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  1. Yeah I remember watching Super Bowl 23 and that game was fantastic. The other one in the Detroit Silverdome was a bit before my time as a football fan, didn't really start watching games until 1985. My lasting memory of SB23 was David Fulcher dropping an interception in the end zone that would have sealed it. I definitely was rooting for the Bengals that game.
  2. After yesterday all I can think about is another Bengals-49ers Super Bowl. A blast from the past!
  3. Well you know me and the fellas at the speakeasy said the same things back then. 🀣
  4. I am struggling to think of a time when Big Ten officiating was not awful. Might have been before I was born?
  5. That game left me feeling angry. A few beers later, what else is there to say except we got our butts kicked. Michigan is definitely better than their record. Onto the next game, not going to dwell on it too much.
  6. Seeing Gould knock the Packers/Rodgers out of the playoffs is so very satisfying. Absolutely delicious!
  7. Comfort all the way for me. Only time I've worn suits over the last 20 years are weddings, funerals and job interviews. Current employer has always been business casual then started letting us wear jeans all the time which I loved. Now been WFH for nearly two years so yeah, t-shirts and shorts/sweats. On the rare occasion I have to be on camera for a meeting, I'll throw on one of my old collared shirts.
  8. It only counts if they wear the short shorts as well.
  9. That was the most emotional IU win I have experienced since the Wat-Shot. The mere notion of losing that game at the end was too much to bear and I retreated behind my couch to the spot where I stood when Watford hit the shot to beat UK. It was all I could think to do, I certainly could not just stay seated and watch how the game would end. It feels awesome to be that invested in IU basketball again after a few years of apathy. Rob P can have a drink on me anytime. Go IU!
  10. Purdue sucks! POTFB! πŸ’ͺ😎🍻
  11. Easy win, never in doubt! πŸ’ͺ😎🍻
  12. Definitely feels like the Bengals should be up more. If the Raiders stop shooting themselves in the foot, I think it will be a game worth watching into the 4th quarter.
  13. While the exploits of the University of Georgia Bulldogs left me a few dollars poorer tonight due to my unbridled betting optimism in regards to Alabama and Nick Saban's witchcraft, it was super cool to see Georgia get over the hump. I enjoyed the ending.
  14. I put it on mute and tried to just focus on the pretty girl but all those jump cuts, blah lol.
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