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  1. He wouldn't leave at the semester to wait. The advantage to leaving at the semester is it gives him 2 1/2 years of play time left. He can get enrolled now, sit through mid-December next year, and be available for whatever team he goes to conference schedule.
  2. mvrock

    Darius Garland

    thanks, HH...it's good to be around
  3. mvrock

    Darius Garland

    Notwithstanding the Vandy sourcing from last week, just that he thinks IU now has a legit shot.
  4. mvrock

    Darius Garland

    Unless he reverted back to that late this afternoon, he had changed his own impression on the recruitment of DG as of last night.
  5. mvrock

    Darius Garland

    You are forgetting about Pat Knight vbg
  6. Well, Mile, that read to me like a tacit acknowledgement that KU is in the weeds as much as everyone else. When the coach starts talking about realizing it's bad, but at the same time acknowledging that it is almost required for head coaches to keep their jobs and for assistant coaches to move up (all by delivering talent) it seems to me he knows he's been playing in the mud.
  7. mvrock

    Romeo Langford

    Doyle must have been texting with the KU coaches today.
  8. mvrock

    Romeo Langford