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  1. jefftheref

    Big Bold Prediction

    Just my opinion/prediction.
  2. jefftheref

    Big Bold Prediction

    DeRon Davis will take a medical redshirt. Fitzner was brought in to fill the void from the Davis redshirt.
  3. jefftheref

    Trendon Watford

    Every time I hear that name I have to Shittu!
  4. jefftheref

    Evan Fitzner Commits to IU

    So does that mean he will be injured all season and not an effective shooter?
  5. His highest scoring game will be the game where he scores more points than his last game.
  6. jefftheref

    Romeo Langford

    I would love to tell the chrome dome to stuff it but I am not on twitter
  7. jefftheref

    Romeo Langford

    Nope, I stayed home. lol
  8. jefftheref

    Romeo Langford

    We could tell jokes to each other
  9. jefftheref

    Romeo Langford

    Where is HTD and his crystal ball?
  10. jefftheref

    Romeo Langford

    35 hours It is too early to calculate minutes and seconds.
  11. jefftheref

    Romeo Langford

    172,800 seconds
  12. jefftheref

    Romeo Langford

    2880 minutes
  13. jefftheref

    Romeo Langford

    48 hours
  14. jefftheref

    Forgotten Hoosiers?

    Andre Harris
  15. jefftheref

    Romeo Langford

    259,200 seconds