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  1. Archie seems to have buried himself in a hole. I can't believe that he was happy here or with the results over his 4 year tenure. I hate to say it but he was totally out of his league. I have no idea what he was thinking and what his coaching style was. Hopefully one day he figures it out and works on his deficiencies.
  2. Adios Arman. Don't let the door hit you in the ?ss! I want to watch players who want to be here and care about Indiana. It is obvious that his interest was in himself and his needs and not the teams.
  3. We go to a small lake in Mendon, Michigan that has them. When you can find them you can limit out and they are nice sized. The trouble is finding them
  4. We were trying. I understand they spawn at 50 degrees but we couldn't find a one of them
  5. Last week we caught 49 gills with a water temperature of 46. Today we caught 8 with a water temperature of 51. I figured we would limit out today.
  6. I think about Ken every day. I wonder what he would be posting during the season and the transition. It really isn't the same without him.
  7. Duke is normally given easy routes and almost always put into the east.
  8. Is there one Mr. Basketball or do they award one for each class? My vote would go for Luke Brown. The young man did more with less than any player in the state.
  9. I have a source inside the Athletic Department at North Carolina. He told me about this yesterday. Roy has been persuaded by the University President to become the Dean of Phantom Classes. He will be responsible for getting players to not attend the class yet receive passing grades. As of now they have 3,500 alumni who have mastered this and another 45 waiting to get into this prestigious fraternity.
  10. To me he was like the crazy ex-wife. Couldn't wait for him to leave and never missed him one bit. Lazy with Uwe Blaab hands.
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