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  1. This is more accurate. Snow hated Crean, not IU.
  2. Oh I am Good on where I am coming from.
  3. Informed him of what? He is going elsewhere or he was going to IU for the last 6 months?
  4. I don’t think anyone knows. I think it’s been that way for awhile.
  5. For following along with some of these people’s charades. Read my other posts. Media knows when IU coaches find out. They tell them all the time who they feel comfortable with and who they already know is committed.
  6. Thing is people have had no idea where he is going. Has IU fans felt good. Problem is IU has never known. I know someone in the IU media and they said if IU knew he was his...we would know. We typically always know when they do. Certain coaches have them write articles for specific recruits they want really bad....and they are told when they know. This has never been a done deal. People just need to accept that.
  7. People never learn. Brian Snow and all recruiting people are laughing at IU fans in the background. There is an interesting conversation behind the scenes about Sam Story.....very funny. Is this his Massive moment again?
  8. It is an idiotic game this early. Quit being that way. Take a chill pill, midol or whatever. Every coach deserves a cycle. Sometimes they take time. Done deal though right? Still another two weeks away?
  9. If this was the case, you would have fired a lot of Hall of Famer coaches. Idiotic position at best. Too early to fully judge a coach. Too many idiotic IU fans running around all over the place.
  10. There is no begrudging the kid. It is the stupidity of everyone hyping the kid up. There is no hate for the kid other than Hoover scheduling pancakes and keeping him in until the final minute in blowouts.
  11. It is a putdown that I think it is stupid that IU fans are clamoring for kids like this? This is like the Moore crap from last year who averaged 37 ppg and ended up where...oh yea...a JC. This kid is just starting early. The hype he is getting is out of hand and will end up making a ton look like fools.
  12. Dear god...saying a kid isn’t high major is not a freaking put down. As I said he will probably end up at a mid or low major. Again that isn’t a bad thing.
  13. I am not frustrated. It is just the hype and stupidity of this kid needs to be dialed down by a million.
  14. And, I think people that are frustrated are morons. I am not frustrated. Here is why..developing takes years especially for the 100-150 kids. Get top 100/150 kids and you will win more than you lose. You just have to have a system that fosters growth and improvement without kicking them to the curb aka the idiot before Miller. Once you step outside the top 150, it gets real murky. AKA the idiot before Miller. I think it is idiotic to start taking flyers on kids on the hopes that their grit and skill will offset the lack of athleticism, height, length and strength. Let's say Luke Brown becomes a top 250 kid. Perfect for a low high major or a mid to low major to take. Idiotic for IU. Most of the time it doesn't workout.
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