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  1. With the light of day I can see it was one huge tree that fell into two smaller trees and then onto the house. The two smaller trees saved me because the big tree fell right in the direction of where I was sitting in my office when it happened.
  2. A tree fell on my house tonight. Water leaking in. Awesome.
  3. It is cool to see a bubble team win it all. Although as @btownqb alludes to, the $EC is kinda loaded in baseball eh!
  4. Draymond knows he can get away with it, somehow.
  5. Yeah 5 runs later. Just so absurd to fathom these teams are playing past 4am EST lol.
  6. The Maryland pitcher throwing to 1st to hold the runner with a 9-0 lead. 🤣 2 run bomb 9-2 LFG!!!
  7. This game is still only in the 6th inning after resuming from a lightning delay. IU needs to get some of that UCLA comeback energy going!
  8. How bad can he be...oh crap I just looked up his stats. 10.53 ERA? Oof! Eh just score 11 runs and we good. 💪😎🍻
  9. Looked like Michigan was fixing to make a rally to get back in the game down 7-3 in the 8th with 1st & 2nd, nobody out. But Iowa brought in a reliever who struck out the side. Some filth!
  10. Awesome! Making history!
  11. Likewise. It is awfully tough picking just two players from that timeframe. I picked Vic because his development over 3 years was simply phenomenal and Yogi for being the bulldog PG for two Big Ten championship teams in 4 years.
  12. The way this series has went, I expect Boston to blow out Miami in Game 7.
  13. Obligatory L-O-L-I-N-I comment. 💪😎🍻 10-7 Michigan. Maryland should tie this up and make it go about 15 innings.
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