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  1. You think they’ll lay down a postseason ban? That’s about the only thing that would make a difference, and I’d be pretty surprised if that happened.
  2. As @rico might say... “And the liquor store lobby says hello.”
  3. Nice the the NCAA is finally doing something about this TWO YEARS after it all came out, but there’s no way they do anything meaningful.
  4. Lol, scrolled all the way down just to see Harvard at the end.
  5. Lol, you’re so far off in la la land you’re almost not even worth responding to. Conflating ticket revenue with booster money and comparing Wisconsin football ticket revenue to IU’s sponsorship deal with Adidas is real BRAIN GENIUS stuff. Keep enlightening the masses, Einstein.
  6. Indiana absolutely wouldn’t become one of the “have-nots” in basketball, and the shoe companies are why. IU would get the largest share of Adidas’ recruiting budget behind Kansas and Louisville (like I’m sure we already are). As for the football program, we’re already just about the biggest “have-not” amongst the Power 5 anyway, so what’s the difference? Lol
  7. Lol, the second I posted that, I thought “well, there was Zander Diamont...”
  8. Have to think things would be different with Penix. Ramsey is one of the worst college QBs I’ve ever seen.
  9. Crean landed a four star and two three stars in his much-maligned last recruiting class, which isn’t all that different from the class Archie has put together for 2020 at this point (not to mention the fact that the 2017 class is going to get a lot of minutes this season on a team that many here think is massively underrated). Landing a guy like Garcia changes the picture, but the bottom line is any college basketball coach in the country would be able to attract top 100 talent to IU given the resources and stature of the program. But to your other points, the in-state recruiting has been much better, and hopefully Archie is able to better maintain class balance and roster stability, which seems to be happening. I agree that 2021 seems to be the year things can really take off. A senior Phinisee and freshman Lander would be one of the best backcourts IU has ever had, and then you’d potentially have a lot of talented upperclassmen in Thompson, Anderson, Hunter, TJD, and Franklin, barring any early departures. The solid 2020 class would have a year of experience as well. I think the best case scenario is IU making the tournament this year, putting itself in the mix for a conference championship in 2020, and being a Final Four contender in 2021.
  10. He’s had a nice bounce back on the recruiting trail since the spring, but those types of recruits are going to consider/commit to IU no matter who the coach is or how bad the on-court product is. No IU coach in recent memory has had trouble landing that caliber of recruit. That being said, if he’s able to land Garcia, it’ll end up being a fantastic class.
  11. As a Bears fan, reading this back and forth (minus the incoherent rambling I’ve thankfully blocked) has made me realize really for the first time how similar a position Archie Miller and Mitch Trubisky are in. Both got their jobs in 2017 and are coming off somewhat overhyped and underwhelming first two years. At the same time, there have been plenty of excuses for both, primarily that both are learning/implementing new systems. Even with their disappointing first two years, they’re both young and talented enough to inspire optimism that they can be “the guy” once they adjust, but no one can be sure they’ll get there. The cheerleaders and the skeptics are constantly going back and forth on social media, but pretty much everyone agrees that Year 3 is time to put up or shut up. This is the year that will define the careers of both guys. Football fans saw how Trubisky started off last week, and it’s already started getting pretty ugly in the Bears fanbase. Have to think it’ll be the same for Miller. For the sake of the only two teams I really love, here’s hoping both guys can get it turned around.
  12. It may be how college basketball should work, but Smith was one of the worst forwards in the Big Ten last season, and he had an attitude problem on top of that. If TJD isn’t better than Smith from Day 1, he’s not as good as a lot of people hope/think he is.
  13. If he’s not good enough to start over Smith right away, then there’s a reason he’s the least heralded 5 star to come to IU in recent memory. I haven’t watched him play enough to have an opinion either way, but I’ll be pretty disappointed if he’s behind Smith on the depth chart when the season rolls around.
  14. And we get the final visit. Kind of interesting that no one is really talking about this kid. Seems like we have a legit shot at him.
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