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  1. My wife yelled at one of our cats and woke me up and I couldn't go back to sleep so I moved to the front bedroom so I wouldn't bother her. And being retired like you I can catch a few winks anytime.
  2. My friend don't you ever sleep?
  3. Add me to the list. You can also add the NBA, Nascar and ESPN. I hope they all go down the sewer.
  4. I was thinking the same thing. Anything would be an improvement for the Pacers. Besides doesn't Donovan already own a house in the southern part of the state?
  5. Looking good Rico. I am tired just thinking about what you are doing.
  6. Happy Birthday Ayden. Wishing you a great day and looking forward to celebrating many more with you.
  7. Fantastic news. One day at a time for Ayden to recover. Reading this made my day. You are all an inspiration to me. Wishing you all nothing but the best every single day!
  8. I live in Michigan and I agree totally. I would say more about Nitwhitmer but I would get banned from this site. Politics at it's finest on display.
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