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  1. Thank you. I have a brother that lives in Kokomo so I might check out the Northwestern game.
  2. I live in Portage which is about an hour from Coldwater. Been there many times especially when I was officiating high school basketball. Yes, please post a schedule. Fortunately I am from Yorktown and lived in Hartford City back in the 80's so I am very familiar with the schools down there.
  3. I plan on coming down from Michigan to see him play this upcoming season.
  4. And he was a very nice and humble man. I had the privilege of meeting him several times and you would never know he was a superstar athlete.
  5. Those would of been some big ole stripes. Andrea could of been the center and power forward all rolled into one
  6. I saw Andre in Jan. 1973 at the Indy convention center. He was wrestling Ernie Ladd who was 6'11 inches and played on the defensive line for the Kansas City Chiefs. Ernie looked like a midget up next to Andre. Andrea had a pretty nice physique and afro back in the day.
  7. Rick Thalls, Trent Smock, Marty Lundy, Rick Bumgardner. Connersville with Phil Cox won it
  8. We defeated #4 Muncie Central to win the Muncie Sectional becoming the first Delaware County School to ever win the Muncie Sectional. Then we took out #1 New Castle in the Regional before 10,000 fans and the next night lost to Richmond in the Regional final. I have always said that if he could of gotten by Richmond we would of won it all. We were an outstanding team with tremendous senior leadership.
  9. No matter what happens with the young man I admire for your passion about him. I hope he grows and puts on weight and in a couple years is getting offers from major D-1 schools. I played with a young man in high school who was cut as a sophomore and then grew about 5 inches the next summer. He made the varsity as a junior playing a fair amount of minutes and then started as a senior. He outplayed Kent Benson in the New Castle Regional in 1972 when we upset the #1 team in the state. Cliff ended up getting a scholarship to Wabash where he started all four years.
  10. First car 1970 Plymouth Duster 340. Worst car, Every other car I have owned.
  11. I wish nothing but the best for Coach Knight. I have not been a fan of his for many years but you can't overlook what he did for Indiana and for what Indiana did for him. In many ways neither him nor the University has been the same since his firing. I pray that the door is finally going to close on that horrible situation. Coach Knight needs it, the University needs it and the fans who love him and the University deserve it. If he comes back he can finally be placed at the top of the mountain where he deserves to be. Welcome home Coach. Hoosier Hospitality is no accident!
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