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  1. FW_Hoosier

    The Off-Topic Thread

    Who cares about playing that team anymore?
  2. FW_Hoosier

    Morgan declares for NBA draft

    The guy I know that’s close to the program told me the Thunder were interested a week or two ago.
  3. FW_Hoosier

    Romeo Langford

    Hmmm... I’m trying to decide if I like that number.
  4. LOL, I love watching those kinds of “highlights.” Watching guys like McHale “dominate” all those unathletic scrubs playing such obviously bad defense cracks me up. McHale would be lucky to average 15 ppg in today’s NBA. He would be way less athletic than 90% of the players currently in the league.
  5. FW_Hoosier

    Morgan declares for NBA draft

    You’re probably not wrong, which is a pretty big indictment of the current level of coaching in the Big Ten. After Izzo and Beilein, every coach in the Big Ten is either exceedingly average (Painter, Turgeon), new and unproven (Archie, Holtmann, Collins, Gard, Underwood, Pikiell), or just bad (McCaffrey, Miles, Chambers, Pitino). It was hilarious that they were ranking Underwood ahead of Archie. And one of them was arguing that Painter is just as good a recruiter as Izzo is, because “neither of them get every recruit they want” 😂😂😂
  6. Yep. For all the talk about how bigs are no longer important in today’s NBA, it’s interesting that there’s a pretty good chance that 4 of the top 5 picks in the draft this year will be big men.
  7. FW_Hoosier

    Morgan declares for NBA draft

    They’ll say they got screwed because Painter is just too good of a talent identifier/developer. There’s a great “rank the coaches in the Big Ten” thread on their board. Consensus seems to be that Porkchop only ranks behind Izzo and Beilein, and Archie barely cracks the top 10, lol
  8. FW_Hoosier

    Morgan declares for NBA draft

    They will be awful without Edwards next year.
  9. FW_Hoosier

    The Off-Topic Thread

    Looking at all the university names in those posts, I just figured HTD got his hands on Rosetta Stone.
  10. FW_Hoosier

    The Off-Topic Thread

    I actually really like Bell’s Oberon as well. Best bang for your buck at a crowded bar. Yuengling is good too, just haven’t had the opportunity to drink it much. I also don’t mind Coors Light, but Bud Light... nah
  11. FW_Hoosier

    The Off-Topic Thread

    I’ll drink them here and there when I’m out, but the only craft beers I really enjoy are Upland Wheat, Three Floyd’s Gumballhead, and Spotted Cow. Other than that, it’s Miller Lite only.
  12. FW_Hoosier

    The Off-Topic Thread

    Bud Light Lime is an abomination, and the person who came up with the idea should be prosecuted and thrown in prison.
  13. FW_Hoosier

    Oladipo to Drive the Indy 500 Pace Car

    I was in the same class as Vic, he used to come and party at the frat house. Never saw him take a drink during basketball season, but did see him take plenty of women home, lol. My understanding was that he partied like anyone else in the offseason, but during the season he was all business. Always respected that.
  14. FW_Hoosier

    Rumor floating around.

    Gotta say I really just don’t get this. It’s one of the most historic rivalries in college basketball. Our recent games against them have had huge stakes and have been very entertaining (and the way IU fans still constantly bring up the WatShot sure makes it seem like the series still means something). Is it a pride thing? Is it because they’re “cheaters”? I guess as a relatively young IU fan, I’ve never had trouble admitting we aren’t on UK’s level as a program right now, and I’ve never really subscribed to the holier than thou “we do things the right way” point of view.
  15. FW_Hoosier

    Rumor floating around.

    Shame. Should be us.