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  1. I don't like it when done to extremes. (6 guys for 3 spots) However- if basically got 4 commitments from lets say Cupps, Newton, Kaiser, and Page, would we accept a late commitment from Booker? I think we all know the answer to that.
  2. Not gonna lie I dont' get why we're seemingly giving up on Carr- but going all-in on on Harris-Smith.
  3. I guess I'm more thinking that McGary was initially a guy that people felt potential wasn't worth the baggage....then exploded in a spring/summer and people felt otherwise. I think initially he was a 100-150 ranked recruit and I think he once shot up to the top 15 before dropping to the 20-30 range.
  4. The other day, I was thinking that the things people are saying about Booker(low motor- doesn't love basketball) kind of reminds me of Mitch McGary.
  5. Yup And don't forget about Watford. Move him to the 3, and he'll be Scottie Pippen/Grant Hill. Nothing against Watford, but there was a reason he played the position he did, as there was also a reason Perea/Jurkin sat on the bench
  6. It's the offseason...and the discussion always veers into... If we could just take our center and play him at his true position...the 4...he'll flourish.... And then we can take our power forward and move him to the 3 where he always belonged.... And then we can move our small forward to his natural spot at the 2 because I saw something on twitter where he did a couple of shooting drills.
  7. There are many teams that have better shooters than we have. Shooting is definitely a weakness. Are there that many teams with wings that are bigger and better defenders than a guy like JHS?
  8. I understand why Purdue's season can be viewed as disappointing, but if we get a 3 seed and make the sweet 16, I won't be disappointed.
  9. Bart Torvik's numbers are here https://barttorvik.com/rosters23.php?team=Indiana&year=2022 I don't agree with all of these, but I do think this is a healthy counterbalance to the message board crowd that often prefers potential over experience. (Although I have a hard time envisioning Kopp getting 26 min, while Geronimo gets 7.)
  10. JHS will be the backup point- even if he starts. He will likely be the point guard when XJ is out, and we'll likely almost always have one or the other on the floor. Shooting will be the likely weakness of this team. If Bates can emerge the way Arman Franklin did two years ago, it would help a great deal. Woody is pretty conservative on his starting lineups. XJ, Race, and TJD are virtual locks. He'll likely start Kopp in the beginning of the year. The final spot...probably TB or JHS. Galloway wouldn't shock me either. By the time the Big Ten season starts. I'll be interested in who starts at the 2 and 3. I think Kopp and JHS are the most likely, but Bates and Galloway could be in there too.
  11. We've had a lot of flops lately in the last two classes. Lander was obviously a bust. Early returns on Bates and Duncomb were underwhelming. Don't we have to get a little lucky at some point and get a diamond in the rough?
  12. With JHS and Cupps....not completely devastating to loose out on a point guard....even if he was damn good
  13. I think some forget how many close heartbreaking games we lost this year. Wisconsin twice Ohio St Northwestern Syracuse Iowa Rutgers Penn St A slight improvement on the floor could mean a huge improvement in wins and losses.
  14. Yes- but you do know that the first injury this offseason will lead to accusations that Clif doesn't teach proper technique on hurdler's stretches.
  15. One thing that does drive me nuts is how everyone just always piles on the administration. They're easy message board targets. They usually wear suits. You don't see them on the floor. There's no features on them on the Journey. Scott Dolson's job is probably harder than any of us know. There's different factions to please, and he probably knows things that he can't comment on publicly. And while everyone takes a crap on him, it's often times difficult for people in his position to defend themselves publicly.
  16. My reaction on the university basically saying Fife was fired is that they probably asked him to resign nicely but he refused to quit. Or that the situation deteriorated so badly that Woodson just decided he had to release a statement making it clear he supported the people who were pissed off by him, be it players, other coaches, or the athletic department. I find it funny that some people feel the university is supposed explain their decision, but do so in a way that doesn't make Fife look bad.
  17. A lot of people said Lander would blossom with a new NBA coach leading the way. I don't yearn for Archie to return, but I think it's clear Lander's failures were not because of him. Duncomb didn't play when half our team was suspended. He himself was suspended. The early returns have been very concerning and if it works out for him here- I'd be surprised.
  18. I think the whole "coach in waiting" was weird and a bad idea. I'm not sure if the administration brought it up to get Fife here, or if Fife just made it up, but it's just a bad idea to have anyone discussed as the "coach in waiting" when he's working with people he's never worked with before.
  19. I think Fife's own NIL rant gives pretty solid evidence that he wasn't the easiest guy to work with. In today's day and age, when colleges are trying to figure this stuff out and sell their school to the best recruits, Fife's posts were not wise.
  20. I think the opinions of the Assembly Call are far more reasonable than Dan Dakich.
  21. Given the lack of hospital beds in the state- I think playing without fans should be under consideration. This sucks, but I simply can't justify indoor crowds of 20,000 until the hospital situation is better.
  22. Are there any more mock draft boards with Clifton Moore going lottery?
  23. Worries? Nope Tempered enthusiasm because they're impact will be for a short span? yes
  24. It's weird when you hear fired coaches like Archie talk and realize that they're actually pretty smart and likeable. I thought the same thing when Mike Davis was interviewed a few years ago. Coaching at this level is really really hard, and for whatever reason, Archie just wasn't up to the task. The best reason I can give is his offensive scheme just didn't work. Perhaps non-coincidentally, it didn't work for his brother either in the last few years either.
  25. People always attribute Archie's failure to basically being unlikeable. I don't necessarily disagree with this- but I think it's important to consider the following... -The transfer rate during Archie's time wasn't that high. Every player that left looked like they might either see a reduction in minutes or weren't going to play the next season either. - He recruited pretty well. And hell- how well could he have recruited we didn't suck so bad? If we don't fall apart in 2019- do we get Brooks? - There wasn't that much drama from his players. See Wisconsin. Again- I'm not completely disagreeing with this. However, for a losing coach, Archie's teams didn't have the obvious indicators of a program in pure meltdown mode because they disliked Archie. But please- do not misinterpret this as a defense of the Archie era. It needed to end and Im' glad it did.
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