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  1. Clearly I did not think this through. 😂
  2. New drinking game - take a shot every time the OL misses a block. 🥃 Actually no, don't do that. You will die.
  3. Yeah wasting good defense makes me a sad bronko.
  4. I think I'd rather hug a cactus than watch our offense. Is the OL talent really that bad or the OL coaching that bad or a combination of the two? Ugh!
  5. Yeah at this point I'd rather do household chores than watch our offense sputter.
  6. Clearly outplaying Sparty. Get a TD to start the 2nd half plz.
  7. The 2 point conversion by Philly last night had me cussing. I had Tampa at -6.5. 😥
  8. Guys and gals, I think we might lose this game.
  9. If so, that is some 4D chess he just played. Figuratively breaking their ankles to get them to move to Florida then coming back to Indiana. 😂
  10. RAWR PENN STATE ANGRY ABOUT LAST YEAR. Who cares. Come out and compete and don't beat ourselves with self-inflicted wounds and it will be a competitive game. I'll be very disappointed if we do a repeat of the Iowa game here.
  11. Bears, Ditka, polish sausage...........heart attack........**thumps chest*** okay I'm good now.
  12. I miss the good old days of going 1-7 in the Big Ten three straight years and having to argue with people on message boards who I could only assume were Bill Lynch's extended family with multiple accounts saying we could not do better. 💪😎🥃
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