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  1. What did he do when he played in a tougher conference instead of a midmajor or low Major?
  2. He shouldn’t be asking for money with what he has shown on the court.
  3. And? Yogi was faster and more athletic as well. Yogi was a PG not a short 2 guard who had his starting spot taken away from him early and his role changed and played on a really bad team. @Stlboiler23dont think this is an upgrade. This is just a roster fill for a year or hope he was greatly misused at Utah. He lost his starting role and role changed. Something to be concerned about especially when you play for a horrible team. He has also hoped around a lot. Proctor was better, taller, more efficient, etc.
  4. Be interesting to see how this works out. Short for a two guard at 6’1” and role changed for a bad team and minutes on average was less than 20 minutes per game. Didn’t even average more than 10 ppg last year. Probably more of a bench player than starter.
  5. Motor issues. Wanted to wait. This was last year before he blew up.
  6. All the coaches wanted him to progress. It just wasn’t Fife. Rumor is Purdue turned down his commitment. Woodson wanted him to progress as well.
  7. If he saw it as a bigger issue, there wouldn’t have been kids back. If this kid was somehow better at offense then we wouldn’t have been competing against Texas A&M, Georgia Tech, Vanderbilt, Clemson and K state. Every computer stats suggests we are worse with him. He hasn’t proven Jack offensively and his defense isn’t a need. I completely disagree. The little effect he will have doesn’t offset the load of crap he has been offensively for the past four seasons. Anything you think you get from him offensively is hope.
  8. He isn’t okay. His PER over his career is horrible. His PER is below average for a guard. He did that in a two bid conference. His stats against tourney teams is horrible as well.
  9. Indiana problem last year because of its offense. We want to pick and choose last year on a couple wins, look at the crap offense. Don’t be in the bottom six in points per game in conference, don’t be in the bottom half in assists in the conference, don’t be the worst free throw shooting team, don’t be 10th in 3 point shooting, don’t be 95th in Kenpom, etc…. Indiana was the best defense in the Big Ten. It improves its crappy offense it wins a ton of conference games. It has plenty of options at the wing from Bates, Galloway, JHS, etc to fill in defense. I will bet that Indiana is a top 10-15 defense next year without Dennis. What will it be on offense? That will determine IU next year. Dennis ain’t fixing that. We need Bates, JHS, etc to improve and get us better.
  10. He is a horrific offensive player. D we have TJD still. Let’s be real. He isn’t going anywhere. We have a better backup in Reneau. Defensively we are set to clean up mistakes. We have Plenty of athletes to guard the wings. Dennis wasn’t solving the issues we had last year. 90+ Offensive team isn’t doing crap and Dennis ain’t improving that.
  11. Last years team was top 25 with Parker Stewart and Miller Kopp on the wings. We have plenty of athleticism on this team to be top 15/20. The only problem this team that is a huge question mark is standing around too much on offense and shooting. O was in the 90s last year…..wasn’t good. Dennis wasn’t making this team better.
  12. They are amateurs right? GTFOH Billion dollar deal per year for Big Ten
  13. Dude the universities and NCAA have taken advantage of kids for way too long under the guise of amateurism. It’s a fact. Money being allocated to the school is now being allocated to students who play a game they love. It’s fair. I am sorry that you like to take advantage of people for no reason.
  14. Not really. Who would tolerate this in any environment? It’s old and downright dumb for kids to be taken advantage of. Only athletes in schools are held to a certain standard while being taken to the bank by their colleges and the NCAA.
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