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  1. In my opinion they have balls the size of peas. The pink should of been suspended the entire year!
  2. When I was a growing up we were so poor we ate food wherever we could get it.
  3. 100% and I would say more but it just isn't worth it. This team doesn't need problem "children!" Unfortunately they have a few of them.
  4. I was all plugged up and heard Dipsh?? Dan and everything just broke loose! Thank goodness I was close to the outhouse!
  5. Mile, you might be right but shy did she give me an auger and a couple ice fishing poles? lol
  6. My wife wanted me to go ice fishing in October.
  7. I used to go up to East Lansing every summer to work for Izzo/MSU during their high school basketball team camp. One particular day I was working on the Breslin Floor and standing at half court waiting for the second half of our game to start. Izzo sees me standing there and comes up, shakes my hand, asks me my name, where I was from, how long I had been officiating and several other questions about my family. We must of talked for 10 minutes or so and then he thanked me for being there and told me that if there was ever anything he could do for me to let him know. I am still to this day shocked and how genuine and sincere he was.
  8. Continued prayers for Ayden and your family as well as your mother in law. Thank you for the update.
  9. Great win. Happy for Jerome, DeRon, Rob, Aarman, Justin and Trace.
  10. DipSh?? Dan was the greatet shooter in Indiana history. Just ask him!
  11. My starting five from this point forward. Rob, Aarman, Trace, Joey and Jerome.
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