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  1. jefftheref

    Purdue Game Thread

    well we gave it our all. Only a miracle will save us
  2. jefftheref

    Purdue Game Thread

    Darn it!
  3. jefftheref

    Purdue Game Thread

    Please Lord let us have one break!
  4. jefftheref

    Purdue Game Thread

    Please get Green out of there
  5. jefftheref

    Purdue Game Thread

    Penn State is killing Nebraska.
  6. jefftheref

    Purdue Game Thread

    I remember seeing their lockers retired at Manual High School. Pretty neat.
  7. jefftheref

    Purdue Game Thread

    First half at the casino I broke even. Second half was hitting everything.
  8. jefftheref

    Purdue Game Thread

    He was lobbing it to MIlehi
  9. jefftheref

    Purdue Game Thread

    Please put Green on the bench. I am sick of watching that stupid shot of his
  10. jefftheref

    Purdue Game Thread

    Smith doesn't have any hands and his body language on that last turnover caused by him was terrible.
  11. jefftheref

    Purdue Pregame Thread

    Well I don't know if it means anything but I have the same feeling about the game tonight as I did earlier today when I walked into Gun Lake Casino and won $900.00 on a quarter slot machine!
  12. jefftheref

    Keion Brooks Jr.

    Congratulations on the birth of your son.
  13. jefftheref

    Thoughts on Fred Glass Thread

    If I were Archie Miller I would tell Fred, the University President and the BOT that I am the coach, I decide who is on this team and if they don't play up to the standards that I set they are gone. If they don't want to let the man coach his team, discipline his players and remove cancers from the team I would resign. The tail can't wag the dog and that is exactly what is happening.
  14. jefftheref

    Edward Smith at it again

    In Michigan we call them FISH!