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  1. I am not going off of offers. Want to see what happens with their first choices before going this route. See Brown and others they have offered as a better fit for their system.
  2. Oh the eye test. You are blind then.
  3. It’s not. It’s why he hasn’t been offered. Miller wants a taller PG. Look at the ones he has offered so far. Walker and Smith are in the second group to the IU staff.
  4. He had a bad PER as a Frosh. That’s efficiency. It was bad for a starting PG for the #1 team in the country. Going back in history, I would have wanted another starting PG during Yogi’s frosh and Soph years. He was a liability on defense. It was the scouts biggest knock on him during college. Do you think they do that for fun? Just make up reports about him because well they don’t like him.
  5. His PER was not as a starting PG as a frosh. He shouldn’t have started and only did because Crean made a promise to him during recruiting. His PER was 13 which is low for a 5 star PG or low for a starting PG in general. We could have walked out a lot of players as a starting PG and still won it. Abell left because of the nonsense. His sophomore season led to a lot of fighting on the team mainly due to his immaturity. Ask Sheehey how many times he would yell at him and the rest of the 2012 and 2013 class. He started doing better on offense as an upperclassmen because losing helps you focu
  6. Hey it’s what they think. Archie may have been small but most college coaches want bigger PGs like in the 6’1” and above range. The shortest PG Archie has offered so far was 6’0”. Most are 6’1” and above. Yogi took two years to acclimate and he still struggled on D as a short PG. You also have to think packline D and length and height to defend. You need length to guard the 3.
  7. From high major programs, Notre Dame, Clemson, Maryland, Missouri, Pittsburgh, Providence, Virginia Tech and Xavier also offered him. It came down to Notre Dame and IU. This is a lie from Crean and Oladipo that I get sick of hearing. Dude had plenty of high major offers.
  8. Miller has not recruited a kid outside of the top 150. Crean recruited a ton. He had a lot of recruiting classes based on size. Miller doesn’t reach and throw offers around like Crean did.
  9. https://ihsaa.org/Sports/Boys/Basketball/Scoring-Records#2216908-single-season-scoring-leaders-since-1979-80 Lots of small school kids lead the state in scoring every year. Hell four of the last five were small ball kids.
  10. I just know what happened.
  11. Who does Nick work for? Nick and Rivals new owners decided to end his contract when they got rid of his benefits and cut his pay in half. He no longer is employed. There are people on other sites trying to hire him now.
  12. It’a not for a message board. Someone made some bad choices and we will leave it at that. @BGleas you wanna laugh? It truly isn’t about the kid. Even the people like Bloom aren’t posting it on sites and they know it. Something similar was written on Rivals.
  13. This screams of a Rabjohns stole Yogi's moment post.
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