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  1. The expectations of the fanbase are completely different than they were 5-7 years ago. Archie would get a 10 year contract extension and a parade on Kirkwood if he managed make the Sweet 16 even once, much less win the conference twice and make three Sweet 16s in five seasons like Crean did. As it is, we’ve been so bad for the past four seasons that a good portion of the fanbase now celebrates losses as long as the players “gave it their all.” We went from demanding that the program routinely compete for conference championships and deep tournament runs to praying that they can just fin
  2. Yep. Yogi definitely took some heat because he was the alpha dog from his sophomore year on, but we haven’t had a guard in the last four seasons seasons that could hold his jock strap.
  3. Lol that’s the part that gets me the most. The identity of the Indiana Hoosiers, in the Year of Our Lord 2021, is literally to allow the other team to destroy us from three while shooting as few threes as possible ourselves. But we at least we get to the line a lot, where we shoot one of the worst percentages in the league. Real galaxy brain stuff.
  4. Completely miserable. We had Tom Crean and Jay Cutler... two talented guys that could never put it all together, and I wanted them gone more than anything by the end. Then in 2017 we replaced them with Archie Miller and Mitch Trubisky... And they’ve both been so bad it’s impossible to even care anymore.
  5. Jackson Hole is amazing, was just there in August. Hope you can see the grizzly bears before they go into hibernation. Spectacular.
  6. The baseline plays have been consistently excellent since Archie’s first season.
  7. Really doesn’t matter whether they’re poorly designed or poorly taught... End result is the same. It’s the same pretty much every time we come out of a timeout at the end of a game... Dribble around aimlessly and chuck up a contested shot. But to be fair, TJD did get a decent look at the end of regulation, just didn’t hit it.
  8. Another big moral victory for the Hoosiers... Smh. F*** the Call Center of course, but I really don’t understand how our halfcourt sets at the end of games are so consistently awful, especially when the baseline sets are great. Oh well. At least I’m upset about this one... better than nothing.
  9. Glad I skipped the first half, lol. Defense was smothering and the offense looked decent in the second half. This was a must-win game... Eight more to make the tournament.
  10. Nice win. Looking forward to the rematch on the first day of the Big Ten Tournament.
  11. Armaan Franklin 5-6... Players not named Armaan Franklin 2-12. Not gonna win many Big Ten games with only one legit shooter and two legit bigs.
  12. IU somehow managed to put together a team with no size and no shooting... Almost impressive honestly.
  13. Just a pathetic program really. Blame it on the coach, blame it on the players the coach recruited, doesn’t really matter. .500 is the ceiling. IU drove the program into the ground again by replacing an average coach with a bad one.
  14. Indiana vs. Illinois is my intra-family rivalry. Parents went to Illinois, wife and I went to IU. Glad to be back home in Fort Wayne for this one. Let’s go Hoosiers
  15. Haven’t had a chance to comment on this yet... This is just devastating. Even through an internet message board, you could tell Mile was a truly good person with a great outlook on life. He loved all things IU, and was really a credit to the institution. This board won’t be the same without him welcoming new posters, thanking old posters for being members, and telling us “which way the winds were blowing” in recruiting threads. My prayers go out to his family.
  16. I’ve been too busy to watch a good chunk of the season... Missed all of the Maui games and all but the last minute of the FSU game. This team just isn’t really worth arguing about or arranging your schedule around. It‘s the definition of mediocre, and Archie has pretty much sucked all of the energy and excitement out of the program over the last four years. But the one positive about being apathetic is that it’s a little easier to look at things rationally. This loss wasn’t the end of the season. This team is just talented enough and plays decent enough defense to be pretty much e
  17. Durham, Franklin, Galloway, Thompson, TJD looks like the clear cut best lineup.
  18. Thank God the players are coming off the court and putting on masks on the bench... Lol
  19. Jamming his leg into the ground and throwing a wide open layup off the backboard wasn’t forcing it up? Lol
  20. You’d like more than that from your starting 4. But he’s still a better option than Brunk.
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