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  1. Full-time DH for both leagues is inevitable. May as well start it now.
  2. Definitely feel like a lot more people are out and about in the Fort the last few days. Still leaning towards caution myself.
  3. I've got tickets to Bears-Colts in October.
  4. I order meal boxes and I am still getting the meat I need for my recipes. Hopefully that continues but if not, they have some decent meals without meat as well.
  5. I had leftover taco pizza and it was glorious. Oh and lots of booze.
  6. I remember all the hype about killer bees when I was younger. Eh, they never killed me. I suppose I shall survive the murder hornets as well. 😜
  7. That is where I stand. I am not changing my behavior pattern anytime soon even if they did literally open up everything right now. Best to be cautious as far as I'm concerned.
  8. Sending positive energy your way. Best wishes, Scott.
  9. I'm assuming they are showing the December game and not the April game. The 'revenge' game was kind of exciting as I recall. Does seems kind of random though.
  10. I don't notice Fort Wayne people being outrageously bad when I'm on the road. My main peeve is people running red lights, especially in front of my apartment complex. But I have trained myself to check twice on green. I lived in Indy for a while. Indy was more annoying to drive in but that was mainly the higher volume of traffic and not so much driving habits. I lived in the Castleton areas.
  11. Yeah I got gas in early March and that is going to be the longest lasting tank of gas I've ever purchased. I'm still at 3/4 of a tank, lol.
  12. There is an outbreak at a nursing home 5 minutes away from where I live. No numbers have been released, they are keeping a tight lid on that info I guess.
  13. My work-from-home time-frame has been extended through July 15th. It was surreal how quickly life changed last month but it almost seems normal now. Well, maybe not normal. More like, a new normal.
  14. Weirdest birthday ever. First birthday without dad (passed away last fall). First birthday spent alone with no family around. And no sports. It takes a toll on the mind and the emotions. Maybe the old normal will no longer be normal but at this point I'd be willing to settle for semi-normal. I don't know. Cheers to you all. Just rambling while watching some old Bears games on YouTube.
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