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  1. Definitely feels like the Bengals should be up more. If the Raiders stop shooting themselves in the foot, I think it will be a game worth watching into the 4th quarter.
  2. While the exploits of the University of Georgia Bulldogs left me a few dollars poorer tonight due to my unbridled betting optimism in regards to Alabama and Nick Saban's witchcraft, it was super cool to see Georgia get over the hump. I enjoyed the ending.
  3. I put it on mute and tried to just focus on the pretty girl but all those jump cuts, blah lol.
  4. I kind of feel like it will come down to which QB cracks and makes the costly mistake. Both of them have been close to that happening. My money would be on Bennett throwing a pick 6.
  5. You rank 'em , we spank 'em! 💊😎ðŸĨƒ
  6. Overall my apathy level has been greatly reduced this season compared to Archie's last couple of seasons. If we don't improve over the next couple of months, I could see it creeping back in. But not yet.
  7. They have no choice but to play the tournament now as I just scheduled my customary Thursday/Friday PTO for March Madness.
  8. Yeah I stopped caring a few years ago. The height of the PG/HIbbert/DWest teams that challenged LeBaby was the last time I felt fully invested.
  9. Down the stretch, it felt inevitable that we would lose the game instead of finding a way to win. I hate feeling that way.
  10. Good thing they didn't tell him that. 😛
  11. I have to admit, it warms my heart as well. ðŸĨ°
  12. I don't watch all the bowl games but I like being able to randomly tune in games at any given time of day this week. Fun stuff, no such thing as too much football in my book.
  13. I was at that NC State game with Rivers in Btown. We blew like a two touchdown lead as Rivers led the Wolfpack from behind to a win. I just remember him standing in the pocket taking a big-time hit and delivering the ball right on target. For a true freshman QB to play with such poise, that stuck in my mind for sure. Following year we played at NC State with the short-lived experiment of Antwaan Randle-El at WR and Tommy Jones at QB. Got whipped so badly. 9/11 happened, then we played Utah afterwards (at that game as well) and ARE was back at QB. Lost by 2 points I think? Ended up costing us a bowl berth. That 2001 team was exciting to watch and it was incredibly disappointing to see ARE leave without a bowl game. Closed out his career beating both Purdue and Kentucky.
  14. I was in 218 for the basketball game and 225 for the football game.
  15. Fun to see IU win a game in person. Been a while for me. Went to the Colts game too. Just think Scott we could have bumped into each other and not known it. 😋
  16. When ordering the tickets there was a generic message about a 'health check' so people might be using that as a basis for speculation but I grabbed this directly from the Fieldhouse website about the Crossroads Classic: COVID-19 Policy Gainbridge Fieldhouse follows Marion County Health Department (MCHD) and Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) requirements and guidelines from the promoter for each event. Proof of vaccination or testing is not required for general ticket holders at this event. The MCHD and the CDC recommend individuals wear masks indoors, regardless of vaccination status.
  17. All this talk about Tom Brady when we all know Rex Grossman is the 🐐
  18. The IU Athletics YouTube channel put up a video of his intro presser and spelled his first name as Wal instead of Walt in the title. ðŸĪŠ Just had to add that. It irritates me lol.
  19. https://www.wane.com/weather/dozens-of-workers-trapped-after-collapse-at-amazon-warehouse-in-edwardsville/ ðŸ˜Ĩ
  20. Not much to add that has not already been said. I really thought we had that game in the bag, even considering at 42-20 that Wisconsin would inevitably make a run and tighten our pipes a bit. I am with BGleas on the lack of coaching adjustments in the 2nd half. We scored 17 freaking points in that half and spent the final few minutes with X playing hero ball as best as I can tell and failing repeatedly. All that being said, I've cooled off and I think this team and staff will continue to improve and grow but damn if tonight wasn't the most frustrating thing I've witnessed in a while. Also, beer helps. ðŸŧ
  21. All about the results in the end. Hope Coach Bell is the right man for the job and we see results. 🙂
  22. That was an exhausting game to watch. I got super emotionally invested in our comeback and thought for sure we were going to pull it off multiple times. Feeling invested >>> apathy. Lots of lessons to be learned of course but so happy to see the team fight back when in the first half it looked like we would get boat raced.
  23. The helmets look good. Props to the equipment manager.
  24. Here comes beer number one down the hatch! 💊😎ðŸŧ
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