping up a kid who’s only been offered by two MAC schools.
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