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  1. Not ripping him at all, or saying he should be. It’s just funny to me, as arguments over non-conference strength of schedule are an annual off-season tradition here on HSN. And even though this year’s non-con schedule (as currently constructed) appears to be weaker than it’s been in a while, no one seems to be very concerned. I’m all for it — let’s keep riding the Mike Woodson feel good vibes for as long as we can.
  2. You can tell Mike Woodson is still in the honeymoon phase by the lack of hand wringing on the board about how weak the non-conference schedule is, lol.
  3. Finally an interesting non-conference game, I’ll be looking forward to this one. The rest of our non-con schedule kind of sucks.
  4. 20 years ago, it took a leaked video of the coach choking out a player to take him down. Now all it’s going to take is leaked audio of seniors sobbing during a group therapy session. Would be hilarious if it wasn’t so sad.
  5. Yep, this certainly won’t be a cakewalk like some of these foreign trips are. Pretty impressive list of players they’ve had drafted to the NBA recently — 11 players over the past 7 drafts, headlined by Nikola Jokic. And the Pacers fans here will be familiar with Goga Bitadze. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/KK_Mega_Basket And someone mentioned it earlier, but it’s also interesting that Scoochie Smith (former Dayton PG who played for Archie) is the one American on the team. Another Indiana connection — looks like he came over from the Fort Wayne Mad Ants.
  6. https://www.insidethehall.com/2021/06/07/indiana-releases-more-information-on-upcoming-bahamas-trip/ Not televised, smh.
  7. Here in my neck of the woods, Ubers and Lyfts are so expensive recently that drunk driving has seemed like an attractive option.
  8. This will be awesome... Here’s hoping we don’t just get box scores and actually get to watch. Should be good for team chemistry with all the newcomers.
  9. “Kelley was way too hard and SPEA seemed like a total cop out” was... not the best way to start off a pitch to the voters.
  10. I voted for Hollar as well, but couldn’t pull the trigger on Pankowski... He came across as kind of a clown to me, but all I was going off of were their statements. All I really know about him is that he’s one of the Hoosier Hysterics guys — anything I was missing? Honest question. Craig Wells was the other candidate I voted for. Basically just picked the two candidates whose educational/career histories I liked the most and whose statements didn’t include a bunch of nonsense about “equity” and “hybrid learning.”
  11. Well this was a bad call... I can’t wait to see UNC and Duke tank with Williams’ and K’s stoolboys.
  12. If Stevens was actually seriously considering the IU job in the middle of the NBA season this year, he’s absolutely taking the Duke job after ratface retires... No way they go with Scheyer if Stevens is available. The nice thing is, I’m not even upset about this. Mike Woodson is the guy.
  13. Not sure it will be the case that you’re only getting players with 1-2 years eligibility. Now that they don’t have to sit out, there will be a ton of players like Adam Miller at Illinois who choose to leave after one year, for a variety of reasons . If there are a lot of those types of incoming sophomores out there, I can see why you would want to recruit players like that over high school players. The player still has three years left and has already been productive at the college level. Players like that (along with other incoming juniors and seniors) will be really valuable.
  14. I don’t think I’ve ever called him Coburn.
  15. He’s the kid with his phone up in the other kid’s face before he gets popped. Happens in every college bar in the country every weekend. Don’t talk **** if you’re not ready to get hit... And the thing that makes it even funnier is he’s 24 years old and putting himself in this situation. Important lesson learned for the young man IMO.
  16. Kid was trying to start a bar fight and got rocked — hilarious. Between this and Dakich doing DoorDash deliveries because he lost so much money betting on the tournament, it’s been an amazing day in college basketball news.
  17. Solid program, solid conference. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him become a 12 ppg guy there. Will be interesting to see how he improves.
  18. Probably because the commitment really came out of nowhere. We weren’t involved in the recruitment before he committed to Texas, and after he decommitted, I hadn’t even heard he was considering IU before we landed him. So we didn’t get the usual 20-page recruitment thread hyping him up. And he didn’t get the five star ranking until after he’d already committed. But I think he’s gonna be a stud. Should be the best guard we’ve had since Romeo, and it sounds like he’ll be a better shooter as well.
  19. Wholeheartedly agree with all of that, except the implication that fans taking shots at the outgoing coach on internet message boards has literally anything to do with the health of the program.
  20. Like others have said, maybe we’d be more inclined to “show some class” if he’d shown any after we kicked him to the curb. As it is, I have no qualms getting some parting shots in.
  21. Being subjected to Archie ball for four years was far worse than being thrown under a bus, lol.
  22. He’d usually offer the empty “that’s on me” platitude in a post-game press conference, but once he’d really jacked up all the players’ shots by the end of his tenure and the pressure started ratcheting up, he started shifting the blame to them more often. What’s always gotten me are the people who continue to say he’s a “good coach” with literally nothing to support that except for two A-10 regular season titles (one shared), a fluke Elite 8 run (beating 6 seed OSU, 14 seed Syracuse, and 10 seed Stanford), and the fact that his dad was a good high school coach (lmao). And the funny thing is, many of those same people will trash Crean as a terrible coach even though he’s objectively better than Miller by basically every measure. It’s never made any sense to me.
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