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  1. Romeo Langford

    Mile, thank you for the information you posted a couple of days ago. It was great hearing that Romeo and the other recruits were at the game. That says something in my opinion. I have chosen not to invest much time into whether he comes or not. If he does great, if he doesn't Coach Miller will figure it out. Garland's recruitment was enough recruiting drama for me. Great win by the Hoosier's on Sunday. It was great seeing Clifton Moore and Justin Smith on the court together. The future looks good with those two young men.
  2. Purdue

    I am starting the prayer thread right now!
  3. Purdue

    I would put Edwards on Morgan and let Haas just clog up the middle. Purdue could really play a box and one. Jam up the middle, pressure our guards and force us to shoot from the outside. Unless we are hitting some outside shots we are in trouble.
  4. Purdue

    As much as I want to see Indiana win I don't think it will happen. Purdue has senior leadership and have scorers at all positions. Edwards can handle anyone on Indiana and we have no one to deal with Purdue's twin towers. Purdue's guards can pressure Indiana's guards on offense and they can not only shoot the ball they can take them off the dribble. Indiana's lack of shooting and height will hurt them drastically. In my not so expert opinion Purdue would have to play it's worst game and Indiana would have to play it's best game. I love the Hoosier's but I also am a realist. Purdue should win by double digits with Haas, Edwards and Mathias having big games.
  5. Thanks Mile. Temps have really shot up this week. In the high 50's on Thursday melting all of the snow we have received. However a cold front is moving in on Thursday night and Friday's high will only be in the 20's. It will be even colder next week with a slight warm up coming next weekend. We are only a month into winter and I am already sick of it. The old gray mare isn't what he used to be. lol
  6. Great story. Thanks for posting and the follow up story
  7. IU W Over PSU Post Game Thread

    He had a very good game tonight with his sore shoulder. Hopefully he is in a little better shape before the next game.
  8. Penn State Game Thread

    I can't understand why players at this level go up in the air with the ball. You are just asking for a turnover.
  9. Penn State Game Thread

    Thank you. Any reason Moore isn't getting any minutes?
  10. Penn State Game Thread

    Who are the other two freshmen and which one is being redshirted?
  11. Penn State Game Thread

    I do not care for Durham's game at all. He reminds me of Stanford Robinson.
  12. Penn State Game Thread

    Considering that Johnson and Smith haven't scored you have to be somewhat pleased with the first half. Hopefully they get into the groove in the second half.
  13. Penn State Game Thread

    You are being too kind!
  14. Minnesota post game thread

    Now that is HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. Minnesota. I think the coming out of Smith and Robert Johnson will pay more dividends than the Notre Dame win.