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  1. Big time news. The soundtrack for that announcement video has some meaning… You love to see it.
  2. The only correct answer here is James Blackmon in 2016-2017 (43.2%, 3.0/7.2 threes per game). Since then, we’ve only had two players shoot 40%+ from three on legitimate volume — Devonte Green in 2018-2019 (41.0%, 1.7/4.2 threes per game) and Armaan Franklin in 2020-2021 (42.4%, 1.6/3.9 threes per game). Blackmon’s the last player we’ve seen average 2+ threes per game.
  3. Please, PLEASE get rid Kopp, Stewart, and Phinisee. If those guys are getting 20-25 minutes a game next season, we’re a .500 bubble team again, at best. Have to get improvement from Bates and Galloway, more consistency from X, and another guard or two out of the portal to go along with JHS.
  4. Well, that sucked, but I didn’t expect them to be playing today anyway. Woodson did what he needed to do this season to position the program well going forward. He’s gotta get Kopp, Stewart, and Phinisee the hell off the team and get some guards who can actually play. And the boosters need to scrape some cash together and convince TJD to stay.
  5. That is total bullshit. Hopefully we can beat Wyoming on Tuesday, or it’s like we didn’t even make it. Smh.
  6. Losers, from top to bottom. Just a pathetic program in every aspect.
  7. Not ripping him at all, or saying he should be. It’s just funny to me, as arguments over non-conference strength of schedule are an annual off-season tradition here on HSN. And even though this year’s non-con schedule (as currently constructed) appears to be weaker than it’s been in a while, no one seems to be very concerned. I’m all for it — let’s keep riding the Mike Woodson feel good vibes for as long as we can.
  8. You can tell Mike Woodson is still in the honeymoon phase by the lack of hand wringing on the board about how weak the non-conference schedule is, lol.
  9. Finally an interesting non-conference game, I’ll be looking forward to this one. The rest of our non-con schedule kind of sucks.
  10. 20 years ago, it took a leaked video of the coach choking out a player to take him down. Now all it’s going to take is leaked audio of seniors sobbing during a group therapy session. Would be hilarious if it wasn’t so sad.
  11. Yep, this certainly won’t be a cakewalk like some of these foreign trips are. Pretty impressive list of players they’ve had drafted to the NBA recently — 11 players over the past 7 drafts, headlined by Nikola Jokic. And the Pacers fans here will be familiar with Goga Bitadze. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/KK_Mega_Basket And someone mentioned it earlier, but it’s also interesting that Scoochie Smith (former Dayton PG who played for Archie) is the one American on the team. Another Indiana connection — looks like he came over from the Fort Wayne Mad Ants.
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