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  1. Played against his teams in high school. Good coach and a good guy. Condolences to the family and friends.
  2. A couple pictures of Susan heading out Sunday morning. She did around 14 miles per day on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.
  3. Best wishes. Hopefully just precautionary. Hopefully Larry didn't cook your breakfast! LOl
  4. I have no doubts she will do it. I just wish I would be around when she completes it.
  5. I sure do. LOL One time I bought her some jewelry and the girl behind the counter said that was so nice of me to buy those for my daughter. I replied, Yep, and I slept with her last night. I think she realized at that moment that she was my wife not my daughter. Another time we stopped at a bar/restaurant just south of Irons, Michigan. When we went in I told Susan I had to go to the bathroom. While I was gone the waitress and said to Susan, I have to ask you, husband or father?
  6. Rico, you must have low standards. LOL
  7. I am old enough to be my wife's dad. I am 68 and she is 43.
  8. Sunday I drop my wife off in Irwin, Tennessee for a 13 day hike on the Appalachian Trail. She is planning on hiking around 150-160 miles, ending up in Virginia. Her goal is to section hike the entire trail. Since I am much older than her, if/when I kick off she will collect the insurance money, take a sabbatical from work and through hike it. I will post a couple pictures when I drop her off. She is one tough, determined woman!
  9. I felt the explosion in Michigan! Lol
  10. Pacer's are dumb enough to trade the pick to Boston for Larry Bird.
  11. I felt that way after the very first game he coached when we got stomped. Watching Indiana under Archie was like going to the morgue.
  12. I don't like 4 Winds Casino. I actually prefer the satellite 4 Winds in Dowagiac.
  13. I have been there also. Southwest Michigan has so much to offer and up North is just as nice. Hopefully next year we will be spending a couple weeks in the U.P., camping and hiking.
  14. I live about 10 minutes east of Paw Paw. St. Julien Winery has a really good festival in the fall.
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