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  1. Oh my god....he talked with Larry Brown...who got busted for cheating multiple times...... Being dramatic on purpose. Contacts are good. There has always been a grey area in recruiting. Every coach uses it.
  2. Seen him. He would be interesting. He would be mostly a spot shooter at this level. Duncan Robinson has 3-4 inches on him. Probably a mid major player if I guessed. Best level for him to do more.
  3. I am assuming the kid at Indiana Wesleyan.
  4. He knows him. Woodson knows Kenny Payne. It’s not like Woodson is being forced to hire him.
  5. Probably met him through Kenny Payne. Don’t be naive.
  6. Fans are dumb as crap. It’s pretty obvious. It happened with Keady and Knight and on and on and on.
  7. “This is from Lasko to Fenny,” Schachter said, reading the text to Kaplan. “‘Fenny, I am in Indiana and Coach Ostrom asked me for an update. They are super willing to do what it takes to recruit Silvio. Is that something of interest for us?’”
  8. There is no portal for him since he never started. He would just be an uncommitted player.
  9. Decommit and ask for his release. That is it. If he gets his release which would look bad if they didn’t he will be able to go to another school without sitting. He hasn’t started classes there so no issue.
  10. Go to Indiana and pick the year on Sports Reference. Great stats place. PER typically is a good indicator of how well you play. IUs guards this past year were all bad.
  11. Bennett won the ACC so many times and beat up on Duke and UNC. Stop.
  12. I sent a message to someone else this weekend or late last week that I heard Bennett was talking to IU. There was some questions coming to AAU coaches about it. This is probably what people are hearing l.
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