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  1. I've been having the issue for a while and just fixed it by switching to the test default page back to HSN 3.0. Did not have to clear cache/cookies/history or sign out and back in.
  2. With the light of day I can see it was one huge tree that fell into two smaller trees and then onto the house. The two smaller trees saved me because the big tree fell right in the direction of where I was sitting in my office when it happened.
  3. A tree fell on my house tonight. Water leaking in. Awesome.
  4. It is cool to see a bubble team win it all. Although as @btownqb alludes to, the $EC is kinda loaded in baseball eh!
  5. Draymond knows he can get away with it, somehow.
  6. Yeah 5 runs later. Just so absurd to fathom these teams are playing past 4am EST lol.
  7. The Maryland pitcher throwing to 1st to hold the runner with a 9-0 lead. 🤣 2 run bomb 9-2 LFG!!!
  8. This game is still only in the 6th inning after resuming from a lightning delay. IU needs to get some of that UCLA comeback energy going!
  9. How bad can he be...oh crap I just looked up his stats. 10.53 ERA? Oof! Eh just score 11 runs and we good. 💪😎🍻
  10. Looked like Michigan was fixing to make a rally to get back in the game down 7-3 in the 8th with 1st & 2nd, nobody out. But Iowa brought in a reliever who struck out the side. Some filth!
  11. Awesome! Making history!
  12. Likewise. It is awfully tough picking just two players from that timeframe. I picked Vic because his development over 3 years was simply phenomenal and Yogi for being the bulldog PG for two Big Ten championship teams in 4 years.
  13. The way this series has went, I expect Boston to blow out Miami in Game 7.
  14. Obligatory L-O-L-I-N-I comment. 💪😎🍻 10-7 Michigan. Maryland should tie this up and make it go about 15 innings.
  15. Trayce definitely isn't coming back to mess around, all business! Impressive young man!
  16. I used to love eating at Steak N Shake both in Fort Wayne and Bloomington but it probably has been a good 20 years since I have went to one. And based on this thread, not missing much!
  17. Pretty amazing to see a senior citizen dunk like that. 😋
  18. Nice to see the baseball Hoosiers getting some momentum going!
  19. I was 10 years old and watched the game with my dad in the living room. He was grumpy and cursing a lot during the game, lol. I never really had seen him get like that before. It was exciting but I was young enough I just assume IU was supposed to win and that they would keep winning championships every year after that, lol. We had recorded the game on our VCR and my uncle came over that following weekend and we all rewatched the entire game.
  20. I'm 45. I was alive for the 1981 IU basketball championship but I remember nothing about it. The 1987 team is the only one I watched and remember. Bears fan - I remember Super Bowl 20. I didn't know the rules of football yet but my brother and father were all about it and it felt exciting. Pacers, yeah. The runs in the 90's and the 2000 NBA Finals were fun though. I lived in Indy in 2000 and went to all the Knicks-Pacers ECF games in Indy and watched the Pacers lost Game 6 at Conseco Fieldhouse on the big screen Cubs - 2016 - Nothing will ever top that! Blackhawks - 3 championships in 6 years - that was super exciting! Overall, I feel pretty satisfied as a fan. When I was young, especially seeing the Bears and IU basketball win championships I started to expect those things to always happen. Obviously not how it works. Seeing the Cubs win the World Series was the cherry on top, especially since my dad got to see it before he passed away. Anything/everything after that is gravy.
  21. I remember my first time at Night Moves. I wish I could forget it.
  22. I've had him on ignore for a while now but so many people respond to him that I see what he posts anyways. Which hey if folks want to keep engaging with him to each their own, I just wish the quoted posts were also blocked.
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