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  1. you forgot Daniel Boone and Richard Boone.
  2. You are a head and shoulders ahead of me. I can't remember who was in the last final four.
  3. Condolences to his family and friends.
  4. I heard his dad was a lawyer who had some issues with Coach Knight and that is why his son went to NC. Am I way off base on that too?
  5. See what happens when you get old? You can't remember anything and you mess up your facts constantly. lol Scott, I hope all is well with you my Hoosier friend.
  6. Didn't Mr. Henderson's parents (parent) have ties to University of Michigan? I think I remember something about that when he was being recruited.
  7. I remember those teams in the late 60's. That was the beginning of my falling for Hoosier basketball and shortly thereafter Hoosier football. Mr. Payne is a well respected member of Western Michigan staff. I have never heard anyone ever say anything negative about him. Unfortunately two of his children have not followed in his footsteps. One son was convicted of first degree murder and was sentenced to life in prison and another son has had several violent assaults on women and was incarcerated for a few years. In one instance he assaulted the mother of his infant child and beat her unconscious. He was a trained boxer and he hit her so many times he fractured his hand and her skull. He was arrested in Michigan City, Indiana and extradited to Michigan.
  8. Wishing you nothing but the best my friend.
  9. Fouls went cell hopping.
  10. Wait until you lose track of what month and year it is.
  11. Is your cat helping or over seeing the project,? Lol
  12. Some great tips and you are so right in this.
  13. Looks great. Love the color choice. When doing home fixups, nothing surprises me. When I removed the one piece tub shower unit earlier this year the wall behind the shower only had insulation in one cavity and it was installed incorrectly. I use the Boy Scout Motto, "Be Prepared" for anything. Looking forward to more updates.
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