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  1. At home, with Davis, with AH refs. Im glad they made it watchable.
  2. I know this is pretty broad, but I want us to win the prime time games that any casual college basketball fan would watch when their team isn't playing. I hated the last two years in the BIG/ACC challenge games we were outmatched against Duke and was basically the only good game on national TV.
  3. I didn't like the guy trying to crack jokes. I didn't like the long winded question. It kind of ruined it. Other than that, I think CAM is a straight up coach.
  4. One can only hope for a strong senior year. 👍
  5. I've been loosely paying attention to this kid and Tre Coleman at Jeff. I would love to see back to back Southern Indiana kids at IU. I hope Coleman blows up this coming year. I need to get out and see both this coming season.
  6. Him being just two years older than me, it's been AWESOME watching his career from the beginning!!
  7. I'm not busting you, just clarifying. Didn't he commit to Crean. Decommit from Indiana. Then commit to Archie just to sit two years? I just don't think he showed the staff he could do what they wanted. Good luck to him!!!
  8. I don't know if someone at ESPN is being funny, but look at the line on the game. 🤣
  9. I respectfully disagree with some of you. I felt he wasn't coming a while ago, and I don't think IU would have given him any edge over UK or any other school. So, in my mind it's just oh well. I wish him well, and I think IU will be just fine. He'll be a damn good college player. I can't wait to see a healthy IU with Hunter, Franklin, and TJD. On to the next game!! Go Hoosiers!!
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