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  1. He is a good shooter. He just has to force a lot of things because he is their only player.
  2. Pretty positive he isn't averaging 20 ppg. I know of one game where he hit that and he hit his first 6 shots and the other team made adjustments such as full court pressure and he struggled to hit shots the rest of the game.
  3. Problem is this kid could break the record and it still isn't as impressive as what Romeo and Damon did against the level of competition. Their competition was a helluva lot better than what Luke is playing against. Luke struggled against the only real team he played all season in Delta. Imagine playing D1, D2 or D3 level kids at each game which he would have gotten at Brownsburg. He wouldn't be lighting it up as much.
  4. Official Visit next week per Rivals.
  5. Leal visiting on the 30th.
  6. Memphis recruited their entire class this year and the top kids from last year from the Memphis area. Olive Branch, MS is a suburb of Memphis. Wiseman is from Memphis, Jeffries if from Memphis, Dandridge is from Memphis, and Baugh is from Memphis. That is their 2019 class so far. 2018 kids...Harris from Memphis, Lomax from Memphis, Boyce from Memphis, and on. Penny is really connected to the Memphis area from a HS and AAU perspective. He got major push from AAU coaches in the area. Mike Miller had an AAU program in the Memphis area as well. Memphis has always been a good program when it can recruit the city. Just like IU and Indiana.
  7. Butler, GT, Creighton, USC, Miami, Illinois, UCONN, and other small schools. All of them outside of UCONN happened over the weekend.
  8. Don’t think they play the same spot. Leal a 2. Galloway a 3. Think the staff only thinks we are getting one of Morton or Love. We have four open for 2020 right now. Quinones affects it more.
  9. Supposedly the kid stuffed the sheet this weekend in points, shot well at all three levels, assists and rebounds, and received a ton of high major offers.
  10. Rivals is saying a source said it was between IU and Michigan and Michigan visit was cancelled. He said IU is in a very good spot but watch out for Memphis.
  11. He has been a year older than the kids in his grade because his parents held him back. He really should be in the class of 2019 which is why he can reclass if he wanted to. The question on him has he been that good or has he been just more physically mature than kids in his class. Not that hard to comprehend.
  12. He was bigger than kids his age. Physically more mature. It’s a reason why some schools haven’t offered.
  13. Some schools haven’t offered Leal because he is a year older and can reclass to 2019. Some AAU coaches were wondering if he was just bigger and able to physically dominate at a younger age. He is proving that to not be the case.
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