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  1. I don’t know about Florida but he has always seemed to be a backup for Bama to me which seems odd to say. They have two top 25 kids they are in good with. If they whiff here or pass they better be pretty sure they are getting one of the two. Clowney I think will end up being great and would love the addition. Scores at all three levels and has a Bosh/Turner vibe to me.
  2. OSU makes sense for him. Holtzman does great with kids like him.
  3. Also pay for themselves to travel places and bring family. They are losers and need to be stopped. It’s embarrassing with the way they act and the crap they pull.
  4. I mean two 5 stars, a top 40 kid and a complete reach by the IU staff as the top performers. Who would have thought?
  5. Already have the TVs for Iowa State with Iowa. Kansas adds more TVs like Colorado, USC, UCLA, and Oregon do.
  6. That’s your problem. One video. Also it’s evident you like your extremes. First 35 kids in Indiana and now a one and done first rounder. The kid has a lot of great offers from Stanford, Indiana, OSU, Xavier, etc. Will he be great? Nobody knows that. It’s projecting. He is a coaches son, nice shot, smart kid, etc. He handles the ball well. Jordan Hulls averaged 16 ppg his senior season. Anthony Leal averaged 18 his senior season. I could go on for ages about D1 kids who averaged less or the same points as a sophomore.
  7. LOL at the dude saying there were 35 kids in Indiana that are like this.
  8. Agree and it’s not like a David William’s situation where we were the only school who offered. High major schools have offered and he has nice height, etc. “His feel, pace, decision making, floor awareness, and shot making abilities were all on display. Very confused on why he is not nationally ranked ”
  9. Well that is the problem. It’s a highlight video. Like I said, Indiana kid circle jerk. Just stop.
  10. Exactly. Plenty of guards we are looking at. I was just basically calling out the ridiculousness of comparing him to 35 other guards in Indiana. People need to calm down on offers. I get it. I didn’t initially like the Woodson hire but then Fife came and I calmed down. He got some good players to come in and I calmed down. It’s like the Smith thing. IU in 2022 is looking at a lot of different things other than PG. It doesn’t look like a need with the three PGs we have. 2023 is different as we lose two of them. Cupp has some potential and is a coach’s son. Just wait to freak out as I have learned as well.
  11. I agree. IU is going for a PG in this class it seems. We have Johnson and Phinisee for at most two years and Lander for how many. Need a backup or someone to take over after Lander.
  12. I mean Xavier, OSU, Kansas State, etc. have offered as well. I mean his team beat Moeller who has multiple D1 players this year. I am sure that 35 Indiana kids have teams that think that highly of him. Yet people on here drool over a kid who went away from big basketball to chase a scoring title instead of playing big boy ball and couldn’t beat a team of this caliber. Also, this kid is doing things on the AAU circuit unlike those 35 other Indiana kids. Boards can be so delusional at times.
  13. Dumb take. Painter got Biggie in the best shape of his life and turned him into an inside/outside big which helped turn him into a draft pick. Without that, he would have never been one. When they enter it becomes about them. They need to have the self control which Biggie didn’t have to succeed. How many top 50 players has Painter had? I think four and 75% of them made an NBA roster and the one that didn’t transferred after his frosh year. Purdue has had a couple others as well outside of the top 50. Let’s not be dumb here and think there is some master sauce. It’s about getting talent. Why do you think Calipari gets so many and K does? There is no secret sauce. Get five stars and top 50 kids and the more you get.
  14. Crean’s problem is he went dumpster diving majorly. He compared Priller to a kid who was drafted and played at Nevada. Kids would come in and out due to his recruiting philosophies and he had no continuity. It’s his problem at Georgia as well. Also he lost a lot of AAU and HS coaches which hurts when Indiana should be a good spot. Archie brought in a lot of talent. We only had like two kids outside of the top 150. It was more related to if his system was working with the type of kids he was recruiting. That’s my opinion at least.
  15. You are only criticized when it doesn’t work out. Reality is if you win nobody gives a crap.
  16. Should be a good 150-200 team next year for the early part of the season.
  17. Durr seems like a backup for IU for the rest of his career. Games watched he seems a little slow of foot. Trying to be more of a jump shooter if you look at hoops-math, etc. Good for taking hits, etc.
  18. I see it because I have a Twitter handle I follow who is pretty much in the know of how Crean acts....loves showing his failures. If Crean was never repeated again, I would be fine with it. I am enjoying his failures though. About time his BS got called out.
  19. Your point? Why was he taking the kids that transferred? We got the Prillers and Whatever. Like I said people observe how you treat kids even when they don’t work out. Crean was bad to those kids. Look at his response to the kid who just transferred. Juvenile.
  20. That’s some bullshit. Painter is way more successful than Crean over the long haul. Crean never finished over 5th in the Big East before here. He was a wide swing of success and failures because he pissed off players and AAU coaches. Fischer comes to mind. Vonleh despised him. Sheehey despised him. Zeller and Hulls questioned him. Why do you think he struggled recruiting in Indiana after the 2014 class? The one success in recruiting in 2014 was a kid who never attempted to defend. He did Patterson dirty. We can go on and on and on and on if you want.
  21. Nobody has said he hasn’t develop players. Crean kisses ass to people who help keep his wallet fat. Shocker. The next DWade, the next Oladipo, the next Antman, etc. I know an AAU coach who said this one time. “I tell my kids when they choose a school....look at how the coach treats his best player, his worst players and his walkons....you don’t know which one you will be.” This is Crean’s problem. If you aren’t a top kid, you are dispensable to him. Why do you think he has ALWAYS had trouble with transfers and coaches like Painter doesn’t. People that matter like Painter. People that matter don’t like Crean.
  22. Ask some AAU coaches. I know some that liked him and when kids didnt go his way...he would be a jerk to them. Why do you think He threatened Peegs and others in the media about stories they wrote about him. He has trouble finding assistants when he needs a vacancy because well...assistants talk. Look up what he said to Donovan Mitchell after he committed to Louisville and some Chicago kids committed elsewhere. Crean puts on a good act in the media and public. His bullshit runs thin in the long run with coaches and players.
  23. It’s a Crean issue which is why he had so many transfers here. A lot of ex players talk crap about him when he isn’t around. A lot of AAU coaches know his crap now. He gets made fun of in coaching circles because he whiffs so much on assistants because he is a jerk. Total Crean issue. Any school that hires him will end up running into the same issue.
  24. He is an ahole. Fake. Most AAU and assistants know his BS. Puts on a good show when people are around however when they aren’t on or in public ahole comes out
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