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  1. Woodson ought to have them run back to Bloomington. Absolutely pathetic with the turnovers. Nothing but bonehead plays!
  2. Rico, you are being nice. We are going to be in the bottom half of the league. Why no Lander? He can't be any worse than the ones who have played.
  3. We are not very good. Race can't shoot, Geronimo is a turnover machine, Stewart and Kopp can't drive and are very slow afoot. Going to be a long night.
  4. Last year the Eastern Michigan and Marshall games would of been in the lost column. Woodson is able to keep the team together and make good in game adjustments unlike Archie.
  5. Michigan has a mercy rule for basketball. In the second half if one team gets a 40 point lead you have a running clock. If the lead drops below 30 the clock goes back to stopping. In the games I officiated that had a running clock never did the lead drop below 30.
  6. I am not impressed with this team. Bonehead turnovers, not much quality depth and we are not a good shooting or rebounding team.
  7. Stewart and Kopp are very slow defensively. Easy to beat off the dribble.
  8. The Boilers could have a rompfest this year in both football and basketball. The Boiler basketball team is way ahead of the Hoosiers. I think the football team has checked out.
  9. The Purdue/Indiana basketball score might be closer.
  10. He is almost as obnoxious as Bill Walton.
  11. 6 more quarters of this stuff. Hopefully some changes are made in the off-season.
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